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5 Legal ‘Cheats’ To Help You To Cycle Faster

5 Legal ‘Cheats’ To Help You To Cycle Faster

– [Daniel] Legal cheats, this sounds
like a paradox, an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms,
and to some extent it kind of is. Oh, and if you put your
preconception to one side, just for a few moments and listen to
the following legal cheats you could find they provide you with just the edge you’ve
been looking for out on the open road. – [Matt] Sneaky. – Number one on our list is caffeine,
which through a multitude of studies has been proven to have a performance benefit.
Now caffeine is an ergogenic aid and as such, it means that it can mobilize fat
stores, which means that you’re working muscles can use fat as their source of
fuel, and it’s also a brain stimulant, which means that you can concentrate
harder, think clearer and that can delay the onset of fatigue. – Yeah, given the many benefits
of caffeine, and believe you me, there is far more than we’ve got time to
mention in this video, you would have thought that it would be banned.
Well, it was for a while before, in 2003, WADA, The World Anti-doping
Agency decided to lift the ban. Although caffeine is still monitored. And
of course you can take it during, before and after exercise,
but be very, very careful, because it’s a strong diuretic. Nitrites, nitrates, nitrates, that’s
the buzzword of recent years when it comes to improving exercise performance, with
the humble beetroot, at the very center. That’s now become the vegetable of choice.
Now if you introduce beetroot into your diet, generally in the form of beetroot
juice, it has proven ergonomic benefits, including improving muscle
efficiency by lowering the cost of oxygen at submaximal exercise levels. – [Simon] Now that is quite some cheat.
The difficulty is getting enough beetroot into your diet. The research has shown
that you need between 300 to 600 milliliters of beetroot juice per day
for five days before an event, which is going to take a lot of juicing and it’s also actually going
to turn your wee purple. Now, unfortunately, the
GCN juicer has broken, so Matt is having to go old school.
How many is that, mate? – I’ve only had two. How many do I need? – Probably about 18 more. – Eighteen?
– Yeah, that’s right, mate. Come on. – Bloody hell! – Think of the cheats, think of
the cheats, it will be amazing. No, I don’t want any. – Beetroot. – There appears to be no limit as to
how aerodynamic your clothing can be, and believe it or not Dan here was
absolutely vanguard of the aero clothing revolution. A long time ago now, when
he rode for a certain test team. and they rocked up to start lines wearing
gear that was previously only socially acceptable at time trials. – But, as has now been officially
confirmed by scientists, aero is indeed everything. Well, almost
everything. So if you’re looking to get the edge without having to press on the
pedals any harder, you might want to invest in some clothing which is
as tight fitting as possible. Then perhaps the next step is to
vacuum pack yourself for every ride. How far you take this
is entirely up to you. ♪ [music] ♪ – Is using tactics cheating? Some may
say that the overbearing use of tactics, especially setting on, sandbagging, not
doing a turn is against the unwritten rules of cycling or against the moral code
of cycling, that harks back to a different era. Back then racers would be happy to
get on a train to beat their rivals. Naughty. But what they would
never do is miss a turn. – Yes, hard men, old schoolers, purists,
and aficionados are going to hate this one, but it is legit. You all know the
stats by now, it’s 30% easier to sit on someone’s wheel on a flat road. So
why would you stick your nose in the wind when you could save that much
energy if you don’t? – Thirty percent right there. – Drafty. – #Rude. – Getting the most up-to-date
latest, newest fangled, aero-est, lightest, least rolling
resistances pieces of equipment will be expensive, there’s
no doubt about that. But again, they will make you go faster. ♪ [music] ♪ – There are a whole host of stats
out there on the Internet , which you can look at and rub your chin
over. There’s also no doubts that the race to produce the most efficient equipment
is continuing at a very high pace. – If, however, like most of us, you
don’t have bottomless pockets, then the key is to develop
a speed strategy, trademark Matt Stephens, all of your own, where you invest in the kit that’s going to
make the biggest difference. So for example, the lowest rolling
resistance tires, or the fastest wheels. Now if legal cheats aren’t
completely your thing, and actually you just
want a plain cheat-cheat, then why not check out our Top 10
Devious Tricks to Beat Your Mates video? Well, technically they’re not illegal,
but they’re certainly shady. You can get through to it just up there. – On the other hand, if you’d like
to know How to Go Faster For Free you can find out that just down there. – That’s legal, isn’t it? – Yeah. Oh, and you might want to
subscribe to GCN as well. It’s that little box in the middle
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give it a thumbs up. – Sneaky.

