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8 Mountain Bike Pre Ride Checks

8 Mountain Bike Pre Ride Checks

– Hello, everyone, here are eight things you should definitely bear in mind before you ride your
bike, every single time. (whooshing) (upbeat music) It sounds crazy,
(whooshing) but every single time I ride my bike, I always check the pressures beforehand. I also make sure the chain is lubed. Now, air pressures can go down over time, so just because it was good last week, doesn’t mean it’s good today. (whooshing)
Phone, keys, and a failsafe. These are three things I don’t
think you can compromise on, and that you need every
single time that you ride. One of the best things
about having on-bike storage or a backpack is you can leave any tools or a tube ready to go, and
you never have to worry. Now, from a distance, as
a pat my pockets down, it might look like I’m
trying to play the spoons, but it is an assurance to make sure I’m not going out onto the trails unprepared. (whooshing)
If it’s hot outside, I will make up some electrolyte solution using a tablet or a powder. Now, a good tip with this
one is to leave the lid off the bottle and go do
something else while it mixes in. This stops the bottle becoming something of a ticking time bomb. Now, another think you can do if you’re really prepared is leave your bladder or water bottle in the freezer. This way it’s nice and cold,
and it kills any bacteria. (whooshing) This one is best done a little bit before you set out the door. Checking the charge on your phone, or maybe even cycle computer is, well, it’s going to stop any annoyance. Now, some people are going
to say that well, electronics have no place near their bikes, but for me, it’s just the way I ride now. (whooshing) Now, this is personal for me,
but it really helps me a lot. I’m a big fan of goal setting, and knowing what I’m going
to get myself in for. So, you can use a head unit, which can clock maybe your
vertical or your distance, or you can use it to preload a course. This is really cool because you can plan your ride beforehand, and be able to maximize
your time on the trail. (whooshing)
Know your conditions. You need to be able to see on the trail, so whether it’s clean
lenses or a mudguard, you need to be prepared. (whooshing) Are you going to get caught out? A simple, packable jacket can stop a ride descending into a horror show. But some head units also have systems to help you predict the weather. Either way, knowledge is your friend here. So, stay on top of it.
(whooshing) There is a strange
phenomenon in mountain biking where people only buy the
needed protective equipment after they’ve had a nasty crash. Now, please don’t be that rider. Wear what you need for
the conditions in hand. So, knee pads, elbow pads,
full-face, open-face, the decision is your, but
just be safe out there. Not only will you have some more fun because you feel safer, but sadly, crashing in inevitable,
and it means you’re going to be less likely to
injure yourself when you do so. So, that is what to do before
you ride your mountain bike, but what to do afterwards? What are the things that you do as soon as you put the bike away? Maybe a strong shandy, who knows? Now, as always guys, thank
you very much for watching, and don’t forget to follow us on your social media of choice, keep in touch, get in the comments, and
let us know your thoughts. We’ll see you next time.

22 comments on “8 Mountain Bike Pre Ride Checks

  1. GMBN naughty spreading fake facts at 1m 15seconds. Freezing water does not kill bacteria, even if you freeze it solid. It slows and even can stop the bacteria reproducing and multiplying but it can not kill the bacteria. Please try to get important health advice right, maybe check your "facts" before saying them. A quick Google would have answered this one straight away.

  2. Currently exactly at that posy ride point… having a cuppa and some cake!😊
    Saving beer for later! Its rationed currently #panicbuying 😡

  3. If you’re going to be riding alone with marginal or no mobile reception, a personal locator beacon (PLB) is my fail safe of choice.

  4. Good list, but you forgot to add to double check your tools/equipment in your saddle bag/pack just in case you forgot that you loaned someone your spare tube or anything else – sad to get caught out when you need stuff because you were a nice guy and gave away the part you now need and forgot to replace it.

  5. I bled my bike 2 weeks ago, but now it's garbage again. Is there any reasons why my brakes are becoming bad so fast?

  6. #askgmbntech Hello doddy and co. I am going to buy myself a new full suspension bike. It needs to be a down country 29 (max 130 mm suspension) but I have a budget of 2500 euros. It needs to be lightweight have progressive geometry and if its possible easy to service.

    Thanks for the help,

    greets Juul De Baets

  7. I only wear extra protective gear when riding downhill or enduro bc where I live its just XC or road cycling so I do only need a helmet.

  8. I'm super-forgetful, so I have a pre-ride checklist I go over the night before (any ride that I'd need a hydration pack for…if I'm going to the park to futz around for 45 mins, I just check the tires and take a snack)

  9. Shoes, bloody shoes….I “may” have forgotten these at home on the odd occasion and only realised it when I unpacked the bike and kit at the trail parking lot!

  10. I forgot my shoes and knee/arm pads a couple weeks ago. So I had street shoes on clips and scraped my knee. Making sure the shoes are in the car should be a pre ride check haha.

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