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5 Boutique Bike Brands | The Coolest Custom Road Bikes In Cycling

5 Boutique Bike Brands | The Coolest Custom Road Bikes In Cycling

(loud noises) – Custom built bikes have
to be one of the coolest parts of cycling. I’m sure many of us dream
of one day owning a bike that was designed and built
especially just for us. So with that in mind we
thought we would take a look at a few of the coolest
custom bike builders from around the world. (soft music) Bastion bikes don’t
really look like anything else out there thanks to their unique 3D printed titanium lugs
and their custom made, filament wound carbon fiber tubes. Bastion was founded by three former Toyota engineers in Melbourne when
Toyota announced they would stop manufacture in Australia. They simply decided that
bikes were the way forward. But, being automotive
engineers, they weren’t going to half ass it. Bastion pays amazing attention to detail. Take the fact that they use Ti-6Al-4V titanium in their lugs. This is a higher grade
than is usually used in bicycle manufacture as it’s
really hard to work with. But because they use
selective laser melting, using a laser to form
titanium powder into the lugs, they can make use of
the amazing combination of vibration dampening and
stiffness that titanium brings. Off to the USA now for a brand
that is mixing traditional techniques with modern design. I’m talking about English Cycles. A multiple award winner at
the North American Hand Made Bicycle Show. English bikes was founded by Rob English, a mechanical engineer
and cyclist from the UK. He moved to the USA to work
in the cycling industry before launching his own bikes in 2009. English has been a pretty
successful time trialist coming seventh at the British
National Championships. In fact his first bikes
were time trial bikes. The skinny tubed super aero
bikes with inline stems are unmistakably English creations. But these days he makes
everything from mountain bikes to trans continental bikes. Even time trial tandems and
29 overcumbent mountain bikes. A bike builder, a painter
and a graphic designer. No, no, they don’t go to the pub, they set up Field Cycles. Field bikes are all
hand made in Sheffield, something the guys take great pride in. Sheffield was known as the steel city, the traditional home of
steel production in the UK. So it’s only fitting that
the bikes are made there too. Field offer their bikes in two formats. The traditional, completely custom build or something known as field works. Field works bikes don’t
feature completely custom geometry or paint jobs but
what that does mean is that you can get one in an
incredibly short amount of time. And with their unlimited
color choices available every Field works bike you see is still very likely to be unique
using their in-house paint department Chromaworks
to create the absolutely incredible designs. Amazingly they don’t
use stickers or decals, everything you see on the bikes is paint. Our next custom builder
comes from Dublin, Ireland and in fact is the only
one on the list to build their bikes completely
out of carbon fiber. You may have see Fifty One
bikes on our channel before thanks to their 24 carat
gold bike that was designed and built for UFC fighter Connor McGregor. John Cannings had a look at
it at the tour down under last year if you remember. Aside form the custom geometry
and carbon fiber layup to ensure that each bike matches the new owners riding style, one of the most striking
things about Fifty One bikes is the story that goes with
each bike that they make. From a bike made to commemorate
a customers childhood in the Bronx and his
time in the Marine Corps. To the Anaconda, a bike
featuring a snake skin pattern and a framed ribs to ensure
stiffness for a former track sprinter and reptile enthusiast. Aidan at Fifty One bikes
clearly takes the time to get to know all of his customers which surely has to be the biggest benefit when buying a custom bike. Last but by no means
least we are off to Japan to take a look at Cherubim bikes. Making bikes since 1965, they are by far the oldest manufacturer on our list. Founded by Hitoshi Konno
the brand have gone on to produce bikes for the
Japanese Olympic team at the 1968 Olympics, they’ve
become an NJS certified Kiron bike manufacturer and won accolades at many of the hand built
bicycle shows around the world. Most notably in 2012 when
the Cherubim Humming Bird won best in show at the
North American Hand Built Bicycle show. What makes Cherubim
bikes so cool though is their ability to mix
super juditional design such as that on the
skinny, steel lugged, R2 alongside the … on the Serina. Or road bikes with disk
brakes and the ability to use 700c and 650b wheels. Oh, and of course they
make the Hummingbird and the Airline these
bikes are pretty bonkers. So there you go, five of
the coolest custom bike builders from around
the world and, I know, we’ve left out hundreds. There are many, many custom bike builders from around the world
so please let us know your suggestions in
the comments box below. And right now if you want
to check out another video, have a look at Johns visit to Corsa Corsa.

100 comments on “5 Boutique Bike Brands | The Coolest Custom Road Bikes In Cycling

  1. I’m super exited when my custom frame made by Hagen Wechsel is finished. It’s gonna be my dream track bike with H+Son rims, Phil Wood hubs, Chris King Headset and some more neat stuff. And not to forget the Paul Components Royal Flush crankset.

