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insider scoop for our Subscribers (singing ) Mr. Sandman, Give me a dream… The First thing to consider when sand riding is Tip # 1 Golden Nugget uno– gold nugget uno! Tire Pressure. Tire pressure can make or break your ability to pass
hazards. So you got a couple miles of sand and you are on a big ol beemer or
something like that, You are gonna have to have some edge to
be able to pass over that terrain and tire pressure is it. take 15 pounds out leaving
about 15 pounds in the tire and just go go go you’ll outrun everybody. if you are struggling… try that
take some pressure out it’ll revolutionize your ride and you’ll feel
like you practiced two years. quick note if you habitually do not return
the tire back to u a somewhat more normal operating pressure it will begin
cause premature cupping, wear etc just note that. Golden nugget dos. number two
do not touch the front brake while you’re riding in sand
you really shouldn’t touch the front brake hardly at all off-road when you
are going along it’s kind of like… well, imagine a butter knife in a sandbox. if you were to
push that butter knife along from the back and allow the front of the knife to
go in its gonna grab ruts and the front tire is the same thing it’ll grab little
ruts that you can’t see covered in sand and it will also track in the ruts
that are visible in the sand it’s just a mess your front tire
is gone the moment it has weight on it it’ll dig so what you want to do is: A. like
I said, never touch the front brake always use the back brake off-road as
much as you can but definitely never touch the front brake in sand – 2. (i guess he means B. lol ) you try
to accelerate the entire time you’re in sand. I just notice I do that… The presidential speech thing you are trying to accelerate so if I
come to a sandpit or let’s say I’m on a long road with five sand hazards in it
each you know ten feet long 20 yards long half mile long when I get to the
shorter ones I can gauge my speed to slow down enough that I can floor it ( throttle ) the
whole way through that particular hazard that lifts the tire entirely
almost out of the sand and you track forward just as if you were to push the back of
that butter knife down and push along it would lift the blade out and it’s going
to track straight forward here regardless of the ruts even from the
guy right in front of you … which we cover in Nugget Five (i.e. TIP # 5 ) it’s
counterintuitive to be in a difficult situation and floor it (throttle ) you know… you want to
hit the brakes and stop and you know a lot of times what people do is panic and hit
the front brake and then its a yard sale they’re just all over the place
so you want to accelerate. if you keep the weight off the front tire in sand, basically it
frees you up to do what you do which is be a rider and it frees the bike up to do what it does even better than you which is be a bike. nugget 3 the third nugget from the Sun.
SKIING where you put your feet down and just drag them on the outside you know
ideally you know you would just stand on your pegs and give it some juice and let the bike
check up and do its job and you get out of there but that doesn’t always happen
you can catch your foot on something, I saw somebody get snatched off a bike doing
it one time. He caught a little piece of cable things like that happen, but you know odds
are nothing is gonna happen that’s it… just drag your feet down there in the sand dont know what he gotto nugget quatro… nugget quatro you know when you were on a bike as a kid? And… I did anyway… you kind of you like notice you can almost think just go right and it
goes right your bike is going to go where you are looking we call it PICK IT AND STICK IT and it’s
a very simple principle that will get you down the trail and get you home . for example im coming up to a trouble area with rock or ruts or whatever I need to decide where i am going to put this bike and then put it right there by reflex, by my body simply responding to the decision that I had made so you are trialing through there and you see it and
you decide what you’re gonna do in that moment it’s a real time thing and you’re
on to the next 30 feet while your body is simply following the orders given to
it by your brain and what you saw to achieve that line okay so pick it and
stick it if you’re going along… see a route you can see them you’ll be able to,
you’ll know and you know what your skill levels are… breathe,
relax your shoulders, pick your line and let the bike be a bike that is the key
and it really truly is important on a whole nother level to let the bike be a
bike it’ll check up. these things man they’ve been designed to do
that and people try so hard to force them to do things where the bikes are like “hey man chill, I got this.” so in sand its definitely important
any hazard or any difficult terrain whatsoever you’ve got to pick it and
stick it the last nugget in sand riding is another one like
pick it and stick it, that applies to all riding. If you ride all your sand alone
then I am only here to offer you four nuggets today but if you ride with
other people beginners man hear these words I’m about
to really give you a serious nugget it’s gonna seem like common sense when I say
it but you’re gonna see why it’s so important to say it because everybody
does it I don’t do it but many many people do
man that dude was haulin’ many many many people do and I don’t do
it because I’ve been riding long enough to have done it and had it done to
me… to major detriment the common mistake everybody makes, I even see
great riders still making that mistake and you know you don’t say anything
to anybody, nobody wants to be preached at or anything but if the riding with… if
they do this to me… they get preached at and that is this… nugget five nugget
number five do not under any circumstances if you are riding with people and somebody goes off before you DO NOT FOLLOW THE GUY IN FRONT OF YOU TOO CLOSELY give them a second to get ahead it’s
vitally important people do it all the time and people wreck all the time as a
result of it thats how people get hurt i mean… you can get hurt from NOT picking and sticking it, gettin’ your leg all hung up in a root ball or something like that… and that’s how you ride in the sand It’s doable if you study these techniques, spend some
time, develop your own understanding your riding it’ll triple in days your
sand riding skills anyway with triple in days and the rest of your skills
really too – because confidence goes a long way especially as a beginner Rider when
you get something down, man it feels good I get Stick around for another couple seconds INSIDER SCOOP FOR SUBSCRIBERS. BAM
there you HAVE IT. thanks guys we intend to not disappoint
and also look for a couple LIVE ones to come trickling in over the next couple
days and an Intro. the ride today… about the sand skills Leave those in the comments if there is one we left one out or if theres something else you want to add to it
man we’d be honored

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