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511% Range with 11 speed, e*thirteen TRS+ 9-46t  Install, Ride Impressions

511% Range with 11 speed, e*thirteen TRS+ 9-46t Install, Ride Impressions

Hey everyone in this video I’m going to
take a closer look at installing an extended-range cassette on my Smuggler.
This bike is running an 11 speed Shimano drivetrain right now and I’m looking
after that 500% ish gear range that’s something like Eagle can
provide. This is also part 2 of the quick check on the 9-46 tooth e*thirteen
cassette since I’m going to talk about installation of it. If you need more data
just use the link on the screen to check that video. Even though I have to replace
the freehub body on my bike to install this 9-46t cassette I consider this to be
a better solution to extend the gear range on my 11 speed. And here’s why: Number one is weight. The modified cassettes usually add bigger cogs here behind 42t or 40t and
those add weight, unsprung weight to the rear axle and that was not something I
was interested in. As you are adding bigger cogs here if you get bigger than
46 teeth then you have to think about changing the cage on your rear mech. The
existing 11 speed that Shimano and SRAM Shimano SGS and GS and SRAM will go
well up until 46 teeth after that you have to modify the cage and again that
was not something that I was interested in. As you extend the range of your
cassette many people start to think about changing the chain ring size as
well and in my case I have to keep in mind the fact that on this frame the
maximum I can install is 34, what you see in my case is a 32 oval that goes from
30 to 34 so I cannot usually go bigger than this but I can definitely go
smaller. Talking about bigger and smaller it’s kind of hard to talk about any of
that without looking at a gear range calculator. For instance looking at GX
Eagle with the 32 tooth up front you’re gonna have a max ratio of 3.56, minimum 0.71. Looking
down here you can get an idea of the kind of speeds you’re gonna get at a
specific cadence. These are all calculated for my 29er and by the way. If
I’m looking at the E.13 with the same 32 tooth chainring you
can see here that I get higher low gear meaning I can go faster downhill I
assume and it’s a bit harder to pedal uphill. But if I change that chain ring
to a 30 all of a sudden I’m still higher than Eagle on the high end but I’m
coming very close if not almost the same with Eagle when it comes to climbing
gear. So that’s how you play with these gear calculators just to decide what
would be good for you. Now that you’ve chosen your chain ring
as well let’s get to installing the cassette. You’re gonna need obviously the locking ring and the tool that they provide. The
instructions are pretty well laid out in eight steps, you can use that as well. I’m
gonna use a new chain since this is a new cassette, 11 speed SRAM PC-X1. You
might need a bit more grease this is what’s provided with the cassette which
I like. This is a Shimano bottom bracket tool, either that one or this will do
the trick. And you need a chain whip, not to uninstall but to install this
particular cassette. These cassettes install quite differently from SRAM cassette on the HD driver, and that is mostly because of this 9 tooth cog. They had to come up with a different mechanism to attach the cluster of cogs to the XD
driver because the steel ones that you see over here up to 28t, they don’t
connect directly to the XD driver, they actually connects to the aluminum
carrier of the three big cogs. These two interconnect and that’s the reason why they give you this unlocked and locked position. There are three tabs here, the
older cassettes have more, and you can see them one two down here, three over
there. As you rotate one versus the other this tab onto the steel cogs is going to
interconnect with that tongue on the aluminum carrier. And that’s how they
stay together. As you are putting torque here on the steel cogs
you’re not relying on that little mechanism to transfer the force to the
wheel. But you have these aluminum blocks over here, you have one next to each of
those tongues, one two and three and that’s where your connection blocks are going
to stop. You have a bushing over here as well. Here we go. This has to be greased just to make sure that there’s no creaking. The main contact point between the cassette and the XD driver is here at
the base so make sure you grease up that spline as well as the thread here on the
DT driver. With that completed just grab the aluminum carrier and push it in. The
locking ring secures this in place, you’re going to need 25 Nm or
snug plus 45 degrees which is 1/8 of a turn not a quarter turn like I mention
it in my previous video. They also suggest to use grease here on the threads so apply liberally as well. Since these are all interconnected metal
parts I would also suggest to put a bit of grease here at the base where the
locking ring is gonna touch the aluminum carrier. I suggest always starting that locking ring by hand, then using the cassette tool tightened it to Snug then give it that extra nudge, 1/8 of the turn as suggested.
I have the torque wrench set up to 25Nm …yep it is actually more than
25Nm. With the aluminum part installed I’m going to regress these
contact points here and also under the bushing on the steel part of the
cassette. You need a grease on that bushing because that’s what connects directly to the top of the XD driver and also connects to the inside of your
cassette over here. I’m just gonna look for that indicator, the locked up position
and in order for this to ever interconnect I’m gonna have to push it
flush so I’m applying quite a bit of pressure here. If you’re not sure just grab a socket, and a rubber mallet and just tap it a couple of times. Grab a chain whip, I’m gonna keep a bit of pressure here on the cogs and just push it in place. Once it starts to go there’s a positive, it’s not a click but
you feel it one is locked into position. And here it is. And here is on the stand guys. this time I decided to do it differently, I put about 20 kilometers on the drivetrain already trying to get that breaking period out of the way. On the chain which
I kept the KMC just to be able to compare apples to apples I added a
couple of links. I ended up with big-to-big plus 4 links for my full
suspension bike. How do you know that you have enough chain for your bike? Well, if
you look here on the biggest cog you got to make sure that you have enough
movement here on your cage just to make up for your chain growth as the
suspension moves up and down. Here at the other end same thing: you’re trying to make sure you still have a bit of tension here on your spring and also,
obviously, that we have enough clearance for the top jockey. This 9t cog can
create issues with clearance here and you can see it very close to my frame,
maybe about 2 millimeters up top here. It is actually coming closer to the
derailleur hanger than it’s to the frame. The interesting thing was that when
replacing the Shimano 11-42t with the 9-46t the limiter screws both here and on
the big cog they were spot-on you don’t have to touch anything. The barrel
adjuster that takes care of the shifting between the gears, I didn’t have to touch
that one either. The only thing that I had to adjust though was the B-screw
which is right here. For the M8000 and M9000 you need a 2 millimeter Allen
key. I had to give it a couple more turns to push the derailleur further away from
the cassette. That is to clear the 46t the 46t, biggest cog over here. What I ended up with is about 8 millimeter gap, or B-gap gap for this Shimano drivetrain. The reason why I didn’t want to replace this chain was because this with the 11-42t cassette from Shimano was causing big
trouble when backpedaling on the 42t. On this 9-46t, no problem. As you probably know from one of my previous videos if you just replace the chain with the SRAM one,
that usually helps with the chain not jumping that aggressively from the big
cog. Talk about shifting I would say is on par with the performance of the 11-42t
Shimano or the SRAM Eagle. Here we go, one by one, up shifts. Down shifts. The down shifts are a bit smoother, very smooth actually
and here is dumping 2 because I can. And jumping up three or four, there you go. But enough of this testing on stand, let me take it to the trails. I was lucky to get half decent weather out in the woods to test this. And here you can see
shifts to 46t under power. Then the shifts down all the way to the 9t cog mostly
to show it to you guys. And here’s the shift between the steel
and the aluminum cogs. So after a couple of rides out in the woods, about 2.5h put on this drivetrain what do I think? Well… first of all I think we’re spoiled to have all these good options these days. This 11 speed
drivetrain, really wide range of gears performs flawlessly. I’m very very
impressed, it works as well as the Shimano cassette that it replaced. I’ve
used this with an XT GS or medium cage rear derailleur, the KMC chain that is
pretty bad actually with the Shimano cassette, on this one is it’s okay. I
have a OneUp oval 32 tooth and an XTR shifter. In order to take full advantage
of this gear range I would have to replace my chainring with a 30t
because right now I don’t think I will ever use the 9t cog or the 11th
gear on the back but aside from that really really smooth upshifts, so going
towards the bigger cogs, absolutely flawless.
There is no jump here between the steel and aluminum you don’t feel that
transition whatsoever. Coming down the cassette from the big
cogs, so upshifts are a bit noisier, it might be because of the slightly bigger
jumps between gears. But aside from that absolutely flawless performance. And that’s all I have for you guys today. If you have any questions let me know in
the section below, if you want to purchase any one of these use the links
in the description. Don’t forget to like the video, subscribe to my channel, and until next time I hope you’re having epic rides like this guys. Cheers!

