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5 Trends That Suck | GCN Show Ep. 347

– From the tallest road in North America, Mount Evans, Colorado,
welcome to the GCN Show. – Welcome to the GCN Show,
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, we’re talking
cycling trends that suck. Which ones do we wish would just go away? – Yeah, it’s not all doom
and gloom this week, though. We’ve got some more
fantastic inspirational photos and videos for you, and we’re going to check back in with Opie as he tries to pro, again,
with the Zwift Academy. (dramatic music) – Go go go go! – This week in the world of cycling, we learned that whilst
the weather of the world, it might’ve been pretty bad at times, never got quite this bad. – [Simon] No, these were juniors at the Volta al Pi-nel-las Race in Catalunya earlier in the summer. During the team time trial,
it looks pretty grim, and then boom, ah! – I mean we shouldn’t laugh but shall we watch it again? (water splashing) We also learned this week
that some car drivers absolutely detest cyclists. – That was the Burgos BH team car giving their own rider, Angel Madrazo, a slightly unwanted push, and then he taking him and
Jose Herrera out of the Volta. – Yeah and they would have
breathe a sigh of relief in that car, wouldn’t they? Because not only did they
not actually take him out, he went on to win the stage. – [Simon] Yay. – Speaking of which actually, we also learned this week that winning a stage at the
Volta can net you a PS4. – Yeah, for older viewers,
that’s a PlayStation 4. And for even older viewers, that’s a computer games console. Anyway, Madrazo apparently
had always wanted a PS4 so he could play FIFA
computer game about football with his son but his wife
had refused him permission. So he’s hoping that this stage win would actually be enough
to grant him permission. But he didn’t need to wait
because actually the race organizers bought one for him and gave it to him as a gift at the start of stage eight. – [Daniel] And doesn’t
he look happy and content back on the start line there.
– Yeah, imagine that. – Doesn’t he?
– To play computer games. – Certainly a little more happy than the man who’s
normally the happiest man in pro cycling, Esteban Chaves
did the following stage. – [Simon] Yeah, poor
guy had to take a bike from a teammate during a
critical part of the race, and unfortunately for him, that teammate was Damien Howson, who happens to be almost
literally a foot taller than him. – Yeah, comic, it’s a comedy
moment that, wasn’t it? It is funny how things
work out though, isn’t it? Because Chris Froome was
stuck without a bike, famously on Mont Blanc
too a few years back and decided to start running for which he got ridiculed. Esteban Chaves gets caught
without a bike as well, gets someone about five sizes too big, and it just looks sort of endearing, right, isn’t it?
– It does, a smart move from Chaves that. Right now, you might have seen over on our sister channel GMBN. They did a cracking video recently about mountain bike trends that suck. So we thought– – That stuck. I thought that one, I saw the thumbnail, it’s mountain bike trends that’s stuck. – Okay but anyway, over
here on GM, GMBN, GCN, we thought we would do a video on trends that suck. – I didn’t realize you’re
relating this story to the one over on GMBN. – Well yeah. – But anyway, yes we are, and we are going to start
with pesky bloody kids. What on earth is going on with them in the world of pro
road cycling this year? You’ve got Remco Evenepoel, who’s winning races at
the Clasica San Sebastian amongst other big ones at the age of 19. You then got Tally Pogacha, who just won a stage
at the Vuelta a Espana at the age of 20 amongst
other big races this year. And then, you’ve got Egan Bernal winning the biggest races of all at 21, the Tour de France. I mean the worst thing about all of this is that I’m not even middle-age yet, and yet, I’m starting to feel old watching them race. – I think maybe, you are middle-age, Dan. – I don’t think I am. Not technically on
Wikipedia, six years ago. – Can someone change
Llyody’s Wikipedia profile to say middle-age please? Now and to be fair, you
can’t console yourself for the facts that’s only one of them is old enough to drink
beer in the United States. – [Daniel] That’s true, yeah. – So you definitely got one of them there. But actually, I really like seeing young whippersnappers showing
veterans how it’s done. – Don’t just using the
term young whippersnappers makes you sound old? – Well yeah, fair enough. But I can take your point as well that actually being made to feel like you’re over the hill
before you’ve even hit your 30s is a little bit demoralizing. I never thought I’d say this but thank goodness for
Davie Di-re-be-lant. Still going at 48. – [Daniel] I have to
admit, I never thought I’d hear you say that about Davie Di-re-be-lant either.
