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5 Ways To Beat The January Blues! | The GTN Show Ep. 126

5 Ways To Beat The January Blues! | The GTN Show Ep. 126

– Welcome to The GTN Show and again, a happy new year to all of you. – Yeah, we are delighted to be back and very thankful to all of you for all your support over this past year, and since we started GTN
because we swiftly passed the 300,000 subscriber mark
over the festive period. Which reminds me, because
if you are watching this and you’re not subscribed
to the channel already, do make sure you do so by
clicking on the subscribe icon just below this video or on our page and if you want to be notified when each of our videos come out, hit that little bell icon on there too. – Yeah, I mean thank you all so much, we really do have a whale of
a time here on the channel and we really are appreciative of all of you coming along for the ride, but the community as well is something that’s really built up over time here and we are really thankful for that, but moving on to this week’s show, what we’re going to be tackling is those January and winter blues, so we’ve got five tips to
help you get back on track and excited to train again. (upbeat music) (clicking) (whooshes) – Now Fraser, I don’t know about you, but my motivation to ride my
bike, or just train, full stop, has really hit rock bottom at the moment. – Yeah, the January training blues can really hit a lot of us, especially here in the Northern hemisphere where everything is just getting
a little bit chilly, wet, and possibly cold,
depending where you are. – Yeah, it’s not that
exciting kind of thought to head out into that, and that definitely does
have an impact on me, but regardless of the weather, the race season’s just so far away, so the amount of time and
training required for that, and how far away it is, all just seems a bit overwhelming. And I know this sounds a bit deep, and probably a bit over the top, but it’s almost like I can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel, so it’s just. – There there, Mark, we
will work through this and help you get through
these January training blues, and in fact, we do have
five tips to help you with getting over those blues, and the first up of those is, to address that light at the
end of the tunnel analogy that Mark’s just been talking about and set yourself some goals or targets and really that can start
by just small day-to-day, step-by-step ones. – What, like getting out of bed? – Yep, something like that, but to be honest, that’s
not too far from the truth as far as I’m concerned, at
the moment, if I’m honest, but I was thinking along
something more along the lines of changing your technique, or thinking about altering your diet, or perhaps starting to
put in some long-range, or medium-to-long-range goals or targets, you know, into February,
March, maybe into April, it’s always something nice to
have a thing in the distance to get your teeth stuck into. – Yeah, to be fair, I
actually quite often aim to do a half marathon in March, yeah, so it gives me a really nice target, it breaks up the winter months, and, like you say, gives
me a target and a goal to work towards. – Yeah, so talking
about goals and targets, well the next step on top of those is to periodize your training. (upbeat music) – Yeah, this is probably
the biggest mistake that athletes make, particularly so if you’re uncoached, and I guess you’re just sort of picking and choosing your training, the problem is that you are, essentially, just aimlessly training,
week-in, week-out, and what you’ll probably see, and very often we see this, is that people see
improvements to begin with, and they get very excited by that, and then they begin to plateau, or even start to fall off
the edge of the cliff, and perhaps even picking up
injuries, niggles, illness, and it really starts to
go a little bit downhill. – Yeah, now, essentially,
without this periodization, you miss out on that ability to block your training out into stages or actual training blocks, as such, and then without those, essentially, divided blocks of training, you can’t get the recovery
in between them either, and a really good way of
managing these blocks of training is to think about focuses
for each one of them, so you might take a
strength block, for example, or you might decide to focus
on an endurance block as well, or you could take another train of thought and go, “Well I’m going to focus
on a particular discipline, “and make this my swim-based block.” – Yep, it’s a very good idea, and I’m going to jump in
here now with my next tip, and it’s a pretty important
one, in my opinion, and that is to remind yourself
of why you do triathlon. Well for me, I actually got into triathlon because I love the idea of
