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6 Rules Of Cycling That Actually Aren’t Crap | GCN Show Ep. 332

6 Rules Of Cycling That Actually Aren’t Crap | GCN Show Ep. 332

– From Yosemite National
Park in front of Half Dome, welcome to the GCN show. – Welcome to the GCN show
brought to you by Wiggle. – This week, are all the
unwritten rules of cycling total crap? We have found six that might not be. – We have news of the best
cycling cities in the world, sites to make you train better, and we have an update
from all terrain hero, Mathieu van der Poel. (upbeat music) – This week in the world
of cycling we learned, or rather, Ollie, James, and Allen learned that the weather in
high mountains of Italy in May, is not exactly reliable. – No, this footage was
shot just this last week and it’s from one of the
big three mountain stages yet to come in the Giro. In fact, two of the passes
are still closed now. – Yeah, going to be touch and
go weather in the race, I think. And now we also learned this week that if you’ve ordered a
pair of City Cycling Shoes, in the USA, you might not
receive them anytime soon. Because, wait for it, an F-16 fighter jet crashed into the warehouse in California. – Now this does sound like the ultimate, dog-ate-my-homework excuse. – It does, but if you’re
going to make an excuse, you might as well go big. – True, the distributors have, however, said that it is completely true. Fortunately though, no one was
injured, not even the pilot. – Yeah, no word on the shoes themselves. – Ooh.
– So we’ll keep our fingers crossed for them. – Fingers crossed indeed. Now, in the cycling world,
there’s been a lot of talk recently about the
unofficial rules of cycling. And about how they
should just be ripped up and thrown in the bin because they put newcomers off for being elitist and snobbish. – Phil Gaiman has thrown
his hat into the ring by suggesting his own rules, recently. And it’s fair to say,
they make a lot of sense. But there’s a part of me
that feels a little sorry for those much-maligned
original unwritten rules that are actually written
down on a website. It’s called if
you want to check them out. And I think the reason
I feel sorry for them is because I don’t think they were ever intended to be serious. I think they’re a bit of pistake, but yet they’re now kind of being held up as everything that is wrong
with the sport of cycling. – So in their defense,
we’ve gone through the rules and chosen a few which we don’t think are actually complete rubbish. But it has taken us a little
while because there are now 102 of them. – That’s a lot of rules isn’t it. That might be part of
the downfall of the rules when there’s 102. – Yeah, could be. Anyway, starting with number 13. If you’re out riding in bad
weather, you’re a total badass. – Yeah, it’s hard to argue
with that one, isn’t it? I mean, we would all, I would imagine, of course like to ride
when the weather is nice, – Yeah
– but if you’ve got to go out when it’s minging, it does
leave you with that sense that you know, like it’s
worthy, what you’re doing. – Yeah, if I was out in hail
or the wind and the rain, I felt like I was getting one
over on the rest of the world ’cause I was the only one out on my bike. – Yeah, and also it makes getting home a heck of a lot nicer. – Oh yeah. Next number 14, two good ones in a row. It never gets easier, you just go faster. – Yeah, you see that’s a bit
counterintuitive, isn’t it. But it is true. I mean, it should get easier, but we cyclists are a strange bunch. And actually instead of
letting it get easier, we do just push harder,
therefore go faster, and or further. Although, stranger still,
is that the fitter you get, the easier it is to push yourself harder. So maybe it’s like a paradox. – Yeah, bizarre, isn’t it? Then we have number 23. It’s a bit of a contentious one, this. Always introduce yourself
when joining another ride or group that you weren’t
invited to be a part of. – Yeah, I thin this is about
how you read it, isn’t it. – Yep.
– Because it should be like rather than always introduce yourself, it could be like, always
introduce yourself. Because it does feel
like cyclists should be open and inclusive. But that extends both to the group or the person joining
as well, shouldn’t it? Just be friendly. – Interpretation says a lot
about these rules actually. To me, it’s just plain decency, introducing yourself on a ride. If you’re going to
spend time with someone, time riding alongside someone, you’re going to want to
tell them who you are, because otherwise it’s just odd that you’re a bit of a tagger on. – Yeah.
– I just can’t see a reason not to do that. – Say hello. Yeah, I think that’s a good one. Going to stick with group riding actually. Two more, 93 and 95. So don’t half wheel and don’t search. I wasn’t tempted to put 94 in as well which is that group rides
always leave on time without exception. However, without exception I
am always five minutes late to a ride, even when
I’m going out by myself. So I didn’t really feel
like I was qualified to put that one in. But anyway, so don’t half
wheel and don’t search. If you’re new to group
riding, those terms probably won’t mean all that much to you. But you very quickly learn
that they’re essential to a cohesive group that
actually works seamlessly and is a unit. And you get that kind of
well-oiled machine feeling. – Speeding for free basically. That’s what it feels like.
– Exactly. – Yeah, here’s the thing
about rules in group riding, some really help to make the ride more enjoyable and smoother. But I think the important
thing is actually how they’re communicated. – Yes, that’s very true, isn’t it. You got to be polite
and be friendly, but– – And inclusive. – Yeah, I’m very thankful
to the person that took me gently to one side
on my first ever club run, back in 1997, and explained to me
what I was doing wrong. And I wish I could remember