– No? – But I do take your point because he does seem to have discovered the fount of eternal youth. – [Simon] Or maybe it is the injections. – Botox? – Yeah. – Yeah thought that’s what you meant. Anyway if we’re both going to agree then that junior riders that
have just turned senior start winning the biggest
races in the world sucks. – Yes.
– I would like to actually throw a bit of a curveball now into this discussion in
the form of handlebar bags. – Talented whippersnappers,
handlebar bags, how exactly are they linked? – Yeah because aside they both suck. All right, bear with me
on this one for a moment. First of all, I am
definitely not being a snob about how you look with a
handlebar bag on the front. And I will admit also that
if you do bike-packing, they do you make a very good use of space. I just can’t figure out
why anyone would choose a handlebar bag as their
only bag on a bike. – Well what’s wrong with them? – Loads of stuff. Firstly, you can’t even access them as you’re riding along. You’ve got to stop to get
anything out of one of them. – True. – Secondly, they make your steering feels labored and heavy. – [Simon] True. – Thirdly, with some models, you can’t even hold your handlebars in all of the different positions that you should be able to access. And in all honesty, although I’m not that concerned about being
fully aero these days, I don’t want to make cycling
any harder for myself than it needs to be. So the thoughts of putting in in effect, an air brake on the fronts of your bike just to look cool, well
that sucks basically. – Yeah, that’s a fairly
solid argument, Dan. I’m not sure anyone’s going to maybe debating you in the comments. I think some people might actually though point out that aero is a trend that sucks. – [Daniel] Possibly. – Isn’t it, I mean no one I think is going to argue with the fact that there is a benefit to
being more aerodynamic but there’s a cost attached, isn’t it? And that’s the problem. – It is, I mean I do think
that aero on a budget can be a thing but I will also admit it’s quite often easy to
throw cash at that problem, isn’t it?
– Yes. – I mean how many press releases are we going to receive you
think over the next year, which claim that a product that’s pretty going to
cost you about $2,000 will save you one second over
the course of 40 kilometers if the wind is come from
the perfect direction. – Well yes and maybe,
we’ve got to a point now where we’ve kind of reached
the pinnacle of aerodynamics, at least under current UCI rules. And yeah, you mean you do just kind of have to spend a bit of cash though. I think they yeah, reminds me of a tweet I saw from a prominent UK time trial, that’s Michael Hutchinson at the weekend, where he said he was
chatting to the parent of a junior again, at the start line of the National 10 Mile TT Champs. And he said that the
budget for his son’s racing was 20,000 pounds a year. – 20 grand? – 20 grand! – Must have been another cycling
trend that sucks, surely. At what point, it become normal to spend as much on your top-end bike as you would spend on a
really quite decent car? – Well, I think that’s been
around for a while, mate. In fact, I’ve literally only just passed the threshold of having a car that’s worth more than one of my bikes. – That might be partly down to the fact you spent a grand on a Ford Focus Estate. – That was a cracking new car, mate. – He was so happy with that car, he was. – The boot was capacious. Anyway, back to aero, shall we? Because I’ve got to say, I
love the feel of a fast bike and I like wearing fast clothing as well ’cause I like trying to go fast on bikes. And I also like the
feeling that you’ve got a constant tailwind. I mean that’s just great, isn’t it?
– Yeah. – But there is a point at which I have to draw the line,
say enough is enough. – Go on. – Narrow handlebars, I appreciate they’re more aerodynamic
but I’m not going to go narrower than 42 centimeters. But actually, technically 41 because that’s what
comes on a Canyon Aeroad and I like that. But no narrower than that, please. Compromises your handling. Looks a little bit dorky. Even though aesthetic
is your personal thing. Ollie thinks they’re cool as mustard but– – Ollie might do. But whatever handlebars Ollie was using, he wouldn’t look cool as mustard. Now Ollie, but I actually, I’m going to disagree
with that, to be honest. I think actually, Ollie would never go anywhere near these bars that are used in competition by Jan-Willem van Schip. Look at those beauties. – [Simon] I don’t know,
you’d be out of here. – I would be if you can
say Willem van Schip. I wouldn’t either but I
do disagree under this because I quite like my narrow handlebars. I’m a centimeter narrower than your most narrow
handlebars at 40 centimeters, and I also like my slammed position on the stem et cetera too. I’m just more comfortable at that. Been a couple of times recently, where I borrowed a bike, and it’s had really wide like 46-ers arms. I’m right out like this, and there’s been loads of
spaces underneath the stem. And that quite frankly felt horrible. – So what we’re saying is that narrow handlebars are a trend that sucks, and wide handlebars are
also a trend that sucks. And so there’s basically like this, what, patch of four centimeters. – Yes.
