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5 Essentials For Your First E Bike Ride

5 Essentials For Your First E Bike Ride

– Hitting the trails for the first time on your e-mountain bike is
guaranteed to be a load of fun. You’re definitely going to learn
a lot of things along the way. So today I’m going to be showing you five things you should definitely
do on your first e-bike ride. (crackles) Now one thing I do see a
lot of out on the trails is riders actually using the wrong gear on their e-bike for the
trail they’re riding. Kind of substituting the right gear selection for the power motor switching up from Eco to Trail or Trail to Turbo, instead of changing gear. And on an e-bike, super
important to get that gear right, it’s going to give you the right cadence and the right cadence is going to give you the right assist from the motor, so make sure you’re
reaching for the gear lever, rather than the power mode. (mellow music) And when it comes to changing gear on your e-bike it is definitely a black art, something you definitely need to perfect so when you’re climbing up those climbs you crunch through the gears crunching away at the cassette not only is it going to wear out your components, you could run a risk of
snapping a chain too. So the technique for doing it is to really ease off on the power and let that gear kind of nicely engage. You’ll feel it click onto
the cassette then engage full power through the cranks. If you simply crunch it through, you could be riding the
stem in a tender place. Now cadence is super
important on your e-bike to make sure you’re getting the
most assist from that motor. If you go any lower than that, then the motor is simply
not going to assist you and give you the most power that it can. It’s almost like laboring your car in the wrong gear so just make sure your cadence is around 80 to 90 rpm. If you’re not too sure on
what cadence you’re doing, most systems will actually have that display on the system so if you scroll through your menu, you will actually find
cadence on the Shimano and the Yamaha system and many more. So just make sure you’re
spinning that motor up. (mellow music) I strongly suggest you find a nice climb on your first e-bike ride as well, and sample each different power mode all the way from Eco, all the way
up to Boost and Turbo mode. Just note in how much assistance each mode gives you and how it
reacts with the bike as well. You’re going to find in Eco mode, if you’re actually selecting
the the right gear, a lot is actually possible in Eco. If you want to see how much assistance Eco actually gives you just try
switching that motor off for a brief moment and
then going back into Eco and you’ll actually be
surprised by the surge of power coming from that bike. Then obviously you’ve got
Trail mode which is going to give you a nice bit of boost. Then boost mode as I mentioned, it’s going to give you
that bigger surge of power. Now, you might notice
that the bike’s going to wheel spin, it’s going
to want to lift around. It’s all about finding that
right balance of what power mode is going to suit the
trail that you’re riding and when you need to go into Eco and when you need to go into Boost. (mellow music) When you’re out for your first ride on your e-mountain bike, you really want to get used
to using a dropper seat post. That’s if you have one
on your bike that is. If you haven’t got one it’s time to look at when to get in
and out of the saddle. But as I said, if you have got a dropper, you really want to get used to dropping it on the downhill sections or technical bits of trail and raising it for the climbs as well. That way it’s going to
give you good cadence, it’s going to give you maximum leg power, but just get used to
dropping it up and down as to when it suits. Also, for climbing you can
actually go against the grain and try it with a seat down below, that way you can a lower
center of gravity and improve grip to the rear wheel
on those slippery climbs. (upbeat music) One of the key things to do on your first ride is take note of how much battery you’re actually
using on your rides, so if you’ve been out for an hour or so, have a look at your battery,
see how much you got left. If you’ve got 50 percent
of your battery left, it means you can pretty much do the same. Again, you can use things
such as Strava or your bike system to actually document how far, how much elevation, and things like that
you’re actually getting from your battery. Learn to ride an Eco all the way through to boost and manage that battery power. (upbeat music) Something you definitely want to be doing on your first ride is getting in tune with the motor on your bike. Now you want to take
into factors such as the over run of the motor. How does that assist you
when you stop peddling? Now most motors tend
to do a few revolutions of the chain reel once you stop peddling, you can actually use that to your advantage on technical trail systems, so learning the over run
is definitely important, as is getting the right cadence, finding that sweet spot for the motor for the maximum assist. Another thing you want to note
is the noise of the motor. Make sure that doesn’t increase
as you’re using the bike because it could mean there’s a potential motor bearing problem or
something going on with the motor. And lastly, the last thing
I suggest you do is exceed the speed limiter to
make sure you know how that bike resists when you surpass the speed limiter on it so when you’re bombing down the hill you know how much effort you’re going to
need to put into the system (mellow music) So again, that’s my top
five things I suggest you do on your first e-bike ride, but if you guys got any other suggestions, drop us some in the comments box below about what you did on
your first e-bike ride, but if you want to stick around
to check out another video, check out how to set up your cockpit and get it dialed so you’re feeling comfortable on your first ride. Then give us a thumbs up if you enjoyed it smash the globe in the
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26 comments on “5 Essentials For Your First E Bike Ride

  1. Pedalling backwards caused a surprising jolt I wasn’t ready for the first time I took out an ebike……take care and ask the mechanic/shop about that.