who that person was, ’cause they had a remarkably big impact on the way my life has turned out. If the guy had shouted at
me, maybe I would’ve thrown my toys out of the pram,
gone home and I don’t know, taken up running or triathlon! – Yeah, it’s incredible actually. – Sorry, no, I can’t even joke about that. No, I wouldn’t have done, no way. – It’s incredible how
those early experiences shape your life afterwards
through cycling. Anyway, another rule that
I find hard to argue with, number 35, socks can be any
color you damn well like. – Yeah, that is hard to argue
with that one, isn’t it? Seriously though, we’d be
very, very interested to know what you all think about
cycling’s unwritten rules. Is it time that they were torn up and we just said, hey, let’s
not be elitists and snobbish. Let’s be open to everyone. Or actually are some of them important for enjoyment of group
rides and indeed safety? Make sure you let us know what you think, in the comments section down below. – Yeah, can I add to that side? – Yeah. – I would like to know,
do you ride in a group that has your own set of unwritten rules, and what are they? – Well then they’d have
to write them down. – In the comments box below. – But then it’s not an unwritten rule. – Ooh, written and unwritten rules. Ooh, gray area. – Next up is our weekly inspiration. That point in the show where we go through and pick out some of our favorite photos that you’ve been sending in that are really inspiring us to ride. The top three all get a voucher from my mates over at Wiggle. 50 pounds for third, 75 pounds for second, and a 100 pound voucher for first place. Who’s rounding out our podium, Chris? – Well first up we have
Fungai, over in South Africa on a solo training ride. – Fungai. – Fungai, I bet he is. Cape Town this one, and
look at those trees. – Oh wow. – And the color of the sun. – I was going to say, that is the light in South Africa that people
go nuts for, isn’t it? And you can see why in that photograph. Also I like how he’s
effectively taken a selfie but you can’t see that he’s
taking a photo in his shadow. – Well practiced, I reckon. – How’ve you done that? Oh, I like that very much. All right, second place
sent in by Doug from Utah. This is from Richmond. He said, I never stop
riding to shoot a picture. Amen there, Doug. Especially in the middle of a good climb, but the view was too
spectacular to resist. And I’ve got to say, I sympathize. – Yeah. – It would be tempting to
stop and probably worthwhile ’cause you’ve now got
75 pounds of vouchers. So there we go. Not what I expected from Utah. – No not at all. A lot greener, than I was expecting. – Yeah, absolutely. – This week’s winner though
is Adrian with Liverville Disc in Brasov, Romania. Local climb in Romania
after a night full of rain. This was an amazing
threshold training ride. I’ve never heard of
threshold training rides described as amazing. – Ha ha, no! I used to love those. Yeah, and to be fair that
photo is absolutely wicked, doesn’t it? – Yeah. – Although, can I say, a weird thing. I really hate riding on
wet roads when it’s sunny. – Yes, I do agree with this completely. Because you’re like, I
shouldn’t be getting dirty because it’s not raining. – Yeah, I’d rather it was still raining than wet roads and sun. – At least you’re getting
dirty for a reason. – Yeah, there we go. I can see that it’s
really wet on the road. So hence why you’re the winner. ‘Cause that is just a really, it’s just a crackin’ shot. If you want to take part
in our weekly inspiration, super easy. Either use the hashtag
#gcninspriation on Instagram or use the uploader, a
link to which is in the description beneath this video. (trumpet fanfare) – It’s now time for cycling shorts. – We’ll start cycling shorts this week with news of the cities
in the world for cycling. This is a list compiled by
insurance company, Coya. It’s not an exhaustive list,
but they’ve clearly put a lot of thought into it. – They have. At number one, perhaps
unsurprisingly is Utrecht in the Netherlands. Amsterdam, meanwhile
languishes down in fifth place. Between the two, you’ve
got Munster in Germany, Antwerp in Belgium, and
Copenhagen in Denmark. – Sixth place is Malmo,
Sweden, just ahead of Auckland, New Zealand and Hangzhou, China. The first entry from
the UK is down in 17th and that’s Bristol. – Bristol! – Which comes in just ahead
of Montreal in Canada, their first entry. – The first entry from Australia is 21st and that’s Melbourne. And the first entry from
the USA is down at 39th and that’s San Francisco. – I would’ve thought that
a lot of these positions would be up for some pretty hot debate. Certainly if you live in those cities, I hear rumblings of discontent. People from Bristol saying
that we should be further down. But like you, I think it’s
pretty well thought out. The index takes into account rider safety, bike safety, level of infrastructure,
critical mass, even weather. Although again, residents
of Bristol, like me, might take exception to the fact that they reckon that Bristol
weather’s all right, with 69. I think it is. – Good point, actually. Think of the northern hemisphere. Holland, I’m surprised
they’re in the top ten at all. – Residents of many, many
cities, cycling paradise or not, will be all too familiar with the issue of secure bicycle parking. But this from another
insurance group, ETA, have come up with an
ingenious disguise, a skip! – Indeed, an ingenious solution. Although, as Ollie pointed out, people do like rifling
through skips, don’t they? – Yes they do. – John Cannings likes
rifling through skips. – Imagine if he found bikes in that. – He would be over the moon, wouldn’t he. So yeah, a word of warning, if you are going to employ a fake skip in which to store your
bike out on the street, make sure they’re securely
fastened to the ground. – Sound advice. – That’s probably illegal
to securely fasten a bike to the middle of
