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A Motorcycle Ride With Me?

A Motorcycle Ride With Me?

Yo! Good Morning, guys! Welcome Back to the vlog. Most of my vlogs are going to start on the rooftop, so don’t get creeped out please. Now, as you guys know, I’m on my diet. So, for today’s breakfast, I’ll be taking… this banana. And, there is some rice left over from last night. BTW, I’d like to mention that I hate my beard SO MUCH. I hope these 5 months pass really quickly. So that I can shave. Those guys who don’t know what I’m talking about, I’m in the middle of a 5-Month No Shave Challenge. I hope I can make it through… Let’s see. Alright… Don’t worry guys, I’m not going to show myself watering the plants. In every single vlog. Although this is my regular schedule. Now, I don’t have anything… Special Plan today. So as I don’t anything special to do today, I’m thinking that… Let’s go on a drive! There are some places around here which I really like to visit on a usual basis. Now, I’m done with my morning duty here and… It’s time to edit some videos. Yo guys! Guess what I just found out! So basically, the thing is… That, my room was smelling really bad from the past few days, and… Today, I got the reason- why? So, as you guys know, from my past vlog that, uh… My A/C was in a bad shape. Like, the water which was supposed to drop outside was dropping inside. So I called the A/C mechanic. So when he opened the main Electric Sheet, we found out the reason why my room was smelling really bad. From the past few days… The reason was, Two rats, were (got) electrocuted in… inside the Electric Sheet- I mean. So as you guys can see, my A/C is being repaired. So I was in the middle of editing my previous vlog when the mechanic came and now the table is like… this. So I cannot really work right now. Look at that, my dudes! Hehe. The condition of the wall is pretty bad. My condition is also bad. I have to take a bath. ALSO, I HATE MY BEARD. Can you grow a bit faster, you piece of shit? And what the fuck is this? And people don’t know about this. This is my birth-mark. It’s known as… You can say, it’s a mole. But, it’s a little bigger. Also, if I shave, it looks okay but… When I try to grow my beard, hair grows on it too, and it looks really bad. Like, as you can see. I hate it personally. I already tried to remove it, but it’s impossible. I tried many different ways, but then… There comes a time when you’re like, “Fuck it.” See, yeah? I don’t care about it anymore, and… ALSO, I HATE MY BEARD. I hope my A/C gets repaired as soon as possible so that I can get back on the work I was doing. (Dryer Sound) Yo guys! So I’ve taken the bath, my A/C is fixed. I think… So, it’s 5:00 PM in the evening, if you can see. I am very late for a basic thing like bath. I am so busy with the vlogs and gaming that… I am not getting time for the basic things in my life. So it’s evening. The weather is very nice. We have to go for the drive right now. Or we’ll be very late. Let’s go for the ride, boys! So obviously guys, it’s very hard to vlog while driving. But… Look, I’m a pro driver. I can manage that, okay? So this is another road, which is one of my favourites. If you ask for the reason, the reason is that I just love driving in between trees. In between, like greenery. I just love these kinds of roads where there is (are) no people, no vehicles. Just me and the greenery. Aye, yo! So this is my spot! No people around… just greenery. An intersection. The road. And ME! And my bike also. So basically, this is one of the place(s) I really like. Like, look at the roads No one. No one. Not even a car, no bike, NOTHING! (Car Horn) I mean sometimes… Sometimes, people come by. You know what, I’m a ‘great’ vlogger. Showing you guys the trees, the empty road… I’m amazing! You know what, these kinds of roads are really beautiful, but… Creepy at the same time. Like… I mean you don’t really know, right- when someone will pop-up in front of you asking for your mobile phone and money. It’s pretty scary, but… Right now, I’m enjoying this beautiful nature. No one’s gonna stop me, bitch! I’ve never been to this road, to be honest. And… This is pretty cool, right? I’m seriously new to these roads, man! I never saw this building. I’m going to turn from here. So watching my vlog till here, you guys probably now understand what kind of roads I usually like. I think it suits my personality, that I like empty roads. (Sad Music) I just love these kinds of roads. Like, look at that! Nobody. Not a single person, not a single bike, not a single car! Nothin’. Just me, beautiful fields, the nature. I really love it. Isn’t that beautiful? Yes! That’s beautiful! Okay, so I’m going to be honest with you guys. I’m lost. I really don’t know… On which road I’m driving right now. I’ve never been to this place, man! Like, which society? Which society? There is no society! It’s all field. I’m lost, boys! I need help! There is no problem, BTW. I can use Google Maps anytime! (Happy Music) Oh! But I forgot my phone! I’m kidding, guys! I have my phone. I was just trying to meme it. BTW, Imagine the worst scenario… My tire gets punctured. What am I going to do? This is Bullet, bro. And my tires are not tubeless. I’ll be fucked! But that’s not gonna happen because I found my way back, boys! I used to visit this place a lot, man. Bro, this place is like… A really good memory to me. Like, I visited this place so much. Now there are these small houses but back then… There was nothing. Just the fields. It feels like I’m in a village, right? But, it’s not even a village. It’s just fields. And, at the end of these fields, there is a big river. I mean, there was a big river. Now the river is like… A drain. That’s it. That river was so beautiful, man. But the people from here fucked it up. Really bad. I don’t know about you guys, but I just love these kind of places, man. I just love nature. I mean… Nature is like, the beautiful thing. The most beautiful thing you can ever encounter. In this life. I think? I should title this vlog… “Nature Is Beautiful, Love Nature”. Right? Huh! Okay guys, my camera’s battery is almost dead, so it’s time to go home. Was this vlog interesting? I don’t know-
I just showed you some fields. And, some roads. That’s it. You are definitely going to like this video if you are into roads and fields. I bet. Heh! I don’t even know what the fuck am I doing with my life? Who shows fields and roads in a vlog, man? What the fuck is wrong with me? The freaking weather is great BTW, no complaints about it. Why the fuck am I shouting? Yo bro, look at those black clouds, man! Rain is coming. Definitely! A heavy rain is coming. Yo! The weather so freaking awesome, bro! Yo! I’m back home. My condition looks pretty bad. It’s not raining but the weather changed. Rain is definitely coming, as you can see. You cannot see. Okay, huh. The rain is coming. I’m pretty excited. I hope it rains heavily. Now, as I’m doing vlogging as well as gaming side by side, it’s very hard to do regular vlogs. So I cannot promise to do the ‘vlogging thing’ regularly. But, if I’m doing something cool, something exciting, something entertaining, you know the vlog is coming, right? Wow, so my camera actually died. And I’m back on my mobile phone. What a fuckin’ a- (Standby) Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed this… uh… What is this? Vlog? Yes. I hope you guys enjoyed this vlog. I hope you guys enjoyed the fields, the empty roads. I’m a great vlogger. (Laughter) Damn, Boyee! I’m the BEST! Leave a like if you are into fields, and you like this vlog. Subscribe if you’re new so that you can enjoy my upcoming vlogs. And I’ll see you guys, in the NEXT VLOG, BABY! Goodbye! Subtitles By- Apratim Naug Subscribe To RealShub

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  3. Sir love your videos but just as a viewer i wanna give u a small but effective advise that pls wear your helmet while driving

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