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9 Winter Mountain Biking Hacks On A Budget

– If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then winter is here. And it can feel like a time to hibernate but it’s also a great
time to get out and ride. Whilst there is no
replacement for a proper kit, it can be quite expensive, so this the way to get in the cold and wet on a budget. (upbeat music) Wow! Waterproof socks can
make life worth living when it comes to smashing through puddles but they come at a price. What doesn’t come at a price are, super simple plastic bags. Now, the way to do this is
double up on your sock just go one layer, then the plastic bags, and then another layer
of sock over the top so you’re not slipping around inside your shoes. Yes, it’s totally waterproof,
no it’s not breathable, so only do this if you’re not
going to get super sweaty, otherwise, you’re feet are
going to get cold and wet just through sweat. Whilst their not as cheap as plastic bags, my wind hack is to get you’re
self TK Maxx, route around and find some thick Merino Wool socks, hopefully they won’t cost you too much and or though you will
still get wet feet in winter they should stay warm. Just like you’re feet, you’re hands are really sept towards the
cold, so a nice little hack, better than plastic bags,
is get some Nitrile Gloves. These are super thin so,
they really won’t make a massive difference
you’ll feel of the bar, also they will fit under
any pair of gloves, so slide them on. And then underneath you’re normal gloves, completely waterproof and windproof which is a big thing in winter, especially, if you’ll be riding fast. Also the great thing
about this is you’re hands are much less likely to be
sweaty like you’re feet, so, the sweat from the inside out is going to be much less of a problem. When fingers get wet, they get slippery. So that includes all you’re controls and contact points on the bike. So if you’re really ride
a lot in the winter, it might be good to think about what you can do to those, see there’s a little bit
of grip tape like a sort of skateboard grip tape
I’ve got on my shifter, it’s very nice in wet conditions. You can also do the same
to you’re brake levers and drop post, crank bow has actually made their own little ones to fit nicely on that dropper post lever or
you can use something like this self-multiplying silicone tape. So, this basically sticks to itself so you can wrap it around your lever and it will stick nicely,
so it’ll give you more grip. But also, a massive bonus if you’re riding in
really cold conditions, it will give you a bit of
insolation away from the metal of your brake levers. Layering is really
important in winter months as I find today as the rain comes down. I’ve got waterproof layer on top and then I’ve got my normal riding jersey but also underneath I’ve
got Merino Base Layer. So the great thing with layering is if you get too hot you can take one off. So, just like adding a
waterproof shell to an insulation on a normal riding top is super useful. Also, you’re going to have
to put your jacket somewhere so you might need to have
a riding backpack with you but the great thing of layering is you can sort of really make it
four seasons of clothing. So I can wear this jersey in summer, in autumn I can just add
that base layer to it, and then in winter I’ve
got my jacket on top. So although that does mean I’m
having a bit more equipment you can use it all year around. You get much more enjoyment
out of that post rope beer if you’re not soaking cold and wet as we’ve found out loads of times. So what I learned through winter is get changed into a riding kit at home and then take a spare set of clothes in whatever vehicle I’m going in. Plus always, in the side of my car I’ve got that emergency set of spare socks, just in case I ever forget, so nice to have that in there already. This is a bit of a techy
one I’m stealing from Doddy but using Moto foam to stop
mud sticking to your bike is a really good idea. So it’s called Moto foam ’cause it’s from Motocross,
basically this is a sump foam so it’s to go
underneath you’re sump guard, basically motocross mechanics use this to stop mud getting
stuck into these places and adding loads of weight to the bike. With a mountain bike, you can cut this up and just stick it to the bike
where mud might accumulate but also it can cause some
extra wear and tear to the bike. So places like this where you’ve got a bit of space right inside sort
of between that seat juve and the linkage or
between the chain stays. You can add a bit of
foam there to stop mud getting shoved down in there. So you going to have to try and find this at you’re
local motocross dealership. Silicone spray or what
I like to call BS spray, because you put this all over
you’re bike when you’re about to sell it makes it look
nice and shiny and new. Basically, this is the
slipperiest of stuff, so this is another moto hack that spray underneath
the bike, especially, on the plastic underneath the mudguards. So the mud shouldn’t
stick to it quite as much, you’ll hit it and hopefully slide off. The thing about this stuff
is if you get a drop of this on you’re brakes, it’s going to ruin them. So, use this sparingly
underneath you’re mudguards, or on the bottom of you’re
bike, even on you’re shoes to try and stop mud sticking
to it quite as much. I’ve shown you a couple of
motocross inspired hacks, now, time for a golf inspired hack. Yes, that’s right. They love these things. These are chemical hand
warmers, so you can click these, stick them in the back of you’re glove, and they’re great for
warming up you’re hands on the coldest of days
or even after a ride. If you want an instant morale boost, keep some of these in the car. Cold hands are miserable, so
these definitely will help. Now, I’ve left this one for the very end ’cause it might be slightly controversial, but when it’s really cold
and wet I like to wear one of those little rowdy
hats, so they made out of really thick material. So basically, the water
just run straight off it. Also when it’s windy, I
always wear my vented helmet so it just stops that wind getting through and it keeps my head nice and warm. I know I wasn’t going
to like the way I look, but I love it when it’s cold and wet. Now if you want to see
another video from Jam Bam where Me and Doddy talk about the merits of wearing
winter boots down in that one. Do you really need ’em? Plus hit that subscribe button and hit that bell notification as well, so every time we upload a
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