– Which was acceptable. Well, there you go. You might be glad though, of those spaces under
your stem coming up soon ’cause your, the big four-O is looming. Oh! – Oh, you think I’m going
to be less flexible, do you? – Well, I don’t know. – Well, I’m not sure about that ’cause I’m still doing my yoga. – Oh God, did we need
to see any more of that? That is not a trend. Get it off our screens. – Right, we probably should
move quickly on from that. – Yeah. – It’s time to ask your
opinions there at home. Do you think we’ve hit a nail on the head of trends that suck in cycling or are there some other things that really get your back up even more? Let us know down below. – I have a fear, this is going to be the tip of the iceberg, mate. – I think it might be. – I’m looking forward to reading some good old-fashioned rants, and hopefully, we’ll be able
to read some of them out on the show next week. Anyway, moving swiftly on to Chris Opie, our budding young professional, as he embarks on some of his first Zwift Academy sessions. I think he’s got threshold. – Ooh, wonder what his numbers are. (adventurous music) – All right, so just finished my first Zwift Academy session. It was a threshold one. So number one ’cause
I’m doing them in order. And I’m not going to lie. It’s a little bit harder
than I was expecting. I thought it was going to be really easy. The numbers look quite low like I think the peak was
one minute at 425 watts, and then, the final 10
minutes was 335 watts. And I know that that’s something that generally you almost wouldn’t or I almost wouldn’t feel. But actually indoors, it started to hurt a little
bit, started to burn. But I quite enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward
to doing the next one now. – Next up, it’s your
weekly GCN inspiration, which is your opportunity
to win one a three Wiggle voucher amounts to
spend on anything you like over on their online shop. All you do is upload
your inspirational photo or video using the Uploader, a link to which is in
the description below. We will then pick our three favorites the following week. The winner will get a hundred pounds. Second place will get 75. And third place will get 50. And that, this week goes to… – Sorry, you said an online shop. Just made me think about
how middle-age you sound. Wiggle is an online shop. – What, what do you call it? – I don’t know, it’s probably
an accurate description. Anyway, third place, we’ve got Bryce with this awesome little
video taken with his drone. This is up in the coast of Snowdonia, up in North Wales. And he said he was out
on a cycling weekend with my brother and dad
over the bank holiday. He came across this gorgeous, almost deserted coastal road, and couldn’t resist the
chance for a drone shot. So there we go. – So I wasn’t really
concentrating on that. I was thinking about online shops. Anyway, well done to you, Bryce. In the second place this week is Sean out with this photo, which was sent over
from Phantom Canyon Road near Canon City in Colorado. Spending some saddle time with friends and my family in Colorado after, that’s what you did, wasn’t it? – [Simon] Steamboat Gravel Race, yeah. – [Daniel] Yeah, I didn’t
know what it was short for. Steamboat Gravel Race. While that looks truly
inspirational, doesn’t it? – That does.
– That look like that canyon there.
