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5 Hardest Core Exercises For Cyclists | How To Get A Rock Hard Core

5 Hardest Core Exercises For Cyclists | How To Get A Rock Hard Core

– Having strong stable
glutes, core, shoulders, and arms can really
help you to stay strong on the bike. Especially when you’re sprinting,
riding out of the saddle, or time trialing. Now, some cyclists seem
to get that strength just from riding a bike but
I always had to work at it. And since 2007, when I started
cycling, I’ve been doing a core session given to me by the English Institute of
Sport and I’ve shown you some of those exercises in a previous video. Now, you might like to
know, that when I started trying to do those exercises
I literally could not. I fell off the ball, I
collapsed on the gym floor and I basically just felt
really weak and useless. It took me ages to learn how to do them. Once I did I got up to about 30 reps and I did that same core
session for years and years. Eventually though I realized
I had a bit of a problem with specificity. Basically, I could do those
four exercises really well but introduce a new exercise
and I had no chance. Now that’s because when you
learn a new exercise like this, it’s not just about strength. It’s also about balance, coordination, and neuromuscular pathways. Now, my balance and
coordination are pretty poor so I was quite shocked to learn
to do any of them, really. But I realized that I was
gonna have to mix it up if I wanted to stay strong
and robust on the bike. Basically, you have to
keep challenging yourself. So, in my quest to find
new and challenging core exercises, here are
the five hardest ones I’ve found over the years. Now, I’m not saying that they’re
the hardest exercises ever. And of course if you add free
weights to your gym training, well you can make things
much harder in terms of pure muscular strength. I’m also not claiming that
I can actually do them properly yet. So this should at least be entertaining. Number one, this is what I
call a Swiss ball burpee. – [Narrator] The starting
position is a plank with your feet flexed on the
ball, body in one straight line from heels to shoulders. Don’t arch your back or sag in the middle. The burpee is three separate movements. First, a leg tug rolling
the ball slowly towards you keeping your backside nice and low. Then, roll it back to plank position. Second, hinge at the hips
keeping your legs straight to roll the ball towards you
and slowly return to the plank. Finally, a press up. Returning to plank to start again. Complete the whole
sequence 10 times through then rest for two minutes and try again. – Number two is my nemesis. It is a chin up combined
with a windscreen wiper. And as I really struggle
to do just one chin up, it’s quite a challenge. Here goes. – [Narrator] Remain near the top with your elbows at 90
degrees and lift your body and your legs up so your body is as close to horizontal
as you can get it. Knees together with 90
degree angles at your hips and your knees like the
position you might have for sitting in a chair. Then, twist around your upper
body, sweeping your legs through the air like
they’re windscreen wipers. Five, done well is pretty good going. Then, you can rest and try another set. – Now, I haven’t yet thought
of a name for this exercise but it’s quite like a
three legged dog in yoga but once again, involving a Swiss ball. So here goes. – [Narrator] Start in the
plank position with your feet on the Swiss ball then raise
one leg up high behind you. Swing the leg underneath
you, diagonally towards the opposite elbow, bending at the knee. Try to keep your hips and
shoulders as steady as possible and try to do two sets of
five to 10 on each side. – Number four is an
explosive jump from seated. Now, you want to find a
bench or the edge of a sofa, sit on the edge of it, and your knees should
not be past right angle. So, maximum bend in your
knee should be 90 degrees. Start out with no weight
at all, one leg only, see if you can jump
from seated, like this. With both legs, because normally one leg is stronger than the other. This is my weak leg. Once you’re happy jumping with no weight, you can start introducing dumbbells. Now I would start small
with one kilo or two kilos in each hand. Hold the dumbbells
slightly in front of you so they don’t hit the bench and try and do the same thing again. And remember that your… resting foot is not
allowed to touch the floor. And you want to try and complete the jump in one smooth movement
from seated, to jumping. Number five is the Swiss
ball hamstring curl that you might have tried already. But with the added
complication of a slight wobble to introduce the use
of stabilizing muscles at both ends of the movement, like this. – [Narrator] Start in a bridge
position with your heels on top of the ball, shoulders on the ground and with your body in a straight line from
shoulders to heels. Raise one leg off the ball
and keeping your knees next to each other, with your hips stable, slowly roll the ball towards
you lifting your hips higher and then slowly roll it away again. Try two sets of five to 10 on each leg. – Well, I hope this video has
proved entertaining at least and maybe it will also
encourage you to mix up your core stability training. Now I’ve deliberately avoided
presenting any exercises that involve heavy weights. Because although I do
free weights training and I know lots of others
cyclists who also do to help their riding, there
is more of an injury risk, so I think you’re better
off getting the advice of a qualified coach before
starting with heavy weights. Now, if you think you’ve got a
tougher self weight exercise, please let me know down in
the comments so I can try it. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. Share with any friends who
you think need a little bit of toughening up and click
right here if you’d like to see a beginners core stability session.

