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A Motorcycle Story – Triumph Bonneville T120

A Motorcycle Story – Triumph Bonneville T120

My name is Daniel Lazo. I’m 35 years old. I’m a Filmmaker. I like robots, weird Japanese snacks,
and i have a lot of mice and trackballs. I ride a 2017 Triumph Bonneville T120. This black steed of a motorcycle has a 1200cc
parallel twin engine. it produces about 80 horsepower. and makes
a lot smiles per gallon. So i only moved to the U.S about a year and
a half ago, i came here from Israel. Back home i used to have a Korean cruiser
motorcycle, it’s basically a Harley Davidson knockoff. And, it was a really great bike, but i always
dreamed about coming to the U.S and pretty much just buying a big-ass Harley. and, when
i got to the dealership, i saw this thing – right here, and immediately fell in love. I never looked at a Triumph and romanticized
it’s pedigree. Like i said i never rode a classic triumph
before. There weren’t any triumph is in Israel. And, When i laid eyes on this bike, i was
simply captivated by the build quality. The engine is like a piece of jewelry. The gauge cluster is one of the nicest I’ve
ever seen. Everything about this bike just oozes quality. The clutch just is as smooth as butter, everything
just clicks right in. Effortlessly. It’s really planted on the road, but it’s
still maneuverable enough for twisty roads. The power plant is very satisfying. There’s always power when you need it. So after owning this bike for a year i had
a chance to get back to a dealership and test ride a Harley. And immediately as got on to the Harley, i
felt that it basically had the finesse of a garbage truck. The clutch is so stiff and the bike is so
heavy. So i think that Bonnevilles pretty much just
ruined Harleys for me. I love the concept of Taking something and
just improving it. Make it better, and making it your own. A lot of people say that Bonnevilles are a
platform for customization. I couldn’t agree more. First thing i did is change the exhaust. Raised the handlebars by about an inch. Put in some handlebar leathers on, Panniers,
Progressive suspension in the front, and gas shock absorbers in the back. i don’t think i can ever stop tinkering on
this thing. There’s a whole bunch of parts that either
i haven’t installed yet, or are just on the way. Don’t tell my wife. I also have a tendency to incessantly clean the bike. but we won’t get into that. that’s a whole different sickness. As far back as i can remember, ever since
being a kid, every time i would close my eyes i would always be flying. I would always be moving and feeling myself
going faster than the wind like a steamer train. So whenever i ride to work, essentially i’m
flying to work – if that makes any sense. and i think that’s why riding motorcycles
resonates with me that much. Because I’ve only been riding for 5 years,
but really i think I’ve just been waiting for this my entire life. Even though it’s basically going very very
fast, it’s something that in my mind slows down and becomes very therapeutic. And it’s a passion. it’s a need. It makes me happy. I think that motorcycle culture here is great. Every-time you ride everybody waves at you. And you really have this sense of comradery.
and everybody is super nice and you can pretty much talk to anybody. If you ever see me riding around the bay area,
then, come on! join in for a ride! then, come on! join in for a ride!

100 comments on “A Motorcycle Story – Triumph Bonneville T120

  1. Beautiful bike

    I have the matt grey version with x pipe decat and remus pipes

    What do the bar risers do for your comfort and does it make the bike turn faster?


  2. I definitely like the look of these bikes. I picked up a Harley for my first bike, and I admit the weight of it can be annoying sometimes. I'd like to sit on one of these sometime to see how well they fit me.

  3. Great video, was very disappointed to see it was the only one on the channel. Looking forward to the next one!

  4. Hi I am from India and just planning to fly my whole life like you. Kindly suggest some modifications that'll make the flying even better every time.

  5. An amazing video about a fantastic motorcycle (I bought my T120 a year ago). I would ask you to do another video, but you might be hard pressed to top this one. Yes, that's a challenge 🙂

  6. This guys should now test ride the new Milwaukee 8 114 engine. He wouldn’t be saying it rides like a garbage truck.

    Loved the video btw 👍🏻

  7. I have owned Harley's since I was 17 (ten years now). Last year, I had the opportunity to ride multiple Triumph models and absolutely fell in love with them. My Harley will be paid off soon and once it is, I will be trading it in for a Triumph. Love the video!