– Looks amazing. Oh wow, that is super cool, yeah. It deserves its second place there. Isn’t it just like a shop these days? Like I mean it’s– – It’s online. – Yeah but you don’t
need to say that anymore ’cause everything’s online. – Online shops are just shops. And then the high street shops. – Oh, high street shops, yeah. It’s just Wiggle, it’s
just a shop, ain’t it? – To differentiate between the two, you now have to say high street shops and the online ones are just shops. There you go, let us know
in the comments below. – Well I don’t know, yeah. Maybe we can have a poll. – All right, shoot them the winner? – Yeah, go on then. The winner this week
of our GCN Inspiration is Brian Gartside. This is a fantastic little video shot on the Col De La Machine, which
I’ve never heard of, mate. I don’t think we’re mispronouncing it. That’s literally what’s written. – [Daniel] Well yes,
it might be mis-written but I don’t think it is. We should look it up, go there. But it does look spectacular, doesn’t it? – [Simon] Doesn’t it, yes. So he said this is the
trip he did with his son. “We rode out to Es-ca-livier “and all three, a sense of move on too. “This one was not the most difficult “but the most amazingly
inspirational and a must ride.” So there we go. – Yeah, a hundred pounds will be winging its way to you, Brian, and that is thoroughly well-deserved. What a brilliant road to ride. – To spend in a shop. (trumpet music) – It’s now the time for cycling shorts. – Cycling shorts now, and we’re going to start
with a little update on the saga of the Velolife
Cafe here in the UK that we reported on a couple of weeks back here in the show. – Yes, for those of you
who didn’t watch the show or just can’t remember it, this was where the local
council issued an injunction against the Velolife Cafe, which prohibits groups of cyclists from starting or stopping
their group ride at the cafe. Despite the fact there’s
plenty of room to do so. Although they are allowing cyclists to still make use of
the cycling facilities at the cycling cafe. – Bizarre, anyway unfortunately, Velolife are going to have to fight this injunction in the courts. And so they have taken it to crowdfunding in order to try and meet
some of their legal costs. And actually, it’s been
going really well for them. They had a target of 15,000 initially, and they’ve more than met that. They’re up to 19,000 pounds currently, which still seems like a bargain when you consider the
price of time traveling these days, Dan. – Yes, very true. Anything that they don’t
use in defending themselves in that court case will
go directly to charity, equally split between
Cycling UK and Qhubeka – It’s a nice touch that I think. – It is, so well done
for Velo Cafe, good luck in fighting your case. And well done to all of you
who supported them financially. – Yeah, sticking with crowdfunding. Here’s another great cause actually. Cyclist from Sierra
Leone have been invited by the ASO to compete in the upcoming 10th Tour du Burkina Faso, which is an incredible
opportunity for them but a costly one for them to get to. So they’ve taken to crowdfunding to try and pay their way there. – They are indeed. What they are asking for is six and a half thousand pounds. That will cover the cost of getting the six riders and three
staff over to the race, around the race, and then back home again. So if any of you would like to help realize some young cyclists’ dream, we’re going to put a link
to that crowdfunding page in the description below. – Yeah, fingers crossed that works out. Another African team
actually is the subject of some rumors on Matos Velo So other end of the spectrum right in the world toward dimension data, are rumored to be swapping bike sponsors in the off-season. Which would be a surprise ’cause BMC have only been with them for a season. – Yeah, that’s a surprise, yeah. And no news as to or no
rumors, should I say, as to what dimension data we’ll be using next year or indeed
whether BMC will be going to another World Tour squad. And yet more rumors from a bike manufacturing point of view. Apparently, Astana are
leaving behind Argon 18, and they’ll be using Wilier. – Really?
– At the next season, and also Argon 18 might be going over to Cofidis, who signed some
big name riders recently. – Really, I love this time of the year, and these completely unfounded rumors. Anyway, there we go. Watch this space. One last bit of racing news, can we just say by the way, how good was it to see
Pauline Ferrand-Prevot take the win at the World Cross-Country Mountain Bike Championships
at the weekend. We reported a couple of weeks back about her double iliac artery surgery that she had at the
beginning of this year, which explains a period
of subpar performances over the past couple of seasons. But now, wow is she back? – Yeah. – She is flying. – Clearly worse, innit after the surgery? – Yeah. – And whilst we’re at it, we should also say
congratulations to Annie Last, who is the sis but she’s not sister of Tom Last, is she? Tom Last, I would say is
the brother of Annie Last. She came sixth at the World
Championships on Sunday. So well done to her.
– She did. – And in fact, if you’d like
more details about those World Cross-Country
Mountain Bike Championships that took place last week, they are the subject of
this week’s GMBN podcast, and they’ve got guests in the former cross-country mountain bike pro, Ollie Beckingsale, friend
of Si, in on it too. So well worth a listen. – Good lad, Ollie. A non-racing news now. Well now actually, comes to think of it, someone will probably
run a race along there at some point soon. A new long distance
route has opened up here in the UK called the Great North Trail, and it runs from kind of
central in the United Kingdom, in the Peak District right up to the North Coast of Scotland, and it goes through some of
the most beautiful terrain that the United Kingdom has to offer. 800 miles long in total too? – Yeah.
