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5 Ways To Look More Like A Pro Cyclist

5 Ways To Look More Like A Pro Cyclist

– [Emma] We all want to
look a little bit more pro on our bikes, don’t we? And there are a hundred
different ways you can do it. In fact, we recently made a video on a number of riding techniques
to make you look more pro. But what about the little
skills and hacks you can do to make anyone that sees you
think, man, they are so pro. (hip hop music) – Now we don’t mean riding
around no handed all the time. In our opinion it doesn’t look very cool and probably isn’t a safest thing to do. But pros can’t just stop in
the middle of a bike race to put a gilet on or to
take a rain cape off. So it is just second nature to a pro. The ultimate no handed skill
has to be getting changed while riding up a hill at slow speed. This does take a bit of
practice as the slower speeds, do naturally cause the
bike to wobble around more. The key to riding no handed is actually, the key to many other skills on a bike and that is to relax. So you wanna just relax, otherwise the bike will spear
off in different directions if you start tensing up. So just relax into it. And take in the views. (hip hop music) – Have you ever noticed how
some pros riding uphill, just look like they’re cruising? Can it really be, that they’re taking it
easy, whilst racing? Well, possibly not. You see the thing is that some pros, actually practice looking
relaxed whilst working hard. That’s mainly because it’s an
amazing psychological tool. Imagine in a race you’ve just
done the best attack ever and you check over your shoulder and the rider behind
you just looks they’re out on Sunday spin. It would totally destroy
your self confidence. (hip hop music) Now obviously there are all kinds of rules out there about kit. Starting most importantly
with sock length. Socks should be as long as possible, as long as you don’t
look like a triathlete. Next rule of clothing, sun’s out guns out, i.e. when the sun’s shining
roll up your sleeves to avoid obvious tan lines. – No one wants to see this
on the beach, do they? Ouch. No one wants to see that
anywhere, quite frankly. Another way for you to appear
a little more professional to your riding buddies, is to pack your pockets
in the correct way. You put your heavy,
bulky items in the middle and the smaller, lighter
ones on the outside. And the real reason for doing this, so we get that nice,
sleek, slender pro look. (hip hop music) – Another way to look more
pro is to wear more clothes than everybody else, even
in the middle of summer. – Now there are a few reasons
you might feel you need to overdress as a pro. One, you’re riding with a group and you think you’re so
much stronger than them, that they’re not gonna
push you hard enough to warm you up. Two, you’re so lean that you
couldn’t possibly go out, without covering every inch of your skin or three you believe in old wives’ tales. And by that I mean maybe you think that by not wearing leg warmers, all the fat in your body
is gonna rush to your legs and you’ll end up with chubby lees. – Yeah that’s definitely a thing. And mate, you are gonna
catch your death of cold, going out with short sleeves
and I don’t like this. It is only 20 degrees, you mad? (hip hop music) – It seems like most pros
these days are able to wheelie. You only have to look at
the recent stage of the Giro or the Monte Zoncolan to see the riders at the back of the race,
entertaining the crowds. And whilst you don’t need to
be able to wheelie to be a pro, it is a good way of showing
the world, just how easy or how unserious you’re
having to take the stage. If you’re not able to wheelie or your not willing to learn, there’s one very pro alternative. And that’s being incredibly fast uphill. – I guess one thing we forgot to mention, is that pros all seem to be
totally obsessed by coffee. – And also pros never have helmet hair. – Really? – Well there you go, now you
know how to fool your mates into thinking you’re actually a pro. – I mean you could watch this down here to see how to actually train like a pro. – And if like this video,
gives us a thumbs up. – Why not subscribe to the channel too? It’s free.

100 comments on “5 Ways To Look More Like A Pro Cyclist

  1. Eh!? Refer to rule #7 guys!

    "Tan lines should be cultivated and kept razor sharp."

    Of all people I'd have thought GCN would know this!

  2. Can you accumulate all these hacks simultaneously to look even more pro, or am I pushing it too far?

  3. If you want to look more "pro" you better back it up with some serious watts or you'll just end up looking like an idiot.