the street, isn’t it? Anyway, there we go. A nice idea in principle. Right, next up, we’re in need of a PBAN, ladies and gentlemen. Positive Bicycle Advocacy
News on behalf of our brothers and sisters in New York. You have long been using an
abandoned military air field in Brooklyn for weekly races. But it turns out, that
they’re facing, get this a 22,666% price rise for the privilege of using that ground. – Absurd. reports that the club
that was promoting the event are now facing charges of 34,000 dollars. This is because the land is now managed by a private company. – Yeah, Aviator Sports, I believe. – No longer the National Park Service. – Yeah, so could well be worth
an email to Aviator Sports. – Definitely. – And then we might get our PBAN. Whoo, whoo (vocal horn honk)! – I like the sound of that. Cycling Science over on
Twitter has been posting some brilliant links of late. Including this little nuggets for anyone that’s into their training. A meta-analysis published in the International Journal for Sports
Physiology and Performance. – It’s one of my favorites,
Chris, love that one. – Yeah, it’s not a bad one. Concluding that actually
there’s no evidence to show a benefit of training at low cadences. – Yeah, yeah.
– Finally. – You did say that, didn’t you Chris? – I did. – In the video the other week. But it’s controversial because
a lot of people do feel a benefit from it. But, it might well be,
that actually the benefit you’re feeling is
coincidental as a result of maybe doing more structured training or perhaps doing less of
another type of training that’s maybe over-fatiguing you. But, you got to say as well,
that if you do feel like a training session is beneficial, the psychological effect of doing stuff that you think works, is huge as well. And gains are gains, aren’t they? So you know. – Well they were until
they watched this show and realized there’s no point in doing it. – That is actually valid, yeah. So you could’ve carried on
doing what you’re doing, but now you can’t. So that’s the end of low cadence work. I’m going to keep doing it. – I’m not. – On to some cycle race news, now. Organizers of some of the
largest bike races in the world, not least the Tour de
France, have announced that they’re pulling two
of the highest profile women’s world tour
races from the calendar. This is because they’re
not going to provide the requirement from the UCI,
which is live TV coverage. – Yeah, that’s not cool is it? Jolanda Neff, I think,
former cross country world mountian bike
champion, perhaps put it best when she took to Twitter saying, dear fossil grandpas in power, making decision is like farting. When you press too hard, the result will probably be (bleep). Now I’m not entirely sure whether that is a Tweet against the ASO or
the UCI or a bit of both. But either way, she makes
a good point, doesn’t she? I mean, it’s not a great situation. There’s no suggestion that
they’re actually going to pull the races from the
calendar altogether, it’s just they won’t be
in the women’s world tour. So maybe, the team’s going
to have to boycott them despite the fact they’re so high-profile? It’s a mess isn’t it.
– Yep. And then they can go and
support other events, I guess. Organizers of the tour Norway,
the Vårgårda West Sweden, and the Danish Cycling
Union have got together to collaborate and create a
ten day Battle of the North. Which sounds absolutely fantastic. If it does come of, it’s
going to be the longest event on the calendar. Although, unfortunately we
are going to have to wait a little bit longer. 2021 is when they’re
hoping to launch that. Battle of the north, I’m
going to not say anything about Game of Thrones now. – What happened this week? – Don’t know, haven’t watched it yet. Right, now, uh … Sorry, you got me thinking
about Game of Thrones. (chuckling) Going to have to do this bit quietly so that GMVN don’t hear
because strictly speaking we’re not allowed to talk
about drop handlebars, no we’re not allowed to
talk about flat handlebars, and knobbly tires at the same time. – Contractually we can
do one or the other. – Yeah, that’s right. So knobbly and drop handlebars or flat handlebars and slicks. Anyway, it’s relevant to us
’cause Mathieu van der Poel has just qualified for the Tokyo Olympics. Having come second at
the opening round of the Mountain Bike World Cup at the weekend. And having won the short track that opens proceedings on the Friday now. So he pretty much nailed
it, didn’t he really? – He did, yeah. He now goes on to lead the World Cup after Albstadt, Germany. Although to be really
honest, it was quite weird to see him not winning
this year, wasn’t it? – Well that’s right. – Not used to that anymore. – I was expecting him
to unleash some kind of Amstel Gold finish there and take the win. But no, only second for van der Poel. – However, after the
finish, he gave a glimpse into what he’s planning for the future. And he said that the Grand
Tour is his next goal after the 2020 Olympics. Citing actually the Tour
de France because the Giro and the Vuelta are too
hilly for him at this moment. – Do you think he’s going for GC? Do you think he’s eyeing up
GC at the Tour de France? – I would see him more as
a points jersey, really. He can do anything, Mathieu van der Poel. – Yeah, so far he can, can’t he? Unbelievable. – I’d love to see him go for GC. Maybe it’s not possible,
oh, but it’d be cool. Of course, all eyes are
on Italy this month. It’s been a big week
of buildup at the Giro as the GC specialist all
wait their big tests. – Yeah, they did have
one, finally on Sunday with their second time trial. Perhaps unsurprisingly,
Primož Roglič came out on top. But he was pushed pretty
hard by Victor Campenaerts – Yeah.
– Who perhaps would’ve taken the win were it
not for this bike change. This horrible, horrible bike change. – Worst of all time,
