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7 Reasons To Ride Your Mountain Bike Over Winter

7 Reasons To Ride Your Mountain Bike Over Winter

– Welcome back you beautiful people. I’ve always thought riding in the depths of winter is going to make you stronger, it’s going to make you way more hardcore and your fitness is going
to go through the roof. I’ve had an epiphany. I’ve been sat by the roaring
fire and I’ve thought, hell, I’m going to do
some homework on this and then going to tell you all about it and why it’s good. (upbeat rock music) Yes, it’ll make you tougher. Whilst you’re out there
bragging all over the place to your mates and why you
are going out there riding in those horrible conditions, whilst they sit on the couch and skip all those wintry training months, definitely, makes you tougher in the face when it comes to cold weather riding. Also when it comes Spring and
when it’s a little bit chilly and a little bit rainy you’ll
be super comfortable with it and all your mates will be shivering in all their riding gear. It’ll defiantly make you tougher. (upbeat rock music) (groaning from cold) You defiantly burn more calories
when it is cold, it’s true. Right, I’ve done some research on this. When the temperature falls
your metabolism rises to keep you warm and
you burn more calories. However, studies suggest that cold induced calorie burn washes out after you warm up and
you start to exercise. That’s likely true when you’re running or doing full-body workouts but that winter warmup
effect is less pronounced out on the open trail where
your upper body is exposed. Okay, so that’s pretty deep, but I’ve done more research on this and we’re going to go even deeper into it. (swiping) So you’re always going
to be a little chillier, which brings us onto another bonus, Nonshivering Thermogenesis, NST. Shivering is horrible and nobody wants to do it while they’re riding. But being just mildly chilly triggers NST, which not only bumps up your
calorie burn on your bike but also makes your fat
more metabolically active, even when you’re not riding. (upbeat rock music) Again, that swiftly brings
me onto this next step and that is burning yourself out. Yes, coming into those winter
months you get super excited because you want to continue to keep fit through those horrible wintry
months and it’s so easy to burn yourself out when it
comes to those spring times. You want to pace your training
throughout that winter month, spread it out. You don’t want to just go out there and ride the whole season, the whole year. You can’t do that. It’s that famous saying of
burning the candle both ends, you’re going to burn yourself out. Take it easy and when it comes to springtime you will be in full happy glory with
your body feeling great and you got the summer months coming, knocking on your doorstep, good one. (upbeat rock music) You’re going to feel a lot less sick, yes, this is true and I believe in this because the fitter you are the lot less time you’re
going to be spending on your deathbed. Now, research says regular
exercisers are about half as likely to get sick as
their couch-loving peers. Yes, true. You’ll also earn bonus health points for being out on your bike and away from the indoor environments that get so germ-infested
this time of year. (upbeat rock music) A lot less crowded trails. Yes, come winter months
people won’t brave all that horrible weather to
get out onto the trail. You’ll find yourself on the trail all by yourself exploring stuff
that are quite crowded in the summer. You get it all to yourself and you have all this to yourself. (upbeat rock music) When it comes to winter months you start to become the king or queen at layering. Now, different types of clothing instead of just putting on a huge jacket and some huge pants straight away, you start to warm up, you take your jacket off, all you got underneath is a T-shirt. You want to wear different
layers like this. Start off with some long
trousers and a base layer. Then you move on to your wintry trousers which are waterproof. You got your winter
trousers on, waterproof, got some good pair of shoes. If your shoes are not very waterproof then a waterproof sock or thermal sock will keep those
little feet nice and toasty. Next is a race jersey. Now, I’ve got this base layer on which is quite warm already. I got a long sleeve race jersey on here. That’s defiantly going to keep you warm. And then the next layer is a jacket. Now this is a shell as such, it’s a wind shell but it’s waterproof, windproof, everything-proof. You start to become a
master at layering up. What we need now a pair of gloves, helmet and you’re ready to rock and roll in the winter months. (upbeat rock music) Little bonus for you, when out there riding in
the winter months you’d be wearing a lot more clothing and yes, your bike’s going to
be a lot more heavier. Because all that mud you’ll
be carrying on your bike, you’ll be building strength
and muscle endurance in the process of riding your bike. Look, my bike is stood up and
I didn’t even have a stick because the mud’s holding it up. (upbeat rock music) So, there gives you a few
tips on why you should go riding out on a wintry
day where it’s muddy, wet. You get yourself out there
you’re still being fit, you’re still being proactive
you’re staying away from all your friends that have got all those horrible coughs and colds. Get out on your bike, have fun in the mud because it’s epic fun. Hopefully, these few
tips have helped you out. Don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe cause you’re missing out on some rad stuff and
if you want to continue to binge watch GMBN click over there for a wintry month video from last time that could potentially help you out. Don’t forget to give us a thumbs-up like if you love shredding the mud and I’ll see you next time, see ya.

