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8 Of The Best Smart Bike Tech From CES 2017

8 Of The Best Smart Bike Tech From CES 2017

– The Consumer Electronic
Show is the place for tech brands to launch new products. So phones, TVs, computers,
and then also weird stuff like electric surfboards
and smart hairbrushes. But it’s also becoming more
and more important for bikes. We’ve seen loads of gadgets and tech launched there as well. So, coming up are some of our highlights. (soft jazz) First up, aimed at city
riders and commuters is the Ellipse bike lock from Lattis. Now, as well as being a lock,
obvs, it’s also a smart lock. Meaning that it can send you an alert if someone’s even trying
to tamper with your bike. Now, they restrict that alert
to a range of 200 metres, which is pretty much within comfortable running distance, I think. It’s also keyless, so you
use your phone to unlock it. And then, best of all, I
think, it’s solar-powered so you don’t need to charge it. Which, to my mind, is the constant downfall of smart products. Who would want to charge
their bike lock, after all? Now, another one for
commuters and city riders is the Wair anti-pollution mask. It has a built-in filtration mask to try to protect you from harmful pollutants. But then it also has a
sensor that constantly measures the quality of the air. But it gets bad enough,
it’ll send you an alert via your phone, which
means that you only need to put the scarf over your
face when you really need it. All right, what about bikes then? Well, last year, tech giant Leeco showcased their smart bike. And then, for 2017, they were back with this, the new smart bike. And it even won an award. Let’s get past the
initial hurdle, shall we? It frankly looks a little bit like a ripoff of a Trek Madone. But the frame isn’t
the important bit here. The fact that it has a
built-in 4.5-inch display into the integrated bar and stem unit that houses an Android
operating system is quite cool. Now, it basically functions as a standard high-tech GPS unit. There are a few added
extras, like a walkie-talkie. And then there is also this:
handlebar-mounted laser beams. Yeah, yeah. Handlebar-mounted laser beams. Right, moving on. Another brand that does smart bikes that we might be more familiar with is the Chinese company SpeedX. And they were showcasing
their latest prototype, the Unicorn. It’s supposedly going to be
the first production bike to have an integrated power metre. Yeah. Right, who fancies a smart cycling helmet? Well, if you do, there’s
this, the Coros Linx. Now, its smartness lies in its ability to connect to your phone which will allow you, therefore, to listen to music and also take calls
hands-free while riding. And it’s able to do this through
one of its other features which is built-in bone
conducting headphones. Now, many people feel that
these are the only really safe way of listening
to music whilst riding because they don’t interfere
with you hearing ambient noise. Much, in fact, like these ones as well, which are called the
Aftershokz Trekz Titanium. They are Bluetooth-enabled
bone conducting headphones. And, apparently, they’re
already available to buy should you wish. Okay, this smart cycling backpack really caught our attention. The makers, Royole, actually
won a couple of awards at the show for their
flexible smart electronics. And one of them was because
they built it into this backpack designed for cycling,
giving you, wait for it, lights and indicators. Yeah, you control them by moving your hand over motion sensors that are housed on the rucksack straps, apparently. You know what? I quite like that. Genuine innovation, there. Okay, what about e-bikes? They are as electronic as it gets, surely. And yes, the show did not disappoint. Falco took the opportunity to
launch their new Edrive Wheel. Put it into any bike, and
it will give you a range of up to 100 miles and
up to 28 miles per hour. Although it must be said,
you definitely wouldn’t want to forget to charge this. The motor alone weighs 5.9
kilos and the battery 2.5. So, I’ll just put it out there. And then, the thing that I
can’t quite get my head around, is that it can also
act as a smart trainer. That’s right. Instead of just being
able to power you forward, it can also provide up to
1,000 watts of resistance. And it can also connect up to Zwift. (applause) Well then, there are our top
tech gadgets from the CES. Nothing, I’ll admit, to
excite me quite as much as whale-inspired carbon wheels or indeed wireless grip sets. But nevertheless, some
really, really interesting bits and bobs. And I think stuff that
will genuinely be of use to some cyclists out there. Just all I can think of now is if only poor old Dan Lloyd still had
use for a smart hairbrush. Nothing. Okay, right, make sure that you have subscribed to G-C-N. We’ve got loads of tech
stuff on the channel. And there’s going to be more coming from all the shows and
the product launches that are coming out this year. So, subscribe and then you’re
always into the right place. If you want a little bit
more content now on tech, then if you click just down there, you get through to Lloyd out of Vegas but at a bike show this time. Checking out the trends for this year. Or, indeed, we’ve got
some really weird tech that I found at the Taipei show going back nearly a year now. That one is just there.