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  1. Matt did you learn anything from the top 10 worst cycling tips video!? put some glooves on man! You are going to loose your hands to frostbite! As you said in top 10 worst cycling tips. " Do you fancy giving frostbite a go. Ludicrous!"

  2. How to beat the guys you ride with – convince them to go vegan – more effective than filling their tires with water.

  3. Carrots are also high in Nitrates and if you eat enough of them you can turn orange, giving an essex spray tan effect for free.

  4. Thank you global cycling network(gcn) for all the helpful advice on all of your videos. And for the entertainment in others. Appreciate you all for making these videos.👍🚲

  5. The scenic background is so fantastic:
    "This happy breed of men, this little world,
    This precious stone set in the silver sea,
    … the envy of less happier lands,
    This blessed plot, this earth, this realm, this England." Seriously, was that Tintern Abbey just before the caffeine section??

  6. I've come to the conclusion that one of their cameras is bust. Another video with washed out reds. Plus the caption cards were out-of-focus. #GCNBODGE #gcnhack

  7. I truly hope that aero makes as big of a difference as you guys say. Because I already pass pelotons without extra effort and while wearing street clothes and riding a bike with panniers. Most aero I get is going in the drops into a hard headwind. I get the feeling it wouldn't actually make that big of a difference, if any at all, but one day I'll try out the aero clothes and aero gear with the aero bike. I truly hope you're right and I'm wrong on this. :3

  8. Citrulline. Makes you crazy, though. You either drive way too slow or way too hard because it's really, really hard to tell where your lactate threshold is without the constant burning from the lactates. Could get a watt meter but I don't drive meters, I drive bikes.

  9. Never realised tactics could help you win races. I've just eaten a whole packet of the orange flavoured ones

  10. my question is, why are all lycra suits so dam uglyyyyyy!? Why does no one make plain suits without all the crap logos and weird graphics on them?

  11. Matt, (1:33) you need to google what 'ERGONOMICS' actually is…a beetroot is not ergonomic 😉

    P.s. I'm an ergonomist but I do appreciate a good beetroot…

  12. So if I drink 500ml of beet juice every day and pee purple for the rest of my life. Would that be bad for me? Because intuitively it feels like it should be bad.

  13. Studies have shown only only an average increase of 1,5% and only for those who DON'T use cafeine.
    So don't think : I was right drinking all that coffee , it just makes you immune to that marginal effect.

  14. Im 13 and im looking to try and take cycling as far as i can but i dont know how much i should be training has anyone got any tips ?

  15. if you want to going fast,you should choose the big whells with big and heavy tires.transmit the force from the biggest pedal gear tooth to the smallest one of the wheel.get a little loose of the wheel shaft,then turning the gearbox to the middle between two levels.using the milo cacao product(this is a big energy like doping)

  16. All this talk of Beetroot and night rates… what about day rates? Cycling journalists and commentators never mention day rates. I drink beetroot juice at a rate of 0.5l/h at night but have no idea at what rate to consume it during the day. Can anyone advise?

  17. Finnish Eurosport comentator Peter Selin allways say about "tactical cheating". When someone is on front off the group and its his turn to make effort, "Make it sort as sossage" "Nakkimakkaran pituinen veto"✌🏻🇫🇮🌭

  18. Beetroot? That is some fad diet nonsense. Guarantee any study showing these 'supreme' benefits over other healthy foods is cherry picked bs and not any kind of scientific consensus.

  19. How to cycle faster easy non-cheating way: Pair the biggest chainring you can find with smallest cog you can find. The more gear inches you can get out of your drivetrain, the faster you can go — it ain't called "power gear" for nothin! Yes some ppl will complain that it's "harder" to push at higher GI's. Those ppl are weenies. You can train yourself up until you're used to the load.

  20. I´m making my first steps into race cycling, many many thanks for all your tips, very useful information! I´m not only learning about cycling with you, I´m also get super entertained, guys you are definitely awesome – you make me laugh loud! – thanks again!

  21. Welp any cheat to improve muscle achievements? I'm single speed (18) runner jeje I use to climb regular slopes but sometimes I would like to be more efficient or stronger instead any help? down below! greetings GCN team

  22. #1 Legal cheat for heavier riders: decend more aggressively – it puts you ahead of lighter riders to help make up for their advantage climbing.

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