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25 comments on “8 Tips about Bike Safety Locks | Bicycle Repair

  1. One cut will defeat the Kryptonite Evolution Mini lock. NEVER use it as your primary lock.

    A cable can be snipped with a pocket tool.

    Make sure that the object you're locking to isn't an old, brittle cast iron railing.

    Whilst the Shelton Brown method is generally respected it could encourage a thief to  'have a go' and damage your bicycle.

    A good combination is:

    ABUS X-PLUS 54 230mm
    Kryptonite Evolution Mini (secondary)
    PitLock skewers and seatpost bolt.
    Solder in headset bolts.

  2. just never lock your bike anywhere, if you really have to then have a cheap bike for thrashing around town and locking it around 

  3. Be careful guys,they are using the bike as leverage now to break even the best U lock,they pick it up turn it upside down and spin the entire bike until the lock breaks,use 2 locks to stop them spinning/rocking  it.

  4. Why not lock the back wheel + the frame??? 
    I wouldn't just lock the wheels in place. There's still a way to leave the wheels locked to the object and someone stealing your frame only.

  5. here's how you should do it, put cable through the back wheel and frame then choke it then run the other end and put it around the thing you are locking it to then through the front wheel then when locking the frame put the loop on the lock.
    you really didn't do that good of a job explaining how to do that

  6. Forget any cable,,,,,they cut that stuff in 2 seconds.I know,,,,,,,i had my 3500 dollar Specialized stolen in 10 seconds flat !!!

  7. It is indeed a good lock thanks dor the review. Bought it and also have done a video on my channel. Cheers.

  8. Down vote because the very first thing you grab is a CABLE! Never use a cable for anything other than a cheap saddle.

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