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A-Line Air Time Jump Challenge | Blake Samson Vs Greg Callaghan Vs Zak Johansen

A-Line Air Time Jump Challenge | Blake Samson Vs Greg Callaghan Vs Zak Johansen

– Welcome back you beautiful people. I’m surrounded by two rad dudes. We’ve got Zak Johansen and
we’ve got Greg Callaghan, part of the CUBE ActionTeam. And we’ve got a special game
of A-line, air challenge, you ready? – Hell yeah. – Let’s go. (laughs) (upbeat rock music) – Ooh my God! – Yeah! (upbeat rock music) – I want to be a noble second. – Oooh! – Oh my God. (laughs) (ball slamming) – OK, before we get started,
let me explain to the viewers, and you dudes what it’s all about, OK? We’re going to do our own kind
of A-line air DH race down. And we’re going to do a
full run all the way, OK? You’re going to set go on your Garmin and we’re going to see
who’s got the most jumps, who go it the furthest and everything. Then we’re going to come
straight back up to the top, and we’re going to session the track. Like who can go biggest
on a certain feature. Who can go the furthest. We’re just going to have a bit of fun. Greg Callaghan, arguably
one of the fastest men to come out of Ireland. At the sweet, tender age of 28 years old, he’s won three EWS rounds, two of which were in his home country, and one in Madeira. Obviously this guy can
shred a bike super hard. Zak Johansen, straight out of Sweden. At the tender age of 26 years old, he’s got a few top 10s
in his name in the EWS. This guy is chomping at
the bit like a horse. Super stylish and loves
to have fun on his bike. This is going to be a hard one. So you’re probably wondering, how the hell are you going to
measure how high you’re going to get and how fast and how long
you’re going to do on a jump? Well, we’ve partnered up
with Garmin, for this video, and they’ve given us the 830 and a 530, their two new computers. And these things can
actually calculate how high and how far you’ve actually gone. And it actually says, “Great jump,” when you’ve actually done a jump. Right, are you ready? – I’m ready. – Let’s do it. – Don’t forget to press
start on your thingamabobies. – Go get–
– Your Garmins. Yeah, up! ♪ Keep it on my body ♪ ♪ Bitch I’m broke if you’re asking ♪ ♪ Don’t got a ceiling ♪ ♪ Most of you all is floor less ♪ ♪ Broken whips as long as it is foreign ♪ ♪ Heard you want her
’cause the yams enormous ♪ ♪ What’s an if she isn’t gorgeous ♪ ♪ Live my life last name of Morgan ♪ ♪ Free man tryna touch a forest ♪ ♪ Do not know what knocking on a door is ♪ ♪ Caymen ♪ ♪ I caymen ♪ ♪ I caymen did it like the Porsche’s ♪ ♪ Coming in ♪ ♪ Flex, I just want to win ♪ ♪ L A B B who we running with ♪ ♪ 2 2 3 3 I’m on 10 again ♪ ♪ OK, all right ♪ ♪ Coming in ♪ ♪ Flex, I just want to win, yeah ♪ ♪ L A B B who we running with, yeah ♪ ♪ 2 2 3 3 I’m on 10 10 10, yeah ♪ ♪ Flex, I just want to win, yeah ♪ ♪ L A B B who we running with, yeah ♪ ♪ 2 2 3 3 I’m on 10 10 10, yeah ♪ (energetic R&B music) – Ahhhh (laughs) – [Blake] Wow, race over, thank goodness. Like I said, it is a
full solid run of A-line from top to bottom. Head to head, Zak, Greg and myself. But it is clear that Zak took the win with a super stylish style,
scrubbing everything, going flat-out down the trail. Man, the best thing about
that was just following these two guys down the most
famous trail in the world, A-line. – That’s a lot of–
– That’s our race run done. – Yep. – I reckon we should
sesh and set ourselves some jumping challenges, just to see who actually gets the highest. See who can get the furthest, on this section. (upbeat rock music) OK, there’s a few hits on A-line, that are pretty famous. And you can get some high on. And first up, the tombstone, Greg. – Legendary, yeah. – Do you reckon you can get high off that? Should we sesh that? – I dunno, I’m not really a popper, but. – [All] One, two, three. – Oh wow, so you guys. – And we go again. – You go again to go
whoever wants to go first. – Ahhh, OK. – I’m going last. – One, two, three. Ah! – Boom, you’re first. – Oh, what? Did I win or lose? – You, you choose. You want to go.
