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7 Mountain Bike Rules That Should Be Broken

(laughing) – [Mountain Biker] Why do they make rules in mountain biking? Just doesn’t make mountain
biking fun, does it? Well I’m gonna get these rules. I’m gonna smash them up, and these are my top rules that need to be broken. Let’s go! (music playing) Rules, rules, rules, rules. Yes, they’re there to keep us safe, but there are few out there
that will need to be broken just to spice up our little riding stuff. (music playing) (groaning) (exclaims) Goggles with open face lid this rule 100% needs to be broken. I’m not a fan of it, really, but we’re in goggles in winter. And an open face lid is gonna keep your face a little bit warmer
in those winter months. It’s gonna keep all that mud
and dirt out of your face. That kinda outweighs where
it looks really in style. (music playing) Top tip though, see that gap there? Now that, look at it, looks horrible. Make sure your helmet is closed up, your goggles are all up
the top, it fits good. That looks better than
the old horrible gap. (music playing) Come on, you can’t ban skidding. It’s like mountain biking wouldn’t be mountain biking if you weren’t
skidding and wheely-ing. It’s like the first thing you do when you get on a bike,
is do a massive skid. You can’t ban, but you gotta
do responsible skidding. Okay, hang on, hang on. We all do it, we’re all in the same boat. We come into a bit of
trail little bit too hot. We lock up the back
brake, yes we all do it. Pros do it, you guys do
it, everyone does it. We just ain’t done constantly just lock up the brake just
for the sheer hell of it. Because that’s just gonna ruin the trail. When it comes to a situation like that where you have to use the brakes, just modulate those brakes. Lay off that brake, don’t just do skids. All the time, let’s
carry on to the next one. (music playing) Fastest up front, slowest up front, these two rules need to be broken. If you find yourself you’re the fastest rider, and you’re following someone slower than you, don’t stress yourself up because that’ll stress out the guy in front and
you might have a crash. But, if you find yourself
you’re the slowest rider and you are in front
of the fastest rider, this could help you a little bit, this could help push
you a little bit more, and open up your boundaries. Also, if you’re the slowest rider by following the fastest rider this could help you as
well to your advantage because then you could spot their line, you can keep up with them, and that means you’ll be getting faster tryna keep up with the
fastest rider in front. So break all those rules. Doesn’t matter if you’re
fastest or the slowest. If you’re following a fast
rider that can help you. If you’re a slow rider that can help you get pushed by the
faster rider behind you. Break those rules! (music playing) Backpacks, a rule that needs to be broken if you’re that chap that relies on your friends to carry everything and eat all your snacks
from your mate’s bag? Well break it, because I’m that guy and
I’m gonna break that rule. I got a backpack and these things really nowadays are super lightweight. They’re breathable, you don’t
even know they’re there. You carry water, tools, your snacks. Everything yourself, but if the backpack is not for you, what about this? (bell rings) The bum bag, the fanny
pack, the champ’s belt. This thing is so practical. I thought these things
were for old people. Really, look at them now,
designed for mountain biking. You just click it on, carry your water, you carry your tools and
it’s better than a backpack. You don’t have to take it off. Look at that. You can wear it in the front. Break it, break this rule. Plus, it matches my bike. Boom! (music playing) If you want for fair
where the rules break it, riding it wet can you a better rider. And it’s loads of fun. But, respect your local trails, and don’t ride it in the
super wet conditions. If you think it’s gonna
ruin and destroy that trail. And to make it extra fun, take your mates, and head to the nearest bike park where the trails are all weatherproof, and you can ride to your
heart’s content all year round. (music playing) (claps) For us dudes at GMBN are always ranting on about what clothing to wear. Well, break this rule. (bell rings) Yes, don’t let not wearing the right mountain biking gear stop you from heading out there into the trails from stopping you right
in your shredding machine. Look at this, trainers, jeans, hoody. As long as you’re wearing a helmet, you’re perfectly safe to have fun. You’ve seen me wearing a hoody and jeans and trainers before. Don’t let it put you off. Perfectly fine. Break that rule. Rules are meant to be broken, twisted and turned and thrown out the window. If you’re a rule breaker, let me know in the comments down below which ones you’d break, because I’d love to
hear what you’ve broken. I’m not saying go out
there and break the law, because that’s stupid on our team. Don’t wanna do that. If you wanna see another
rad video from GMBN, click over here for jumping mistakes. Pretty cool and you’re probably
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