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Advanced Cycling Training: How To Get More From Your Training – Looking Beyond FTP

Advanced Cycling Training: How To Get More From Your Training – Looking Beyond FTP

– A few months back, we released a video where we’d asked the question, does your functional
threshold power matter? And the answer was that
yes, actually it does. But that is a measurement of your ability, and as something from which
to base your training on, it’s actually really quite crude. Because it measures just
one aspect of your ability. An important one, but only one of many. So if, for example, you have
an amazing anaerobic engine, it’s not gonna tell you. If you have an amazing sprint,
it’s not gonna tell you. And so if you are basing
your training zones and your training plans around your FTP, you might not be training effectively and you might not be
making the training gains that you otherwise could do, despite putting in the hard work. So in this video, we’re gonna
explain why that’s the case, and then shed some light
on how you might be able to fine-tune your training
to take advantage of it. And we’re gonna do so
using the Sufferfest 4DP training app as an example,
because funny enough, we were not the first people to come to this conclusion, not by a long shot. But there has been this
rise in recent years in online training apps
that actually don’t take other power values other than
your FTP into consideration. Some however, do, one of
which is the Sufferfest. And they got in touch,
following our previous video, because last year they launched what’s called their 4DP training app which is where you choose from
a variety of training plans that are tailored to your
own personal power profile, a four-dimensional profile, if you will, gauged from one rather
brutal-sounding hour-long test. You want, you want me to
do the test, don’t you? I got, I’ve gotta do the test? – [Crew Member] Yeah, of course you do. Go on then. (laid back electronic music) – The 4DP test is done
on an indoor trainer. We’re using the Wahoo Kickr, but you don’t need such
an advanced bit of kit. You will, however, need something with which to record your power output. The test comprises of five individual efforts of different durations. After a quick warmup,
we have two five-second all-out sprints, then a bit of recovery before a five-minute effort to gauge our maximal aerobic power. Then with legs feeling a little ropy, it’s a 20-minute all-out
effort to gauge our FTP, before a final sting in
the tail, a one-minute max. Happy now? Yeah, I am too, a little bit. Gotta love a fitness test,
even if they are blooming hard. They are still remarkably
satisfying at the end. And who doesn’t enjoy having sore legs at the end of the day? You’ll be wanting to know
the results, I’m sure. I think the exact wattages are not necessarily
terribly relevant here. What is is the rider
type that the Sufferfest kindly works out for us. So am I a sprinter? No. Am I an attacker? No, sadly not. I am a time trialist, which
isn’t the end of the world. It’s like Rohan Dennis,
I’m just much, much slower. What is interesting though is the fact that we made Chris do the
full-frontal test as well. Sounds really dodgy, I know,
but that’s what it’s called. And he is a very different
rider type to me. So when you compare our power profiles, we are very different. Chris can out-sprint
me any day of the week with just one leg, whereas
although our functional threshold powers are remarkably similar, because I have about half
the muscle mass that he does, I can therefore climb better, and also time trial better as well. Now, you can see also that
given our FTPs are the same, if we were to base our training
purely off that figure, Chris would not be taxed anywhere nearly enough at anything
other than his FTP, whereas for me it’s not all that far off. The threshold-based
training zones are in white, whereas Sufferfest 4DP is in gray. Longer efforts, as you can
see, are closely matched. But there’s quite a significant deviation in the shorter efforts. And for Chris, you can see
that this is even more extreme. And yes, he is clearly more powerful. So to truly understand this, I think, and to grapple with
Chris’ extra sprint power and anaerobic power, we
actually need to understand the physiology behind it. So get ready. (laid back electronic music) It’s quite complex, so we’re gonna do our best to simplify things. Your genetics dictates the proportion of skeletal muscle fiber
types that you have. So you all know, I’m sure,
about fast twitch fibers that sprinters have,
and slow twitch fibers that endurance athletes have. Now, importantly, you cannot
convert one type of fiber to another through training. But it isn’t quite as simple as that, because actually, within the category of fast twitch fibers you
have two distinct types. You’ve got type 2X and type 2A. 2X are the absolute fastest, but also the most susceptible to fatigue because they rely on a completely different energy source, phosphocreatine. And those are the fibers
that really explode over five seconds to 10 seconds. So your absolute sprint power. Then type 2A are actually nearly as fast but they are much, much
more resistant to fatigue. So these are the ones that really power your anaerobic capacity, your AC power. And actually, they also
play quite a large role in dictating your maximum
aerobic power as well, MAP. Now, the reason being is that they rely on glycogen as their fuel, which is far, far more abundant than phosphocreatine, meaning that they are much,
much more resistant to fatigue. So if we go back to the
comparison of Chris and myself, I think it’s fairly safe to assume that Chris is gonna have
a far greater proportion of type 2X and type 2A fibers than I do. What I rely on is the type
one, the slow twitch fibers. Now, these have much,
much greater resistance to fatigue than the type twos. However, they are never gonna be performing particularly fast. So your type one fibers are
not gonna win you a sprint. And you can’t, unfortunately,
