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100 comments on “7 Magnificent Ways To Dismount Your Bicycle

  1. 4 ways to be a cyclist not not be hated by every car driver ever:
    step one: Move over
    step two: don't ride side by side
    step three: don't run red lights
    step four: drive a car

  2. I do a variation the last one. Instead of bring it around the back I just lift my leg over the bar so I can stay seated the entire time. Before coming to a stop.

  3. I tried the over bars endo on my bike but was going to fast when I braked and hit my legs on the handle bars instead of going round the sides and subsequently head butted the front wheel and then the ground

  4. And what about the "pedal stroke"? You push hard into your pedals to do a wheelie, and when you feel like is going to over rotate and make you fall, then clip of one foot and put it on the floor to stabilize your body, finally you clip off the other foot and return the bike to his normal position. You can also use it to make fast changes of direction with only one foot on the floor to turn your bike and then keep going to your destination.

  5. Y'all still look stupid as shit why you all wear tights I get it air flow but you're not in a race or anything wouldn't the added resistance make it better for when you actually need better air flow and not make you look like douches

  6. The endo dosnt look too healthy and some of theese can't be done without a ultralight carbon fiber bike

  7. what about jumping off the back while the bike keeps rolling? you can get a 10 pin strike or put it in the bike rack that way lol

  8. You haven't got the rolling wheelie dismount. a favourite amoungst Essex kids they utilise it to decent effect to attack people with the front wheel.

    premise is easy, do a wheelie and jump off bike still holding handle bars.

    boom. attack dismount.

  9. Or… Get a normal bike and not one of those stupid bikes that you have to put your arse in the air to ride it, i know its aerodynamic but c'mon

  10. the traffic lights gears/breaks lightning adjust is one i use a lot. grab the front of the saddle and pull the bike forward as you roll to a stop. hold the back wheel and do the adjustment, hop forward onto the saddle after.

  11. I thought the through pass would be swinging foot first through the frame. I wonder how And1 would dismount a bike…

  12. Please cut scenes for the over the bars endo 🙂
    I always do something between the step down and the step through

  13. I tried #2 a few years ago but my bollocks got caught on the handlebars and I faceplanted the floor. Good job it was on grass lol

  14. You forgot my signature "rear jump off" dismount:

    While riding to a stop, when your dominant leg hits a little past 12 push forward and jump off the back of the bike, shooting it forward and catching the saddle in your hands

    This works a hell of a lot better on a bike with platforms and straps than clipless pedals

  15. You guys are hilarious. Very entertaining and now you give me a challenge to come up with a funky dismount! How about jumping of the saddle back and off. Hold the bike by the saddle. LOL

  16. My favourite was the wheelie. Bring the front up far enough and step off the back. Making it look effortless is the hard part.

  17. How about the "OH SHIT!!" Where you lose balance and fall on your face although you will probably get some scars (I tried it)

  18. I've always felt at ease with the looks, pointers, and quick comments in the ear of peasants whilst performing the smoothest "step downs" wherever I ride but, lately, can't find myself, been feeling bored, like testing new waters, wanting to be looked at like a core innovator, a man way ahead of its time, the adjectives "flamboyant" and "adventurous" that accompany the "supported push through" are just what my soul needs to feel rejuvenated.

    Thank you GCN, you've brought sunshine to my riding again.

    <One Love>


  19. My personal favorite: The Quicksilver. You grab the saddle with one hand whilst moving, then slide off the rear pulling the bike forward between your legs. Stylistically graceful.

  20. What GCN calls the "through" step I've always used since I was a teenager — accept at a somewhat slower approach and the right foot cross the left and goes on the ground acting as a brake of sorts. My mount is somewhat the reverse. Any other mount/dismount to me looks clunky. But that's just my bias.

  21. Just realized that the step down is not considered the default dismounting method by most cyclists, it was just the solution to the problem that I was given a bicycle for adults when I was 8 years old.

  22. Flamboyant and adventurous is my middle … names! The Step through is nevertheless my unmounting of choice. Well, not choice choice… rather forced choice… thanks for the lesson.

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