– Apparently. And I can decide to ride all or just part of this route. You might need to keep
your fingers crossed on the weather side of things ’cause it can get quite rough. – Yeah.
– Particularly when you get in towards Scotland
without being too harsh. – Well and when you get South as well. – Yeah, that is not as bad. So it’s like six degrees colder. I’ve been in Scotland constantly. Anyway, if you do luck out and get sunshine every single day, that is going to be a spectacular ride. – Yep, one for the bucket
list for sure, isn’t it? Right, now changing the subjects slightly on something called cycling palsy, which might affect some of you, even if you don’t know what it is. So let me explain first and foremost. It’s where you get numbness or tingling in your fourth and fifth fingers, okay. So if that is you, then we need to hear from you. – We would like to hear from you or rather, En-cro-mode
would like to hear from you as Aaron, who wrote to us, and he’s looking to do some research into cycling palsy, and
he wants your help on it. Once he’s done the research, it’s going to be published in the Dutch Journal of Hand Therapy. – Ah, it’s one of my favorite site, mate. – Yeah, not that kind
of hand therapy site. – Oh.
– Regardless in the link the description below should I say, there is a link to a survey
with a few short questions. There, you can really help our analysis. – Yeah well and also cyclists worldwide because with the research, she’s hoping to then match, to be able to help people with their cycling palsy. Right, moving on now to this
super cool tweet that I saw. This is from Travis
Paterson about Andrei Marti, who this is him aged five, four years ago, receiving a bike as a result of a charity in Vancouver called Help Make A Dream, when he was diagnosed
with type 1 diabetes. Anyway, since then, in
those last four years, he has raised money for that charity. He’s raised a total of $20,000. – Yeah, which is pretty amazing in itself, isn’t it?
– Yeah. – However, he has some misfortune recently because unfortunately, he had
two bikes stolen from him, which is terrible news. However, when a local
good man Axe Campbell found out about this, and what he’s done for that charity over the last four years, he went out and bought
him a brand new BMX. – Hey! – I love stories like that. – That’s super cool, isn’t it? We’re going to finish with
a heart-warmer actually. This is a video of the oldest person to have worn a yellow jersey
at the Tour de France. He’s Antonin Rolland. And this is him, wearing
that yellow jersey, riding his Tour de France race bike from the year 1955, and riding alongside his
eight-year-old great-grandson. – That’s so cool, isn’t it? – It is cool, ain’t it? Even cooler that you’re
sticking a half wheel on him. – Yeah, he is, good cycling.
– good mate. – Bringing generations together. – Yeah. Okay, it’s time now for Hack forward slash Bodge Of The Week but before we get on to a normal service, we’ve got cheeky little Hack forward slash Bodge
Competition, haven’t we? Basically in conjunction
with our mates at Topeak, we’re making a video about the ultimate roadside maintenance hacks, and we need you to supply
your brilliant hacks and your terrible bodges for it. – Which you can do in the usual manner using the upload or link to which is in the description below. And if you happen to get a starring role in this new video, you are going to get your hands on a prize. It comes from Topeak in the form of their Ninja Bottle Cage system, which is a system where not only can you steal your bottle in the cage, there’s also room only for a multi-tool, or for a pouch that
stores your inner tube, or indeed for some CO2 canisters. – Yeah and when we say
you get a starring role, we mean your hack or your bodge. – Well yeah.
– Of course, but there we go. Anyway, get your pictures in, get your videos in and yeah, we’ll see what you come up with. – Right then, onto this
week’s hacks and bodges for the GCN Show. Starting this one from Sjoerd, who wanted to tidy the cables on his bike. – [Simon] Who doesn’t? – [Daniel] Yeah, went in search for some fancy cable binders. There’s long black spirally ones or some black shrink wrap. Unfortunately, it was
not available in the size that he wants, so he went
through his local DIY shops. And this is what he ended up with. That was made out of some
plastic comb-binding spines with a six-millimeter diameter. – [Simon] I don’t think
that was a DIY shop, mate. I think that was it’s
like all stationary shop because that looks remarkably– – [Daniel] Oh yes, he
couldn’t get he wanted at the DIY shop, so he
went to a stationary shop. – [Simon] There we go, that looks like what would hold your A4 pages together. – [Daniel] Yeah well. – [Simon] That’s a massive bodge. – [Daniel] I was just about to say. That’s a bodge to me. – [Simon] That’s like the scratchiest, rattlest cable tidy I’ve
ever seen in my life. – Yeah.
