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6 Weird Things Professional Cyclists Do On Their Bikes

6 Weird Things Professional Cyclists Do On Their Bikes

– Pros live on their bikes, spending hours and hours in the saddle. And I mean, they get up to
some pretty strange things, and I mean really strange. – Really strange. And so in this video, we’re
gonna be explaining this, this, – (gasps) You’re stinking! – And even this. – (sighs) I’m so relieved. – Oh my gosh. – Odd. (warning siren) – Some races are really long. I mean take Milan-San Remo for example, over seven hours, and sometimes you just really need a wee! You might be lucky enough, and there’ll be a lull in the action, and you can pull over
and relieve yourself. But more often than not, you’ll find that the race is really on and
you have to go on the move. Just excuse me one minute. Don’t be too worried about losing contact with the bunch, though. You can always ask a
teammate for a helping hand. – It’s alright, mate, I’ve got you. – Now, we probably wouldn’t
recommend you do this on your local club ride, but in a race, this could be the difference
between winning or losing. Oh, I needed that! Now one thing a pro has
to be really good at, is consistently changing the
layering of their clothing to match the conditions
they’re experiencing. We all know that they’re pretty good at putting a rain cape on, and taking it back off! But, if you pay attention,
you might get to see the rarely spotted, and
frankly more exciting, undervest removal. – You may have seen
Sagan adjusting his bike mid-race and wondered
how on earth he does it, while keeping control of the bike. This is for sure an advanced skill, especially when adjusting your bars, but pros adjust their bikes
all the time on to go. The most common one is
adjusting your brakes, especially if you have a rim-brake bike. The worst thing for a pro is hearing your brakes rub on the rim. So being able to loosen
the barrel adjusters mid-ride is a skill a pro needs to have down to a T. In fact, when done from
alongside the team car, a rim-brake adjustment is the most often fate mechanical a bike
rider seems to have. – Talking of fixing stuff, my
bottle cage is coming loose. Have you got a tool for me? Ah! Nice! – Taking off your knee
or leg warmers on the go does look like a really
difficult skill to master. But with the right steps implemented, it can be done. That said, the pros make
it look incredibly easy and seemingless. And I mean, it is more
difficult with leg warmers than with knee warmers, but this is how you do it. – (Dan) Step 1: bring your knee
warmers down to your ankles. Step 2: roll your
warmers ’round your ankle until close to your pedal. Step 3: unclip your shoe
and pull over your cleat, and job done. Step 4: clip back in,
and put your knee warmer back in your pocket, and
it’s onto the next one. – Grabbing food and
drink from the roadside is another really important
skill for a pro to have, and in fact can really
determine how they get on in the latter half of the bike race. Almost all races have a
feed zone after around 90 kilometers, as this is when the rider will generally go on through the first couple of bottles
and some of their food. Designated feed zones
are where the soigneurs can park the cars and
hand out the bottles. When a rider wants to grab the bottle, they’ll signal to the bunch
that they want to move out, pull over to the side of the road, reach out, find the
soigneur that’s dressed in similar clothing, and grab the bottle. Musettes are often easier to grab, as feed zones tend to be
placed where the racing is a little bit faster. – Stretching: now this sounds really easy, but when you are racing,
you don’t have the luxury of doing yoga poses. So this is how you stretch on the bike. – (Chris) So how do they do it? Well, the most common stretch
is the one for your quads. Unclip your shoes and bend your leg so you rest your foot on your saddle. And if you want to give
yourself a deeper stretch, then sit back on your foot. – There you have it, the pros do get up some pretty weird things. – But, if you’re not a pro cyclist, you probably don’t really
need to try any of those. – No, that’s probably true. And if you did enjoy this video, then give it a big thumbs up. – And for another video,
check out this ask the pros.

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  1. Professional cyclists spend a lot of time riding their bikes, and you might have spotted some of the stranger things they can do whilst cycling.