especially considering it looked like it’d been planned as well. Well you’d think, wouldn’t you, given that he swapped from
a TT bike onto a road bike. – Yeah, no, it’s too early
to draw any conclusions from this year’s Giro, isn’t it. But, one thing is for sure. Roglič looks like he’s
in scintillating form. – He does, but Nibali
also looks like he’s going better than he’s gone in a long time. Simon Yates, not so much
now, having hemorrhaged three minutes to Roglič
on that time trial. But Hank has been catching
up with his direct sportive Matt White. – Thanks guys, we’re at the Giro d’Italia and I’m joined with Matt
White from Mitchelton-Scott. The direct sportive of Mitchelton-Scott. How is it going for you? I mean, last year Yates was in pink and he went off quite hard. What’s the change of tactics going into this year’s race? – Well the last 24 hours
is probably going to change our tactics again. We came into the race
very much cost dependent. It’s been a very uneventful
first half of the Giro because of the course design. We haven’t done any major climbs yet. Which is pretty unheard
of for going this far deep into the race. So obviously we’re going to sit back. The two time trials we’re going
to define as first period. Had a great parallel with Simon and a parallel we’d rather forget yesterday. But it is what it is. But we’ll have to adjust our plans for what is always a
very, very talent-heavy end of the race. And that kicks off on Thursday. – Yeah I’ve been off a
few of the big climbs, there’s a lot of snow on top. How’s Yates feeling? Is he feeling good, is he excited about
going into the mountains? – He is, he is. He really wants to rip it apart. And we’ve got a really good team here. So nothing’s going to change. It’s just so that we’re
going to be coming from a little bit further back
than we would’ve liked. But there’s a few teams
in the same situation. So I would expect starting is going to be very, very aggressive period. Because at the moment
you see Roglič and Nibali as sort of up here, and then everybody else needs time. And I think that teams like Astana, teams like Movistar, teams like us, we’re going to put those
guys under a lot of pressure this weekend. – Interesting, very interesting. Right, you’ll know by now that we have two more GCN
events coming this summer. One in Avoriaz in France and a second in Saalbach in Austria. We have had one or two
people contacting us to say that they’re a little
bit concerned that maybe they’re not good enough
or experienced enough to come out and ride with us. So we just want to stress here and now, that these events are
very much catering to all abilities. So anyone can come out and ride with us and you shouldn’t be
worried in the slightest. – No, there’ll be sessions to
help you improve your skill and confidence on the bike. Plus also help you to
learn safely in a group. – Yep, and also group rides
for all abilities as well. So if you’re feeling fast and frisky there’ll be a ride for you. Frisky on a bike, let me stress. And if you’re new to the sport, then there’ll be slower rides as well. So please, do not be daunted by this. And actually, also important to note, that if you’re coming out
with a partner or friend that doesn’t ride, there are non-rider packages available. So make sure you head
over to the event website, all the
information is on there. (electric screwdriver) – It’s now time for hack,
forward slash, bodge. And first up we have Evan on 2012 Ridley Noah. And look at that. That is a broom handle holding a GoPro so that he could film his
favorite climb, Lee Hill. I mean, I guess it would work. It’s an interesting
angle, that one, isn’t it? But, instead of a drone maybe? – Is that the swift camera angle? Is that what they call it? – I think Evan, you’re
going to need to send us the footage for us to
actually judge whether this is an inspiration or piece of cinematography or a total, total bodge. So the jury is out on Evan’s
GoPro mount on a stick. – What would the footage look like when you get out of saddle? That’s what I want to know. You just go (swooshes). – Evan, let us know. Right, next up we have this
intriguing looking fairing on the front of a pair of arrow bars. Sent in by Jolly from
Norfolkshireland, his words, not mine. Anyway, he said it’s the UCI,
Ugly Carbon Initiative Award. He banned it himself after one ride. Anyway, there we go. He said he found it in the back of his car and decided to share it. Only five hours work and 16 hours to bake for one, one-hour ride. – At least you didn’t waste your time. – Well, I’m glad you centered it ’cause I mean, I can’t see
there would ever be a need for that, would it? – I don’t know. – Right, hand warmer, yes. There you go Chris, you’ve nailed it. It might not be a complete waste of time. Just put some kind of
heating element in it and then you’ve got toasty hands. – Next up we’ve got two from Jay. I’m going to move you on from that. – Sorry. – We’ve got two from Jay, from Norcal. One of many hacks and bodges apparently. First up, he’s got a
light attached to a cork which has been screwed to
his wahoo mount, somehow. – I like that. – It’s clever.
– I’m not going to lie. – You can see the cork. – I mean part of me worries
that it might just fall of ’cause corks are not renowned for their structural integrity. And that looks like a half decent light. But centrally mounted lights. – Very good. – Regular viewers will know
it’s a big thing for me. This next one is utterly terrifying. – Yeah, it’s gone downhill very quickly. – Yeah, he’s fixed a tub with an industrial sewing machine and shoogoo. Fortunately he’s telling me it’s worked but he didn’t press his luck. – I think you’re pushing your luck just by having that on your bike! It doesn’t matter if you’re riding or not. Look at the state of it. Look at how beautiful those wheels are. I used to love those wheels. And you’ve got that on it. – Yeah, anyway, there we go. At least you have also removed that part from your bike. Next up, this, I think this is