– Sorry, Sjoerd. That’s a massive bodge.
– Maybe he can get some cling film from another
shop to go around the frame so it doesn’t scratch it all up. – Oh, looks nice yeah.
– ‘Cause it looks rather nice that long but anyway, bodge. – Right next, that we’ve
got this one from Matthias. He’s basically, he’s patched his rim tape with a proper inner tube patch. Now, if your inner tube,
if your inner tube, if your rim tape gets damaged, then it basically means you
just constantly puncture, and he said this happened just before an amazing ride he was due to do. So he fixed it with his
puncture repair kit, and then a piece of tape–
– I’m sure it works. – [Simon] From his car first aid kit. – [Daniel] I had that rim tape once but it didn’t quite
cover the nif-fle eyelet, and I got loads of punctures, and couldn’t figure out why it was. – [Simon] Well, there you go. You needed to patch it up, mate. That’s a hack, that one! – [Daniel] Next up, we
have got this from Adnan over in Croatia. I went on my vacation,
I noticed this wonder. Not sure what the owner
wanted to get out of this except getting himself killed. (Simon whistling) Well, a lot going on the left. – [Simon] That is a looker, isn’t it? He say, it’s a little bit like that original Lotus bike that
Tom looked at the other day. – [Daniel] Yeah, yeah really aero. – [Simon] Yeah and also an amazing pivots presumably with that second headset, just at the junction of his top tube and seat tube, where you want it. – [Daniel] Please stop riding that bodge. – [Simon] Yeah, it’s a definite bodge. Right next up, we’ve got this from Daz. Location Asda, so that’s
a UK supermarket chain. So the nose of this is terrible or a really awful bodge. Can I just say, Danny,
you’re probably old enough to remember this as well. That’s actually a proper thing, that bike.
– Yeah. – I was actually–
– I do remember that. – [Simon] I was sponsored by John White, yeah, who designed the the Marion full-suspension bikes as well. – [Daniel] Definitely
had a more expensive bike than in your car, didn’t he? – Well, I was old enough to drive. – Oh, is it when you were a youth? – Oh, when I was a nipper, yeah. – Did they get much better
from their sponsorship? – No.
– No, didn’t think so. – That sense of supporting the younger generation.
– Anyway, I love those bikes so that’s a hack, even
though it’s not been hacked, a bodge in any way, shape or form. – [Simon] They were really
really good, actually as well. Just not a looker. – And the final one this
week came in from Dylan, actually via email. Put together a helmet mounted mirror.
– Oh what, an email? – [Daniel] Yeah, which is
like a letter sent online. – [Simon] We don’t normally accept hacks or bodges by email. – [Daniel] So it’s a
helmet-mounted mirror. So that’s made of an
old hard drive platter for the mirror and a spoke. The thumb screw on the side allowed it to pivot out of the way. – Looks a bit like something
Frankenstein might have on. – [Daniel] Yeah. – [Simon] And I feel a bit
squeamish having a spoke that close to my eye. – [Daniel] Bodge. – [Simon] Yeah that’s the story. I’m really sorry, neatly done but also don’t bolt
things to your helmets. – No, not a very good idea. Anyway, if you’d like to get involved for the video we’re making or indeed for next week’s GCN Show, use the uploader down below. And now, it’s time for
Caption Competition, your opportunity to win a
GCN Camelbak water bottle. We show you a photo, you
give us your best caption, and we will pick a winner next week. Last week’s photo was from
the Bing Bang tool, I think. This is Filippo Gana
winning a barrel of beer, somewhat jealous here. – [Simon] Contain yourself, mate. – Okay, right who’s won this week’s, Si? – Well, the winner of
Camelbak water bottle, and not unfortunately a keg of
beer is bikeTRYBE with this, “That much beer will put you Ineos-pital.” – Ineos, I thought it was good. – Ineos-pital, I think that’s great, yeah. It’s deserved more than four likes that particular caption right there. – Pun-tastic. – Let us know your address
via Facebook message, and we’ll get the bottle
sent out to you bikeTRYBE. This week’s photo is this one of Vincenzo Nibali cooling himself out at the end of a Deutschland’s tour state. – [Simon] Go on then, mate,
you’re going to start us off? – You ready?