  4. Train ?… theres no short cut ! I have trained quite hard to get my FTP to 5.1 and jet i wouldnt considered myself a “pro” just a good cyclist … (23y/old 120lbs)

  5. Could someone explain the whole sock length thing? From my experience, wearing long socks with ankle-high shoes was a thing in high school for me and died out as people aged. I always have ankle socks with short pants.

  6. If I'm going to practice riding with no hands, I better also practice typing with my nose, cos I'm going to be in traction.

  7. Disappointed GCN….tanned skin is damaged skin, no mention of skin protection fair enough but encouraging tanning…is that clever? You tell me, but as a skin cancer sufferer, I beg to differ!

  8. "Rule #7 // Tan lines should be cultivated and kept razor sharp.
    Under no circumstances should one be rolling up their sleeves or shorts in an effort to somehow diminish one’s tan lines. […]"

    "Rule #80 // Always be Casually Deliberate.
    Waiting for others pre-ride or at the start line pre-race, you must be tranquilo, resting on your top tube […]
    This may be extended to any time one is aboard the bike, but not riding it, such as at stop lights."

  9. Riding into the head wind while all other riders are riding with the wind and you are going faster then them. You always get the " That is a Pro!!" Lmfao.

  10. I am at no risk of my "mates" mistaking me for a pro. Perhaps it has to do with how I show up:  naked except for ankle socks, and arm warmers whilst riding a no-handed wheelie and drinking coffee and my spares and tools stuffed in a top-tube bag.  But then again it could be my bike… {I gotta win that Orca!}. BTW, Chris, that paint scheme on yours looks just like the one I picked out for myself (USMC colors),  but mine is going to have disks.

  11. Hi guys,

    I had the chance to meet Emma on the road earlier this evening down here in the French Alps! Firs,t I owe her an apoligy, because I might have scared her! I recognized her on the side of a non cycling road so I tried to stop at her side, which might have been a little scarying… Sorry.

    I finally managed to show her a safer way to continue her road!!
    It was an absolute surprise to meet one of you near bye, and a great honor to see Emma in person.

    By the way she is mentioned on every page of a recent french magazine CYCLOSPORT "numéro spécial grand cols" (great pass spécial edition) for her QOM on the french climbs!!

    I hope Emma would have forgave me, and had a great ride.

    I love your chanel

    Cheers from France!

  12. Love you guys xD Some things you did are not advisable or even safe, say, getting sunburn or overdressing… As you addressed in more serious videos. But filming- and acting-wise, this episode is golden xDD Cheers

  13. Strange video. Are you mocking the idea of "looking pro". That would be fine with me, but it's hard tell. E.g., aside from Cipollini, it's hard to remember the last time I've seen a pro rolling up their sleeves. Maybe one . . . one . . . at his year's Tour. Do pros even care about tan lines? And pros always seem under dressed to me, like they can't be bothered to dress for the cold anymore, since it seems nearly all of them live in warm climates during the winter and have gotten too used to riding in warm temps.

  14. Taking the glasses out of my full comuting backpack while riding no handed has to be the closest i've come to looking like a pro.

  15. Dark, sharp, crisp and clean tan lines are totally pro. The only time you should roll up your sleeves or pull your shorts a bit higher is before a race to mess with your opponents psychologically as they look around and see your carefully cultivated tan lines from over hundreds and thousands of hours on the bike, planting seeds of doubt in their mind over their own training.

  16. God this video is dumb. "5 ways to LOOK pro"?? Only narcissistic posers would watch and take the advice given in this video…

  17. Dear GCN,

    Rule #7 // Tan lines should be cultivated and kept razor sharp.

    Under no circumstances should one be rolling up their sleeves or shorts in an effort to somehow diminish one’s tan lines. Sleeveless jerseys are under no circumstances to be employed.

    Roll up your sleeves? And look like a triathlete? Whiskey Tango Foxtrot kind of advice is that? Tan lines are extremely pro!

  18. When I pack my pockets I put my spare tube and other soft things like gels in the middle pocket. My rationale is that if I take a spill and land on my back, I don’t want hard things between the road and my spine.

