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6 Pro Tips For Free Speed On Your Road Bike

– Getting fitter isn’t the only way to get faster on your bike. – Yeah, so coming up are tips on position, clothing and nutrition
to make you go faster. (upbeat drum beats) – There’s loads of tips
and advice out there about how you can get more aero, everything from wearing special socks, to having aero dynamic handlebar tape. But what is often forgotten
and by the pros as well, is actually as simple as not trying to ride fast whilst
wearing your rain cape. – Yeah so I think we’re
all guilty of, you know, trying to ride fast and be aero dynamic with a raincoat on. Even one as well fitted
and as aero as this one, so do something as simple as, you know, taking it off will make you
more efficient and faster. – Yeah, now you will of course get cold, you will of course get wet
but that’s not the point. This is about being faster. And actually talking about cold, the opposite is true, if you get too hot you start unzipping your clothing, that too will slow you down. – Right, you ready to go fast mate? – Go on then, although I am a bit cold, so I’m going to keep
my jacket on for a bit. (upbeat music) Now this might be easier,
for some of us than others. But riding with people
who are fitter than you, is a great way of going faster though in the short term, is I’ll naturally be pushing the pace beyond your comfort zone. And also long term, because, it’s a great way for
building your fitness too. Particularly if you’ve reached a plateau. This is gonna be the way to break through. (upbeat music) – Right, this next tip will make you faster without even being fitter. And we’re gonna stay on
the theme of aerodynamics. What can we change to make us faster? You can go out and buy yourself a nice slick aerodynamic
frame like this one or even get yourself some
aerodynamic wheels like these. But something a lot less costly is just change your position. – That’s right, something that’s potentially, completely free. Your body is by far
really the biggest object that you’re having to
push through the air. Actually, that’s not strictly true. In Hank’s case, it’s probably his head. But anyway, if you can start to think about decreasing
your frontal area, that is the key to getting more aero so, maybe you ride on the drops, get your back a little bit flatter, roll your shoulders in, drop your head, it’s all gonna make a big difference. (upbeat music) – Cadence, now there are loads of videos on the channel explaining, what is the most efficient cadence? But the best thing to focus on, is what’s best for you. And that’s a nice comfortable
gear that you’re happy with. – Yeah, essentially what
you’re avoiding is either munching absolutely massive gears, or, twiddling away with
absolutely no resistance. Of course, to find the right gear, you simply change to suit. But this does mean that
on really extreme rides, you might actually need
to change your gear ratios in order to allow you to do that. So, with that in mind, maybe
investing in a spare cassette, leave it in your spares box, and bring it out on those special days, when you might decide
to ride up the Angliru, or something like that. – Yeah exactly, now the pros have a luxury of having all the spares
available to them, but that’s not strictly necessary. All you need is a cassette, that allows you to pedal up these steep climbs at a nice cadence. (upbeat music) – To travel fast, travel light. And that means not
sticking every accessory known to mankind on your bike and everything under the
sun in the back pockets. But after all, no one
wants to carry around more weight than they absolutely have to. – Yes and I think you’ve got a lot of weight going on there Si. But seriously, when it comes
to packing your pockets only take the essentials. A good tip to use is to
pack a saddlebag with your tubes and your pump et cetera and when it comes your pockets, maybe just some food, a phone and maybe some money for the caff. – Ask yourself, Are all those emergency items
actually gonna be necessary? But yes, you might need the odd ride off into the wilderness where
its prudence to be prepared but for 95% of road rides, probably taking the bare minimum
is actually the right call. (upbeat music) – Right, I think I’m the
worst culprit of this, and in my training rides
I often run out of energy. And either drag myself home or get to a cafe or petrol
station to stuff my face. But in all these cases my
average speed roughly dropped as soon as I felt like I
was running low on energy. – Yeah if you wanna go fast,
you’ve gotta stay fueled. And a great rule of
thumb, is to eat something every 20 or 30 minutes or so. Not very much, maybe half an energy bar, or a bit of banana. I used to love making a
massive batch of flapjacks to take with me as I rode. Pros often use rice cakes, I’ve actually got something with me James, but given the size of this banana, I think it’s gonna take both of us most of the day to get through it. A pro tip about eating
whilst trying to ride fast is to not eat when
you’re riding up a climb. ‘Cause then you really will go slowly. Right let us know how you get on and if you’ve got some tips of your own that you don’t mind
sharing with the viewers then get involved in the
comment section down below. – Yeah and if you have enjoyed this video then give it a big thumbs up and for more pro tips,
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