100 comments on “7 Reasons To Ride Your Mountain Bike Over Winter

  1. Nah. Been there done that. Riding in shitty mud and rain, getting everything filthy and wet, and having to spend ages cleaning everything afterwards really doesn't appeal to me anymore. As for fitness, I don't need to get myself and my bike filthy and wet to keep up with my fitness training.

  2. Cool report. Can you damage your bike riding in the wet, mud, snow? Suspension moving parts? How can you protect your bike and still ride in the winter months?

  3. Come to Iceland if you want to know what winter is like , I do ride bike in winter and it looks more like Autum there to me💪🇮🇸

  4. My local trails don't recover well when ridden while wet, so we have to take that into consideration during the winter.


  6. Great video ,I try and get as much as possible in the winter, the cold love the rain but hate the wind 💨 (the weather not the flatulence people )😂. That is a great looking bike what model is it ?. All the best.

  7. I have different ones: – 1} forest under snow looks beautiful! 2} it gives same amount of fun as always, what else I suppose to do, sit at home?

  8. In The Netherlands everything is flat and most people even brake on their way down during summer… Riding rainy and muddy conditions makes it a bit more challenging. You can pull off power wheelies over big puddles, slide your way down descends and just get happy due to the fact i am there in the worst conditions riding like a mad lad

  9. Great video but quite unrealistic on the Winter clothes.
    *Needs imo :-
    Neck buff
    Hat under helmet
    Waterproof overshoes
    Waterproof gloves
    Cycling goggles / glasses

  10. I like to say, no snow no winter. But well… I'm from Finland and this has been the warmest winter I can remember. It's been +5c in January!! I can't remember a year where it was above 0 in January. Normally it's -20c to -30c this time of the year. We don't even have any snow. And recently they had +20c in Norway in January… that's summer temperature.

    The summer was cold, the winter is warm. It is less than 10 degrees difference between this years average daytime summer temperature (most days were around 16c this summer) and what we've had the past couple of weeks which would normally be the coldest part of the year. If this keeps up it will soon be the same temperature all year round.

    There has been a couple of weeks with maybe 10cm snow at best, but it all melts away within a week or two. I really dislike this weather. Hope next summer will be warm and winter cold like it should be.

  11. I have been riding for a bit in the winter, but to bo honest riding in the winter in Norway kinds sucks. Always wet and Just above freezing temperaturen. Also the sun sets before we finish school/work. (working weekends and holidays so not an option).

  12. I take my bike hunting with me . And there arent any ticks or mosquitos thats the best reason to ride during the winter.

  13. I can’t ride for half the winter because we get a ton of rain and the trails are muddy. Can’t ride when it’s muddy we’re I live in the USA because of soil erosion. Trail builders and the general public where I live get furious if they if see me ride through a single tiny puddle in my videos even if the rest of the trail is bone dry.

