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5 Professional Teams That Have Shaped Road Cycling

5 Professional Teams That Have Shaped Road Cycling

– While we may uphold the individual stars of
our sport of cycling, the fact is that no
rider can be successful at the top level without the
support of a strong team. In this video, we look at five teams that have had such strength and depth that they’ve helped
rewrite the record books and change the course
of cycling history… Some for better; some for worse. Founded in 2010 with lofty
ambitions of winning Grand Tours, Team Sky have been
particularly influential in what is arguably the
biggest and definitely the most watched race in the cycling calendar, The Tour de France. Their first yellow jersey came in 2012 through Bradley Wiggins,
and they’ve added four more with Chris Froome since then. The British squad has a big budget and a wealth of talent to call on, and a polarised opinion
among the cycling public. Are they revolutionising
the sport or killing it? In the early to mid
2000s, US Postal dominated the Tour de France, and
at the head of their ranks was the infamous Lance Armstrong, who won a record seven yellow jerseys between 1999 and 2005. Back when we didn’t know any better, it was plain to see that Armstrong, as well as his team, were
considerably stronger than anyone else at the Tour. Aided by loyal domestiques
like George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, and Tyler Hamilton; however, in 2012, the
U.S. Anti-Doping Agency released the report that
contained statements from a total of 11 riders
that had ridden previously for US Postal exposing the details of what they called,
“the most sophisticated, professional, and
successful doping programme that sport has ever seen.” The report prompted the
UCI to strip Armstrong of his seven Tour de France
titles and banning him from the sport for life
leaving a permanent black mark on cycling’s record books. The UCI’s number one ranked cycling team between 1994 and 2000,
Mapei was home to some of the greatest riders of that generation: Johan Museeuw, Michele
Bartoli, Andrea Tafi, Franco Ballerini, Frank Vandenbroucke, and a young Paolo Bettini. The list goes on and on. The team excelled in particular
at the Spring Classics with this photo from the 1996 edition of Paris-Roubaix encapsulating
Mapei’s dominance as Museeuw, Tafi, and Gianluca
Bortolami swept the podium. The team’s golden era
came to a close in 2003 when Mapei withdrew their sponsorship. However, in their place stepped former Mapei team manager Patrick Lefevere and new sponsor Quick Step. Despite several team name changes, Quick Step have remained
a steadfast sponsor of one of the best teams in pro cycling right up until the present day. Emerging from the ashes of
the T-Mobile doping scandal of 2007, Team Highroad,
as it was known back then, acquired a sponsorship
of Columbia Sportswear and HTC Electronics, and
enjoyed an incredible run of victories at the Tour de France with the team building their hopes around a brash, young sprinter
named Mark Cavendish. It was between the years
of 2008 and 2011 where the Manxman won the majority
of his total 30 stage wins of the Tour de France,
thanks in no small part to their leadout train
including Bernie Eisel and Cav’s right-hand man, Mark Renshaw. Their tactics were used
to devastating effect in the bunch sprints, and we’ll always remember that win on the Champs-Élysées in 2009 where both Cavendish and Renshaw had time to raise their arms in celebration with the rest of the pack
trailing in their wake. Despite winning an incredible
49 Grand Tour stages in just four seasons,
team owner Bob Stapleton had to disband the
franchise having been unable to secure a new sponsorship. An abrupt end, indeed. But don’t feel too sorry
for the HTC alumni. The likes of Cavendish, John Degenkolb, André Greipel, and Tony
Martin have all gone on to enjoy pretty successful
careers since then. Under the leadership of
former rider Cyrille Guimard, Renault Gitane, then
after the Renault-Elf, were a very big deal in
the late 70s and early 80s. A thoroughly French team with a very strong star rider, Bernard Hinault. In an era when there wasn’t really such a thing as Grand Tour specialists, Le Blaireau not only won five editions of the Tour de France, two editions of the Giro d’Italia, and two editions of the
Vuelta a España with Renault, he also added a tour of Lombardi, a Liège-Bastogne-Liège, and two Paris-Roubaix wins as well. However, we must mention
that Renault also housed an impressive set of young riders who went on to big things in the sport. Future sport director Jean-René Bernaudeau and Marc Madiot spent their
formative years with the team. So, too, did Charly Mottet,
Laurent Fignon, and Greg LeMond. Renault retired from pro
cycling sponsorship in 1985, but Cyrille Guimard’s team lived on under the guises of Systeme U until 1990 and Castorama until 1995. There you go. Five teams who, in their own unique ways, helped shaped the course
of cycling history. Can you name any others that
have made a similar impact? Let us know in the comments down below. (electronic music)

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  1. I don't like lance, but Travis was wrong. The most advanced doping program is the Russian olympic team. The amount of resources, time and money spent by Russian team makes Lance's home grown system look amateur. Russian FSB figured out how to remove the cap on urine samples. Russia has been doping for atleast 3 decades with dozens of athletes. The fact the IOC let the Russian athletes compete in South Korea just shows how big of a joke WADA and USADA are.

  2. Rather than HTC and Mark Cavendish, you should have talked of Saeco and Mario Cipollini. They have shaped the modern cycling sprint with the concept of a sprint train and a team totally devoted to a sprinter. Would you guys be a bit chauvinist ?

  3. There is a reason why a lot of people call Team Sky, UK Postal.. they are very similar.. Froome and Armstrong, both dominant riders that pretty much destroyed every tour, both really big budget, great riders and it's almost like a repeat in history. Now I don't believe Team Sky are dopers but when you put them side to side.. the teams are/were very similar.