– Yep. – Water stage, water stage, water. See, what I did there? I was really pleased with that. – Yeah, okay mate. It’s not quite up to your
usual standard, is it? – It’s not? – Having a little off day, maybe? Never mind.
– You mean it’s good? – Yeah, all right, anyway
if you think you can get get involved, do better, and
I suggest you probably can, then stick your captions in the Comments section down below. – We are surely going to let you know what’s coming up on the channel
over the next seven days. Before that, we’re going to go through a few of our favorite comments
from the previous seven, and before that, right now in fact, we are going to answer one of your training-related questions. This is your opportunity
to win three months’ free subscription to Zwift. All you’ve got to do is leave a question in the Comments section down below with the hashtag #askgcntraining. – Yeah, so this week’s winning
question is Nikita CDGC. And he or she asked, well
she asked Ollie actually. So unfortunately, we haven’t got Ollie to answer this one. I’m currently doing the Zwift Academy. I’m having trouble staying
hydrated during my training. Most of the sessions
are about an hour long. I use a hydration mix in my water bottle. I always hydrate well
after the rides as well. Nothing seems to help. They say the kidneys
are screaming after it. So I’m no doctor but I definitely want to get that one checked out. – Yes. – I don’t know if you’ve
ever had sore kidneys but I know the feeling about dehydration when indoor training ’cause incidentally, you also got on and say you
don’t have a dedicated fan right now for your indoor training setup. And I’d say that’s a must, isn’t it? – It is yeah, I mean most people do find that they can’t perform quite the same on an indoor trainer as they can do outdoors, and much of that does
come down to overheating, your core body temperature
riding, are rising, so to say, even when you’ve
got a fan or two on you. So if you haven’t got one, you are going to be sweating buckets, and that is certainly not
going to be helping you from a hydration point of view no matter how much you drink. – That’s right, so so yeah. Invest in a great fan, and why not just invest in two. If you’re going to do
proper indoor racing. – Depending on where you are isn’t it? Like I had my garage in the winter when I was doing that 10 weeks of training on the indoor trainer, and
it was really cold in there. But despite that, you end up with just your bib shorts on quite quickly. – It was quite a sight, wouldn’t it, mate? – It was yeah, maybe
put some of that in now. I regard this, it doesn’t, you know, if you’re in a warmer
environment like indoors, where there’s heating on the set, or we just haven’t got it quite as cold, you really need to get some very good fans to really perform at your
best on an indoor trainer. – Yeah, anyway so I hope that helps, and I hope you absolutely
smashed that at Zwift Academy. I hope you beat Chris actually as well? – Probably will. Right, I particularly enjoyed this comment from underneath last
week’s GCN Show about me. So that was done by Ollie and Hank in front of a live audience. James Tu put, “I’m pretty sure Dan is “riding for the Cervelo Rest Team.” – Hey! – Kind of am at the moment. – Yeah, I know, I see what you did there. Or what’s your twist thing, the Cerveza Test Team. – Cerveza Rest Team, maybe yeah. – Yeah, right. Underneath the How
Entertaining a Bike Was Made, Avoyce N Deether said, “My yellow card,” which is the little card that tells you who’s built your moots for you, “has my name on it, I’m
sending the bike back.” So yeah, please don’t worry. No bikes were harmed
in the making of that, that particular little– – Yeah well, still sound
advice there, Avoyce. – Yeah. – Underneath Garbage to Gravel, where Cannings attempted
to make a gravel bike out of a garbage bike. Clue’s in the title really, isn’t it? – [Simon] Yeah. – [Daniel] This was a bike ride done by Chris on it, wasn’t it? And he said on the video, “I have had a huge amount of fun.” And Ron Byers put, “Well there you have it. “The best test of all. “It really isn’t the kilometers per hour, “it is smiles per hour.” – Yeah, well sometimes it’s
kilometers per hour, ain’t it? – Huh. – If we’re honest. – Or if you’re obsessed with aero but don’t use that handlebar
bag mount on the front. – That’s right. – Also I like all these
comments underneath the look at the Jumbo-Visma team car because they’re all
saying things about Lasty, who did a little introduction. – [Simon] He’s still alive! – [Daniel] Toby Hancock, “Lasty?” Joell Mabe, “He’s alive!” Ron Byers, “Who was the new