  2. If you let a mate try your bike even for a go around a car park start them in eco mode and show them the controls else some people may be put off the bike , but if introduced nicely they all end up grinning if they are master of the ride.

  3. First – a open mind and be prepared to have it blown wide open with what and where a emtb can take you
    Second – spares n tools including chain breaker and links (wife blew one out at 400km)
    Third – think about routes – no fun hoisting 25kg of bike over locked gates stiles etc
    4 n5 Fun Fun Fun

  4. If you dont have it….. GET THE DROPPER POST! What you doin m8!?? You paid bat shaite for an e-mtb, dont cheap out on the dropper post, it is a must upgrade imo.

  5. Thanks for the tips, when I get my e mountian bike I'll try to remember them lol, I have a bit of overrun on my current ebike but I can stop it with brakes if needed.
    I thought the mid drive units would not do this as they are supposed to respond to torque? Maybe I'm expecting too much though, I need to try one out I guess , only bike shop near me is Halfords but they do a reasonable one I believe..

  6. Try and be in the right gear before you start to climb, so you can keep pedaling all the way up.
    Also could you show us what 80-90 cadence looks like please as not all systems show it. It would only take a 20 sec video.

  7. Get a feeling for your brakes on a downhill road, before going into the woods.
    Get your weight away from the handlebar, and onto your legs/paddles downhill.

  8. After your first Ebike ride take a photo of your smile because now you are going to be riding faster, farther and more frequently.

  9. Learn to ride tight corners. Stop pedaling in the beginning and padle at the apex. I did it wrong, overshooting the exit.

  10. I've been looking at European EBIKES and in the mid price range from cheese for breakfast commuter Euro folders to languid Italian fashion statements. The Chinese have some new hefty fat tired 3000 watt monsters but they actually told me to forget it because of the 83 percent tariff. There are a couple of creative Brit lunatics making some power machines but Brexit is looming. I'm in Greece, very hilly Greece and I need advice. Have one delivered to the Ukraine, meet it there, hit it with a hammer a few times and roll into Romania saying "Oh I've had this piece of junk for years", "OK on your way". Some countries let you get stuff out of the EU manufacture by it being a birthday present. NO WAY I'm getting up these hills with something with a straw basket on the front. I need HELP !!!!!

  11. #askembn I've 9 gears on my fathom e3. On the flat I can't legally use anything past the sixth gear at a reasonable cadence. Wouldn't it be a more natural feeling if emtb's were limited by sprocket size rather than technical computer wizardry?

  12. Just did my first ride on my new 2020 Giant Trance E +2 pro!.. amazing bike. And the motor is much more quieter than the 2019 version i tested in demo days

  13. The first thing I had to learn on my first few rides of an EMTB was backing off when changing gears. Once I got used to doing this, it pretty much felt natural. Second was managing the power assist levels on different types of trails, what works best for the techy climbs, etc. Third was managing battery life – something I'm still trying to work out lol

  14. Okay so I know this isn’t a normal bike tutorial but this is the only professional looking youtube video about bikes that was uploaded recently. I’m having trouble learning how to ride, I’m really looking for some help because I can’t find anyone with the same problem as me. I can only ride out of the saddle. I ride perfectly standing up but I get tired and wanna sit down because it seems more comfortable, but I just cannot peddle while sitting. My legs might be too long? Or I just suck. My balance is also bad while sitting.

  15. Before 1st e-bike ride: ask your bike shop to set the correct pressure in both suspensions, test them, and add/remove pressure as necessary (SUSPENSION PUMP IS A MUST BUY – put it in your backpack). Also make sure they set compression and rebound correctly.

    Some bike shops forget to set the correct pressure and compression settings and that will cause an unpleasant first ride!

  16. Chris, you always talk about the risk of snapping the chain on our ebike. One thing, a beginner or a more experimented rider should be aware of is the damaging of the cassette before snapping a chain. For example the cassette of my 2 Specialized turbo levo 2019 are not very strong. Absolutely need to reduce the cadence when changing gear.
    Had to change the cassette…only 600km .
    By the way, where can I buy a stronger cassette, seems that I am a more aggressive rider😜😜
    Pierre, EMBN fan from Montreal, Quebec, Canada

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