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7 Magnificent Ways To Place Your Bicycle Helmet

7 Magnificent Ways To Place Your Bicycle Helmet

Continuing our series of magnificent ways to do thing to do with cycling, is this, seven magnificent ways to
place your bicycle helmet. The classic stem drape. This technique has been adopted ever since the advent
of the cycling helmet. The beauty of this style lies in it’s shear uncluttered simplicity. The bolts of the stem are used as an anchor point for the straps, whist the natural weight of
the helmet holds it in place. Suggest the rider can either be a pro, or keen amateur with an eye for style. The bowl. Cyclist are divided as
to whether the helmet should or should not
be placed on the table. But a few riders happy
with this arrangement have taken this way of placing
your helmet, to a new level. Yes, by turning the helmet and
utilising the space within, it turns into a handy receptacle, for possessions that will otherwise A, clutter the tabletop, and
B, be stuck in your back pocket making it uncomfortable
to sit back in your chair. Innovative and space-saving. The hood dangle. Not the most elegant of
techniques it must be said, but one that is quick
and remarkable effective, especially for those in a hurry, to place their helmet somewhere. The helmet straps, with clasps fastened, are simply looped over the
upwardly protruding lever hood, which in normal circumstances,
would be the one facing away from where the bike has been lent. The saddle cover. A new style, not as common as most of the methods
described in this video, in which we see the inner
workings of the helmet, via the empty space, being
used to fit the saddle inside. And therefore hold the helmet in place. Although appealing to the eye, it’s a technique that can’t be rushed, and takes time to get optimised. It’s also a risky one, replying on balance rather than tethering. The doorknob suspend. This is a reliable utility method, rather than a decorative one, employed when answering a call of nature in a bathroom cubicle in your kit. Now rather than place your prized headgear on a potentially damp and dirty floor, simply hook the chin
straps over the doorknob, leaving the inside of the
helmet facing upwards, providing a handy space to put your jersey and other items in, rather than risk putting
them on the ground. The chair swing. Favoured by those who A, aren’t in the helmets of tables camp, or B, don’t want to put
their helmets in the floor. The way in which the helmet
is hitched to the chair, will be determined by the
style of chair itself. Meaning there’s a fair bit for the hanger, or owner, to consider. Are there multiple rails or spindles, does the chair have ears, do
you loop, tether, or suspend? The possibility are endless. Nearly. The face down. The simplest and most common
way of placing your helmet. It takes seconds to learn,
but years to master. First ensure the straps are tucked into the inside of the helmet before placing the helmet gently onto the flat surface of your choice, with the top of the helmet facing upwards. Stable, looks good, and you’re
quickly away in a hurry. – Clicking on the globe that you see on your screen right now, will enable you to
subscribe to the channel. – And for seven magnificent
ways to mount your bicycle, how ’bout clicking just down here. – Over an equal number of magnificent ways to stand with your bike,
click just down here. That is disgusting.

40 comments on “7 Magnificent Ways To Place Your Bicycle Helmet

  1. You've missed the best option! Clip the helmet around the front wheel and the down tube to stop the bike rolling around and even acting as a very basic theft deterrent for the most simple minded of thief.

  2. Is that a Light Phone Dan is putting into the helmet bowl? Great idea for a ddevice–i had one myself but the antenna got terrible service where I live.

  3. I often use the "Bike lock" technique , looping the straps around the seat tube and through the back wheel. Deters/Slows down the grab and run.

  4. This video has finally answered a vital question for me. You guys are obviously, as I have always said, consummate professionals! This is yet another reason that I watch all the videos.

  5. ROFL 🙂 your kidding me what video will you do next you can tell we're coming up to the winter months another slow cycling news day? You forgot the most famous method number eight to feed your arm through one strap so it stays attached to you and it is out of the way on your shoulder blade.

  6. I don't take my helmet off until I have finished my ride, because as I have long hair, it's harder to wear it again and accomodate my hair

  7. What about clipping it around the bars inside the gear cables (so it can't just slip off the end) (on flat bars). Also, when on a train with the bike, clipping it around your frame, the back wheel and a pole. In my experience, it is just long enough for this, and by going around frame+wheel, the bike rocks around a lot less as the train rocks – in fact, hardly at all!

  8. After getting a genital wart on my chin after using the door knob suspend in a toilet (that looks remarkably like the loo in your video…), I now prefer the KIOYH method.. keep it on your head
    This serves several purposes, protection from over zealous monkeys whilst riding up the rock of Gibraltar, but more importantly I am able to make my getaway from any sudden zombie attack.
    I did consider getting my mate to smash my head with a baseball bat so I could apply for NHS titanium inserts, but realised this wouldn’t work as it interferes with Netflix!

  9. Hood dangle because I have too many lights protruding forwards from the middle of the handlebars and the strap won't reach to the stem.
    And when at a bar/pub, it has to be the bowl. Useful for keeping gloves, mask etc in there.
    These are the ways to do it and anything else is pure philistinity. Yes, I've just invented a word.

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