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9 More Must Do’s Vancouver Island, BC (Near Victoria)

9 More Must Do’s Vancouver Island, BC (Near Victoria)

don’t you just want to get away from it
all when you travel on Vancouver Island you can not only get away but you get
lost in this beauty and wonder welcome to our 9 must do’s on Vancouver Island in this video we’re going to show you
nine activities to do in and around Victoria British Columbia that are easy
to do and family friendly number nine had me completely terrified but it was
so worth it plus it was the only one we had to pay for we want to give you
practical information so when you go there you have all the tools and
information necessary to have a great time let’s do this
first is visit bear mountain bear mountain is about a 20-minute drive from
downtown Victoria this is a really really nice resort it has some nice
restaurants it has really nice golf course there’s a spa there some tennis
courts and you can do some mountain biking there’s some good trails around
there and if you love mountain biking it’s the perfect place to go that’s
really close to Victoria the great thing about this place if you have your own
mountain bikes doesn’t cost you anything but the gas to get there exactly but you can rent mountain bikes there it’s really pretty here it’s fun good for us we’ve been out of shape though we’re just trying to find these trails
number two is hike sombrio beach this is located in port renfrew which is about a
two hour drive west of victoria port renfrew is known as the tall tree capital
of Canada and it’s also home to the famous West Coast hiking trail finding
sombrero beach is a little tricky we drove by it twice on the highway and
there’s just a little little sign that says sombrio beach so we’re trying to go
to sombrio beach today and we drove past and drove past and that is the sign
you go down and you get to another fork and then there’s another little sign
that says go this way well once you get there it’s definitely worth it when you
get there in the parking lot after you finally found your way you walk down
to the beach it’s about 15 minutes and it’s known for actually camping
and it’s a quieter spot for surfers as well don’t forget about the waterfall
you have to go there the whole point of going there
is the waterfall and it’s a 20 minute walk just east up the beach up the
beach and we had problems finding it and we almost gave up because it’s so
hard to find but don’t give up we ran into a couple people and they point us
in the right direction so what you do is when you walk up the beach you’ll see
like this cave type of rock and there’s a little tiny stream coming out of it
and you’ve got to walk up the stream for a few minutes
looks like fun I’m gonna get my feet wet I know it and then there’s a bunch
of rock with moss remember that covered over it and then you look and it is
there and it is stunning unbelievable oh my god this just made my trip and there’s hardly any people in it because nobody knows where it is and its so awesome it reminded me of the waterfalls in Bali and prepare get your feet wet cause you’re just gonna have to walk in that water and you cannot leave this Beach until
you find that waterfall that’s a must-do it’s the way in it’s a legend from the
movie Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit you have to find the map in the book to
get to this you have to what who? never mind shhhh third is visit the botanical beach in the port renfrew area
this is a short hike from the trailhead parking lot make sure you read the sign
because there is also botany bay located there you want the sign for a botanical
beach you could do both as it is a short loop of only about 3 kilometers this
Beach is known for its tidal pools and the marine life within these tidal pools
we’re gonna go look for some sea life maybe we’ll get some walruses or sea
lions killer whales great whites turtles I don’t know there’s animals such as sea
urchins starfish barnacles and mussels which is so cool yeah and don’t forget
to pack a picnic lunch as there’s really nice picnic tables around the parking
lot and we love to sit there after and have a snack
yeah and this is a great activity for the kids and the whole family
the fourth activity is to visit Fairy Lake which is also in the port renfrew
area this lake is so worth a visit and there’s this like tiny little Douglas
fir tree sticking out of submerged log in the water and I saw this thing on
Instagram there’s tons of photographs of it and I just had to visit there yeah
it’s about a ten kilometer drive from the town of Port Renfrew it has a nice
camp ground there with a little sandy beach and it’s a great peaceful place and it’s really nice the
last three activities are all port renfrew area and can be done as a day
trip if you want right the fifth activity is to stop at the Sheringham
lighthouse if you like old lighthouses and rugged coastline this is the thing
for you this lighthouse was built in 1912 after the ship wreck of the SS
