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421adventure – Biketouring in Turkmenistan – From 13.500 to 14.000 kms

421adventure – Biketouring in Turkmenistan – From 13.500 to 14.000 kms

Day one! It’s half a six, we are just a couple of kilometres from the border and we are
going to… Turkmenistan! So, we are at the border, they’ve just
told it to get all our bags off the bikes, so here they are
I’m here with sexy Jacob, looking good! Naked!! Here we are, the border between two
countries, that’s what it looks like Jacob almost fell and we are going to
Turkmenistan. See you later guys! So here we are in Turkmenistan, we
finally pass the border and I think Aurelie has something to say… Freedom!!! Turkmenistan, day one. Nothing like we
expected it’s… what time is? It’s 8 o’clock, the
sky is beautiful with stars but there are still a lot of kilometres to do and it’s dark! But we found someone who wants to help us so let’s see… Marley! Marco! Marco, Marco! Just tarmac. Just, you know nice, flat
tarmac from point A to point B No nonsense!
What the *** is that? Just like the day before, we had to cycle
after sunset to be on schedule While shopping, a woman offered to help us and we ended up sleeping at her place After, with the eggplant. Yes. Okay, so we
need just tomorrow night and the day after tomorrow lunchtime Yes, about pasta and the tomato sauce, it would be really nice… Oh ! I agree ! Yes! At her place, we were welcomed with tea and jam and got the chance to rest. It was after midnight when we turned off the lights Thank you! One question, in your restaurant you have towels… yes is it everywhere like this? okay and is
there like… you take one and you put it No no, you put it in the trash. and you put on the shelf… Yeah. It’s really nice ! (non important conversation!) May I have some bread? You may! Day three! We weren’t really looking
forward to day three because we knew it was gonna be flat straight boring and
with nothing to look forward to It was International Women’s Day and I
got offer some flowers Day number three… we slept not much and we woke up at 6:30 7:00. We had a nice breakfast at Harida’s place. We were
hosted last night then yeah the day was nice straight road
but with dunes so it was nice very bumpy so now we feel like very
tired but very happy yeah everything is going well halfway there yeah and
tomorrow we should be in Turkmenabad which is the last city before the border
with Uzbekistan and we’re doing great! Good night! in between two dunes we found shelter
from the wind which enabled us to cook some pasta So, it’s the day of the flat tires… Police patrol once again! So I had the
great idea to ask the Turkmenistan police for help… Don’t ever do that in
fact if I if I disappear and someone finds this please never ask the Turkmenistan police for help! Now we are outside a hotel waiting, please sitting, waiting and then… I think we are waiting for an answer whether we can stay here for free
or not. I think we’ve been here for half an hour maybe and they keep saying wait 5 minutes… I mean it’s like ten to eleven at night we woke up at 6:00… cycling 125… thousands So, fingers crossed and let’s see what happens! See you later maybe! So, we did get a free room and we slept really well in this place and today we will be crossing the border and we’re going to
country number 15… Uzbekistan! Day 5,this is our last day we’re going to Uzbekistan
We just spent the last of our money on some oranges, bread and cucumber
and… Huelva (sesame seed paste)

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  1. Hi guys, Welcome to Turkmenistan. If you don't mind i want to share your video on my channel with the source. Its a good pleasure for us.

  2. Hello GUYS. Welcome to Turkmenistan. I hope that you are enjoy about this country. This video was interesting watched for me.
    good luck 🤞 on your travels!!!

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