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A Multi-Day Mountain Biking Adventure In Mid-Wales | The E-Trip

A Multi-Day Mountain Biking Adventure In Mid-Wales | The E-Trip

– So far on EMBN, on our
overseas trips at least, we’ve been pampered quite considerably. Decent food, cozy bed,
charging stations, road crew. So we thought it was time to fly the nest, cut loose a touch, just
like my colleagues have. Introduce a bit of spontaneity,
some raw adventure, some grit into the business. (upbeat music) (electronics chime) Now I don’t think we’re quite ready for a global sphere of possibility when it comes to planning a trip, so on this occasion we’re
gonna choose The United Kingdom as our playground for our adventure. So all I’m gonna simply
do is close my eyes, drop a pin, and boom. Ooh, Mid Wales. I know it pretty well, but I
think I’m gonna need some help. (whooshes) We have arrived at our
pin-drop destination deep, deep into the Welsh hills, and we were joined by the support crew. On my right-hand side is
the knowledge, Sam Robson, and on my left, the
veteran, Richard Stoddard. Now the cameraman has got the challenge that faces us, so I’m gonna
quickly get the paperwork for the trip. Nice one Josh. So guys, this is what
we’ve got for the next day. (paper crinkles) So, you’re required to find the source of the Doethie Valley, or
the Doethie River, sorry, using the contents of one of
the boxes that are supplied. You need choose one of the boxes ’cause that would be your
support gear for the trip. Right. What do you reckon, guys? That’s gotta be a box of wine, right? – It says wine on it. (laughs) Just take that. I think that’s gonna
be a box of bike parts. I’m feeling, I’m feeling the small box. I think they’re gonna be
trying to catch us out. – Yeah. – This one should be filled
full of food, though. You think that’s filled full of food? What do you think, Richard? – I think let’s go with your instincts. – Right, I’m gonna go with
the instincts the guys say. I’m gonna go with the instincts. So, this is our support material for the next 24 hours. (box tears) So we’ve got a box of this each. Good start. Got some cash. Look after that. (paper crinkles) And a charger each. Cash and a charger. Right. That’s not very much. I think we need to be really
careful of the next 24 hours. – What are we gonna do? – Right. Let’s go find the start of the route. (upbeat music) And so we found ourselves
deep into sheep territory. One charger, one bag of cash
that had taken a big hit from buying wine, and simply no idea of how far or how long it would take to get to the source of the Doethie River. Seriously, honestly, I think we need to be super careful here. We’ve got a map, a charger each, right? We’ve been a bit hasty and blown the money which we did have on some
wine and some crisps, and we don’t know how far it is. Well we’ve got a map, we roughly know, but we’re not gonna find out
by hanging around here, right? (upbeat music) So Sam, you come from around these parts. – [Sam] Yeah, that’s right, yeah. – [Leader] So how long
have you been on e-bikes? – [Sam] About a week and 1/2. – [Leader] A week and 1/2? – Yeah, yeah. (laughs) A week and 1/2, yeah. – Right. – Almost totally converted. I’ve not touched my,
– Seriously? – I’ve not touched my normal bike – No way. – in a week or so, yeah – So you’ve just finished uni? – Yeah, straight out of
uni about four weeks ago. – [Leader] First? Two, one? – [Sam] Just went for my results in a few days, but–
– Alright, maybe we can find out in the pub later. So what do you do now then? So I’ve just started
working at Mojo Rising and GeoMetron Bikes.
– Right, right. – So a bicycle engineer
– Right. – [Sam] helpin’ out and we’ve got some good knowledge on board. – [Leader] Right. – [Sam] Got a few cool projects goin’ on. – [Leader] What does Chris,
what does Chris Porter think of e-bikes? – Well, he’s pretty
reserved in his opinions. (laughs) Really? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, he’s– – I reckon he’ll let the
world have it be known soon. – He’s not quite been out on one yet. He’s whizzed around up to the
postbox in the office, but– – But how can you beat bein’
out here in this place, right? – Yeah, I know. Yeah. – I reckon it’s made for e-bikes. – Yeah, I think, yeah,
it’d be a good challenge for the bikes and for us. – Do you reckon you’ll
convert your mates to e-bikes? – I hope so, I really
wanna have an e-bike crew, I think, in these hills,
we could ride for hours, and get
– It’s all about, – loads of drops in. – It’s all about adventure, right? – Yeah, yeah. – Cool. Let’s crack on. (upbeat music) – See, I reckon, there’s no way we’re gonna get up there and back with one charge in the battery. – I think we’ll do it. – No chance, so. – I think we can do it.
– So, I’ve got– – Keep it in eco. – (laughs) Daneco. (both laugh) So listen, I’ve got a cunning plan. I reckon, we’ve got no food, right? With the wine. I reckon we hit the local pub, I know it’s an extra 10 mile on the trip, but we could go there,
– It is, (mumbles) – charge the batteries. – It’s on the other side of
where we’re headed. (laughs) – So we’d be in the middle of nowhere, but it just means going into even more in the middle of nowhere,
and getting back again in the pitch black. – That’s alright. – It’d be alright, wouldn’t it? – Yeah. We’ve got wine when we get home. – At least we’ll have some food in us. – Yeah. – Okay, let’s do it. Let’s do it. (paper crinkles) (relaxing music) ♪ I wanna go there someday ♪ ♪ I know you’re goin’ somewhere ♪ ♪ Into the danger zone ♪ ♪ It all points right to that ♪ ♪ I set myself aside ♪ ♪ Either way, I’m destroyed ♪ ♪ If you don’t know the way,