going to be a hack, isn’t it? Again we have to hide this from GMVN because it’s knobbly
tires and flat handlebars. – The wheels aren’t in
the bike so it’s okay. – Ah yeah, technicality. But yeah, look at that. A rack mount for your scooter! – Now I really like this
’cause I really want to have a motor bike for my commute. And I think this is genius. I think this is the best
way to carry a bike. – Well there we go, Mark from Malta, you got yourself a hack with that. Quite intrigued how you’ve done it. So, there we go. Anyway, one last point. So Curt Edmonds got in touch on Instagram to say that he knew what those
ridiculously tiny looking inner tubes were that
were featured in a hack from last week. Apparently they’re tubalito tubes. Never heard of them
before, but they weigh like 30 grams or something. – How much is a normal tube? – Like a 120? – Oh wow, that’s impressive. – Cheers, take a look at that! – Oh wow. – Yeah.
– Okay. – Anyway, if you’d like to
get involved in hack or bodge next week, then simply
send in a picture or video of your hack, forward slash bodge, either on the uploader or using #GCNHack. And remember Evan, as well,
to get that footage in from your aerial GoPro. – Yeah, I’m looking
forward to seeing that. – It is now caption competition. So that point in the show
where we give you a photo, you let us know your caption underneath in the comments section. And we pick out a winner! The winner getting a
CamelBack water bottle. And the winner of last week is (finger drum roll) – Is The Real Gran Ciclismo. And the caption is, Oh you finally got a tattoo? Yeah, it was about time. – That’s great, that is absolutely great. Love it. There go, so get in touch
and we will send you your GCN CamelBack water bottle. The photo this week,
Primož Roglič doing his old ski jumpy thing. Can I have a go at this one? – Yes please. – In Lori’s absence. Primož Roglič more confident
than me in his antiperspirant. – That seems fair, yeah. – Well it’s accurate,
it’s absolutely accurate. You couldn’t pay me enough money for me to raise my arms at this
point in the GCN show. – No, well I mean, I’m not as embarrassed, but
yeah, it’s quite warm in here. – Ha, right, there we go. Anyway, if you think
you can beat that one, and I suggest you probably can, than stick your caption
in the comments section down below and we will pick, as I said, a winner next week. Before we get onto what is coming up on the channel for this week, it’s that time where we take a look back through some of the amazing comments that you’ve been leaving under videos from the last seven days. I’m going to get things started
with Ollie’s great video where he talked to Nigel
Mitchell, team EF Education First. Basically finding out
exactly what pro cyclists eat during a grand tour. HeyTreacle said, why
isn’t the bloody answer, one large bar of chocolate,
two glasses of red wine, and a pork pie? That would be good, wouldn’t it? – That’d be nice, wouldn’t it. – And Savage Poet said,
a bike nutritionist who eats his own name. Ni-Gels, wow. – That’s good, I like that one. – Then on the video that Hank and I did, how not to be a dick, why would I be a duck on a bike? – That’s a good point,
that, Tri-Shake-Atopps. – Yep, ooh, and I definitely
know this is from Ulysses, I definitely acknowledge other cyclists. I draw the line though at
acknowledging triathletes. (chuckling) – Do you think that’s just
people that don’t wear socks? – Or any clothes, most of the time. – Yeah that’s a good point actually. Although, if we’re
abandoning all the rules, – Wait ’til you’re online. – That’s it, yeah. Right, under, I’m think he was joking by the way, just before people get
cross here, that was a joke. Right, under how to
spring like Elia Viviani, Greg Lopez said GCN could have had Lasty introduce a video of paint drying and the top comments
would’ve been the same. Good to see you Tom. So yeah, a rare screen
appearance from Lasty these days. But much appreciated. – It was good. And then we get a harsh but fair one from Michael McDermott on last week’s show. – Incredible commitment from James to go pink for the Giro. Poor old James. Right then, what is coming
up on the channel this week. Chris, starting on Wednesday – Coming up on Wednesday
is how to train with power. On Thursday we then have the Italian Job which is an amazing
collaboration with James, Ollie, and Allen, over in Italy
and you have to see it. It is really, really good. – They got cold for that one. – They did get cold. – If you’ve watched it
– Many times. Then on Friday we’ve got ask
GCN back here in the set. On Saturday. – Yeah, Saturday is how to use Komoot. So we talk about it quite a lot in videos but many of you might not know about it. So it’s a navigation app that we use so we thought we’d explain everything. And then Sunday just
how hard is the hardest Grand Tour stage of the year? Ollie and James went to find out. And once again they suffered. – Yeah, judging by the stories, that’s one not to miss as well. – Yeah, the food poisoning that they got actually isn’t part of
the Grand Tour normally. – Oh right, that was an
extra they chose to do. – It was an added extra. – I bet it is part of a
Grand Tour for many riders in the past
– Yeah, well it is. Right, and then of
course, Monday and Tuesday is GCN racing news show and the GCN show not forgoing all the other amazing content that’s coming back from the Giro d’Italia so stayed tuned to that here. And then also on the tech channel not to mention on Facebook where we have our wrap-up show every day. So stay tuned! – Busy, busy. – We are getting towards
the end of the show now but thank you very much for watching. – Yeah, a quick heads
up before we go though. We have now launched a new
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100 comments on “6 Rules Of Cycling That Actually Aren’t Crap | GCN Show Ep. 332