cycling my bike to new places, exploring a bit, same for running, I might see a hill or a
mountain and I’m like, “I just want to run to the top of that.” And that really got me
into triathlon as a whole, but it is very easy to get bogged down in the whole numbers, and paces, and sort of lose sight of that, so what I like to do at
this time of the year is try and revert back to that, and remind myself of why I do triathlon, and try and do those sort
of rides and runs again. – Yeah and that is a really good thing to try and keep doing throughout the year, but I guess less and less
so as the year goes on. Now, moving on to our next tip, which is cross training, and a lot of people do like the idea of switching up their training
and doing some other things. I mean, I know from my
example in the past, I loved to have gone skiing, and I do love to try a bit
of mountain biking too, just things that really get
you out your comfort zone, and keep you active. – Yeah, and actually,
we’ve seen quite a few pros going skiing, well
actually we see quite a bit of cross-country skiing, ’cause that’s really good for fitness, but we’re seeing a number
of the pros actually using what we call “skinning,” so it’s putting skins onto
the bottom of the skis and basically powering
their way up a slope with their skis on, and then taking the skins off and enjoying them on the way down, so it’s a really good way of making skiing a strenuous exercise. – Yeah, I’ve done that once, and it was great fun to try. Good friends of mine took
me up in Colorado once and it was great fun, but I guess what we’re
trying to drive at here is any type of alternative sport that you can do at this
time of year is worth it, so please let us know in those
comments down there below if there’s anything that you like to do to give yourself some
alternative training. And that takes us onto our next tip, which is try and give yourself something that you look forward to,
or treat yourself with. (gentle music) – Yeah, now I’m not materialistic, but I am going to put
my hand up here and say that I definitely am a
little bit more motivated when I have the opportunity
to try out some new kit or putting some new clothing
on and head out of the door. That definitely gets me going, I’m very excited to do that, but like I say, that shouldn’t
be a motivator for you, to always have new kit, otherwise it’s going to be
a very expensive career– – I mean, I think I know why I can hit the spot here with Mark, because I’m pretty much in the same boat, it’s some new socks, there’s nothing better. Don’t talk to us about socks, because we’ll just keep
going all day long. Nothing better than a fresh pair of socks to just feel like it’s
going to be a good ride, or a good run. – Well, slightly cheaper for you is also just trying out something new, so maybe just a new route, something on your doorstep
that you’ve never tried before, or perhaps just mix it up. Drive to a location to
start your ride or run from, doing a point-to-point, map something out, that’s something I’m really
enjoying doing at the moment, and having a lot of fun at, and that’s starting to
get me out of the door a little bit more.
– Yeah, just literally going, “Oh, I could maybe, instead of going.” I know I am terrible for
being an absolute groundhog. I’ve got run loops and bike loops, and I’ll just go and do
those run loops and bike, and I’ll like them, but actually, do it the opposite way round. I know that sounds really boring, but– – It’s so different (laughs). – Yeah, it really does, I mean. Or just take the map and go, “Oh, what if I go this
way instead of this way?” And all of a sudden, there actually is quite an awful lot more
variants out there. But then, it’s not even
just going outdoors that can be good, is it? – Well no. We hear, if you’ve not
already experimented with, or tried out, some indoor training, why not get yourself onto Zwift, and–
– Yeah, we are big fans of it. – Yeah, really good, and there’s
a great community on there, ride with others, have fun
with others, train with others, or use a new training platform,
such as TrainingPeaks, so start getting yourself on there, that can really motivate yourself by having sessions planned in there and seeing the results
come back from that, you can analyze things and whatnot. But anyway, moving on from there, there’s five really good tips for you, but we’d like to hear from you as to whether you struggle with the old January or
winter training blues. It’s a very simple “yes” or “no,” you can enter into that poll
by clicking just up here, and we’d also love to hear from you guys as to whether you do struggle with anything over the winter or January, and how you overcome them. So drop them in the
Comments section below. (upbeat music) – Right then, so now