100 comments on “5 Hardest Core Exercises For Cyclists | How To Get A Rock Hard Core

  1. Emma, great video. While watching you perform the seated squat, I noticed medial deviation of both your knees indicating gluteus medius weakness. May want to look at that. Keep up the good work and make all the boys give this workout a go.
    By the way, I am a physio.

  2. Do this and more core work in general! I've been dealing with hip and knee issues due to muscle imbalances and core work is the key to keeping them away.

  3. Good exercises but on the pushup part of the "burpie" you should keep your arm angle closer to a 45 degree rather than 90 to reduce strain and keep the work on the pec muscles. Same goes for any pushup or horizontal press movement.

  4. 0:38 that can't be wiggo in the dark blue top standing in the background, can it?

    btw Aldi has those exercise balls on sale right now

  5. I like your shoes Emma. I have recently been looking at getting a pair of soloman s/lab ultra to test out before my century run in sept. obviously you can't give your own opinion on them through the comments here as they arent a sponsor partner. I just wanted to say that they looked great, although i don't understand the reason for the hole in the sole.

  6. If you're SERIOUS about improving your performance, then you REALLY need to hit the gym. Deadlifts, SQUATS and goodmornings with a HEAVY barbell will shred your core and improve your athletic ability x10.

  7. Ok, I'm humbled now. Actually, I was before, this just reinforces it. I can't wait to see "GCN Presenters Challenge: The guys do Emma's core workout"

  8. Thank you so much for this upload and the last few uploads on training: still need to do the most recent cycling session but I am on a weeks break until Monday; great range of exercises, can also be done with the TRX too. I like the single leg bench squat jump: as it is really fast and explosive and functional; if you kept the reps low e.g. 2 reps,1 minute rest between sets, it would be speed training :;:)). I see a lot of development potential for the exercises to build upon such as: single leg bench squat jump knee tuck; which means you raise the jumping leg knee to meet the other in the air, another development would be to briefly hold the knees in the air :::))) or have legs straight for the chin-up screen wipers you get the idea. Keep up the good work.

    Peace and LOVE

  9. Oh the Swiss Ball, my nemesis. Great video. I will try some of those. My hard set is lie on your back. Place your heels on the ball. Then roll up and touch your toes (or as close as possible), roll down and repeat.

  10. OMG I have to tell you what I got a couple weeks ago – an old Nintendo Wii with balance board and Wii Fit Plus! I always kind of wanted to get one but the original price was just too much; however the whole package 2nd hand at $40 was much more palatable. Let me tell you, the game may be overly cutesy and Japanese, but after a couple weeks I genuinely have better balance & coordination. It's not a core workout, just simply exercises of Balance and Coordination. Fantastic stuff.

  11. not sure if someone hasn't already added this exercise…but I'd include an inverted push-up to counter the press-ups exercise. Lie on back under Smith machine barbell / squat rack etc, feet on exercise / swiss ball, legs straight. Reach up and grab bar shoulder width apart. Pull yourself up (sternum to bar) to count of 2, hold for 2 then lower for 4. Keep core tight/engaged. Progression – raise bar, single-arm, one-legged etc… START with no swiss ball if you are not able to balance. Vary this exercise to incorporate isometric holds for grip strength etc… and then roar like a lion.

  12. That's insane Emma! I can only do a 45 second plank. I will try some of these. I'm still nursing a broken and torn wrist so I have to use the hand weights on the floor. Thanks for these exercises. – Diane

  13. Emma you have just a great character and personality that comes through on these videos. You are so professional and talented but you are so honest and kind and sensible. Thank you!