  1. Which other rules do you follow when cycling? Let us know your thoughts on the rules in the comments below 👇

  2. what do these lists of best cycling cities actually achieve? Maybe these cities are good for commuting coz amsterdam certainly isn't good for the kind of cycling I enjoy! bike theft is laughingly common, constant strong wind and no hills, over-priced, ride bike shops, and city bikes, tourists and mopeds make the city centre a deadly obstacle course! just coz there's lots of cycle paths doesn't mean it's a great place for 'cycling'!

  3. Interesting at 11.00 the comment on no apparent benefit in low cadence training.

    12 to 18 months ago at a random high street health check (a NHS trailer set up at the end of the high street) I was told that at 118kg I was “pre diabetic” and was advised to reduce my waistline, so set out to drop weight. So I upped my walking and out came the bike and off I went, I dropped my weight over the following 12mths or so down to 95 – 96 kg and then just seem to plateau.

    I read a couple of articles about heart rate training zones and though I would give it a try, so this last two months twice a week my rides are long slower ‘lower cadence’ ‘lower effort’ rides at 60-70% (as opposed to my general 75-80%) of my heart rate max and I am now dropping weight again, currently 91-92 kg. So really curious about what they were looking for in the low cadence training.

  4. i hate that rule about not wearing pro team kits, as if the $400 silky fabric you're wearing is any better to look at, that design makes u look like a zebra mate.

  5. Roglič: "Look guys, I finished the entire race without any deodorant, and I don't even stink"  
    Ladies: "Riiiight"

  6. Our rules; 1. no Strava town-sign sprinting (you can train alone, but can’t socialize alone) 3.take care of the weakest in the group
    Simple rules, more cyclist should consider.

  7. Most non-cyclists don't understand the appeal until they start.

    Beginner cyclists don't understand The Rules until they get deeper into it.

    Some are fun, some are more factual, but like graffiti for graffiti artists, they're for us and we understand them.

    That doesn't mean that people can't appreciate or take what they need/want from them. It's not elitist or exclusionary, they're available to everyone. Kind of like… Cycling.

    The Rules stay.

    Near, far, wherever he is, while Primož Roglič may think he's King of the World, he's still not King of the Mountain!

  9. The 60 year old women of Innsbruck, I regularly saw cycling 20kg of bike & groceries through the snow, might find Rule 13 over-rated.

    Today's superb foul weather kit make riding in any weather very comfortable.