  4. TI Raleigh – with Peter Post as directeur sportif. Dominated the late seventies, early eighties! Joop Zoetemelk, Jan Raas, Gerrie Knetemann, Hennie Kuiper – a very strong Dutch contingent of riders were at the heart of the team.

  5. Teams that have shaped pro cycling? Look back a bit, kids. Rik van Looy's Solo Superia and then Willem II were absolute gangsters who governed the classics, tours and of course the 6 Day circuits.
    And on the British scene? Well, anoraks, take a gander at the Clive Stuart Organisation in the 60's. Loadsa money great gear and we lived with the folk myth that they were funded by swag from the Great Train Robber in '63.
    Then later, ANC who didn't seem to be too bothered about paying their riders.
    Any comments?
    I don't get out much.

  6. Reynolds,Banesto, Caisse de epargne,Movistar have the same base Abarca Sport. Automoto team of the 20´s a all star team with the hardest/longest TdF wins. Nivea Fush the first non cycling conected sponsor

  7. Definitely team ONCE it is only because of Them that bike manufacturers began making compact frames though giant still makes the stiffest frames

  8. I think you left out one of the most influential teams run by the owner Bjarne Riis. Most teams have copied a lot from his setup.

  9. TI Rayleigh were a big deal in the 70's and 80's, then Panasonic,, if you want to go old school.. Rik Van Looy's Red Guard were dominant..

  10. Do more of these videos please.
    It would be great if u could to the great team one team at a time a full Breakdown. The rides, races they won and so on. 👍👍

  11. Obviously skewed by your anglophile audience, but Telekom over Sky, Saeco over Highroad. What about the great Gewiss team on their beutiful ti De Rosa's. If you ignore teams for a doping past you'd have no teams to choose from.
    Todays teams just haven't been caught yet.

  12. How about La Vie Claire? In the 80s that was the team I remembered along with Systeme U as being dominant like a Team Sky. With riders like Hinault, LeMond, Bauer, and Hampsten it's hard to think they didn't influence cycling in that era. Then there's the iconic jersey. Classic. Also, in the time was team Panasonic with Anderson and Vannderaerden they were a tough team in the Spring classics.

  13. Sorry but Hinault won a Tour and Giro with La Vie Claire. Guimard as a manager must hold the record for most grand tour victories

  14. Guys; I wish I could just send this privately. Everyone was doping back in the Armstrong era. Most anyway. You know this as many have since confessed to this, on many different teams. So now we have Sir Bradley and also apparently Mr. Froome. Just give everyone a pass and form an independent agency to check dopers and have a zero tolerance policy for dopers. Or just stumble around keep looking foolish. Like you I love cycling but I do not for a minute think this or even most sports are "clean". Check out the movie "Icarus" for an in depth look at doping. Oh, and will someone please explain to me doping in the sport of curling.

  15. I would add to the list Team SEVEN ELEVEN, and Team PDM. Saeco comes to mind also, along with Raleigh and GIS Gitane.

  16. Great video, but I think it has to be pointed out that the Highroad team was unique compared to all of the others mentioned because they did it all on an actual budget (low-mid budget at the time). They were just very well managed, talent was recruited extremely well, and they raced way above what they should have been expected to. Incredible that they never got a new sponsor, but it says a lot about the sport and sponsor relations.

  17. For me in recent years it’s been oricagreen edge/orica Scott they changed the game with backstage pass and I wish all teams had something similar so we could get everyone’s story .

  18. iBanesto
    Lotto-Soudal and FDJ – longitude and commitment to the sport
    Any small French or Belgian team that has been going for ages and keeps churning out young talents (topsport Vlaanderen for instance)

    Sky is different not because of their GC dominance, that has been done before, the fact they combine it with competing in the biggest classics makes it very different

  19. Banesto? It's Movistar now and it's the oldest team in the current peloton. Funded in 1980 so it will celebrate 38 years on the road this year. Movistar is just as old as Valverde. NOW THAT'S OLD.

  20. Okay, now do a serious list and start with 7-Eleven. Okay, I grin but really, as an American fan, that was a team fit for the silver screen, a team straight out of Breaking Away, a bunch of Americans and Canadians crossing the Atlantic for some serious fisticuffs with the hard men of the sport. They were like a bunch of surfers driving their VW microbus to the beach and happily paddling out when the biggest waves were breaking. And Bernard and his buds were already out there, not particularly in the mood for sharing.

  21. Mapei pulled the plug as the sport was that dirty..

    Hincapie was on the HTC team…

    US Postal was only leading an organised doping prog. others existed too.

    Et al et al et al…

  22. I'm glad you named Lance—who is still treated by many as "he who must not be named"—because he & his team did forever shape cycling. Possibly more so than any other team on the list. Not just their notorious doping, that led rightfully so to more sophisticated anti-doping, but their team tactics, focused training regimen, & sponsorship agreements all have had lasting impact. Yet, sadly, the biggest impact is the way one man forever cast a shadow over cycling by cheating while vehemently denying it & defending himself for years.

  23. If you want to talk about a team that changed the sport, La Vie Claire. Everything from the big budget, embrace of technology, team owner that goes to jail for fixing a soccer match, and let's get real, they put out a jersey in the mid 80's that you'd still want to wear.

  24. The 7-11team put the U.S. riders in the mix. How dare these foreigners come to Europe and challenge the establishment. Go U.S. cycling!!

  25. The team's of the 1980's: La Vie Claire, Panasonic, 7-11.  They were all pioneers of the sport at the time.  Not to mention cool jerseys.

  26. No Telekom ? Before HTC got these success it was them who perfected the train, allowing Erik Zabel to clinch all those green jerseys.

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