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4-Year-Old Biker Is A Motocross Superstar

4-Year-Old Biker Is A Motocross Superstar

COMM: He may be young, but don’t underestimate this little biker. 4-year-old Jaydin was born
and raised in the world of motocross, and has already given adult competitors a run
for their money. PATRICK: I knew Jaydin was ready to start riding before he was one year old, because
he, if he has seen a motorcycle or a bicycle, he would try to jump on it and he just, making
the noises and playing with the bikes and he just had unbelievable love for the sport
at a very young age. JAYDIN: I’m going to ride my bike out here. JOCELYN: What bike?
JAYDIN: My 06. JOCELYN: Your 06?
JAYDIN: Yeah! JOCELYN: Yeah. JOCELYN: He just always bugged us to ride, it was never something we had to ask him,
“Oh, you want to go ride?” It was him constantly asking us so, he, we let him and
he just to this day he won’t stop. JAYDIN: I like riding because I like jumping high and doing whips. COMM: For Jaydin, motocross runs in the family. His parents are both bikers and their family
live on a property that includes its very own racetracks, where Jaydin spends several
hours a day practicing. PATRICK: I take Jaydin riding almost every day, because if I don’t, he is very unhappy.
And we’ll also go down to Marysville and ride the track, and he’ll fall asleep on
the way home and when we get home, he’ll wake up and say, you know, ask us if we’re
going to ride today, and we tell him, “We’ve already ridden today”. He’ll say “No,
no, we didn’t ride today”. So, he gets confused with his naps. So, sometimes we’ll
ride several times per day also. JOCELYN: It’s a full time gig, letting him ride, so, it’s like his job. He at least
gets 30 hours a week it seems like on his bikes. COMM: Much like his big brother, two-year-old Eli has also inherited his parents’ love
for motocross. PATRICK: I absolutely hope that Eli and Jaydin will carry on the tradition and I’m a firm
believer that Jaydin for sure will. JOCELYN: Let me see your cool medal. Did you get that one at Sacramento Raceway?
JAYDIN: It’s long. JOCELYN: There was a lot of kids in that race, huh? JAYDIN: Yeah.
JOCELYN: You weren’t even four yet. You were racing with the 4 to 7 class.
JAYDIN: Yeah like, now I can beat them now. JOCELYN: Yeah, you think so? JAYDIN: I like riding with bigger kids
because it’s more competition. PATRICK: I absolutely think that Jaydin has the talent to become a professional. He watches
pros on TV all the time and I’ve actually visually seen him watching the TV and trying
to do the moves on the couch. So, he is really dedicated.
JAYDIN: Dad, are you going to ride your 350? PATRICK: I am. Is that what you want me to ride? JAYDIN: Yeah.
PATRICK: You want to race me? JAYDIN: Yeah.
PATRICK: Who is going to win? JAYDIN: Me. PATRICK: I’ve dealt with a little bit of criticism, mostly on social media and people
who really don’t know, because they feel it’s an unsafe sport. But I mean, there
is a lot of things that are unsafe in life and honestly, Jaydin is yet to be injured
on the motorcycle. JOCELYN: Jaydin is so excited to start competing and racing. That’s all he talks about. He
just wants to go and ride, and he gets to the track, and he is ready. It’s all about that
trophy for him.

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  1. Hi, Im looking for a mx helmet for my son who is 3year and 8months old. Im totaly stucked on choosing a helmet for him. I bought O’neal 2serie slick 51-52cm (dont know how much in inches) but it is the Weight that makes me confused. It weighs 1250g ( i think its 44.0924 ounces if you convert it ), to heavy for this age? My son is a bit smaller then a ”normal” kid in his age.
    Sorry for my english, hope you understand what Im saying. 🙂

  2. The first fifteen second on this video and I'm already a big fan of this kid!! I'm still trying to save up for a dang mx500!! 🤣🤣🤣👏👏👏👏

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