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7 Of Pro Cyclings Biggest Myths Busted

7 Of Pro Cyclings Biggest Myths Busted

– Over the years, I’ve heard
quite a few interesting myths that surround the world of cycling. Here are just some of my favorites. (whoosh) The World Champion is the
best cyclist on earth. Whilst in many sports the
world over the World Champion is regarded as the best at what they do, that simply isn’t the case in cycling. Cycling, is such a diverse
sport a World Champion could be a Sprinter, a
Climber or even a Rouleur. An all round strong rider
who is tactically astute, resilient enough to survive tough terrain, and sparing enough with their energies to leave their competitors
standing when they need to. The World Champion also
reigns in the season after their victory, which took place
late in the previous season. They often don’t come through the Winter in the same condition, that
they had when they were crowned Champion of the World. And then you have to consider
the racing that they do. Not every rider is capable
of winning every event, far from it, in fact. Cycling can be summed up very
much like the old saying, “horses for courses.” A Sprinter will never win
the Tour de France GC, but they could be a World Champion. So, with that in mind, there you have it the World Champion isn’t
always, the best cyclist. (upbeat music) Pro cyclists are great
at bike maintenance. Over years I had many team mates that could’ve made great pro mechanics, but I had many more that could barely care for their own bike, let
alone anyone else’s. Pro cyclists are great at just
one thing and that’s cycling. Whilst most are certainly
more than competent enough to make a running repair
or a quick fix to get home, I wouldn’t take my bike
to one for a service. After all, they’re
cyclists not pro mechanics. (upbeat music) Every cyclist is trying
to win the Tour de France. Maybe way back when we
all started cycling, did we have fleeting thoughts
of winning something big, like perhaps the Tour de France. So back then, this statement
could’ve beared a little truth. But, the reality is a
cycling season is so vast and to many riders there
are other races simply more important than La Grande Boucle. For example a Flemish
rider will likely dream in nothing more than victory
in the Ronde van Vlaandderen. Just every Italian would
sooner aim for the Giro. But then couple in the fact, that it takes an entire team of riders to support one victor in a grand tour. With the fact that pro
cyclists are as diverse as the general public are
in their physical make up, you soon realize that not even every rider could win the tour. So in reality only around
20 riders at any one time think they’re going to
win the Tour de France, but this number soon
decreases throughout a season and diminishes further still, over the course of three weeks, each July. (upbeat music) You have to shave your legs. Well, if you want to look the part, of course you do have to shave your legs. Hygiene and comfort are
the recognized reasons for keeping leg hair at a minimum. But, in 2016, even the
Men’s World Champion couldn’t be bothered to follow the trend. Maybe he lost a bet, maybe
he thought it would catch on, I don’t know the answer,
but he did prove that you can indeed race with hairy
legs, if you really want to. But even for Peter Sagan,
tradition got the better of him and his legs appeared smooth once more after just a few races. (upbeat music) Pro cyclists choose the best equipment. Of course a pro cyclist would
choose the best equipment, if they could. But cycling runs via a sponsorship model that often means teams are
grateful for any equipment they’re paid to use. It’s rare that deals aren’t simply sold to the highest bidder. There has been talk
though, that Team Ineos may one day become the
first team to purchase any equipment they like,
but until that happens, I wouldn’t believe the rumors. If you want to see what bike a pro cyclist would really choose,
wait until they retire and have a look at their choices then. (upbeat music) Pro cyclists, only ever
do long training rides. Every pro cyclist does need to maintain, and even sometimes
improve their endurance. This is true. But to think that they are
only ever out riding for five, six or even seven hour rides,
is a massive misconception. There is a time and a place
for everything, that’s true, but if you want to go fast on a bike, you need to include
shorter, more intense rides. Sub three hour rides that
focus on increasing muscle recruitment, power output and
the repeatability of efforts. Then a pro also needs
to recover between races and training rides. Active recovery rides are the
most common way to do this. Sub two hour rides at a low intensity and a low load on the pedals,
followed by a good nap. Generally. (upbeat music) Pro cyclists only ever race to win. Not every cyclist is
trying to win, every race. With team sizes of five to eight riders, depending on the event, it’s
really quite rare for a team to field more than two
genuine potential winners in their ranks. It simply wouldn’t work. Cliques would form within the teams and tactics would fall apart. It’s much better to go into a race with a strong team united,
that are there for the common good of propelling
one rider over the line. Be it for a Sprinter or a GC contender. If everyone is behind
the rider they believe will deliver the victory, it motivates the team to dig deeper, work harder for each other. And I promise, there
is honestly no feeling, like being part, of a team victory. If you enjoyed this video please
do give it a big thumbs up. Let us know any myths that you
may’ve heard over the years, in the comments down below. And before you go, if you want
to hear about weird things spotted out on bike rides, click on this weeks GCN
show, on your screen now.

