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7 (Almost) Free Ways To Take Your New Mountain Bike To The Next Level!

7 (Almost) Free Ways To Take Your New Mountain Bike To The Next Level!

We’re in the shed, and I’ve got my
brand new GT Sanction enduro bike. Now, you might have already seen this bike
starring in “How to Build Your Bike from a Box”, but today we’re going to be talking
about seven ways that you can take your new bike to the next level, and the best
part is that they’re almost entirely free. So, the first thing that I’m going to
do is I’m going to get rid of this disk. Now, I can actually see why they
are there. They’re there so that if the chain does go over the top of the
cassette, it’s not going to go right into the spokes and actually jam up. But to
me, I’d rather just ensure that my gears are indexed every time I go riding. I’m
going to take it off, and apart from anything, the flapping noise it creates
just annoys me. Let’s get rid of that, shall we? And we’ll just throw that away.
I’m all for safety, but these reflectors, they just don’t do it for me, so
let’s get rid of them as well, better. ♪ [music] ♪ Now, I’m one for liking a really silent
bike, and a top tip that I spotted a couple of World Cup riders doing a few
years ago was actually using a little bit of velcro just to put on the chainstays,
wherever the chain was slapping off. And that just silences, deadens any noise,
so make sure that you get some sticky back velcro. I’ve actually pre-cut some pieces
already here that I’m just going to stick onto my frame, and I’ll put them on. And
when the chain does drop onto it, it’s hopefully going to be silent. I think you
can agree that it looks pretty clean, pretty sleek, and you can still see the GT
logo and the Sanction name there as well. Now, just remember, a top tip is that
old saying, “Measure twice, cut once.” ♪ [music] ♪ Now, one of the biggest improvements I’ve
found over the last couple of years has been going tubeless. A lot of the
manufacturers actually spec the bikes to be tubeless-ready, and this is exactly
just that. So, all I’m going to have to do is put some valves in and add some
sealant. We’ve already done a video on how to make your tires tubeless, and
the link will be in the description down below, and there we have it. How to go
tubeless, and it’s a lot easier to do than people think, and it makes a huge
difference to how your bike handles. ♪ [music] ♪ One of the biggest things that really
makes a bike good or bad is a cockpit setup. So the first thing I’m
going to do is set my bar height, and I’m just going to lift the stem
off, and I’m going to set the spaces. Now, I’ve actually done a video on this
already, so check out the “Mission Control” series. The link will be
in the description down below. And you just play around, I mean, I know
what I like, and it takes a little bit of time for you to find out what you like.
Other factors to consider when you’re adjusting your cockpit is as well
your brake lever angle, and also the distance they are from
the grip, and your bar roll. ♪ [music] ♪ One thing that can really bug me
about bikes is the cable routing, and the mess that sometimes it can create.
Look at this, I’ve got my dropper post, brake holders, gear shifting as well.
I’m going to try and neaten it up, and that really makes a huge
difference to how the bike looks and also deaden some of the noise. It’s
amazing what a few cable ties can do, and I’m just going to put these on the cables,
join them up, and make it look a bit neater, and you’d be surprised
just how much tighter it looks. Now when you’re doing this, I’ve
actually got three top tips for you. Make sure that you do use good quality
cable ties. A pair of side cutters really makes a big difference when you
go to cut the ends of the cable ties, makes it super smooth when you
slice it off, and if you are racing, and you’re going to have a number
plate in there, just try it before you get all your cables cut
and neat and ready to go. ♪ [music] ♪ Now one of the things that really makes a
big difference to how I feel on a bike is the seat angle. This is an enduro bike. I
like to have a slight angle with the back down and the front up just a little bit
but not too much, because I’m still going to be climbing on the bike. So I try to
keep it quite neutral, so it’s comfortable on the climbs. All that’s left to do is
set my seat height, but we’ve already got a video on that, and the link will
be in the description down below. ♪ [music] ♪ I’ve followed Neil’s advice on how to
set the sack, and the video link will be in the description down below. All
that remains to be set is the rebound, and I’m actually just going to
adjust that to a central position, and I’m going to work from there as a base
setting. Exactly the same applies to the fork. I’m going to find that initial
base setting and work from there. The more I’m comfortable on the bike, I
can make it faster or slower, depending on my riding style. So there we have it,
seven different ways that will take your brand new bike to the next level. My bike
is now super nice, and I’m ready to hit the trails. For more great videos on
GNBN, why don’t you click up there for “Mechanical” playlist. You’ll get some
top tips on maybe cutting your brake hoses if you need to, or if you are going for
a ride and want to improve your skills then click just down there for a
“How-To” playlist. But, before you do either of that, click right in the
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  1. Once I was on a steep jump and my durailer hit the ground and it slingshotted around and got stuck in the wheel and bent it. That plastic disk on top of the cassette saved my life

  2. How about how to improve a crappy mtb? I have a giant revel and now that i've tried my friend's bike i can't even use mine without complaining to myself!

  3. A point worth noting when you're tidying your cables is to ensure that you can still turn your bars (more than you need) when you've cable tied them. I say 'more than you need' so that if you come off and your bars are jammed round, you won't place any undue stress on the cables.

  4. I don't think removing the clear disc is a good idea for everyone. One time a stick jammed in my rear derailleur bending its hanger, and because of that, later on during the ride, my chain got caught between the cassette and spokes because the bent hanger allowed the derailleur to shift the chain off of the sprocket. If a disc were there, it would have prevented the occurrence. It was a bear trying to get the chain unstuck and my ride was ruined. It took hours getting my bike back to my car. I carry a spare chain and derailleur hanger with me too.

  5. Great vid, and I know I'm a bit late to comment, but for anyone that sees this-
    I am a bike mechanic, and I have something to say about this. The reason for the cable housing to be out like that is to give the cable a nice smooth turn and if you adjust it, there is a chance to mess it up, and the cable tension will greatly increase. This can affect the time in between pulling the lever and the action to be completed.

  6. i've noticed that every time i make a steep left turn on my bike my front brake makes a funny noise, any tips would be great thanks?

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  10. A cleaner method to prevent chain slap is using bartape and wrapping then tying it around then using zip ties on each end of the tap to keep it in place, if done properly it will look sleek and you can get cheap bar tape in virtually any color so you can accent it with this trick as well

  11. Brah,salutations from Ford City PA U.S.A.,dude you look like Nathan Bilsky back from high school,any way like your videos, real informative .

  12. I would zip tie my cables in front….. but I鈥檓 OCD and as soon as I tie them on I鈥檒l be thinking I should have zipped them a quarter inch left or right, and I鈥檇 be cutting them and zipping them 100 times before I found the spot I want….. smh fuck me

  13. Advising to take off reflectors? Tut tut that鈥檚 a health and safety hazard and could increase the risk of children getting hit by cars and early signs of breast cancer.

  14. Seth's bike hacks uses 3M electrical tape for his chain stays and you can get them in more than one color

  15. Honestly this video is pure bullshit, you aren't improving your bike at all, you're just throwing away stuff from the bike

  16. About tubeless: There must be a reason why NO manufacturer sells bikes without tubes. Once you found that reason you will stay with your tubes, too.

  17. Dont cut cable ties!! It leaves a sharp edge twist them off at the base of the lock with pliers no sharp edge

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