– You first! – You first. – Oh God. – Well. – Yeah, like if Zak wants to
go big, he can go real big. – Real big. And he– OH!
– Oh my God! (laughs) – Nice! – Only in Whistler. – Only in Whistler. – Just random back flips. – Well I spy bike park dudes ay. Here he comes. – Here he is. Oh God. OH! (laughs) – Oh my goodness, me! What did you get? – What’s the score? – 1.36. – 1.36
– 1.36 seconds? – Yeah. – In the air? – Oh God, that’s a long time. – You’re up. Oh, that was good. – That was actually
harder than I expected. – Oh man, you– – You’re in for a treat! – Oh je– (blows raspberry) That was high. And I noticed that you came
in like a little bit slow, to pop it. – Yeah, that was my strategy, I think. – That’s the be–
– Just a little bit slower, and then tried to set it up just there. – He’s going for a speed approach. – Oh no, 0.5! – 0.5? Oh, I got to go high! – You need to. Otherwise, I will win the first challenge. – Nah, watch this. (Zak laughs) – Watch this. – Watch this. (laughs) – Go slower, go slower. – Slow down, slow down. – Oh my goodness me! – 1.36. – [Greg] Oh! It’s a tie! – What you and I? – You’ve only got one point–
– We need to check– – I think that might be a tie. – I thought that was a tie as well. – [Blake] Yeah. – Well we could have
a showdown here, boys. – [Blake] That was a–
– Yeah, 1.36. – What? Does that mean we have to do it again? – Tie-breaker. – Go again boys. – [Blake] All right. – OK. Oh. – [Blake] Let’s go again. – And now it’s even worse, ’cause now we know what to win. – [Blake] And now we know
how horrible it was, yeah. – [Zak] You go. – I got first, watch this mate. (Greg laughs) – [Greg] Oh, that was big. – 1.42. – [Greg] Oh, he stepped it up. – Going up, I was like, ooooh! – [Greg] It was smooth too. – OK.
– [Blake] OK! (laughs) – [Greg] Oh boys. – Wish me good luck. – [Blake] Good luck! – Good luck. (laughs) – [Blake] What do you think? – [Greg] He’s going to go big. – [Blake] I think he is. OOH! – [Greg] Oooh! The head slap. – [Blake] Proper, Churchill head. (upbeat disco music) – That is horrible, right? Like jumping that? – It is. – But, when you make it–
– When you make it– – A competition. – We all go hammer. – You need to. You don’t want to lose, do ya? – All right, so what was your last score? – You want me to go first? – I, I can go
– I’m pretty confident, so I can go last. – OK. – Oooh, big talk. – Well I matched my one, I got 1.42 again. – 1.50. – [Greg] What! – What? Whoa, mate, you did look high. Oh well. – [Greg] That’s huge. – OK, well done mate. Well done. Who’s setting the next one? – Screw up, now we go opposite. We do–
– [Greg] Let’s go. – Least amount of time as possible, on the same jump. (upbeat music) – All right, who wants to go first? I think you should go first. – [Greg] Want to go first?
– OK, steady I go. – And then you can go Greg, I want to watch these racers. (upbeat music) – He landed complete sideways! – Oh my God! Zak, that was ridiculous! – Ride up! Ride up! That’s where you landed! Like I’m not confident landing
sideways on a trail bike man. Oh, Greg’s coming. – He’s coming. – This is his challenge. Here he comes. – Oh he’s going fast. – [Blake] Oh, he’s gone for
the actually like, scrub, keep it low. – [Zak] Yeah, yeah. – It’s my turn and I’m, no racer. – And you have one point to
catch up as well, don’t ya? – And I have a point to catch up with. And I am going to lose
it on the long jump. (upbeat music) – [Zak] Go, go, go, go! – Have we worked out which ones? – Yep, moment of truth? – Did you want to go first? – Not really. – Do you want to go first? – Not really. I think you’re the
presenter so you carry– – [Greg] Come on. – I got 1.29. I’m a dead jumper, so I can hang up there. – You can live with that. – I can live up there with that one. – What was the speed on it, as well? – I got 22.37 kilometers, into this jump. – So my speed was 30.9. – Boy that’s race mach 10. – And hang was 1.21. – Oooh, so that’s low. – Much lower than me. – Oh Zak’s smiling though. – [Blake] Zak’s smiling.
