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8 Cycling Mistakes We All Make

8 Cycling Mistakes We All Make

-Even the most experienced cyclists
can be guilty of making silly little mistakes out on the bike. -I am a repeat offender of a few of these myself so to prevent you looking
like a fool like I often do here are our top mistakes to avoid. -Chris, didn’t you bring the bikes? -Not again. Taxi. Emma, could you just
slow up a little bit, please? -What’s wrong, Chris?
I know you can go faster than this. -Yes, sometimes
but can I just have an extra bit of food? -What? Didn’t you bring your own food? -No, we’re going out for a few hours. I didn’t really want to log it around
I’m trying to lose some weight. -That is not cool. You are lucky that I’m generous
and I have a spare bar, but you owe me coffee. -I know. All right. Thank you. -There’s nothing worse
than people who blow upon rides because they deliberately skimp on the food. Make sure you take enough to get you around. -Yes, this one’s me again
and despite being one of those riders actually, you need to drink quite
a lot when out on the bikes. I often found myself running low on water
and leaving to scranch for friend. -That’s not cool. Just take bigger bottles
or just stop and fill up at a water fountain. -I would, but I actually
like the look of the smaller bottle and when I go training, I haven’t to [sic] stop. -I have the opposite problem. I often set off with two full bottles but then totally forget to drink somehow
and end up really dehydrated. -Well, with that in mind
I can see you got some spare water. How about you share? -All right, but just don’t
touch it with your mouth. I know you had a cold recently. -I don’t want your germs anyway. -Don’t waste it. -The classic, at the door
on to the pedals, pushing hard. and within a few minutes,
your heart rate is pounding away and you’re gasping for breath. What you could do instead is to really limit how hard you try in those first few minutes
and build slowly from there. Maybe set a timer for the 10 minutes and at that point
you can start going a little harder. You’ll have a much better ride, I guarantee it. -If that was a classic, well, this one
is almost a tradition for some people. Heading off on a cycling
holiday or a training camp getting out on the bike
on day one for seven hours smashing yourself, and being too tired
to ride well for the rest of the week. Really try to pace your ride holiday. A very similar mistake is to ride
your recovery’s bends too hard. You might be full of enthusiasm but if you don’t recover
you won’t be able to train hard later. Chris, we’re supposed
to be going for a coffee ride. -It was nearly 20 years ago when I was first racing in Holland and one of the older riders said to me “Why on earth do you spend
so much time riding in the wind?” Of course, from this day onwards it became a personal challenge
to sit in the wind as little as possible. -I often wonder why people
waste their energy in the wind especially when racing. You need to think about
where your position in the group on the road to save as much energy as possible because it is different
if you’re on a great ride everyone needs to take a turn then. Although, if you’re one of the weaker riders try to look after yourself
and not waste your energy. -If you are one of the stronger riders it’s beneficial for you to ride in the wind and you’ll be helping the weaker riders. -I hate it when strong riders
refuse to take a turn just that they can sit on
and sprint for the finish sign. -I don’t know what you mean, Emma. Have you noticed
how there’s almost always that one rider in a group ride that seems
to puncture every single week but worse than that
they didn’t scrounge innertubes and pumps of everyone around? -Hang on there, easy tiger. This week I brought my own spare tire and it’s your tire that’s squeaking this time. -All right, I’ll accept that. We’re not all perfect but just a few minutes
of routine maintenance every single week will prevent these minor issues.
You all right here? -Do you have a tire [?]? -No. Where is that Emma [?]? She went training this morning and well, it’s 3:30, and she’s missed lunch. We all know Emma never misses a meal especially if the salad bar is opened. Using a live tracking app
such as the one from Wahoo will provide peace of mind
for people waiting back at home not knowing where you are. Imagine if the worst was to happen they will also be able to locate you. Emma, What on the earth is going on
why are you going so slowly today? -I’m just massively overheated. I set off in alongside Jersey
because it was cool this morning. We didn’t realize
it would warm up to 25 degrees. -Funny, that’s what happens in summer. It gets warmer in the day. -Yes, I really should have
worn adaptable clothing like arm warmers, knee warmers that
I could take off and pop in my pocket and I’d been cruising like you. -Are you going to be like this all day or–? -Yes, I’m going to be complaining all day. -You can stay at the back. Emma, do you think that I can maybe–? I kind of noticed earlier
that I set off without too much on. -Yes, you definitely need some sunscreen. -If I could offer you
only one tip for the future always wear sunscreen. -Otherwise, you’ll end up with tan lines like that and even worse long-term skin damage from the sun. Even when it’s cloudy
you should actually wear sunscreen. No worries, mate. -Thank you, Emma. I think that we’re down right at the end, Emma? -Yes, it was a fun ride once you’ve got some food in you
that got you to slow down. -Yes, what about your puncture that held us up? -All right, but your sunburn
is going to look hilarious in the pool later. -If you know of anyone
that makes silly mistakes like I do and Emma, why not pop them
in the comments below and share the video with them? -Yes, and if you’d like to see a video on how to ride in a group, click down here.

100 comments on “8 Cycling Mistakes We All Make

  1. Yep , yes, I do all those, sometimes all of them in one ride. Chris and Emma you could be filling the humour hole (eww) , that left in Matt's departure.

  2. Not charging bike computer and phone the night before. Then curses both when it dies in the middle of the ride! Otw home thinking I’ve got to get a new one 😉

  3. I'm a robbotic prosate surgery patient, is it possible to develop this topic on the comeback of other cyclist who have restore their cycling life?

  4. Chris seems to be coming into his own, really nice to see the growth. Really nice chemistry between these two, there were definitely a few hearty laughs

  5. Although most of these are obvious it's good to be reminded now and again, especially on the sunscreen and eating. Good tips for beginner riders to.

