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A Bubble Tea Miracle | Cycling in Taiwan: Episode 4

A Bubble Tea Miracle | Cycling in Taiwan: Episode 4

– Hey, everybody, I’m
Gunnarolla and this is Jackass. (laughing) (upbeat music) – Hey! I’m Gunnarolla,
world traveler, food lover. Taiwan is one of my
favorite travel destinations and last fall, I had the chance
to cycle around the country with my partner in photo shoots Sylvia. This trip was a great way to experience all that Taiwan has to offer
and challenge ourselves by doing something we’d never done before. From breath-taking views
to the freshest seafood and bubble tea everyday,
and the occasional booch. – Booch it. (laughing) Booch! – This was our trip to Taiwan. Ready? Alrighty, day three. (laughing) We’re– (laughing) Is it day three or day four? – Day four? What day is it? I don’t know? – It’s our last day in
Peng-Hu and we have had quite a time cycling around the island. – So our first stop of
the day is Peng-Hu Bay. It’s this beautiful spot
that looks onto the water there’s this epic bridge. – Like epic, the incline was so steep. You would totally never
make American Ninja Warrior. We said it before and we’ll say it again, it was unreal windy. – I could barely hear you sometimes and you were literally
right in front of me. – Literally, I was like talking to you and you were just nodding your head. Made it to the top (roaring wind) I don’t think your processing anything. – It wasn’t the wind. All right, last couple minutes in Peng-Hu. (roaring wind) (mumbles) So, it’s time to checkout of
the hotel and we have maybe five minutes before we had
to get on a bus to lunch and we were on a pretty tight schedule, because we were flying out that day. – Gonna give her this ice
wine from Canada and– – I think we should run a little bit. – Oh God. – We’re gonna be late, but, I mean, they have been waiting
for us the entire trip. – They can wait another five minutes. We’re heading up to Tea
Pro and surprise Vivian. Not gonna get hit by a motorcycle! – Back again, third time in a row. – Hey! – Hi! (laughing) – We were so happy we
got to say goodbye to her and we also got to met her son Ken, and his English teacher Jonathan. (speaking Chinese) – Hi! Welcome, Peng-Hu. – Gotta say, we were all
in sync fashion-wise. Well, most of us. – Minus me, cause I
didn’t get the denim memo. We’re saying bye. – Bye, Vivian, we love you. – Bye, come back next year. – We’ll come back, we’ll come back. – We’ll be back. – Next year? – Next year. Okay, promise. (laughing) And so we were off to our
last lunch on the island at a place called – [Gunnarolla and Sylvia] Cauliflower – Last Memory
– Memory – Oh, Last Memory? – Yeah! – I thought it was Cauliflower– – Oh, old memory! We both got it wrong! – [Gunnarolla and Sylvia]
Cauliflower Old Memory! – This was a place that you
can tell had a lot of history seemed very traditional, very rustic and it was finally time
for me to try trilobite. (restaurant patrons talking) – Did you just grab another piece? Oh, wow! Is it crispy? – It’s not crispy. – Is it mushy? Crunchy? Chewy? Mushy? – It’s just kinda everything at once. – Try a little bite? – It’s a lot. – It’s like if you took
a piece of KFC chicken. You took the skin off and then you, like, stripped it
of some of the spices and then you left it for a day. (laughing) – That’s exactly what it is. There are maybe people who
enjoy it, it was not for me. – At least you gave it a try. I wasn’t even brave enough to. – At the time, all I could think of was that I wanted a bubble
tea to wash things down. And I even said this to you. – We literally said that. – I wish I had a bubble tea. – And low and behold, Vivian
walked in with Bubble Tea. What the–! (laughing) This is so– (laughter)
(excited talking) – She brought us bubble
tea! What the heck! – Oh my god! I’m in shock right now! She literally came and found us! (laughing) (speaking Chinese) We were literally just saying
we wanted the bubble tea. (Vivian speaking Chinese) – Manifested. – Hashtag, law of attraction. Hashtag, bubble tea for life. – Hashtag, I gotta wait
for you to finish talking before I try to leave the frame. – Hashtag, Cauliflower Old Memory. (laughing) – Hashtag– – That’s the actual hashtag. – We gotta say bye again. (laughing) – [Group] Bye! – We genuinely love Vivian. It wasn’t just because she
was a bubble tea shop owner. She was just such a kind soul. – She was so excited about everything and that light really just spoke true to all of Peng-Hu and the island vibe. – So that was a perfect way
to end our time on the island, but it was time to get to Taipei. – I love how your (laughing) – Can I do it? Can I–no, I can’t. That’s as far as we can go. – Your gonna rip your pants, and it’s not gonna be my problem. (laughing) – Listen, I already ripped
my booch on this trip. So, we visited two of Taipei’s landmarks, The National Palace Museum and Taipei 101. – We’re going up to Taipei 101. – ♪ Up, up, up we can
only go up, from here. ♪ So, traveling in Asia as an Asian is an interesting experience. – It really is. You blend in. So people don’t really know
that you’re a foreigner. – No, they treat you like a local and for whatever reason, in
Taipei we blended in so well that it felt like people
just couldn’t see us. – We were invisible. (playful music) (crowd of people talking) – We were so close– (laughs) We were so close together, there’s no way that she didn’t know
that we were recording. She had to like squeeze her way through. She wanted her moment.
Shoot your shot, lady. – I’m pretty sure we shouldn’t be laughing this much in a museum. I’m crying. So we attempted a photo shoot. – As we usually do. The only issues is there
are a lot of tourists that seem to not even
recognize that we’re here. Did these people did not see
that we were trying to have – [Gunarolla And Sylvia] A photo shoot? (intense techno music) – Hey everyone! Hey everyone! Hey! Hey! Say bye! Wave! Bye! – We had a group dinner and no offense to all the seafood we had
in Peng-Hu, I loved it, but it was so nice to have Taiwanese food. – And of all things, Din Tai Fung, the original, famous restaurant of Taiwan. – Oh my god! – Oh my god! – That is dark chocolate! Whew! – So it was time to wrap things up and say goodbye to everyone in our group. – Including our tour guide Min. – Because, from the beginning, I’m not a person to know
how to handling these two, because they look so cool,
and they’re like confident. – We’re crazy. – Yeah and then I realize
they are super nice people, you know, and then I deeply,
really like them so much. – Aw , we love you. Group hug. Thank you so much for everything, Min. – I will miss you guys. – All the local on this tour
were so nice and friendly, and they really made us feel welcome. – What more can you ask for? – How about a stay at a
five-star, luxury hotel? (gasps) – Don’t act so surprised. You were there. Next Friday on Gunnarolla. – Elsa, I feel like I know her already! Oh my god, this really
does look like Korea. – I will eat a lot of things.
I still can’t eat that. (gags) – You good bro? – Listen, if they don’t
have English songs, I’m gonna sing English
lyrics to Taiwanese music. One of the things that people
of higher society like to do, is to get afternoon tea. We just saw the coolest thing but you’re not gonna know what it is.

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  1. Trilobite… that pun was so unappreciated, but I want to let you know I am weeping from how perfect it was.
    Yet another exciting chapter to your trip, and I am continually in awe of just how much fun you all are having. Photo shoots and karaoke seem like the best touristy dates. And the food… I just can't imagine how good all that tastes. 🙂

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