100 comments on “8 Of The Best Smart Bike Tech From CES 2017

  1. "It has a Android operating system" APPLE > SCAMDROID!!!

    Next time on how to start a comment war: Quantum entanglement and why Einstein shouldn't be a prick about it.

  2. Tech is changing and improving ever year, this is why I wouldn't purchase a bike with integrated gadgets.I buy all the new gadgets and always upgrading by selling my old ones
    (6 months old, sometimes less) always try to be ahead of the availability in my area by searching on the net, this way I'm not stuck with an electronic store in my basement.

  3. dura ace di2; yes. powermeters; yes
    sram e tap; yes

    all the stuff here; pointless consumerism marketing, pointless fads, smart technology has a limited lifetime.
    cycling as a sport and lifestyle lasts forever.

  4. I have been using the Aftershokz Trekz Titanium wireless stereo headphones for a few months now.  They work pretty well especially while listening to music when I ride with the added feature of being able to hear ambient noise around me.  The headphones are actually pretty comfortable and easy to use while wearing a bike helmet.  The one drawback is depending on how fast you are riding is how well the party on the other end of a phone call will hear you (because of the wind).  I found this to be the case with many bluetooth devices while riding.  Since they do not fit into your ear it might take a little bit of getting used, but you won’t even realize you have them on in a short time of use.

  5. +1 for Trekz Titanium. Got some from Santa and whilst they're not great for quality, they're bloody good for listening when riding without drowning out the road.

  6. So did you or your GCN com-padres actually go to CES? Just curious. I didn't see any on the floor videos or product showcases.

  7. What's sad is that none of that new mind blowing tech is cheap, cycling isn't expensive as the saying goes, but it really is ! You can have a good cheap bike and kit but at some point when you want to elevate your cycling so should you pockets !

  8. You're kidding me right?

    Looks like a rip off of a Trek Madone? Where the resemblance is so small but you guys show the Coros Helmet which is a complete knock off of the Specialized Evade but no comment on that.


  9. There was also a collaboration between Intel and Oakley for shades incorporating a HUD for all your necessary info, phone connectivity and music on show as well which I thought was rather cool.

  10. when you get hit by a car, the smart helmet detects this and texts your partner "won't be home for dinner tonight darling"

  11. I wonder when I line up for a Crit if people will believe that that ebike rear wheel is just some new fancy aero wheel, and the battery is just a huge waterbottle. Yeah, I could live with a 7 speed bolt on wheel, if it could add 250 watts to my output. I could always put downtube shifters back on.

  12. I hope the keyless lock actually does have a key. Imagine locking up in a cold grey country (England) and having the lock run out of power. No riding till summer 😉

  13. with all the tech I would think you would get sensory overload ? just give me something that tells me how fast I'm going and how far I have traveled so I can enjoy the ride and the surroundings .

  14. bit of a catch 22. I need to get home, but I can't unlock my bike bacause my phone is dead. then I also can't call anyone to help me, which is the first thing I would want to do if I were stranded with no transport. Hope there's a key for backup, but then why have the smart unlock?

  15. I already have a pair of Aftershokz, just beware after a exausting ride, dont take them off too hastely as they can snap and break easily!

  16. I've owned a pair of aftershockz for about 2 years now, the best and only ear phones for cycling. still being too hear the traffic is a must mine are called aftershokz bluez 2

  17. Someone needs to make some smart pedals for Matt! Kidding aside, cool tech, but electronic shifting won't be beaten for a while on my book… unless they can find a way to build electronic breaking, and build it well enough that it feels like real breaking. On second thought, not sure it will ever happen since, unlike shifting which you can do without if a battery runs out, you always need the breaks. Unless…. we all become track riders.