we are moving along to the results of our coveted GTN Awards, that you may remember we discussed in our New Year’s Day show, which was just the other week there. Now we’ve got nine results for you here, and I’m going to kick them
off with the Best Race Finish, which was, who can forget Jess Learmonth
and Georgia Taylor-Brown crossing the line together
at the Tokyo test event back in August? – Very iconic one from this year. – Yeah, definitely. So then we’ve got the
Best Female Triathlete, which is Katie Zaferes, and we have the Best Male Triathlete, which is none other than Jan Frodeno. – Now I’m going to come in here
now with the Best Newcomer, and that went to Alex Yee. The Most Exciting Race of the Year, and that was the Ironman
70.3 World Championships. – A good one. – And the Most Unexpected
Result of the Year, as voted by you, was Gustav Iden, also at the 70.3 World Championship– – Yep, so then I’ll come back in with the Most Innovative
Product of the Year, it’s one of my favorite words, I got it, didn’t I, the Nike ZoomX Vapor Next%, or Vaporfly Next%,
should I say, sorry Nike. Best Cameron Wurf Post of the Year, well, we decided that, do I say we decided– – We did decide this one, but– – We did decide it, it was
a Lionel Sanders fan boy, that was quite good, wasn’t it? Lots of his love for Lionel there. And then, the Balls of Steel, which went to Rudy von Berg for his descent at the Ironman 70.3 World Championships. – Which was very impressive, but you did bring up about Sarah True, and someone did actually come in here, odyseus jarhead said, “Fraser is right. “Sarah True wins the
Balls of steel award.” – Yeah, she was impressive last year– – Pretty gutsy year– – Her tenacity coming
back, and back, and back, so well done Sarah, hopefully 2020 is a bit better
for you when you get to Kona. – Definitely, and whilst
we’re talking about winners, we may as well go onto the
Park Tool giveaway now, and this is a pretty apt
prize for this time of year, because this is the Park Tool wash bundle. And we announced this
back at the end of 2019, so here are the winners,
it’s a pretty cool prize. First person is Michael Lecuivre– – I think you’ve got that right. – Daniel Church, Aino
Kolunen, and Maxwell Randles, congratulations to you all, we’ll be in touch and
get them out to you ASAP. (upbeat music) Right now into our Tri News, and we’re going to kick off
with a fairly apt bit of news for this time of year, given that a lot of us are hiding away in the warmth of our homes and
doing our training indoors, and this bit comes from Zwift, it was actually announced just
as we went into the new year, so I guess this was its last
new course addition for 2019, and that was a 400-meter track. – Yeah, now this track is
called the “May Field,” which is named after one of the Zwift
co-founders, Jon Mayfield, and our guess is that Zwift
have maybe been hanging on to this title for a
track for quite some time and they’ve managed to
pull it out right now at the appropriate time. – Yeah, and this track is
situated within the Watopia world, and actually you can find
the track within Watopia, just alongside, or adjacent
to, the Ocean Boulevard. And actually, each time
you go round on the track, you have the option of
popping off or popping onto, so it’s not like you literally– – Stuck on there. – Stuck on the track, yeah. – Heaven forbid. (laughs) I mean, but it does look
like a pretty cool track that they’ve designed there, it’s raised up on
concrete, out of the ocean, and it is just a kind of
go-to space for athletes, to kind of maybe based on
Muscle-Beach-type idea, flex your muscles and kind of look like you’re
on your training routine, isn’t it? Yeah, it’s quite a cool concept. – I think it was a really
good idea, actually, I mean actually maybe quite fun to organize group run workouts. We could all get there, you can set a time to meet
up and do like normal– – Yeah, like a Tuesday, Thursday
night club running session. – It could get packed down there, this is going to be fun. Well anyway, we’ve also noticed that Challenge have
restructured their management and they have actually
moved their headquarters to Almere in The Netherlands. – Now three of Challenge’s
senior management team actually grew up with triathlon in Almere, and they went back to do the race in 2012 and were really saddened to see there was actually only 500 people doing the half-distance race and full-distance combined, and they just felt that they were
going to be able to give that a bit of an injection. – Yeah, and the three of
them have actually managed to make Challenge Almere one
of Europe’s most successful, and largest, triathlon events. It now attracts something
around 3,500 athletes, it’s hosted the ETU
Championships seven times, and actually, this year is going to host the ITU World Multisport
Championships in September, so this is all probably contributed to the whole repositioning of