  14. I ride all year round, regardless of the season. No such thing as bad weather, just bad choice of clothing. 😂🚲🇮🇪

  15. some of the critical health aspects are off in this video. Dylan recently posted an excellent video on winter riding/training (this guy just might turn into the Jeff cavalier jr. but for riding). highly recommend watching it, especially for those on training plans or tend to over do it year round.

  16. I like winter riding, it's not hot and my sweat isn't blinding me and flies aren't trying to catch a ride in my mouth 🤢😂🤟🇮🇪

  17. I live in Alabama the riding season is in the winter so can you make a video of why we should ride in the summer

    I’m serious and joking at the same time

  18. Awesome video! Another benefit of riding in winter is the leg strength gains from powering through the sloppy spots. Come spring when it dries out one will feel like Superman on the dry dirt. Also, the balance and skill necessary in the slippery spots will help one's bike control as well. The best part possibly is maintaining some summertime fitness and not having to start from square one in the spring. Those of us on 153/160 mil enduro bikes do not want to start the year pedaling around such a bike without some base fitness.

    Keep up the good work!

  19. Just bought Goretex waterproof jacket and trousers. I did my first ride yesterday and my chain broke. But I feel so happy I went out for a ride!

  20. Water is not frozen, there is no snow, you can use your shifters and breaks with your fingers and not by having to use your entire frozen hand. All indicators you Sir are not riding in the "Winter". Is that sun in the sky, you guys have Sun during the winter you lucky bastards!

  21. wait until you've hit the trails in snow… with a full suspension… in -10 degree F weather… uphill… so yea don't talk to me about winter riding lmao

  22. Blake wearing THREE THIN LAYERS… must be so freezing cold! Like 10 degrees Celsius… 🤪 I guess in winter you'd expect lower temperatures and then those three tiny layers won't do anything.

  23. I would also say when riding in the winter make sure you keep your free days open for riding, if it's a choice between a clear sunny Saturday and a dreary wet Sunday, take the Saturday and do other stuff on the Sunday.

    There's no shame in taking a week off either, if you've caught a cold you're more likely to suffer and not enjoy riding in the cold and damp conditions, probably make the cold worse (or pass it on to others). Stay warm inside instead, get better quicker and ride another day.

  24. I am cycling every day do work about 30 min. and I feel like I am the healthiest person there because everyone is exercising inside.

  25. I think that cold weather gets you fitter in another sense too, I feel more fatigue while riding in cold months, especially when temperature hit 0°C or so.. I don't know exactly what it is, if it's the sensation of extreme cold per se, if it is the cold making my muscle harder to control and my joints stiffer..
    But I think I ride a lot faster in summertime, even on the same paths, in the same condition except temperature.
    Oh and it does make you less sick, I usually have a cold that last pretty much all the cold months. While I'm still taking the habit of riding in the cold but I don't do that as much as I would, generally the cold is there but way more intermittent.
    For example I just had a ride in a pretty cold valley of a river near where I live (nothing fancy, it's just a river in a highly urbanized area on the plain where I live), and I got nothing. No sign of cold whatsoever.

    Ride in the cold people.

  26. I suppose if your trails can handle it, if not your just fucking up trails for when the weather is good. And giving anti access parties ammo

  27. Come visit us in MinneSNOWta (USA) for real winter riding! 🙂 Keep creating great content, love what GMBN is doing!

  28. I didn't see winter in this video, looks like fall to me. Somebody needs to show this guy what winter looks like.

  29. Isn't this Global Mountain Bike Network? You should also cover real winter riding that includes very low temperatures, ton of snow and ice.

  30. 7 reasons to ride in winter and 1 of them is learning how to put multiple layers in.
    People do that already in places that actually get snow during the winter months it’s not just for bike riding

  31. Takes some willpower but always glad I did. The first 15min not fun. But it is true I never seen more than one maybe two people on the trails during the winter.

  32. This mate needs to come to North America for winter, he wouldn't stand outside in his T-shirt in the woods. He forgot to mention the best reason to ride outside during winter, it can be a lot of fun.

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