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6 Brand New Road Bikes | Prototype Bike Tech

6 Brand New Road Bikes | Prototype Bike Tech

– [Voiceover] June and
July is an exciting time for fans of road bike tech, with manufacturers keen to
have their 2018 offerings ready to be showcased at the biggest
cycling event of the year, the Tour De France. We’ve already caught a
glimpse though of six bikes that will be launching very soon indeed, and here they are for you now. One bike that we’ll almost
certainly see released at the Tour de France is the
brand new Specialized Tarmac. The SL6 has been three years in the making since the release of the SL5 back in 2014. And Dan Martin has been
putting a new-looking frame through its paces at the
recent Critérium du Dauphiné. As is the trend these days, there is a disc brake
model in the pipeline too, although we’ve yet to see
that one being ridden. Boels-Dolmans have also
been reportedly sampling new Specialized bikes
at the OVO Women’s Tour. We’ll find out soon whether this is to be a women’s specific frame or not. First spotted at the Giro d’Italia, there is nothing shy and
retiring about the custom wraps that Merida have been giving
their as yet unreleased frame, believed to be the third
iteration of their aero bike, the Reacto. With its light-weight
brother, the Scultura, getting an aero makeover
just a couple of years ago, we’re expecting Merida once again to be pushing the envelope
in pursuit of pure speed. Sonny Colbrelli has been trying it out at the Critérium du Dauphiné, and at first glance we
can see some reworking of the forks, the head tube, and the chainstays in particular. We’ll be looking forward
to the full release, both rim and disc brake models, probably next month. At the time of its release in July 2014, the Trek Emonda became the
lightest production frame at a very skinny 690 grammes. Three years later and it
looks like the first revamp for Trek’s newest model
is about to materialise. Alberto Contador’s steed has
been getting a lot of attention in the Dauphiné, and with a disc brake version also passing UCI certification, there’s plenty for us to get excited about when it comes to
super-light climbing bikes. Despite some scepticism in
the top ranks of pro cycling, most bike manufacturers
are still making sure that all of their road models come in both rim and disc
brake versions nowadays. Giant’s aero bike the Propel looks to be the last of their road
models to go hydraulic. The Propel Advanced disc
and the Advanced SL disc only got rubber stamped by
the UCI on the 18th of May, so there’s not been a whole
lot of time to test them. However, we will be keeping an eye on Sunweb’s development team, who have been pretty much riding exclusively on discs this year. We expect to see them tested
at pro races imminently, with the launch at some point
in the next couple of months. Sticking with Giant, it looks like they’re prime to release a brand-new women’s specific frame to accompany the Envie and Avail. The UCI approved the Liv Langma Advanced and Advanced SL at the same time as the aforementioned Propel disc, but again we’ve not seen
them in the flesh yet. Early speculation suggests it could be the women’s equivalent of the Giant TCR. But we’re looking forward to finding out more about this brand-new
frame set very soon. It won’t be long before
we find out more details about the second version
of the Lapierre Aircode. FDJ’s Thibaut Pinot was spotted riding the updated version
around Italy last month, complete with a special
paint job for the Frenchman. It’s had a bit of a makeover
by the looks of things, with a lower front end, and more integration
between fork and frame. There’s also dual-mount
brakes front and rear, and what we think looks
like a new seat post. Which of these bikes are
you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments found below, and stick with us here at GCN for all the biggest tech releases. Just click on the globe to
subscribe to the channel for free and catch all of our videos first. For more tech, click
here for our look around the pro teams at the Giro d’Italia, and for more brand-new bikes, how about Simon’s first look
at the new Cervélo R5 and R3.

89 comments on “6 Brand New Road Bikes | Prototype Bike Tech

  1. The new emonda and tarmac… im in USA so I take what I can get 🙂 I have always loved how the Lapierre bikes looked and would love to have one, but it jumping through hoops for one would not be worth it.

  2. Never been much of a fan of Lapierre's bikes but the paint job is cool. The Merida might have to be my favourite because of the angular shapes, very rare in today's bikes.

  3. just a dream bike for me any of these but if I choose right now id go for Trek Emonda SLR and reason is cause I have a trek mtb so just hang with the same brand but honestly any of them id love

  4. Still years before looking to upgrade but I'd probably say either the new Giant Liv bike (for my wife) or see if they redesigned the Emonda WSD too. She was interested in Canyon updating it's geometry for women and she is more interested in a "climbing" frame rather than an aero road frame (I'll keep drooling on the Madone or Aeroad for now). And I bet she'd be interested to see if other manufactures are going to update women specific bike geometries. Including possibly considering 650b wheels for smaller sizes (She'd probably be buying a 2XS Canyon Ultimate WMN or a 47cm Emonda WSD).

  5. Sorry, GCN: Why do you keep on saying it's free to subscribe? Love the channel, but everyone knows it's free.

  6. Where is the new BMC? Their new frame with and without disc brakes and new stem integration! I love the new bmc slr 01!!!!

  7. They're all gopping plastic bikes with zero character. Soon to be seen on my local roads, ridden by overweight huffing puffing cyclists too frightened to ride over winter.

  8. the tarmac has a more aero look. hmm. not sure if I should buy last year's SWORKS frame or next year's now..

  9. whats the point of these prototype wraps? i know on cars its to stop you being able to see the shape properly, but with bikes, it dosent really work.
    is it just a case of not wanting to paint them and can't get a good plain finish with a wrap?

  10. the LaPierre is a work of art. Love it.And, aren't those camo'd paint jobs for hiding details and changes until released?

  11. So the specialized tarmac in that shape is the sworks. The current shape model is "just" getting a carbon update. sl5 from sl4

  12. Be good to see GCN getting behind Women's cycling (you already do a great job btw) by covering a few of these Women specific pro bikes in detail.

  13. Hey guys. I'm new to cycling and just bought my 1st bike. I am looking for a bike computer to put on my bike. I also want to put a speed and cadence sensor. Could you guys please advise me on which product is better, the Garmin edge 520 or Wahoo elemnt bolt?. Thanks for the help everyone

  14. Always a good show when talking about prototypes, but nothing really new here except raising the base line price of those out of reach priced bikes most of us will never afford to buy. But always a good show GCN.

  15. The LaPierre is the sexiest and the Trek is the most desirable in my eyes. I'm in Florida which is conducive to an aero frame (thus the LaPierre), though I'm always a fan of a lightweight frame for when I head to the Blue Ridge Parkway of vacation. Though if I were to choose a single bike, I'd probably go with the Trek. I'm not much of a weight weenie, but I'd rather have a lighter bike all around than a slightly heavier bike for specific circumstances.

  16. It's not on the list… But I would have to say the new BMC Teammachine. I have a 2016 SLR01 IMO the nicest bicycle ever made. I can't wait for the new disc version!

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