the headquarters to Almere. – Yeah, it’s interesting, and another thing that
is quite interesting and caught our eye, is that Challenge Roth this year, 2020, have just announced that both
Jan Frodeno and Anne Haug, defending Iron Man Hawaii champions, will be racing in Roth at the same time. Now that, I don’t think
that has happened before where the existing male and
female Iron Man champions have been at Challenge Roth, so who knows? I think we could see, if not
one but both records falling. – That’s going to be exciting, isn’t it? And we have also heard
in the news recently that Edmonton plan to build
an indoor triathlon center. – So this center in Edmonton
is going to comprise of a 250-meter indoor standard cycling track, I guess you could say, but also, quite interestingly, a 400-meter indoor running track. Now that’s pretty big for
an indoor running track. It’s also a heck of a lot of space, and this is all going to be connected to an existing indoor swimming pool, Peter Hemingway Fitness
Center, I believe it’s called, but I can only presume that
this is all necessitated by the fact that they have
such long and hard winters in that part of Canada. – Well they also apparently have over 5,000 active triathletes
in that local community, and not only the weather, but also just they apparently struggle to find areas and places
to do their training, so it sounds like this is very much needed and will be quite something for them. – Did my very first major
championships in Edmonton, World Junior Championships. – It’s very active for a triathlon arena– – Yeah, and there’s often been, there’s been a World Cup there
for pretty much 20 years now, hasn’t there? – Yeah. – In fact the Grand Final
will be there this year. – There we go. – I think. (laughs) But talking about major races,
and prize money and such, the Challenge Family have
just announced their winners of their year-ending prize fund for their top-ranked athletes, and that was Belgium’s Pieter Heemeryck, he took the win, which
is a cool 30,000 euros, so you can see why athletes
were giving this a good go. And then on the women’s side of racing it was Czech Republic’s Radka Kahlefeldt who took that top spot. Payments went down to fifth, so, good amount of prize money there for athletes to get their hands on. – And people say there’s
no money in triathlon, eh. But no, very well done to them all. And also, just finishing off with a little bit of race news, because we had the first ever ITU Winter
Triathlon World Cup, and this took place in the
Chinese city of Harbin, now I’m just going to read
off the distances here, because we had a 6.8 kilometer run, a 12.5 kilometer mountain bike, and a 10.3 kilometer cross-country ski, which sounds amazing, but these athletes are flipping amazing, so there’d be a really
high level of racing there. It was seven-time reigning
world champion Pavel Andreev that clinched a victory in the men’s race, and then we also had the current world
champion, Daria Rogozina, who won the women’s race. And now, actually, their
attention will turn towards the ITU Winter World Championships
taking place in Italy in February. – Exciting. (upbeat music) Well moving on now, it is almost coming to the end of the Zwift Triathlon Academy. Well, not the end of
the academy full stop, but the end of the period
when you can apply for it, and wrap up all the activities
that you need to submit to be eligible for it. – Yeah, and as a recap, this is an opportunity to be
one of six selected athletes onto the Zwift Triathlon Academy team, and each of those athletes
that is selected on is treated like a rockstar. They get full support from Zwift, they’ll go to Morgan Hill, to the wind tunnel at the
Specialized headquarters, be given a lot of fancy new kit, I mean this is a seriously
cool opportunity, and there’s just a few days left to complete all the
necessary workouts and races as Fraser mentioned. The deadline is the 12th of January, and our very own Heather
from GTN is cramming in her very last workouts. – Yeah, I know, I’ve
totally crammed this in, and it’s not ideal, but for the two months that we had to complete all these sessions just been bad timing, ’cause I’ve had two two-week holidays, and a GTN shoot away, so it’s meant that things have got a little bit tight for time, but on the plus side, I’ve pretty much got
all my bike stuff done, so it’s just a matter of
cramming the running in, but I’ve had a bit of a running
niggle earlier in the year, well, I say at the end of last year, and then Christmas as well, so now I have a week to
get everything finished, including the running race, and I definitely wouldn’t
recommend doing this at home, so hopefully, you guys,
if you’re doing it, are more organized than I am, but anyway, I have just