    Time to retire that rule and just consider it a given to ride rain or shine.

  10. With respect to rule #13, rain, hail & snow, yes, badass. 100km/h winds which dismantle a Soviet era tank-like bus shelter whilst you're out in it, idiot.

  11. As someone here pointed out, there are 200 cities in Holland and every one of them would be further up the list than Auckland. We have some sections of cycle paths, and we're getting more, a few hundred metres at a time, but very few of them are connected and most of them disappear at intersections.That's okay, apparently, because cyclists here are famous for their ability to teleport. I reckon Auckland got in the top 10, because, like NZ's '100% Pure' tourism branding, we are too far from anywhere for anyone to come and check.

  12. i've tagged onto loads of rides and nobody has spoken to me, i'm not confident enough to say hi so I just sit at the back lol

  13. The Tubolito inner tubes are very good and I have ridden 500 mile with no punctures so far around Bristol. Did place some anti-puncture guards inside my tyres, but overall they are still 60g per wheel lighter than a standard tube with far greater puncture protection. Expensive though !!

  14. Antwerp above Copenhagen…. no way. I ride trough Antwerp everyday on a race bike and it's still motorcity with real Belgian bicycle lanes.

  15. Hello GCN I hv cheep road bike 🚴🏻‍♂️ it’s threeded fork I can replace threedless fork headset..??

  16. If you are out riding in bad weather you are a nut case. My #1 rule is if you are on a road bike wearing trainers or mtb shoes, baggy shorts and no helmet, you are not allowed to look surprised when I hurl abuse at you.

  17. I love the Scooter Bike Rack. Many times I'd like to take my bike a bit further afield before starting my ride. Any further details? I'm not mechanically gifted & will need to get one constructed locally

  18. #1,000: Socks can be any length, unless it's over your knee. NEVER ride with socks over your knee! Just Say NO!!!

  19. WattBazooka gave me a 'Ride on' on Zwift today. I just have to say THANK YOU!!! Much appreciated. I was starting to lose focus, and really appreciate it… Thanks…

  20. caption competition: you should have seen the gap on the breakaway, it was this big

  21. I'd like to apply this one during our group training ride :
    "You can't attack/sprint until you did a turn at the front"

  22. #torqueback #askgcnanything – with all
    the emphasis on technology in biking today i was curious if gcn would ever do a plugged in bike vs non-plugged bike for say a week and share what you notice in differences with ride experience . non plugged in meaning – no power meter , no bike computer , no strava , nothing but just the bike . i tried it myself and found that technology in a lot of ways distracts us from the world around us. When i let all the data and digital connections go i was able to more fully experience the ride and I felt it was more rewarding .

  23. The GCN show is my favorite show on Youtube at the moment. I also watch car channels like Top Gear – still GCN is the best!

  24. Rule #42: a bike race should never be preceded with a swim and/or followed by a run …. keep in mind that one should only swim in order to prevent drowning and should only run if being chased.

  25. Antwerp third?? Sorry but it is not safe or fun to cycle here… Cars don't care or look out for bikes

  26. I cycle all year round now that I have a pair of Bontrager OMWs. They make my winter work commutes much better. The trails are quiet on those cold mornings. Now if I could only find a nice rain jacket, I would be dry as well as warm. That stated, I loathe cycling when it is hot.

  27. Caption: You've gotta dance like there's nobody watching, Love like you'll never be hurt, and raise your arms like she can’t smell you…

  28. Great show guys!, GCN production is such high quality!, but do you need to swear?, I can cuss with the best of ‘em but on GCN it just detracts from the professionalism! Sorry to seem like an old f*rt!………

  29. The rules are only rules for people who spend half their time on 4chan and the other half in their parents basements .

  30. The rules are fun ! Always like giving each other abuse for breaking them , and nobody gets too serious about them

  31. The crash was real. We were delayed and detoured on our way to the San Diego Century ride as the 215 freeway was closed. They had to blow up the ordinance on the plane so they closed the freeway next to the crash for a couple of days.

  32. Rule #22 is essential for Velothropological reasons, as were the Altamira paintings for Anthropology.

    This commentatore was gifted bye a number of caps, none EVER worn sacrilegiously, but only for throwing shade on any late-day or season riding. Caring most for a Montreal Olympics cap for such reasons as followe, I ne'er breached the rule, and it survived for twentie years before disintegratinge – Withoute usinge it for any reason other than self-motivation, much as lifteres discovered red geare actuallie increases strengthe.
    I woulde that it had been cast in amber, with nevere name attached, for suche, finallie, have no meaninges for thee ensuing reasones.

    As mystifyeinge as the fossil skulls I've petted from the far Pleistocene, thinking how they EACH lived with ecstasie and fulfillmente, unknowne to those caught in evanescente present believing our lives and emotions encompasse more than those now turned to stone.