Valencia it’s also still used and it’s about the halfway point between port
renfrew and Victoria it’s just off the highway using an access road called
Sheringham Point Road how many places do you see peacocks in the middle of the road he’s so cute we had to film him and when you park down at the
end you actually have to take a little five-minute path to get to the
lighthouse there’s no parking right in front of it it is a great place to take amazing
photos and on your way out there’s this amazing cafe called Shirley delicious
cafe what’s this place Oh Shirley Shirley delicious food it looks like a
cute little cafe you have to stop there and get some
amazing food and good coffee oh it’s so good the six activity to do is to cycle
the Cowichan Valley Trail which is about an hour’s drive from Victoria this
trail is part of the trans-canada trail if you don’t know that is it’s a
trail that stretches from the east coast to the west coast of Canada you can bike
hike or even a horseback ride on this trail these trails there’s about 122
kilometers in total and you can cross several trestles and we chose to start
at the Kinsel trestle and we are standing right now in front of the kinsel
trestle used to be an old railway trail system the kinsel trestle is one of the
largest free standing timber trestles in the world its length is about 187 meters
and its height is about 145 meters above a large river the views are amazing
stunning stunning this trail follows an old railway system and that’s now
converted to a multi-use trail we found this trail not to be too busy there’s
parking lots all along this trail so you can do as much or as little as you like
and it’s basically flat so it’s excellent for families Marco where’s
your bike I don’t know it turned into this horse it’s not going anywhere number seven is hike to a secret swing
with a stunning view this swing with it’s amazing view it’s located at the
top of Baldy Mountain it’s actually a really short and easy hike to do it only
takes about 30 to 40 minutes there’s two access points there’s a steeper shorter
climb and then kind of a longer more scenic climb which we chose to do and
you’re greatly rewarded at the top that’s right and this swing was built by
a man as a gift to his wife on their favorite hiking trail I know it’s so cool
and there’s a sign up there explaining that as well when you’re up there you
actually have a 360-degree panoramic view of Shawnigan Lake below and we did
this hike on the way back from our bike ride on the Cowichan Valley Trail as it
also was in the Cowichan Valley area so again you can do this in a day trip just
finished mountain biking and now we’re doing a steep hike preparing for the
zombie apocalypse getting really fit and living off the
land I think there’s some berries along the way
the eighth activity to do is to bike the galloping goose trail this is an amazing
trail it was a former railway system built in World War one and converted to a
trail system it’s 55 kilometers long it goes from Victoria to Sooke with many
access points you can do things like biking hiking walking and many other things probably horseback riding if you go to the rural areas maybe this trail is super busy people use it for
commuting totally worth to do it though and the beauty is you can start right in
Victoria for a bike path this is pretty awesome don’t you think whoo I don’t
think she heard me I don’t think you heard me you love this trail pretty cool I love this trail last but not least take a seaplane tour I have a fear of
flying no matter how many flights I take ready to go I’m ready to go and if you
are a little nervous just like I am do not let that discourage you from taking
this tour it is such a cool experience yeah and you can book a seaplane tour
from harbor air sea planes which is in downtown Victoria this airline that
we’re taking is actually the world’s first carbon-neutral airline
the reason why is the airport has solar panels and so they generate enough solar
power to offset the carbon that’s emitted from the airplane and it’s so
much fun to take off and land from the water and also seeing Vancouver Island
and its rugged coastline from the air is unbelievable it was
awesome the cost is about a hundred and twenty-five dollars each and but totally
worth the splurge that was awesome it was pretty awesome
I must say I was nervous it was a little bit turbulent not too bad though no but
honestly the shit this channel is making me do my hands were sweating Vancouver
Island has so many things to do in and around Victoria and if you love
exploring the outdoors as much as we do this place is definitely for you and if
you haven’t already watched our original 9 must do’s please take a look at that
video as well for some other ideas because they’re completely different
than this video and where would that be right here? right there. and oh yeah if you haven’t already don’t forget
to subscribe and hit that like button

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