completed another run session, so that leaves two run
sessions and the running race to do by next week, and anyway, I’ll bring you a report in
the next week’s GTN Show, ’cause by then, it will all be over, and my hard work will be done, hopefully, and we’ll do our very best to
keep you updated on our social when I’m actually going
to be doing some workouts and the run race, so if you do want to come and join me and give me some support
then I would love that, but anyway, I will let you know
how it’s all gone next week. (upbeat music) – Right then, so now we’re going
to take a little bit of time to look at the photos that
you guys have sent in. And to start things off, which is kind of apt for
the start of the new, we’ve got a really cool story, it’s a little, well it’s
not actually a little, it’s quite a big adventure, which Tommy from Munich has sent us in, and I just thought this was
a really brilliant story. He sent us a whole raft of
pictures documenting his trip, which was from Munich
all the way to Istanbul, which is a 1900 kilometer
bike-packing journey, and you’ve got a little bit
more details on it, haven’t you? – [Mark] Well yeah,
he’s only 18 years old, and, I mean, he covered well
over 11,000 meters at altitude, and 64,000 calories burned, and he says he’s not
doing a triathlon as such at the moment, but was just inspired. He’s been watching a lot
of our YouTube stuff, and just wanted to head off and do it– – I mean he did this all on his own, I mean, I’m trying to
wrap my brains around what I was doing on my own when I was 18. I was maybe going for a three-hour
bike ride if I was lucky, and that would have been an adventure. It’s amazing. – Yeah, absolutely fair play. The bike here, he’s on
a Specialized Diverge, which is a lovely bike– – [Fraser] Yeah, and it’s got all the
bike-packing bits and pieces, it’s really cool. – [Mark] It’s really well set up, you got the three bottles on there, the one under the actual
down tube and everything, which I’ve never done before, but I’ve seen a lot of
people doing for touring– – [Fraser] I guess if you’re just unsure how long it’s going to be
between one stop and the next for getting liquid on
board it makes sense. – Yeah we’d love to hear from you, Tommy, if there’s any like
little hacks you learned, or things that worked,
didn’t work, along the way– – Was there any bits that were really quite
nerve-wracking in the trip? Did you find yourself, did you have any bad
mechanicals, or anything? – Well he sent in a lot
of photos, we saw a few treacherous moments–
– Some snow– – Where he’s in the mud.
– Yeah, and there’s a really bumpy-looking road there that he’s on, it’s a 10% descent by the looks of it, so all sorts of, I mean,
what a great adventure to take you through the new year. – Well our next photo
is sent in from Alison, and this is from Vancouver in Canada, and this is her Liv Brava SLR
with SRAM Apex 1 groupset, but this is actually with the
North Shore mountains behind, and has said, “The bike
and me was very muddy “at the end of this, “but the best couple of hours on the bike “for early January in Canada.” – That looks amazing too. I mean, I’ve never been
to that part of the world, it just sounds stunning. I think our friends over
the side of the office at GMBN know all about the
North Shore riding in Vancouver don’t they, yeah? – Maybe one day, Fraser. – Our next one is sent in by Tim, and this is from Maine in America, and this is his Felt
IA14 in his pain cave, we see he’s got GTN on the TV there, but you may notice in the
background he’s got a sauna. – I did notice a door in the corner, I thought that looks
suspiciously like a sauna door at our swimming pool– – Well you know what, on first glance, I could see like a silhouette, and I thought maybe he’s taken a photo with someone naked in there, I was like, “Oh God,” but actually it’s just his
reflection so we’re okay. – That’s a really
impressive-looking setup, so I don’t think you’ve got any excuses, you got your treadmill
up against the wall there to bring down if you need to, you also– – [Mark] Hopefully not on the Swiss ball. – [Fraser] Yeah, no,
true actually (laughs). – Next one sent in by Yanik, and he is showing off his
rather familiar Felt IA– – [Fraser] I thought you’d like this one. – [Mark] I like to say maybe
he just saw me riding it and thought, “Oh that looks so cool, “Mark rides it so well, I want that bike– – But it’s a nice story
here that Yanik sent in. He said, “It’s my first
ever time trial bike, “and I started triathlon two years ago, “and was getting better
at all the disciplines, “but still found myself getting
passed by people riding past “on triathlon-specific bikes,” so got a second job,
saved up all his money, I mean, brilliant little story, and look, he’s got his dream bike, and it is a bit of a weapon. – Yeah, he’s hoping for his