    One must never care for yesterdaye, or todaye when passed. Yet, as the Bard has sung

    ["Fixed" having TWO syllables, please, as all other plurales containing -es]:

    "Let me not to the marriage of true mindes
    Admit impediments. Love is not love
    Which alters when it alteration findes,
    Or bends with the remover to remove:

    O, no! it is an ever-fixed marke,
    That looks on tempests and is never shaken;

    It is the star to every wandering barke,
    Whose worth’s unknowne, although his higth be taken.

    Lov’s not Time’s fool, though rosie lips and cheekes
    Within his bending sickle’s compasse come;
    Love alters not with his breef hours and weekes,
    But beares it out even to the edge of doome.

    If this be error and upon me proved,
    I never writ, nor no man ever loved."

    —– This is what yon Velominati japes seeke to holde

  33. Guys, apparently the former airfield has been sold or leased to a private owner, who PAID for this handsomely. There is no reason why a private company should be spammed with e-mails from all over the world to get it to subsidise some people's expensive hobby. It's like e-mailing a drink producer, telling it to sponsor some private event, just because, and with no reciprocal benefit.

  34. RE low cadence, just because an article states that there is no benefit, doesn't mean that there is no benefit, just that there is no evidence and often, that is because the studies were not of good methodological quality. Evidence of absence (of an effect) is not the same as absence of evidence.

  35. Rule number one in cycling. Turn your pedals. Rule number two in cycling. There are no other rules other than rule number one in cycling.

  36. I’m on catch up so a Little bit late to comment but. . . .

    As a new cyclist, The Rules are important, not because they are a set of instructions to live by within the culture but as a short guide to what the cultural axioms are.

    As an outsider it can be daunting to start a new sport from scratch and not get any of the reference points (whether or not they are tongue in cheek, meant to be helpful or out and out bollocks) The Rules go a long way to solving this issue.

    As an example, I had to put a wheel back on recently and, as I had since childhood (with a 3-gear Raleigh), turned my bike upside down to do it. This was met with a few light gibes which I didn’t understand and it wasn’t until I came across The Rules recently that I got it.

    For this reason The Rules stand as an important part of cycling and without question shouldn’t be torn up but embraced as the self-referential and self-deprecating shorthand that they are.

  37. Be polite, Support the Cycling community, Enjoy crushing gravel, and don't be a D*^K! The 3rd is the most important.

  38. Spot on WRT riding on wet roads when it's sunny. Around here, that usually happens due to idiots watering lawns with badly setup automatic sprinklers during daylight hours with a third of the water spraying into the road, a third evaporating because the sun is blasting down on the grass, and only a third actually gets absorbed.

  39. The Rules are meant to be fun, too much political correctness going on in the world today, just cycle, be courteous to others and enjoy yourself

  40. Hold your line. If you've cursed yourself by choosing a fixie and can't seem to get out of the gate without jerking from side to side, you need a different bike.

  41. Every LBS ride should be punctuated or concluded with a coffee or a carbohydrate recovery drink. Our LBS is in the process of embedding and enshrining this in the constitution!!

  42. I organize group rides and I do have rules. I have never written them down, but the one that stands out, and that I often hear them quoting to each other, is “I don’t care what you are finishing up in that cup, we’re not leaving until it is full of something.” We are riding up hills in Kentucky in very hot, humid weather. The second big one is “I don’t care who you can call to pick you up, you must bring along whatever you need to repair one flat.” Even if you don’t intend to use it. I’m not comfortable leaving people standing alone on the side of the road. Even worse is standing there with them.

  43. There are a bunch of mountain bike trails near that warehouse. On a ride I ended up near that warehouse. You can barely makeout the hole where the F-16 hit.

  44. I think you left out the 100% in rule, Rule 77 // Respect the earth; don’t litter.Cycling is not an excuse to litter. Do not throw your empty gel packets, energy bar wrappers or punctured tubes on the road or in the bush. Stuff em in your jersey pockets, and repair that tube when you get home.

  45. Global warming is moving the snow back into the mountains, the science doesn't match the mountain passes.

  46. Our group has an important one. We often are simply riding together in an unstructured manner. If we transition into pace riding it is required that the following person tell the person ahead of them that they are drafting. If this notification is not given the leader, or person ahead, has no obligation to carefully protect the people behind with road alerts and the like.

  47. Rule #13!?.. Come on guys riding in foul weather is rule #9 : evvvveryone knows that one.. school boy error 🙄

  48. Oh, political ambiguity sucks ass! Taipei, or anyplace in Xinbei county should have been on that list in the top 5 at least. I am all but convinced the only reason Taiwan did not make the list is because of how triggered Chinese get when Taiwan is mentioned without tagging it with "China" at the end. To this end, it is clear that GCN loves Taiwan, they love cycling in it and touring the companies here. Then why no Taiwan GCN shirt? Or is the aforementioned ambiguity a result?

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