65 comments on “511% Range with 11 speed, e*thirteen TRS+ 9-46t Install, Ride Impressions

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    by the way, medium Shimano cage works fine even with 50t cogs. tested it myself plus various videos all over internet.

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  9. I think that the chain is a little bit short, you should add 1 more pair of chain links (1 inner + 1 outer). When i look at 7:55, i see that there are still some more space/ derailleur movement for you to add more chain links. Or at 7:45, even with the shock not being compress, your chain look too stretch. Just my opinion though.

  10. how shit are your legs to need that much?EAT SPINNACH HIPPY, your bikes clean , it should be covered in dog poo and mud. gearings easy buy 11 or 12 speed if your legs like it fine , not happy lose a few teeth on just pedals and pedals and pedals………………..

  11. Nice review! Timely too as this cassette is spec'd on the Hightower LT "XE" build which I'm looking at. I recently test rode the HTLT with SRAM X01 Eagle 12 spd and found the shifters to not to be as good as Shimano (plus it's all thumb push up/down), although the 50T does make climbing steeps easy!

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  18. Unfortunately the aluminum cogs only last around 400km before you need to replace it and even only replacing separate parts of the casset is expensive

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  24. Hi Mr LoveMTB, i need your advise. I have folding bike with 6 speed. the current cassette is 14t to 28T. now i want to change only the current 14T to be 9T. is this possible? is there anything need to change? thank you and waiting for your reply.

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  26. Actualy I began not to like this E13 cassette, since it’s union (between 3 larger cogs and the other 8) make too much noise and require periodic cleaning and lubrication. Other than that I notice a wear in that plastic bushing, causing a bit of looseness. Had to rap it with some tape to stop the wabling. The shifting is very nice though, the only issue is noise and looseness

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