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Add Style To Your E-Bike Riding With Steve Geall

Add Style To Your E-Bike Riding With Steve Geall

– We’re here at the track in
Cornwall, the sun is shining, we’ve got amazing jumps in the background. You might love getting
air time on our e-bike, but you might not know how
to add some style to that, so I’ve brought in special
guest Steve Geall, Style Meister. We’re going to show you how to get stylish out on the trails. (upbeat music) So, you might be wondering why we’re on e-bikes at a bike park. Basically this this place
is all gravity fair, so all the runs are downhill, so that means a push
back up, or a ride up. These things, we’re just
going to be smashing runs in, up and down, so more time on your bike. You’ll become a better rider. Also, the stability of these
things in the air, really good. So no reason not to ride an e-bike. So it’s really important, once you turn up at the bike park, just to
find a real progressive zone, so here we’ve got small
tables, medium tables, larger tables, all the
way to some huge doubles. Obviously, start off on the small stuff and work your way up as
you get more confident. So, this is a typical table-top jump that you find at most bike
parks, and even trail centers. It’s about bike-length long, so ideal for trying to add a bit
more style to your riding. (upbeat music) So, the stray air, or the
dead sailor, as we like to call it in mountain biking,
is actually really unsafe. It just means you’ve tensed up, you’re not prepared for the jump, you’re actually thinking, “oh my god,” you’ve got the front end up, and you’re probably going
to crash or case a jump. Probably a familiar feeling,
so all we need to do is just approach that
jump a bit more looser. Just relax, let the jump do the work, and just add a little
bit more style into it. So when you’re in the
midpoint of that jump and you’re beginning to turn those bars, just work out which way
is more comfortable, either to the left or the right. It’s really important with this to not be jolting those bars fast
or turning with your hips. If you do that, the bike
is going to move sideways, and it’s going to feel
really out of shape. So just relax, just stay
smooth with those bars. Once you return to landing, obviously make sure you’ve got those
bars nice and straight, look for your landing, and land smoothly and ride away with added style. So, once you’ve worked your way up, tweaking those bars, it’s
time to hit some bigger jumps, That way, you can get more air time, more chance to tweak those
bars for max style points. (upbeat music) – Whip, so the most stylish
thing you can do on a bike, going sideways through the air,
flicking that back end out, holding out there for max style points, turning that front wheel backward. This comes from the motorcross. It’s probably one of the
most impressive tricks you can do on a bike, right, Steve? – [Steve Geall] Oh, for sure. I mean, on these small jumps you’ve got to always spot your landing, because if you’re
sideways, and you come in not knowing where you are, you are going to highside yourself, or not get it straight,
so always keep an eye on where you are landing,
look at the landing, get it straight, off you pop. – [Interviewer] So, how do you do a whip? Basically, you’d need to find
a nice, medium-sized jump. If you’re trying to do it on a small jump, you’re probably going to struggle. What we do, is we approach
a jump, nice speed, and we carve off the take-off. When I say carve, it means a
slight turn at the take-off. You’ll find you either want to turn to the left or to the
right, so just make sure you know which way you are going to go. Turn with your hips, a drop
in the shoulder as well. Flicking the hips out, turning into it. You’ll feel that bike is kind of heavy and whipped out sideways. You’re going to know there’s
no return on that whip. When you feel that, drop
your shoulder back in, turn the handlebars,
land nice and straight for max style points. So, Steve, give us some
pointers for a max style whip. – [Steve Geall] I
suppose the main thing is don’t just snap off of it, because it will just go sideways, and especially on an e-bike,
because it’s a heavier weight. It will just stay sideways
and you’ll land sideways, and there’s no style points in that. So, just keep it all fluid,
and smooth off the lip. You’ll know when it comes around, just turn it smooth and fluid
back in, roll away nicely. – [Interviewer] Nice. Anything else, Steve,
you want to add to that? – [Steve Geall] Yeah, on the e-bikes, because it’s a bigger weight,
a bigger jump would be better. On a smaller jump, with a normal bike, you can whip it around fairly
easily because it’s so light. On a bigger, heavier
e-bike, you have to find really a bigger jump to get
it nice and whipped out on. It just feels a lot safer. – [Interviewer] Yeah, definitely. Some good points there from Steve. (upbeat music) So, the table top is a classic BMX move. The idea is to flay that
bike as flat as possible in the air, just like a table top at home. But I’m not going to talk
anything more about this, because we’ve got someone really special. He’s laid more tables than
the main waiter at the Ritz. Over to you, Steve. – Right, there’s a few
ways of doing tables. Chris does them slightly different to me, I’m pretty much
traditional style, which is proper flat, bars turned 90 degrees. Chris seems to do them the bars straight, base down, flick it up that way. So it’s still a table, but not your traditional table,
how they should be done. With that way, you grip
the bike with your legs, and in the same movement
as turning the bars, you sort of pinch the bike
and twist your hips and legs up into the way you’re turning the bars, so as the bike comes flat, you’re turning the bars at the same time. Once it is at that midpoint,
you should have it pretty flat. You’ll know that because you’ll
feel the middle of your body go fairly tight, and at that
point just spring back, and it will naturally come back
and find a straight position. You may have carved a
little bit off the lip to get that way, but you
will find with an e-bike, because it’s got a heavier
weight it will spring back pretty easier than a normal bike. Yeah, just land, roll away. The main difference between a
normal bike and an e-bike is obviously the weight, everyone
knows they’re pretty heavy. But on the table, on a normal bike, it tends to flick up really easily. So you’ll see guys popping some
big tables on normal bikes. But, again, on the e-bike,
when you’ve got a bigger jump, you’ll be able to get it
as flat, if not better, again, because the weight
is a bit more motorbike, motorcross-like, so once
it gets the weight going, it will go to a decent whip and flat. So just spring it back
again, it’ll come back on the bigger jump pretty easily. Just roll away again. – [Interviewer] So, when
it comes to laying tables, Steve, it’s probably easier
to do it on the hip, right? – [Steve Geall] Yeah, it’s
definitely easier on the hip, but first, just learn to do
the hip and get confident with that first, then you
can start chucking it. You will find that it
will get flatter on a hip, just because it’s natural,
you’re turning that way anyway, so the bike’s naturally going
flat pretty much to the hip. And you know when you’ve got a good one, because your feet will be
sort of sideways on the cranks when you do it, because it’s
more natural for your feet to sit like that in that position. – [Interviewer] You feel that bike flying through the air sideways, right? – [Steve Geall] Yeah, you know
you’ve got a good one then. – [Interviewer] So, the
main thing to remember from the bike park is progression. Just take it easy, take
those little baby steps to getting there, don’t go trying to send the biggest whip or the flattest table, otherwise you’re going to crash. Just build up slowly, build confidence, and you’ll get there. You’ll hit those trails with more style. That’s it, I hope you’ve
enjoyed today’s video. If you want to see more on how to get more out of your e-bike, out of
the bike park, click here, drop us some comments
below, give us a thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe to EMBN.

16 comments on “Add Style To Your E-Bike Riding With Steve Geall

  1. Great to see Steve still riding… I used to race Dh back in the 90s and always used to watch him and the orange – Animal team make it all look too easy, whist me and my mates were struggling.

  2. Nice vid, I have a question: What can i do if my cranks always fall when i ride on my ebike. I have tight them hard but it doesnt work because they fall. What can i do?

  3. When do you stop crapping yourself so you can add some style? Im still relieved when I clear a table top and my stomach is no longer in my mouth..I know, Keep practicing haha, Im just a late starter!

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