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8 Mountain Bike Skills To Adapt For E-Bike Riding

8 Mountain Bike Skills To Adapt For E-Bike Riding

– When you first swing
your leg over an E-bike, a lot of people think
they’re slow, sluggish, not very responsive, especially if you come across from a
lightweight trail mountain bike. But it’s all possible on the E-bike. Today’s video, I’m gonna show you transferring those skills
from your trail bike across to your E-bike. (energetic music) So first things first,
let’s start with the basics. When it comes to E-bike riding, you can go faster uphill and
downhill on these things. So you really need to look ahead
and plan what you’re doing. This includes body position, make sure you’ve got that body in the right way for going up or down the hill. Also think about what speed you’re going into those
sections, linking stuff, making sure that trails
is gonna flow ahead, you’re linking the turns, braking points, just keeping that head up, don’t get transfixed on the screen. Nice head up, and that flow
is gonna come super easy. (instrumental music) When it comes to obstacles on the trail that you want to hop over, you’re obviously gonna
use a bunny hop technique. When it comes to the bunny hop, bunny hop on a E-bike is
quite a feat, to be fair. It’s a heavy bike verses
regular trail bike. A regular trail bike, you can come in, pop the suspension, float
over it quite easily. When it comes to the big, heavy E-bike, exactly the same technique, you’ve just got to work
a hell of a lot harder. Squash that bike in, really use the bike suspension. Suspension is gonna help you
out so much on this move. Really need to use that
fork, use that rear shock, squash into it, explode upwards, and really pull hard at the arms, scoop up with your feet, and you’ll be flying over that log just as easy as your regular trail bike. (upbeat music) When you find yourself on a flat, flowy, pumping kind of style trail, you might find yourself losing speed, especially if you’ve got
that speed restrictor compared to a regular trail bike. The regular trail bike’s gonna fly, and just float along this trail whereas an E-bike, you’re
really gonna have to learn to pump, maximize those down slopes, push that bike down into the floor, make it work for you. The actual added weight of the E-bike’s gonna increase that pump, and you’re gonna find yourself
flying down the trails if you maximize that pump. (upbeat music) So the big difference when it
comes to braking on the E-bike is that you’re going to be
coming into those corners a lot faster than we do
on a regular trail bike. Therefore, you need to
slow down a lot more before you get to the corner because these things obviously
carry a lot more weight and are a lot harder to slow down, especially if the ground is slippery. So think about those braking
points on the trails. Maybe reign it in two
or three bike lengths before you would do on
your regular trail bike. That way, combining it
with a heads-up technique, getting your braking down, you’re gonna be flying through those corners a lot faster than you would on your regular bike. (upbeat music) When it comes to manualling the E-bike, it’s definitely an art form, especially compared to
a normal trail bike. A normal trail bike, you
can just squash the forks a little bit, get the weight back, and that front wheel pops up easy. E-bike’s a constant
battle with the battery, and the motor, trying to
pull that front end down. Exactly the same technique, you just got to work a lot harder. Suspension is definitely a friend when it comes to manualling the E-bike, you need to squash the forks to get that weight right back above balance point, try
and just keep that bike in the same position,
really work the bike, work the suspension,
monitor that rail rate, and it’s exactly the same technique. When it comes to manualling
rollers on E-bike, it becomes really heavy, especially in those low points in the rollers, so you really need to maximize that push and pull with your arms and legs, compared to your regular trail bike. (upbeat music) Let’s talk a little bit about how climbing on the E-bike differs from a regular trail bike. Normally when you come
to a climb like this on a regular trail bike, you get that seat jacked
up so that you can easily grind your way up the hill, probably pretty slowly to be fair. On the E-bike, you come in,
you select that power mode to be at boost or eco or
any mode you feel right, and you can actually slam
that seat out of the way, that way that lowers
that center of gravity and increases the grip on the rear wheel. It actually allows you to move around fore and aft on that
bike, controlling the grip as well as the cadence on the motor. Cadence is really important as well, you need to spin a good gear,
make that motor work for you. It shouldn’t be that
much effort on the hills if you’re using a good technique. (upbeat music) When it comes to jumping your E-bike, it’s just as capable as
your regular trail bike. It’s actually even better
on the bigger jumps. That weight give you a super
stable platform in the air and I will say it lets you get
away with a lot more things that actually go wrong than
a regular trail bike will. But jumping your E-bike, you just need to come
in with the same speed, just work a lot more on that take-off. Squash the bike in,
preload the suspension so you’re squashing down into
the face of the take-off, and letting all that weight
explode up into the air. Super stable in the air,
just land nice and smoothly. Big tires, big suspension, E-bike’s super capable when it comes to jumps. (upbeat music) One time I do like regular trail bikes is when it comes to these things, gates. Super easy on a normal trail bike, E-bike a total different matter. Trail bike, whip it straight over. Super easy. You try doing that on an E-bike. So for the E-bike, when
it comes to lifting it, my favorite lift is a shoulder lift. So what we need to do
is turn the motor off, make sure that isn’t gonna engage as soon as you clip a pedal
or something over the gate. Grab a good lot of seat tube, the lower of the fork leg. You swiftly lift it up
straight onto your shoulder, that way it’s nicely
balanced and you can actually use a hand if you need to
climb up things like that. Then you just turn, place it over, big over your head, put it down. It’s not quite as easy
as a regular trail bike, but it’s not as bad as a
lot of people make out. That’s how you transfer
all those trail skills from your trail bike to your E-bike. It might seem pretty daunting at first, but don’t forget all the extra riding you’re gonna be doing on your E-bike. You’re gonna come on twice as fast, you’re gonna be picking up
those skills extra fast. You’re doing twice as much riding. if you enjoyed today’s
video, be sure to check out my common jumping mistakes
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