we can stop, make a change ♪ ♪ I know we walked for days,
losing hope, fading love ♪ ♪ This night will be okay ♪ – Just feeling that lull late afternoon where I could really
lie down in the bracken and go to sleep. We’ve been riding singletrack for what seems like
days and days and days. The longest continuous
singletrack I’ve ever ridden in my life. And the concentration is quite exhausting, but as you can see, we’re pretty much in the middle of nowhere. There’s nothing in that direction, and there is nothing in that direction except sheep, singletrack, and bracken. I really cannot wait to get
to the five-star hotel, guys. – (laughs) It’s five star now, is it? – It’s five star.
– Oh good. – [Leader] It’s gonna be five-star. (laughs) – But we’re nowhere near,
the key thing is, Josh, we’re nowhere near the
source of the Doethie yet. It’s still a pretty big river. I mean, how long is this gonna go on for? (smooth music) Oh, boy. Guys. We’re not gonna, there’s
no way we’re gonna make that source tonight, so, there’s only one thing for it, we’re gonna have to stop here. That’s the only thing for it. Sorry. – Yeah, get me to bed. – (laughs) Exactly. – Five-star. – Six hours later. (Velcro tears) So here’s our five-star accommodation. On our quest for the
source of the Doethie. (upbeat music) With very little battery and with no food, it was a collective bright idea that we take the king-sized risk of dropping off the
mountain to get some juice. But it soon became clear, not everyone had the same thing in mind. (upbeat music) With exceptional hospitality, one pint became two,
two pints became three, three pints became four,
four pints became five, five pints became six, six pints became… (techno music) Midsummer night soon
became midsummer morning, and the task in hand
still had to be answered. We lucked out on some
boil in the bag porridge before heading back into the muck. The cameraman’s toys
teetering on the edge. (smooth music) (bike gears click) So it started off as a raging river and we’re now at the early-life
stage of the Doethie River. And up there is the source. Wow. Last night’s first-class hospitality with Evon at the New Inn in Pennderry. He’s put a king-sized
dent into our sharpness this morning, but
nevertheless we have found the source of the Doethie River. (water trickles) Deep in the Welsh Mountains (upbeat music) Mission accomplished and
toys firmly back in place, it was time to head back south (upbeat music) – How long have you been
riding mountain bikes for? – I have been riding mountain
bikes for about 25 years. – 25 years in the saddle. – Yeah. – You must have a lot of (beeps). (laughs) I think I have, yeah. I think I have. – This is for a mountain bike
in this route, doesn’t it? – It is. It’s actually quite different to what we usually do, actually. It’s more linear. We tend to go– – Linear? – Yeah, we tend to go
– Was it lin– – in order to come down. – (laughs) I tell you what,
it wasn’t linear last night. (both laugh) – No, it was all sorts
of shapes last night. (both laugh) So, you’re into e-biking, then. Do you like your trackin’? – [Leader] Yeah, I love it. – [Richard] Love what? – [Leader] I love it. I love the way we can do more exploring, but even just local
trails, you can sort of go off the usual trails and tracks, and find different ones more easily, it’s more accessible. – [Richard] So a bit of an
insight into EMBN on the road? – Yep. – So you think you’re
gonna give up your day job? – Ooh. (both laugh) I could be tempted. I mean if this is work. If this is work, then, yeah. – So what is your day job? – I’m a cameraman. – A cameraman? – Yes, I work in television and film. – Right. – For film– – Film, what kind of films do you work on? – [Leader] I’ve done
various feature films, all low-budget so far, well
several million pounds, but
– Right. – so that is a low-budget film. – [Richard] What about week-to-week stuff? – [Leader] Week-to-week, well
that can be week-to-week, but in-between it’s television things– – [Richard] Like what? – [Leader] Doctor Who, did
a thing called Bancroft last year, which was an ITV, so yeah.
– Nice. – Yeah, it’s good. It’s an amazing way of earning a living, I mean akin to this. Your office is different every day. – Yep, with the sheep? I love that. (laughs) Yeah! Yeah, not enough sheep
in my world, actually. (smooth music) So we are nearing the end of our adventure up the Doethie Valley
and it’s been a classic. We’ve never been to far from
its crystal-clear waters, and I reckon we need to sample some before the end of this trip, right guys? (water gurgles) – Wow, so the Doethie
really has been kind to us. It’s been an adventure,
not without curveballs along the route, but here
we are at the confluence of the Doethie and the river Tywi. That water’s really warm, that water comes from the bottom of a reservoir
and it’s absolutely ice-cold. So, we managed to get to
the source, just about, managed to stay out of the night, managed to get the batteries on charge. It was a really good couple of
days in the Welsh Mountains. So, you’re gonna see any
more e-bike experiences or adventures. There’s the Shimano e-mountain
bike experience here, and also there’s the Bosch Challenge which we did in Garda here. Give us a thumbs-up if
you liked this video, and don’t forget to subscribe
if you’ve not already done so. And I can’t recommend more highly coming to a place like this on your e-bike.

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