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6 More Incredible Boutique Bike Brands | Cool Custom Bike Builders

(drums) (relaxing lounge music) – [Narrator] Earlier this year, we brought you five boutique bike brands. Small, independent manufacturers
making incredible bikes that we thought you should know about. We got hundreds of
comments under that video telling us about countless other brands we should also check out. So here are six more boutique brands that you should know about. (relaxing lounge music) In many ways at the moment, cycling can seem synonymous with Colombia. Just take a look at the
podium of any Grand Tour. But have you ever thought
about buying a Colombian bike? Well, now you can, thanks to Scarab bikes. Scarab are named for the scarab beetle and the nickname of escarabajo given to the Colombian climbers that burst onto the global
cycling scene in the 1980s. Based just outside of Medellin, Scarab are made up of
seven industry veterans who decided that they
just wanted to make bikes that were above all fun to ride. As you might expect for a Colombian brand, Scarab, of course, produce
a lightweight climber’s bike the Letras. And they also make three
other drop bar bikes. The Páramo, their disc
brake all-road model. The Santa Rosa, a disc brake
thoroughbred race bike. And the Linear, a stunning
traditionally lugged road bike. They’re all made from steel and are finished with some very lovely and distinctly Colombian paint jobs that Scarab produce in a collaboration with Latin America’s
leading paint manufacturer. (relaxing lounge music) Off to the Czech Republic
now for our next company. We’re look at Festka bikes. Festka was founded in 2010 in
the Czech capitol of Prague. From very early on, Festka
started working with CompoTech, a Czech company that specializes in filament-winding carbon fiber tubes. These tubes give Festka’s
carbon bikes their stunning look when they’re unpainted. Their paint jobs, though,
are certainly very special. Just take a look at this gorgeous Spectre, Festka’s super stiff race bike. But Festka don’t just
make carbon fiber bikes. They also have steel, titanium,
and the doppler frame, which is made from carbon and titanium. But instead of producing
it in the standard way of connecting carbon fiber
tubes with titanium lugs, Festka have titanium
tubes with carbon lugs. They even made a very special
version of the doppler using aluminum tubes they recycled from around 995 old Nespresso capsules. And if that wasn’t cool enough, they’ve even auctioned that
bike off to raise money for a local youth charity. (relaxing lounge music) Over to the USA now to take a look at some very cool gravel
bikes from Allied. Allied first stepped into the gravel game with the Alfa Allroad, an adaptation of their already
popular Alfa road bike. But this summer, they unveiled the Able, which is a pretty crazy
looking bike, to be honest. To get more tire clearance, Allied have moved the driveside chainstay, which we see a lot on modern gravel bikes, but instead of shifting it downwards like the 3T Explorer or Pinarello Gravel, Allied have significantly
raised up the chainstay, which gives it a really unmistakable look. But looking cool doesn’t really mean much if the bike doesn’t work. And Allied proved pretty comprehensively that their bike worked when they took both the men’s and women’s
wins at Dirty Kanza 2019. (relaxing chill music) How about some gorgeous
titanium for you now? Titanium is a real favorite material of boutique frame builders, and for good reason. If you want a bike that
is going to be light, stiff, and comfortable, but can genuinely last a lifetime, titanium is probably the material for you. And despite being a
reasonably new company, No22 bikes are already
making some of the coolest titanium bikes out there. Just take a look at this stunning Aurora disc brake road bike. That won best in show at the 2019 North American handmade bike show. No22 teemed the mostly titanium frame with a carbon fiber integrated
seat tube and seat mast, and finished it off with
some amazing anodized logos. And if those colors don’t do it for you, No22 have different
anodized finishes available. The Aurora is No22’s top of
the range all-around road bike, and fits into an impressively varied range of eight other bikes, including a hard-tail mountain bike, a track bike, and a proper gravel race back. (funky relaxing music) No22 have some lovely,
understated, elegant frames. But how about something a little louder? These are Squid bikes
from northern California. The company started life in their words, as a group of cyclocross miscreants spray painting bikes in their own garages. And they’ve kept that really
great, raw feeling about them. One of the ways they’ve
done that is by painting all of their bikes with
Spray.Bike spray paint. They have a number of pretty
crazy stock paint job options like this torn tape option. And if you can’t decide on
which paint job you want, you can even ask Squid to paint your bike. However, they paint what they want with a paint job roulette. And also really encourage their customers to paint their own bikes if they want, shipping them as just raw frames. It’s not just cool paint, though, Squid produce some proper
race ready cycler crossframes, and their team riders compete
and cycle across World Cups. (chill relaxing music) Moving down under now to look
Prova cycles from Adelaide. Prova are a brand that we first spotted at the Bristol Bespoked Bike Show where they actually won best in show with this incredible Speciale. The Speciale is
predominantly made from steel with a carbon seat tube. Many frame builders would simply buy a stock carbon seat tube, but Mark Hester at Prova actually makes the seat tube himself in-house. That’s not it, though. With the Prova Speciale, the seat tube, lug, and the dropouts are 3D printed from steel and Hester actually
designs the parts himself before having them
manufactured by RAM3D or RAMD, an industry leader in
additive manufacture. I hope you’ve enjoyed looking
at some truly stunning bikes, and if you have, please
give this video a thumbs up. And I know there are
still many boutique brands that we haven’t covered,
so I’d love to read your suggestions and recommendations down in the comments below.

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