  19. I bring along arm screeners and put it on when the sun comes up to avoid the tan. But my leg's tan line getting very obvious now 😂

  20. You think that's a tan line? My arms go from Swedish to Moroccan in less than 1 cm! And I don't put on long sleeves until it's below 5C.

  21. I really don't understand the socks thing. I definitely don't want that tan line. My socks will always end right around the top of my shoe when I'm wearing shorts.

  22. Also, if you are going to put on or take off a jacket when riding no-handed in a group, then ffs GO TO THE BACK of the bunch and be sure you can do it confidently and SAFELY before you start showing off.

  23. Hay noobs! Don't sit on the top tube of a carbon bike! The manufacturer advises against it because it's not designed to take the weight of a grown man sitting on it. Do a quick Google search for all the people that did that and broke their frames! If you want to do that get a metal bike. Or is damaging plastic bikes "PRO?"

  24. "As long as you don't look like a triathlete" LOL
    As a cyclist turned Ironman – can confirm. Sock length does get longer. But length doesn't matter, right?  😉

  25. I prefer nothing in the pockets & a saddle bag. I'm willing to let the bike look less pro so that I can look slimmer and more aero.

  26. looking pro is not important to me..never has been..i wear cut off sweat pants,some filia tennis shoes,t-shirt "normally one of my own designs I sell"..and whatever helmet i find cheap..gloves from walmart..ankle socks or longer..dont matter to me..OH and I wear a bright yellow glow in the dark vest that looks like im a city worker.:) You see me, you know its me..I see other cyclist i have no idea who im looking at because everyone looks exactly the same..srs..i have a couple friends that ride and i never know its them if i see

  27. Top tip: keep your legs as hairy as possible. A thick shaggy leg mane is a sure sign of performance enhancing high professional level testosterone

  28. Just got my new GCN kit in the mail. This weekend ride with the guys is going to be awesome! 🚵🏻‍♂️

  29. I would like to ask. If you want to honor or show suppory for a rider can you wear their colors while riding without violating "The Rules of Cycling".

  30. How to be pro: Drinking from a bidon ,casually deliberate, whilst you're on the front, flogging your mates and putting them on the rivet. If you understand that sentence….. your nearly pro

  31. Great video. I ran into you all at the Maratona dles Dolomites – great job on your ride! A suggestion for a future video: Cycling etiquette in a gran fondo or similar race/event. For example, how to participate in a mass-start event without causing crashes or pile-ups at the beginning. My recommendation is to have riders be realistic about where they place themselves on the front. During the Maratona there were many bikers walking their bikes up the first climb because of the "traffic jam" caused by bikers in front unable to maintain a decent speed up the climb. Another recommendation is for riders to avoid "cutting the apex" inside of another rider. On a few descents a rider would try to pass another rider by cutting inside the corner, not realizing that the rider they were attempting to pass was taking the corner wide in anticipation of cutting through the apex and exiting out the corner.
    Great job – keep it up! Joel Terwilliger

  32. WHAT?? Are you seriously telling us not to keep our tan lines razor sharp?? That's the mark of the cyclist…

  33. You'll need a skinsuit off ebay to look pro. Better yet an aero one with some random pro's name on it. Then you'll need to shave your legs and apply self bronzer while being at it. Somehow all colors (bike, kit, helmet…) will need to match. When the more pro than you pass you, you just continue riding your slow pace like "i don't need to prove anything since I'm the real pro anyway".

  34. Don't talk bad over triathletes,
    You forget the rule, if you ride your bike i a group ore alone. Youre not the king on the road, there are more people so look at your etiquette.


  35. I guess I'll never look pro, because the heat and humidity where I live does not allow for extra clothes or taller socks. I'll just go with getting faster up hills, so I don't have to learn to do wheelies.

  36. Cycling tan lines are a badge of honor. Wear them with pride. Who cares what non cyclists think? Their lives are empty and sad.

  37. This is the first time I actually saw the Woman whose narrating in some of your videos! she looks good tho!

  38. I find that doing an uphill straight faced wheelie with no hands whilst getting changed seems to psych my mates out.

  39. Been preparing for my first road bike for half a month now by watching your videos, and it has really taught me a lot! Can't wait to get it!

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