  18. All in all the rear hub electric powered wheel is self sufficiant when it comes to power. Put it in training mode for recharging and use the motor when your own energy is spent.

  19. Definitely, I wouldn't listen to music even in those bone whatever headphones. I mean, of course with traditional headphones the problem is on the isolation you have. But there's another problem: concentration. If you're listening to a podcast or whatever, your concentration is just not the same.

  20. E-Drive wheel sounds a cool option for staying green on that lazy rest day, or for those who simply need a little help in older life and wont part with their cherished bikes. Tried eye wear with the headphone technology at last years cycle show, work really, well all good stuff. Andy

  21. Have a pair of the trekz titanium headphones. They are great during the summer, nice being able to hear everything around me. During the winter though, when I want to be wearing a skullcap/balaclava, they simply won't fit under. No worse then regular in-ear headphones though in that respect.

  22. I agree – nothing beats hard work and proper training. Although, some of these tech items are cool, my beef is that they're all separate. Looking forward to the day that somehow one can get all of them on one device with voice command. I'm sure we're close.

  23. I recently bought the Cronos smart helmet and absolutely love it . i can listen to my podcasts , music and take calls . I do about 8 hrs riding a week and only need to charge it once every two weeks .

  24. ~Why would anyone want to take a phone call whilst on your bike? The whole point of going out on the bike is to get away from all that.

  25. Yes Simon the aftershockz trekz titanium are available for available for purchase at a value of $129.99 ca
    I purchased mine in October, as a marathon runner, hearing the road is just as important for me and amazing my son who is deaf has a friend we tried them on who is also deaf (hearing aids, my son wears choclears implants which by pass the cochlea so he could not try) and quests what a deaf child' hears music just clear as day just as you and I :)) !!!!!!!

  26. why the motor and battery of the E-bike so heavy? Can't we have the "hidden motor tech" used by the pro (mechanical doping) ?

  27. Any smart tech that can tell 8 from 10? 8 of the best smart bike tech or Top 10 cycling tech? Math is hard for cyclists…

  28. Just a thought, but couldn't the tech on the Linx helmet be used by pros for their race radio earpiece.  I personally wouldn't take a call or listen to music while riding, but I think if race radios are here to stay, this is a pretty sleek way to go.  What do you think?

  29. There are already chinese copies of a bunch of them on Aliexpress/BangGood/etc, like the backpack with the turn indicators and the e-bike wheel.

  30. you know the times when you see these people riding on super sucky walmart beach cruisers or super nerdy suck commuter bikes and retro road bikes 50 years old? Is it just tempting to comment about their bike?

  31. I can do without all of these doodads. What I need is something that gives me more time to just ride my bike.

  32. You know, I have one simple request. And that is to have bikes with frickin' laser beams attached to their handlebars!

  33. The smart bike helmet is a good idea & I would definitely use that also I would also use the smart lock so ppl can't steal my bike cuz I would get a alert on my phone if it was being messed with. And lastly I would use a electric mountain bike.

  34. The worst part of the aftershock headphones is that not only you but everyone else within your vicinity knows what you are listening to….

  35. Obviously this video is from a little while ago but I recently read an article about that SpeedX bike brand and how they basically just stole all of the supporters and backers money that they got from Kickstarter and IndieGoGo. Upwards of 900K I think? Pretty messed up that is why I don't trust those sites. I realize that some of the brands are legit and do make good quality items but I would rather wait for a good company to actually release a product instead of paying for something and then having to wait a year or two for it to be developed or maybe even never receiving it at all.

  36. Re: Bike Theft Alarms… (@ 0:46)
    "Now they restrict that Alert to a range of 200m; which is pretty much within comfortable" <shooting> "distance."
    Oh that's right. You're in the U.K. But here in America, I carry the new "Aero Glock", for bicyclists! It carries 20 rounds, and weighs a mere 250 grams!! : )

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