67 comments on “7 Of Pro Cyclings Biggest Myths Busted

  1. Are there any common myths about pro cycling that we've missed? Let us know in the comments below 👇

  2. Does every team in a grand tour think they can win? My guess is that, at best, half of the teams think they have a real chance.

  3. Should the podium have the entire team present for the awarding classifications? Perhaps replacing the podium girls who detract from the cycling achievement

  4. I just remember Cav being asked if he thought he was going to win the tour but a journalist from the BBC I think, needless to say that Cav made him look a bit stupid

  5. Myth 8: the final stage of the TdF is "just a procession" and not a competitive stage. Heard this several times from people who, obviously, never saw Djamolidine Abdoujaparov in 1991

  6. Your point about the World Championships is well taken. And, I think, just shows how amazing it is that Greg LeMond and Stephen Roche won the Worlds and the Tour in the same year. I don't think it's been done since, am I right?

  7. Can GCN have some elite pros have a race on 14 kg alloy bikes, 7 speed freewheel? Curious to see which rider would win that myth.

  8. Myth: "there's no doping" … no wait, it's "everyone is doping" … ah no, that's not it, it's "only the winner is doping" …ah, dang, wrong again, it's "everyone is doping but only the rich teams can afford the good stuff". Yeah, that's it, finally 😛

  9. @GCN Tech, keep the mic off the table (overhead?) because you're not gonna stop people from moving their hands. 🙂

  10. 3:30 Hey! THAT'S a great topic for a show: what are retired cyclists NOW choosing to ride? But of course you can't do that can you because GCN also "runs on a sponsorship model" 😉

  11. I know a couple of the top pros (the exceptions?) who are absolute geniuses when it comes to servicing bikes. I know a couple of pros who look at me real weird like haha when I ask if they like their bikes!!

  12. I still believe that thier will be a one Rider team that shall & will WIN the TOUR de FRANCE – the only people 2 lift him up at the finish line are the one's who only fit in the support car I still believe it could happen unless Big Mig had a son I'd pick him 2 win it all ✌️ out or wheels out

  13. I really hope someone responds to me I've been watching this channel for 3 years I always hear the term horses for courses what does this mean?!?!? 0.o

  14. Road cycling still is prolly the heaviest doped sport outside of weight lifting. I just can't take anything they do seriously espesh the hideous clobber they wear.

  15. Could a world tour rider win the Tour… by themselves? No teammates. Surfing the wheels. Can it be done??

  16. Merckx tells of taking substance to help with endurance. His success speaks to his talent and the past substance use in sport. My issue with Armstrong being relegated is that so many got off with ‘Clean’ records. Wipe out the era winners, that would be most fair. Or put an asterisk beside all ‘Wins’ in the Epo era.

  17. Chris, I'd like to help but how do i give this video a "big thumbs up"? All my thumbs up seem to be the same size.

  18. Shaving your legs also has to do with recovery. Ask any massage therapist what is easier: massage hairy legs or shaven ones? It is also painful sometimes to get a deep-muscle massage with hairy legs. Anyone agrees?

  19. Haha, "hygiene" an argument for shaving legs? There's nothing hygienic about shaving your legs, quite the opposite which has been shown. Shaving releases nutrients from the skins and is a good way of making your legs less hygienic.

  20. Forgive me, I have two instances I saw in Indonesia.

    1. While in Jargakarta, Indonesia’s saw clever fit people/families,/workers doing everything on bikes—moving households, family outings—of six on one bike with the wife/mother with a head basket filled with food, holding two children on the front and across the bar—baby and a toddler. The male-husband/father pedaling with a child strapped to his back and another standing on the back on some kind of feet steps off the back wheel rack. There was a rack on the back that he could use for seating but it had a box strapped on it, so he stood. Yeah I was amazed, until I saw this many times 9less than six usually)on different Indonesian islands city centers.

    2. But the most unusual event I saw was a full funeral on bikes.Two cyclists transported the wrapped and floral covered body between them,followed the material for the burial fire, cyclist carrying others as well as fruit, flowers on their heads and wonderfully costumed friends and family. Was told that the burials could only happen when the moon as right so the loved one may have died months ago.when the time is right the send-off is marvelous.

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