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Benefits of cycling
9 beginner mistakes and how to avoid them | Cycling Weekly

9 beginner mistakes and how to avoid them | Cycling Weekly

Whether you are cycling newbie or
seasoned pro we all make mistakes and while we learn best from the errors we make, at the time it never quite feels like that
So to save you the time, hassle and embarrassment of making silly cycling mistakes we’ve gone
to the effort of making them for you Here’s our top cycling mistakes to avoid We’ll forgive you for this one because it’s
an easy and common mistake to make Positioning your saddle too high or too
low could lead to a loss of power as well as injury While bike fit is unique to
each rider there are some guides to follow when it comes down to saddle
height. As a guide ride along with your heel on the pedal and when your leg is at
the very bottom of the pedal stroke it should be almost fully extended but not
quite… if this doesn’t feel quite right feel free to change it slightly until
you are comfortable Hitting the wall or “bonking”, as it’s
commonly referred to among cyclists, is when the body quite simply runs out of
fuel. In most cases you come to an almost grinding halt and things will only get
worse until you refuel. It’s an error everybody has made but it can easily be
avoided – before each ride make sure you are sufficiently fueled. In other words,
have something to eat – porridge and bananas or toast with honey are great to help fuel the body over a few hours Out on your ride take more than enough food A few gels or bars and a couple of
bottles – heck, even a sandwich will all provide energy and keep your tank topped
up. Trust us – you’d much rather have too much food in your jersey pocket then
not enough There’s no mechanic van coming and for
most of us mere mortals we’ve got to be self-sufficient because not everyone’s
gonna stop and help… clearly So to get yourself up and running back on the road quickly after a puncture or a double puncture you’ll need at least two spare
inner tubes, a mini pump or gas canisters and to make your life easier pack a
couple of tyre levers and a multi-tool into your saddle pack In colder conditions
it’s always better to slightly overdress than underdress and
remember you can always take the layers off But even in warmer climes never
leave the house without a rain cape or a gillet because it could really cause
your body temperature to plummet if there’s a sudden downpour If you’re heading out up hilly terrain remember – the higher you go the colder it will become Wearing a windproof cape will prevent wind chill and keep in body heat Get into the habit of regularly checking
and keeping your bike well-maintained Not only will this make it perform
better but it will be nicer, easier, and safer to ride too. Pay special attention
to the brakes, gears and tires, and make sure that you’re regularly moving and
cleaning your chain to prolong the life of that too. Now, if you’re not confident
doing all this by yourself at home then most bike shops do offer servicing now
so make sure you’re taking it in every now and again We’ve all done it – the adrenaline is coursing throughout our veins and we just can’t help ourselves
from firing out the gates Cycling is a tough sport at the best of times and while there’s nothing wrong in wanting to go faster than ever or beating a PB,
it’s important that you know your limits and ride within them. Going too hard too
soon could ruin your ride, not to mention your morale It’s common for those of
you who are new to cycling to rely on your brakes too much. When needing to slow
down it can be tempting to grab the brakes hard but braking must be done in a controlled manner Braking extremely hard could lead to a loss of control and stability and in extreme cases could see you flying directly over the handlebars –
not to mention it doesn’t do any favours to your mates behind. Instead keep your
eyes on the road ahead, anticipate, and brake gradually using a combination of
front and rear Your gears are there for a reason: to
allow you to ride comfortably over a range of terrains. They’re there to make
your life on the bike easier and more enjoyable There’s no need to grind a
hard gear at 40rpm – all you’re likely to do is injure your knees. Likewise there’s
very little point spinning 140rpm in easy gears all the time – you’ll just make
yourself dizzy Lastly make sure you know which part the lever moves the gear in the directions you want There’s nothing worse than grinding up a steep hill only to make matters worse by shifting into a harder gear No one likes a visible panty
line not least cyclists The chamois in your cycling shorts is designed to be worn directly against your skin and it will make things much comfier too

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  1. The only bicycling mistake I still make is falling off but I put in 61 years of work on that and I'm making real progress now.

  2. Half the time she spends looking away from the camera and talking to an offscreen camera as if she thinks she's still looking at the audience. Why does she do this?

  3. common mistakes to make when making a youtube video – looking at the wrong camera… but we will forgive you for this one, thankfully you forgave us for the first cycling mistake..

  4. Probably not going to take cycling advice from people that don't look like they cycle that much. That's why GCN is so much better.

  5. She's a HOTTIE! But she talks funny. She needs to spend some time in AMERICA, learning to speak english correctly….

  6. if you are a good bike rider then you might have had a real situation with the handlebar problems…i suggest you this cool gloves

  7. Im a new cyclist and looking for the best road bike for beginners. What bike would anyone suggest and whats the best way to start for building endurance? Meaning distance etc..

