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5 Winter MTB Training Tips | Mountain Bike Training

5 Winter MTB Training Tips | Mountain Bike Training

Training in winter can be really hard work and pretty miserable But we’ve got 5 hacks to make it more fun, enjoyable, and even bearable during those long cold winter months I’ll take bearable My winter training tip is to add a bit more variety to your training I used to ride a road bike an awful lot in winter and it’s not secret that all the top mountain bike pros do the same thing So ditch the mountain bike, get out the road bike, do some big long rides Its great for your cardiovascular fitness Winter is a great time to get out and explore It could be that you’re going to a new location Or it could be that the trails that you ride all year round You actually want to go and ride something a little bit different Have a look at the trail map, for example, you get to wherever you’re riding and go explore the areas that you’ve not been before As a racer, winter is all about getting the base miles Especially early winter So think long, low intensity rides Personally, I used to get out the old OS maps and just go for some massive, really mellow cross country rides Now, if you are gonna want to go out training during the winter months Then chances are, you’re going to have to wrap up warm coming from Scotland, this was one of the hardest things I had to do when I was racing pro it would be wet, it would be muddy, it would be cold and the motivation to go mountain biking was pretty low but I didn’t have a choice, and I had to do exactly that I had to wrap up. Start with a base layer, go on to my riding jersey and then finish off with a jacket just to keep me warm, dry, and hopefully keep me riding for longer Don’t forget to reward yourself It’s probably taken some extra motivation to get out training during winter so why not stop at the cafe or the pub on the way home? You’ll have burned so many more calories anyway Garcon, chocolate cake, please Nice Tip #5 is to set yourself some goals That could be a certain mileage I used to try and set myself a goal of sort of 40 miles off road And that’s really gonna help that motivation to get out there and do it It could be all about making way points So you don’t have to make yourself one loop in an area You could do different ones, where you could actually cycle from cafe to cafe Or even pub to pub Anyway, if you want to watch some more videos from GMBN and particularly some training ones why don’t you click just down here for the “Gym Training” playlist And click down here for the “Epic Ride” playlist So you can see some of the big rides we’ve done in the last couple years Don’t forget to click on that globe somewhere right just about here and you’ll get to subscribe ’cause by subscribing, you get a great video every day of the week Give us a thumbs up if you like training in winter

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  1. Hey +Global Mountain Bike Network , I am about to purchase a new hardtail, and Im not sure whether to get an Avanti Montari limited edition or a 2017 Merida Big 7 300 or a 2016 GT Avalanche Elite … PLEASE HELP! ps If you guys have any other hardtail recommendations. THANKS

  2. I can't believe that they got to my local park at cannop. I want to see them but I guess that they go during school time. Joe bees age 14

  3. it´s not really a winter if you can actually ride in shorts and without gloves, jacket, 2 underlayers, spike tyres and some headwear. and it´s nice if you can make your ride at day light time. (its 5h34mins atm) 😉

  4. Hey guys would really appreciate if you could check out my vids more coming soon like sub and comment what u want next
    Cheers keep cycling!!

  5. I find fell running works great for training in winter as there is less of a clean up afterward and it totally freshens up your training

  6. Low intensity base miles? I thought the latest idea was to do short, high intensity rides. I'm sure that GCN did a video about that.

  7. I've been subscribed since the start of winter ❄️ and I still can't figure there upload schedule. Can someone tell me please

  8. Very funny that you say you road ride during the winter. I've been mtb'ing for many years (very amateur) but I'm a road racer. Once I start my road season I really don't have time for mtb while training for races but once my road season is over in about September I get back in the woods. I'm in Missouri so middle of US. The summers are in the 90s and the winters are in the 20s. I hate road riding much colder than 39 F so that's when I get in the woods. not doing 25mph the woods hides the wind. Also, bugs love me so I get ate up in the summer but riding in the winter there are no bugs and all the weeds etc have receded from the trails. Anyway.. just thought the comment funny to me since I'm completely the opposite. 🙂

  9. Hey GMBN, do you guys listen to music while on the trails, and if so have you considered making a playlist to share with the world, thanks! #AskGMBN

  10. #askgmbn ASK GMBN : can you do How To video about dirt jump trick? like 360, superman, barspin, tabletop, etc..
    you made a video about Whip, why not go all the way? 🙂

  11. Winter is the best here in Australia for MTB riders as the snakes aren't out and about , the weather doesn't fry you and the cold only gets to a low of 5 degrees , so it's the bet over here

  12. I can't take you guys seriously. We had single digit F temps this past week in the evening and I was out riding my bike on the snow covered trails. THAT is winter. You guys can't even see your own breath.

  13. What if I don't like road cycling?? I mean I'm fine going on a quick ride, and it can be a lot of fun. But it's not something I'd do for an entire season.

  14. Decathlon ski long johns and top underneath Bikester long pants and 2 long sleeve cotton tee shirts with bike jersey on top and don´t forget a bandanna around the neck……….works for me!

  15. it's actually the other way around in the middle east, i dont even touch my bike during summer time. i only ride in the winter, obviously winter in here is really nice and lovely. the same cannot be said about the awful heat of the summer.

  16. This video depicts Norway in the summer: I see no motivational killers here. Only dry, awesome, proper man made trails. If I had this in january, I'd be thrilled!

  17. Was going to like the video until the lads said ''give us a thumbs up if you like training in winter'' come on boys of course no one likes training in winter! Surprised that they is so many likes.

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