– [Greg] Zak’s smiling, oh no. – Speed was a bit lower than Greg, 24, but hang time, 0.87. – What?
– What! – What! – Yep! – Damn! – Ah, do you know what it is? – You’re wasted in Enduro, man! – Do you know what it is? – I know what it is. – You freaking dipped
your handlebar lower than the freaking. – [Greg] Yeah. – That’s what you’re doing. – [Zak] Doin’ all the tricks. – He’s keeping the Garmin low. – [Greg] He’s playing the game. – And keeping the wheels up. Buggers. That’s two, nil. It’s you who’s going to
set the next challenge. Greg it’s your turn. – I haven’t set one yet, I’ll do it. How about, we go for a bit of distance? (upbeat rock music) – OH, nice jump.
– Nice. – Greg what have you brought us here? – So this is what I’m proposing. Got a little snap up here, pull like a dog and see who can go the furthest. – Long jump challenge? – Long jump challenge, yeah. – He might get clean slate. – He might. – We already got nil, nil, two. – What’d I win then? – A beer. (Blake claps) – Actually, beers. – Yeah beers.
– Oh, damn. – So who’s going first? – After this, you might need to use that wrist and ankles though. – [Blake] Yeah, right–
– To clear that. – And a new suspension. (upbeat music) – [Blake] Oh, oh, oh my goodness. You landed flat! Oh man. Wow. – Oh that was big. – That was ridiculous. – Go on Greg. – That was pretty painful,
I’m not going to lie. – Well I didn’t want to, I felt like, I could have hurt myself. – I did a tease it speed 43.9. – 43? – Kilometers, yeah. – Right. – Distance, 18 meters. – 18 meters? – How long do you think–
– I hope that’s enough. – What’s the course that jump over this? – I dunno if mine’s not enough. I’ll tease you, I was faster. – Oh yeah? – 49.38 kilometers an hour, but 15 meters. – Do you reckon this jump–
– I have to get up more pull. – I feel like I could go bigger. – 50k.
– To do this tip to tip is probably like three or four meters. – [Blake] 50k? – 50k. – [Greg] Really? – 21.7 meters.
– What? What? – 21 point. – [Greg] No! – [Blake] That’s over there, well you did land on the flat. – [Zak] I did. – No way! Oh my God. – Did you want to go bigger than that? I don’t feel like I’ve
got enough to go big. I don’t want to land there. – I don’t want to lose, but like, that’s a lot more. – Do you reckon you got it? – I don’t reckon I’ve got
it but I don’t want to go down without a fight. I want to be a noble second. – You going to have another go, Greg? – I’ll give it another go, come on, yeah. Come on. Anyone else? Just me? – I’ll come up with you,
I’ll beat 15 meters, come on. But I don’t think I’m
going to get 22 meters. – I’m done for the day. I’ve done my best. – There’s only so many times
you can jump 22 meters. – Exactly. (upbeat music) – [Greg] Is it bigger? – Yeah. – [Zak] You looked bigger. – [Greg] Yeah, that was bigger. – 49.11 kilometers an hour. 20 meters. – [Greg] Did you? – Yeah. – 19. (Blake laughs loudly) – [Blake] Dude. – Oh, my ankles! – [Blake] We got it in slo-mo. Look at this, coming in. God, you man. You landed completely flat. – Oh my God. – What is your distance though? Yours was 21 point? – Seven. – Seven, mine was 20. – I had to get the point. – What was your speed? – Speed was 50. – Whoa. – Distance 21. (Zak cheers) – He just whitewashed us. – First times out. – Bloody hell. – Need to go home and train. – Well yeah, I need to go and do some EWS. – Oh boys. – What a day. – That was dangerous. – That is dangerous. That’s like ankle-snapping
if you want to carry on. It looks like he had
the most stressful fun, trying to beat us. – He’s (mumbles) of scaring himself. – Yeah, it’s always about
having fun on the bike, always, always. All right, if you want
to see some more stuff, don’t forget to hit the globe to subscribe ’cause you’re missing
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we’ll see you the next time. – See ya! – Thanks guys. – Thank you.
– Nice. – That was fun.
– Yeah.

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