  2. GCN should've never parted ways with KASK . A shame. Those Bell helmets are disgusting. Going to keep commenting on this topic on every video.

  3. I went to a talk by a soigneur many years ago, before helmets were worn and everyone wore a cap. He said that riders do everything on the move – and if you ever see a discarded cap for goodness sake don't pick it up?

  4. It should be pointed out that pushing another rider, even a teammate and even while peeing, is actually against the rules (although a blind eye is usually turned when the race isn't materially affected). UCI rule 2.3.012 includes "The pushing of one rider by another shall in all cases be forbidden, on pain of disqualification."

  5. Tip: Never take a wee in a cross wind or it may turn into an unexpected shower for you and your mate. Lol. Ride responsibly. 👍🤪👍

  6. the difference between winning or loosing or getting all splashed by your mates' piss… I'll rather stop!

  7. A way to make your bottle cage bolts not come loose and keep then nice and snug.
    Ad some teflon(ptfe) tape to them before installing them, make sure to not wrap them more than 1,5-2 turns and make it take the shape and form of the threads by sqeezing down while with your fingers on it.
    they'll be easy to remove too because no corrosion can occur.

  8. How do the women pee during their races? It is pretty unlikely that they use a teammate like you demonstrated…but what do I know.

  9. According to his (auto)biography, Robbie McEwen once took a dump in a race, without stopping, with the aid of a team mate pushing him along. His (soon to be) DS was in the first car of the following convoy and saw everything.
    He also pulled over and took a dump behind a car durning a race in Belgium, only to be asked for an autograph from a spectator, mid squeeze.

  10. I saw Rigoberto Uran do the quad stretch while descending at 72 kph in Montréal 2 years ago. These guys are insane

  11. This is all well and good but the skill I'd like to master is making Instagram stories from the saddle. Tiffany Cromwell could give a masterclass in this. On a related note #askgcnanything is there a phone case that stops your phone getting damp in your jersey pocket and is less fiddly than a zip lock bag? I'd like to be able to ditch my top tube bag.

  12. This reminds me of a time when a friend and I were out riding motorcycles (crotch rockets). He wanted to pick up a pizza on the way home, so we did. He rode all the way home with a pizza box in one hand pinned against the gas tank and the other hand on the throttle. Still trying to figure out how he did it…but he used to race and knew what he was doing.

  13. Once I was in a race in germany and a ex team telekom rider stopped while riding in the leading group to take a wee and cam back to the head of the race. very impressive.

  14. You blokes at Play Now Sports are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Glad to see this wasn't another video on how to change a tyre or wrap handelbar tape or how to wash a bike. Beating this horse dead….it's dead stop beating it. As the saying goes,…"thumbs up and subscribe" to a channel that's been going down hill since Matt left, now Emma. 🙁

  15. I'm not a pro and I have not participated on any races either. But I do these 'weird' things on my mountain bike, does that make me a pro? 😂

  16. I'm a distance runner. Love cycling because I can relate to the struggle. I love this channel though

  17. Click bait, lmao
    I just came here to comment this cause look at that ridding posture, its like giving a birth to a prostitute… hmm btw its click bait

  18. Am i a street rider?no
    Am i a bmx rider?yes
    Do i hate this type of clothing?yes
    Will i do anything of these?no
    Will i continue watching?yes

  19. Im not a pro but I can do the 5 of them completely fine. The only thing I can't do is adjusting the bike.

  20. One small shift in the gravel and both you and that bike are going to be setting a new PR on a descent, mate.

    Me: yeah bruh duhh biking is for OUTSIDE not INSIDE
    Also me:uhhmm?…

  22. Yesterday I tried the sitting on top tube thing on a decent… and I can say… It is very dangerous and looks a lot easier than it is.

  23. Is the new Cannondale SuperSix Evo a good bike (the base model but with disc brakes at 2750 USD) for a 15-year-old who is trying to get into the world of road bike racing?

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