  6. It's like watching drama class in school all over again! Bad jokes, dodgy timing, you guys have got it all. Don't forget the first rule of acting though – it's the directors fault if it's rubbish.

  7. Meh. I cycle 30-60 miles fasted without any problems. Sure, I'm not jockeying for position and have to pace myself, but never bonked.

  8. yeah, all very well….all that equipment you say to carry……then footage of you guys not carrying anything…and in every video you all do….no equipment….nice bit of reality would be….nice…

  9. Hola, Emma no te dejes gorronear¡¡¡¡¡¡ Vente para GCN España, @Oscar Pujol nunca lo haría. Saludos

  10. I have a friend who is so cheap that he wore pad-less shorts and shoved a small cushion in his backside, he carries no pump, water, intertube or food! I even oiled his chain a few times before a ride!! He’s getting better now that I’ve told him off a few times.

  11. For not eating while on the bike: I've repeatedly warned my mates to eat while on the bike, whenever we ride for 2 hours or more. Many of them never listen, and they are the same guys who bonk every single Sunday. Heh.

  12. My training is better because I drag around way too much stuff and a heavy krypto lock for coffee stops in NYC. That and my bike already weighs a metric ton to start with.

  13. i was recently on a cycling holiday … i have burned vents from my helmet on my forehead and of course gloves … (i'm not even going to mention legs and arms)

  14. i always carry spare tubes and a small bottle of lube size of a eye drop bottle ,food ,sun screen, and plenty of water ,at times it comes in handy when you can help a fellow cyclist, even helped a bike mechanic with his chain was making alot of noise , yes it is a little extra weight ,however better being stuck somewhere without any spares ,great job emma and chris

  15. I tell you my late silly mistake, Starts with back to back training sessions but thats really fine, on the first day I decide to go 100 Km by doing an extra uphill and taking a longer route back home, nothing bad there, at the second day, make the same route and take the same route back home to achive the same 100 Km but then… I was taking things for granted, and from the un expected I did take my eyes from the road somethings appear in the road one bump into a hole into a masive crash, and going on a quite irregular paved road hit face first into the floor, jaw break in 3 spots and 4 to 5 missing/break teeth. 25 days later 1 surgery and tons of hours reflecting can tell my msitakes, 1. If the terrain is bumpy or in bad shape, look for a better route. 2. Don't get gready on back to back days of training. 3. Don't take the eyes of you line in the road ever. 4. Very low speed is dangerous for bumps, holes or paved ways or making evasive manouvers 5. You cant do better against the unspected dogs or pedestrians, better like stop and let them go first in stead of trying to make movements that sudenly can go wrong.

  16. Let's see: 2 full large water bottles, food, tire levers, spare tube and tire, large bottle of sun screen and still first to the top? Well done!

  17. My worst cycling mistake committed yesterday. Out on cyclocross bike, back to van in the dark and thought I’b put everything away until crunch bump…bike in van but front wheel under it! Gutted. Miraculously only seems to have bust skewer. Apart from that would have to be lights running out, but keep small battery spares on frame now.

  18. I'm guilty of a few of these. Riding my first century, on a hot summer day, I only had one 800 ml bottle, and had to stop at every cafe and pub on the 100 mile route. My first group ride, I went on the front for too long near the beginning, and regretted it toward the end. I also start my rides too hard because I'm racing to get to the start of the group ride in time.

  19. Here's one I make and Chris made in this video: Having tiny cycling friends. When they pull, the wind is off your toes, but when you pull, they don't even have to pedal going uphill.

    On the sunscreen front. I can now ride outdoors only one day a week due to over 20 skin cancer surgeries and multiple cream treatments.

  20. Looks like you're in Muscat, Oman! May you have a wonderful time exploring the many excellent roads there and please do share the videos with us (even the behind the scenes videos). I'm officially envious :).

  21. Making adjustments to your saddle, seat post or bars before a ride and not testing before the group ride. Then stopping the group for extended periods while you adjust, adjust and adjust again because you aren't comfortable.

  22. This is literally me and my brother on the ride he always tAke my water and i always take his spare tire uwu 😂

  23. Emma, where are the W.C bands on your jersey sleeves. You should insist on them as a former & current World Champion – Brompton counts 🙂 .
    Whenever one of the other presenters steps out of line you just have to point to the bands to put them in their place – no words necessary – haha.

  24. Ah to be a mountain biker. Always having my hidration enduro backpack loaded with food and 3l of water. 😀 I even use it on road rides. 🙂

  25. Spot on with this video. We all have made or know someone who has made these mistakes or at least one. Some are repeat offenders 🤨

  26. I am guilty of spending to much time on the front. One of my good buds doesn’t even know how to repair his flat but has all the coolest repair gear.

  27. No sunscreen for me ever. But I hate giving out inner tubes. I also don't like "lighties", who sacrifice bike repair speed and quality fro a couple of grams. I see every single week, tyre levers breaking, bent valves due to shitty carbon pumps, and allen keys getting rounded !
    Buying titanium screws from china for 6buck a set is also a mistake and seen stems breaking off. Get a branded one !

  28. Not enough food. Start criticizing my wife. And then we get on to the next one and I think… "Traitors. Now she can go at me". I never have enough water. Even 2 bottles is not enough on hot days.

  29. Being over prepared. My saddle bag had two tubes for 32mm tires, puncture kit, 2 CO2 cartridges with infiltrator, Multi tool, tire leavers, Zip ties, 1/4 roll of e-tape, small first aid kit, cell phone & ID in my GCN pouch. The whole thing weights over 3 lbs. I rode 2,000 miles this year and never used any of it. Not one flat, brake down or fall.

  30. There are many followers from the Middle East we wish to translate all the films in Arabic because we love you very much and benefit from you

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