  8. I left out on a ride as a teenager. Didn't intend to go that far but it was a good ride, so I kept riding. 40 miles down the road, I began to get hungry. The problem, I took no food or money with when I look left out. Now I had a serious problem, no food, no money, no phone, 40 miles from home. At first I didn't think too much about it but then the hunger pains started to set in that 40 miles seemed like 400 miles. It was bad cause the harder I worked to get back, the more hungry I got. Then I hit the wall, with 30 miles left to go. I was absolutely starving and extremely weak. Oh my, I was scared. I couldn't call anyone. I had no choice but to bike 30 miles back home with no food. I can tell you folks, that day I knew the true definition of STARVATION. Let me tell you, most people in America have no idea of what it means to STARVE but that day I understood what it was like to actually be STARVING to death. I'm not talking hungry, I'm talking STARVING. If you don't think it was a serious situation, try it. My eyes were opened. You don't know pain until you get so weak that your starving. It's terrible.

  9. I've done most of these. Expounding on a few: use chamois cream, even on short rides. It will save you pain. I use Bag Balm (available in the States) because it is cheaper, available locally (no bike shop near me), and it works. Big, cushy saddles are not always the most comfortable for your bum. Most serious riders I know use thin saddles like Brooks. My B17 has never given me saddle sores, even on 7 day rides. Keep your RPMs between 80-90 by using your gears. Buy and install a cadence meter if you don't know what that feels like. Your knees will appreciate it. Practice changing tires/tubes at home. You don't want your first time to be out on the trail or a busy road. There are several good vids out there that show how to do it with various brake/wheel configurations. If you ride in cold weather or dusty conditions, invest in some wrap around glasses or goggles. A few hours of cold wind, eating dust or catching a bug in your eye can make post-ride miserable.

  10. Riding in super hot weather is dangerous. Talking about on the 100s. Even with enough water. I tried that once for a mile and DAMN!!

  11. I was just wondering if you all wake up at the same time and decide to fuck up everyone's days by being an asshole and riding a bicycle down the highway as a hobby.

  12. Why do cyclists ride so damn close to each other? Is it because of the less drag, and is that even worth it?

  13. Surprisingly, making a driver's licence makes you a safer and less annoying cyclist. Get familiar with traffic laws and it might save your health or life one day.

  14. I'm outta shape and decided to bike to and from school today- altogether it was 20 miles. My ass is sore, I have a splitting headache, and was improperly dressed. These tips will help me for next time!

  15. 1. Incorrect saddle height
    2. Not enough fuel
    3. No spares
    4. Wrong clothing
    5. Poor bike maintainance
    6. Too much too soon
    7. Bad breaking
    8. Choosing the wrong gear
    9. Wearing pants

  16. Whatever you do KEEP OF THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD. If you see a car move to the side. If not you will be beeped on, and don't get mad if they do it's you that's being am asshole.

  17. Elias Flores 49, Noble, Okla., was struck and killed while on a bicycle ride just 2 hours before his daughter Addy's HS graduation ceremony. This occurred Tuesday May 21st, 2019 in Norman, Okla. As some of my children and grandchildren were close friends to his daughters and wife it's very tragic. I'm told there's a gofundme set up for the family ( Flores Family or Jennifer Flores). The family lives in Noble, Okla. on 72nd Ave. He was killed just a mile or so down the road in Norman, Okla. He is survived by his wife Jennifer and three daughters. His wife is employed only part time at Noble Public schools assisting children with reading difficulties. That employment just ended with school closing. She also takes care of her parents who live with them and her father has dementia. This is a family who legitimately needs help. Please feel free to forward, copy or pass this on to others who may help. Most of all, BE CAREFUL OUT THERE….he was a bicycling enthusiast and had no idea how fast a short ride could end his life and devastate his families life.

  18. thank God I am not a cyclist I just enjoy riding a bike. I do not have to join a cult and get extra special equipment to participate.

  19. Havent biked over a mile in 5 years today I did 30, didn't help I was on a basically empty stomach and crushed a 6er of guinness the night before. It really helps to be a little baked, and to bike with a partner. Fuck you Chris. Eat my dust. Everything is mental until your heart gives out which is what happened to me, ended up having to lay down for 20 mins but fuck it, sometimes you just gotta send it boys

  20. Im just learning how to bike i dont even know how to put my feet on the pedals i will edit when i know how to ride

  21. I wouldn’t consider myself a pro cyclist but I’ve been cycling ever since I was 7 years old and I’ve learnt a lot about cycling like always drinking water and watching for cars I have a Rocky Mountain bike with a saddle and front and wear flashing lights I always have a hand pump and a traffic vest

  22. Really helpful video, just bought my own bike for the first time in like a decade and I'm still learning a lot about choosing gears correctly and changing at the right time.

  23. Check out these super stylish, comfortable, light, PRO, and did I mention stylish cycling gloves!!
    Review: Kind Human “Vegan” cycling gloves

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