presenter at the beginning? “He sort of reminds me of somebody, “who used to be a regular. “A bit older though.” – [Simon] Ooh. – [Daniel] Yeah, that was the only real harsh comment about
Lasty on that one, wasn’t it? – [Simon] Basically yeah, so that anyway, cracking video that by the way, done by our mates over at GCN Espanol. So if you haven’t seen it, then make sure you check it out. Speaking of which, Dan. – Yes. – Checking our videos, what’s coming up? – Well Wednesday, we are
going to let you know how to hold the wheel,
which is so important if you want to get the
most out of yourselves out on your bikes in groups
and on sports team et cetera. On Thursday, we’ve got
our Top Five Presenter Rides Part One. Basically, on the favorite rides we’ve done with GCN
over the past few years. And on Friday, Jeremy’s back with what we’re now terming Dirty Friday. Get a new gravel effects basically. – Well, Cyclocross is
coming, Dan, isn’t it? Basically, it’s pretty much like two weeks until the first World Cup. – Yeah, it isn’t far away in Iowa, is it? – Which is bonkers. Right, on Saturday, we’ve
got a little bit more off-road content for you. I’ve got to check out a
full suspension gravel bike. Oh yes, it’s a thing. It’s the new Niner. So make sure you check that one out, and then also when I
was over in the States, I got put through my paces at the Sufferfest high performance lab. They were going to send you down but unfortunately, you
didn’t qualify for that just at the moment. So anyway, they lifted the lid on some of the research they’re doing into cadence, which is interesting. – And I look forward to seeing that. – Yeah. – And don’t forget on Monday is the GCN Racing News Show is now over on the GCN
Racing YouTube channel. And we’ll back in the set for the show this time next week but
speaking of GCN Racing, we’ve got a load more
highlights coming for you. The Vuelta a Espana every
single day worldwide. Starting this coming Saturday, most of the world will be able to access daily highlights of the Tour of Britain. And also this week, what
the Boels Ladies Tour featuring the likes of
Anna van der Breggen. Annemiek van Vleuten is trying to win it for the third consecutive years as well as Lizzie Duggan. We’re going to have highlights of that from Tuesday through to Saturday, and then live at the weekends. It’s going to be a busy old week. – That’s bonkers, innit? We’re getting towards the
end of the GCN Show now but quickly got to draw your attention to the fact that the 2019
GCN program of events drew to a close last week. Hank and Ollie, as you probably saw, if you watch the GCN Show last week, were out in the Austrian Alps in Saalbach. But all-cans, it was
the best GCN event yet, which is a bit annoying ’cause– – [Daniel] We weren’t there. – No exactly but although, it’s not all sweetness and light, mate. We’re investigating claims that Ollie took the KLM Challenge
a little bit seriously. – I heard this, yeah. – [Simon] Apparently, he wore skin suit. – [Daniel] Yeah and warmed
up on a turbo trainer, and didn’t speak to anybody
before the start of it. – [Simon] Exactly. – [Daniel] And still didn’t win. – Hey, there we go. But anyway, if you want
to get involved for 2020, we’re still finalizing
our plans at the moment. But to be best placed to find out what those plans are, then make sure we head over to, and sign up. Not only will you be the first to know, you also get priority access to booking those events
as well, so worth it. – They’re good fun, weren’t they? Right, also before we finish, we want to give a mention
to the GCN Cycling Club. Most of you will be aware of what that is but for those of you who aren’t, basically when you sign up, amongst other benefits, you will get a pair of socks delivered to your door, and their quality, Italian
handmade ones as well. – Each and every month. – Great designs, also if
you’re already a member, and you’d like to give the
membership to someone else, they are available in
three, six, and nine, and 12 months packages. All right then, we should finish as ever with Extreme Corner, which this week, is something you’ve already seen. But it’s Esteban Chaves sped up with some funny music on a bike that’s five sizes too big for him. (lighthearted music) – It’s pretty quick that video when you speed it up, isn’t it? – Yeah. – Doesn’t last very long time. Still very funny. Right, that is the end of the GCN Show. – Yes and don’t forget
to keep your eye out on GCN Tech because we’re going to be bringing out some Eurobike videos for you very quickly indeed. And in fact, talking of tech, if you haven’t already watched the Garbage to Gravel
Bike with Cannings and OP, you can find that video just here. (clanking)

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