  8. Wow, great video! I also had my 'dream bike' evaporate when I saw the T-120. Just rode it across the country too.

    Thanks for making this video.

  9. i feel just the same riding my bike great sense of freedom and stress release i did try the T100 last year will be trying out the T120 soon great video

  10. Great video! I am thinking of buying one, I really like the looks of it. What's making the t120 usch a great bike in your opinion?

  11. Love the video. I just bought the same bike.

    FYI, sometimes your voice audio is drowned out by the motorcycle sounds.
    Otherwise, awesome.

  12. You said it well my friend…have been riding for mor than 30 years…rode all types of bikes…even harleys…lol…I currently have a T120 2018…hell of a great bike and my therapy will continue till i die…Ride safe and keep doing films it was cool…

  13. Completely understand your feeling of riding being something you've waited for your whole life. I've been riding 3 years. I took a motorcycle riding course on a whim before ever having ridden anything other than a bicycle, and it was like I found something I'd always been looking for.

  14. So true what he said about Harley Davidson, they just can't match triumph nowadays the quality and finish is just another level. Triumph has managed to keep their bikes and engines relavent which I feel is why HD are failing in this modern marketplace

  15. After watching this story it convinced me to buy a 2017 Bonneville T120. I have never enjoyed riding a bike as much as I do with this one. Fantastic job with the story and everything you said is spot on with this bike.

  16. If you're going to schill for Triumph, OK, I'm with you. I like Triumphs as well. Unfortunately, you haven't learned the first rule of sales. If you truly believe in your product, you don't have to disparage another. That's an amateur move that casts doubt on both brands.

  17. How have I missed this video all these months? Great video! Make another. Yeah a Bonneville is on my list for the near future.

  18. Nice video!!! I have a Triumph, Harley and Honda, before I had these bikes I had a Ducati. I love the Ducatis but I also love the Triumph – it’s my favorite bike to ride.

  19. What a beautifully told, shot, colour graded and edited story. Great job.
    I am fan.
    Subscribing to see more work like this.
    Thank you for making this.

  20. Hope Triumph produces a T120R, à la Thruxton R, and I really consider buying one . . . by the way, more about the video maker than the bike, but good video.

  21. I just saw your video on the t120 I'm on the cusp of buying one my only worry is I'm 6 foot 1 inch tall would you say this bike is good for riders at this height good luck with your bike!

  22. Thanks for your super video and cool saddle bags – Burly Brand tells me they have not yet got a saddle bracket kit that will fit on Street Twin do you have any experience with it? /Michael from Denmark

  23. I enjoy riding my Harley, I will admit its heavy and feels rough but that's why I love it, it feels like i'm on an iron horse. All differences aside, what matters is why we ride, not what we ride; to feel that sense of freedom out on the road, Ride Safe!

  24. I have a 2017 T120 too but I hate to change anything – even keep all the factory stickers on it. For me its just perfect and can't be improved on.

  25. Great video, I'm considering a T120 or new Speed Twin.
    Do yourself a favor, get a real ECE or Snell approved full-faced helmet. That helmet may make you look retro but it will be useless when your head gets splattered.

  26. my daughter wants to know if shes right: Transformers (from the left) Knockout, whirl MTMTE (background), ??? (orange one) Blitzwing, frenzy (or rewind.)

  27. Nice video, I have the T100 Black and like you I keep adding bits. Those pipes sound nice, is that with cat or without?

  28. I have fall in love on Triumph classic motorcycle. May I know either T100 or T120 is more suitable for beginner or someone never ride a bike before?

  29. That's totally me.
    Got my first bike a month back at 25 years of age, totally seeing myself buying a Retro bike in coming years

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