  2. Even the camera shot / angle shouted hipster in this video (btw, what’s the 2019 word for “hipster”?)

  3. If anyone wants to get their hands on a full carbon Serotta give me a shout, the missus is not happy about all the space my bikes are taking up

  4. Check out wind, here in the Netherlands. A colleague has a completely custom built from wind, which I envy every day in the bike shed.

  5. Crikey N+1 is coming. I’m a Sheffield guy and I didn’t realise field were from my home town. Having just bought an Oltre XR4 I’d best crack on with that 🐕 🏠 as well. Cheers Chris 😂

    Ps I liked the different presentation didn’t worry Cippolini 😁

  6. Rob English is one of my favorite builders. I would also throw a shout out to Black Sheep from Fort Collins, Co.

  7. Suggested manufacturer: Allied Cycle Works in the U.S. ( ). They only do custom composite carbon. All frames and forks are manufactured in-house. Their custom paint features lots of metallic choices and is among the best.

  8. How about Llewellyn, from Australia? Nobody ever showcases this brand, yet I cannot understand why, given how amazing they are. But man, that Bastion!

  9. I enjoyed looking at the beautiful bikes!…THANKS! My favourite is a Canadian builder Sam Whittingham — on a remote island in BC's wilderness:

  10. Altruiste in New Brunswick Canada (man makes them by hand out of steel by himself) and Landyachtz right here in East Vancouver, BC (also steel) love Canadian bike builders!

  11. Caletti Cycles in Santa Cruz, CA, and Speedvagen in Portland, OR could both have made this list, along with many others. No fault in your choices, though. Those bikes are super nice.

  12. 1:50 the image I just got in my head of someone trying to ride down a steep twisty MTB course on a recumbent.

  13. Hi guys, what about Italian "wizard" Marco Bertoletti:
    You, simply, must not miss him, neither within these first five, please!

  14. Awesome video guys, we need to see more of lesser known brands of cycling. While at it, I have to mention Brelis and Soulrider for much affordable titanium and steel bikes

  15. Great brands, apparently. For those in continental Europe there is also no lack of choice. How about Sven Krautscheid, Marshall Framework or Norwid in Germany; Baum Bikes or St Joris Cycles in the Netherlands; and Jaegher in Belgium?

  16. Safe yourself and children on the road. Bicycle RUSSIA – the BEST!!!

  17. My only problem with this video appears at 2:06….what this word “was” all about 🤨 love the channel, great work guys.

  18. Titanium is the opposite of being known for stiff…..its forgiving hence the attraction of Ti. Be careful of marketing mumbo jumbo.

  19. Great bikes but you haven't included any Italian bike builder (it's like talking of best rugby players and never mention 1 British player) I would suggest 2 of my favorite Passoni and Sarto I think they would deserve an episode themselves.

  20. WyndyMilla ( outside of London. Racing DNA, cutting edge technology, best paint jobs in the business from the team at WM Paintworks. The Savile Row of custom bikes. My Saw Doctor aero will be done in a few weeks…

    Very cool kit as well!

  21. Bespoke bike building is a repeat of the 1920s tradesmen Engineers turning into crafting.. Majority will last a few years without local supporters. Best of luck to them as every day you see a new brand been borne.

  22. Alex Singer – The last of the famous French Constructeur – Custom bikes since 1938.

  23. How about custom bikes from Seven Cycles from the states? Custom frame builders working in carbon and Titanium and steel. I have an "Odonata" from 2008 and it rides like the day I got it.

  24. For about one more year, Tom Kellogg and Jeff Duser will be building the last Spectrum cycles (in steel or titanium) in a 200 year old stone barn outside Allentown PA. I have a 1996 Spectrum (refurbished in 2008) and may order a new one before they stop taking orders in July.

  25. Sklar bikes has to be one of my favorites right now! Doesn't dip into road bikes too often, more in the MTB and gravel/all road territory but the curved oval top tubes are so gorgeous I can't look away 😁

  26. Landyacthz Bikes in Vancouver Canada (beuaty custom titanium bike) they also make Carbon Custom heat moldable saddles called Reform

  27. Seven Cycles in Watertown, MA , USA. I’ve had a titanium one for 13 years and love it as much today as I did the day I got it.

  28. You gotta check out Stinner Frameworks and Jones Precision Wheels at NABHS. Aaron and John pair up to make some of the prettiest and grittiest bikes out there..

  29. One in your back yard Boardman.
    One here in Romania Pegas
    One in Varna, Bulgary Eljoy
    And one in Sweden Stallhasten

  30. Check up "strelabicycles" on Instagram. They can make for you a frame based on Cinelli Laser and it looks stunning!

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