first podium in the new season, so yeah, awesome, and
best of luck to you Yanik, and please do all of you
keep sending in your photos using our photo uploader, that’s on screen right now, you can find the link in
the description below. (upbeat music) Right now time for the
caption competition, and actually, we haven’t
done the caption competition for a few weeks now, because– – I actually am struggling to remember, it was a few weeks ago. – Well yeah, we’ve been
enjoying the festive period, so we’re actually going
back a few shows here, so you may remember our photo from one of the Otillo swimrun races– – [Fraser] In Uto I think
it was, that rings a bell, one of the bigger islands–
– Yep, the Otillo Uto (laughs). – It’s a lot of vowels. – But yeah, a very funny photo
of someone on their knee, with a foot on there, almost
like they’re proposing, so we’ve got some great
captions coming in. William Robertson said,
“Nope, I’m not Cinderella.” – [Fraser] Ben Howard said, “I never did learn how
to tie my own shoes.” (laughs) – [Mark] Owen Steer said, “Take your time mate, we’ve
only been passed by 4 teams!” – And Len Wittrock has
our winning caption. I’m going to let Mark read this out, ’cause he read it out
very well in practice. – Okay, “Ahh, the classic team mate proposal, “‘will you be my race partner
for all races to come, “‘for better or for worse, “’till crushing loss do us part?'” – Sounds a bit familiar
to, I don’t know Norseman? (laughs) – Yeah. – Just joking.
– Ah, emotional times, emotional. But yeah, Len, you’re the winner, get in touch, we’ll ping a cap out to you, but now onto this week’s caption comp, and this is got to be one of my favorites. We are starting 2020 off well, ’cause this is from Iron Man Bolton, actually not any time
recently this is back from a good few years ago–
– Traipsing back through the archive for pictures. – There’s not many races
going on at the moment, so we had to search for a
while to find a good one, but this is fantastic. – I mean I’ve got lots of fond memories of Iron Man Bolton, but none of them involve
having somebody’s foot almost on top of my head– – Well this guy looks very happy, or unless it’s his foot–
– Well you did suggest that it might be. – It’s his foot. Maybe he’s really impressed
at how flexible he is, and he’s trying to show off,
like a bit like a dolphin, just like, “Look at me.” – [Fraser] A cross between
synchronized swimming, and, I don’t know, ballet, or something. – [Mark] Yeah, send in your captions– – [Fraser] Go wild. – In the Comments section below, well that brings it to the end for this week’s GTN Show, and we’ve got loads coming up this week, we’ve got a triathlon swim stroke video, we’ve got nutrition hacks, we’ve even got a video on VO2 max testing. – Yeah, and let’s not forget that we did talk about
get yourself motivated for the new year, maybe you might need a
little bit of new kit to get yourself out there, so please pop over the shop, have a look in there, see what may be taking your fancy there. – Yeah, and don’t forget
to subscribe to the channel if you’re not doing so already, and hit that bell icon to notify you when a new video does come out, and if you like to find out
how to train for a 70.3, you can see that by
clicking just down here. – And if you want to see a
video that Mark did about how to get comfy and aero,
well you can get that here.

67 comments on “5 Ways To Beat The January Blues! | The GTN Show Ep. 126

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  11. Caption: when the sun has been blinding you for 3,7km on the swim and finally someone decided to give you a little bit of shade

  12. Caption : I told you this in the pool, spending 4 months learning to catch with your leg is not going to make you quicker

  13. Hello from Edmonton! In the winter I only run, bike, and swim once a week. I do strength training, yoga, and things like cross-country skiing for fun. It's less boring.

  14. #caption: Always TRI to be a FOOT aHEAD of the competition….. Sorry for the dad joke. But there is punny more where that came from.

  15. Looking ahead of my 1st full triathlon season and some of the training programs out there to get you ready for an event, I'm currently doing more than what is on the program so will finish it before my race. Is it ok to continue the last week over and over to maintain or shall I drop back a few weeks in the program ?

  16. #CaptionContest: Everyone told me coming from a background with thousands of pool hours was beneficial for triathlon, but my synchronized swimming experience is not paying off as expected

  17. Consider re-naming ‘Northern Hemisphere Triathlon Network’. Nothing ‘Global’ about this content… Half of the world is in peak summertime 🙂

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