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A Motorcycle Story – Honda CB1100

A Motorcycle Story – Honda CB1100

I just ended a tournament yesterday. and i got 5th. not too bad. i play fighting games, i play guilty gear. I play this game semi-competitively. so.. yeah. I’m pretty much the only person in the community
who rides motorcycles. My name is Omi, i’m 30 years old. I ride a 2014 Honda CB1100. and i’m also fixing a Honda CB750 from 1980. There is no modern technology on this bike,
except fuel injection and a gear indicator. that’s it. there’s no ABS no nothing. The bike is just a gift from Honda, bringing
it from the past, and i love it. What i like about the bike is the style. It’s got modern classic style. It’s got a big inline four eleven hundred
and forty cc air cooled engine. produces about 90 HP, and i think it really
represents the old UJM’s. UJM stands for Universal Japanese Motorcycle. Basically it refers to Japanese motorcycles
produced around 70’s – 80’s. The big four – Kawasaki, Honda, Yamaha and
Suzuki they produced this sort of bike that pretty much the same. Where they all have like inline four cylinders,
straight seat, all air cooled so that’s why people call them UJM’. I…when i was young i mean, really young,
my uncle used to have a Xunda motorcycle. it was basically the German Zundapp motorcycle. They sold their production line to China where
my home town is and my uncle bought one, and i was sitting on it. I think that’s the first time motorcycles
really amazed me. Now motorcycle is banned in China, especially
in the urban area. so there’s no motorcycle you can see on the
road. which is very disappointing. If i had to go back to China, and i couldn’t
ride motorcycles, i would be really sad. because that’s one of my biggest hobbies right now. Riding motorcycles and working on motorcycles
to me the fun is like 50/50. Last year just before Christmas found this
CB750 on Craigslist. i think CB750 is the perfect bike for a cafe
racer project. I did quite a lot of work. i replaced the solenoid relay, i cleaned the
carbs, rebuilt the brakes, sealed the tank i fixed the turn signals, i learned pretty
much everything from YouTube. If i ever finish this cafe racer project i
will be so happy, and just take her out for riding or even go to bike shows – you know. Should my uncle ever come to the United states,
and i will show him my project bike, i think this old bike will make him happy. hopefully. Now i’m just like the young him. and we finished
closing a circle. Riding motorcycles is a very stupid thing
to do… because you’ve got no AC you’ve got no wind protection. It’s very.. i mean i rode to L.A and it was
painful. But.. we do it because there’s nothing else
like Motorcycles.

30 comments on “A Motorcycle Story – Honda CB1100

  1. I can absolutely relate to that. My dream was to ride a motorcycle but that I couldn’t do it in China. Not only it was banned in metropolitan areas but also there is no culture of riding. I’m grateful now I’m in Australia and I get to really enjoy riding motorcycles just like anyone does outside China.

  2. Show the bike finished, i have cb1100 2013 stock, as well.. i want it transform into cafe racer….nice video

  3. I personally own a CB1100, riding it is always an exhilirating experience. Im glad to see the video you made on this episode. Keep them coming … 👍😀

  4. I had a cb1100, similar age. It's not stupid mate, you will me so much more aware than those around you, and so free. Good onya

  5. These videos are amazing but if I may, I'd suggest you work on the audio more, the music covers the voice of the guy talking especially when he talks while the exhaust is roaring and the tune is going on too, too many sounds fighting each other, you feel me?

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