  14. Thanks Emma. I'm really quite lazy when it comes to 'core' work, relying on riding the bike to take care of all aspects of my strength/ fitness. However, as I want to improve my overall performance this year, I need to get myself motivated. These exercises look like a great way to build some solid core strength before the season begins. Happy New Year from a very snowy Munich.

  15. Emma forgot talk about saftey like wearing a face mask or helmet before attempting some of these exercises, for us mortals at home:)

  16. Almost an endless amount of core exercises but to add to the above (Google them):-
    1) pike-pulses (compressive core strength)
    2) Jefferson curl (spinal mobility)
    3) Hollow body holds
    4) "Suitcase" carry

  17. Emma as I am a Gentleman I only call you a machine… my mind is that the truth is that you are the same as I think that I am….an animal, but I can't tell you the truth 😘

  18. The hardest ab exercise for me is where you put a slip disc underneath your feet with your toes on it. You are in a plank position but with your arms extended. You then walk on your arms with your legs trailing, but you have to keep them from moving side to side. This one always makes me hurt everywhere in my core.

  19. What's the best way of improving balance? Whenever I do a swiss ball class – everyone is balancing on them serenely, whilst I'm the only one struggling to balance on all fours or frantically windmilling my arms and falling off…

  20. I'm always in awe of Emma, talented, fit, speaks at least 3 languages and is a Dr or a lawyer…an incredible lady !

  21. Hard core and awesome, there is only one reason GCN got you to do this the other presenters can’t. Your awesome…… PS other GCN I can’t do these either do feel to bad 😮

  22. matt sure cant do even 1 of these.why? coz his glute, core muscles n nerves r specially well trained in any extreme weather conditions only for one task- LAUGH

  23. I did see Amanda Sobhy the professional squash player kneeling on a Swiss ball and holding out a plate weight at arms length and slowly twisting side to side.

  24. I'd need three takes just to say "specificity" without tripping over my tongue let alone doing these exercises. Well done Emma, great video and great pronunciation.

  25. i just bought one of those balls last night and inflated it about an hour ago. my dog is guarding it now and wont let me near it. as soon as i leave the room he will be on it – until it bursts

  26. Great form Emma, and good exercises. I recommend you (and everyone!) tries the swiss ball ones on a TRX (no afflilations, just love it as an exercise). You can get a longer movement and therefore more constant core engagement with a TRX while maintaining the instability that makes these exercises so effective.

  27. This is such awesome content! I am doing the beginner core exercises you posted a few months ago. So great and so important.

    I have a request. Could you do a video or series of videos from beginner to advanced for various core workouts that we can use for core workouts from beginner to advanced? The core is so ignored and technique is so important. Seeing Emma doing the movement is so much better than reading it or hearing it described.

  28. Miss Emma, thanks for additional core exercises. Very timely for my winter workouts. These will be added to my routine, as I have noticed a difference in my riding with only one month of core training. More please…

  29. Thanks Emma! These seems great core exercises! Too bad I don't have a swissball and too broke to buy a gym membership but I'll look up other exercises that don't require any equipment.

  30. Holy smokes! Burpies are hard enough and you just added a Swiss ball to it. I'm going to give this a try. I used to do an exercise called an Alligator. You start in the plank position hold for 5-10 sec, extend one arm to the push-up position hold 5-10, extend the 2nd arm and do a push-up. One arm down hold, 2nd arm down hold and repeat.

  31. I was avoiding watching this video because I knew the exersices were going to be difficult but they really work. I have sore muscles that I did know I had. Lol. Thanks Emma…….for the pain. Your still my favorate. 😉😁

  32. Pumupunta din ako sa gym para mag leg exercise at mag squat at abdominal.malaki din ang naitulong sa akin sa pagbibisikleta.nakakatagal din ako sa mga mahahabang ahon.salamat GCN sa inyong pagdagdag ng kaalaman sa aming mga baguhang nagbibisikleta.

  33. I use THENX app for calisthenics. Bulgarian split squats , Pistol squats and crab walking with a doubled-up inner tube just above your knees are all good for gluteals. A medicine ball is good for core exercises too.

  34. Those are pretty easy. Plank twist (with arms) and hold for 32 breaths all three positions, then finish with 128 pushups. Hang upside down from knees over pullup bar, do crunches with one (or more) 45lb plates held to chest. If you haven't puked yet, 128 alternating front kicks as fast as you can with forearms held up covering head.

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