train them to work any faster. What you can do though,
is train them to produce more power over time, so
effectively boost your FTP. And so on that point then, I think it’s probably time
to move on to training. (laid back music) Much of the training for type 2X, so your pure fast twitch fibers, remember, is probably
best done off the bike, because to boost your max sprint power, you need to build more muscle fiber. And then to get them to work for longer, you need to supply them with more fuel, so more phosphocreatine. And coincidentally, even at
the other end of the spectrum, to improve your FTP, so to
improve your aerobic power, that actually also comes down
to fuel to a certain extent. So in order to supply your muscle fibers with more blood, with more
oxygen, you need to improve the capillarization of the muscle tissue, so literally supplying
it with more oxygen. And then also, to utilize that oxygen you want to develop the mitochondrial density within your cells, so more little power plants that use that oxygen in glycolysis. Are you still, are you still with us? Quick, can we play some
loud music or something? Show Chris’ bulging muscles. (energetic electronic music) There we go, yeah, woo-hoo, look at that. Right, that’s enough of rippling
leg muscles for one moment. We should get back to the job at hand. And unfortunately, we’ve kind of had this simpler part of things. It’s when we start talking about those one to five-minute efforts that were in the middle
of the power profile that things get really
complicated, which is annoying, because actually when you think about it, those are probably the most important durations of effort for a bike rider. I mean, the ability to follow surges when you’re on a fast-paced
group ride or the ability to ride up a short climb or
steep bits of long climbs, even accelerating away
from a traffic light, all situations where you’re putting demands on your body in
excess of FTP intensity. Now, I’ve always kind of referred to it, personally, as strength endurance, so that feeling when you’re able to make those little efforts
again and again and again. And it’s funny, you know, when I look now at my power profile, the numbers aren’t a gazillion miles away from when I was racing full time. But yet I know that were
I in a racing situation, I would very, very quickly come unstuck because I’m lacking that muscle endurance. And I know this because I see it every time I do a GCN challenge, the Three Peaks cyclocross, for example, or the Taiwan KOM challenge. But yet it’s not my endurance,
per se, that’s lacking, ’cause I also know from
stupid GCN challenges like trying to ride with Mark Beaumont, that I can actually ride a push bike at a reasonable pace for 17 hours. So instead it is that endurance
to repeated harder efforts, beyond a one-hour ride or a
two-hour ride, three, four. And I didn’t know it when
I was racing full time, unfortunately, but that
endurance is one of the crucial aspects of training your
type 2A muscle fibers. If you wanted to boost
their overall power output, you can do so through training by building more muscle fibers. But often that’s not
actually what we’re after. What we want is the
ability to keep repeating the same power output, but
again and again and again. And it’s when you start to get your head around this most fundamental
point of training, that you then start to
realize that limitation of basing your training off of FTP. Because if you are blessed
with type 2A fibers, and it really is a blessing,
as we can see, as a cyclist, then you absolutely want
to maximize your training to take advantage of
that as much as possible. You don’t want to go
too hard, which I guess is the risk if you’re
training off heart rate or just on perceived effort, because in that case, those type 2A fibers won’t be working aerobically. They’ll be working anaerobically, which is a different thing entirely. And of course there’s the
risk that you won’t be able to do the correct number of
efforts or the right number of minutes in training because
they will be too fatigued. But on the flip side, and
arguably far more dangerous from a training perspective,
is if you don’t go hard enough, because then you simply won’t be getting the training effect. – Holding back for the 20-minute
test will ruin your life. – So you can see, I
think, that even from this oversimplified version of
your very complex physiology, the importance of training at
the right intensity for you, for your genetics, and for your goals. So you can see then from
this the takeaway points. It’s important to recognize
those different energy systems, and your training needs
to touch on all of them. It also needs to be at
the correct intensity to get the desired training effect. But as an extra layer of
value, it also teaches you an awful lot about your own body and your perceived exertion. ‘Cause while we don’t want
to become a slave to power, if you’re aware of how it feels, it’s an incredibly valuable skill when you leave the pain cave and go out onto tarmac in the real world. And on a personal note from all of this, I think not recognizing why I was doing certain things from a more
scientific perspective gets chalked up as another one
of those little mini-regrets. Potentially if I had thought more about training those
type 2A muscle fibers, I’d have done more to coax
something else from them, which potentially might have helped. Who knows? Now, one last point to make as well. We touched very briefly on
strength training off the bike. And I think it’s important to say that the Sufferfest actually have modules in their training plans
away from the bike, so strength training,
also mental training, which I thought was kind
of cool, and yoga as well, which James, weirdly, has
become absolutely obsessed by. (gentle music) – [Instructor] Inhale, lengthen. Take smooth and even breaths
in and out through your nose. Empty your chest, rising and falling. Keep your gaze fixed on one point on the ground in front of you, and try to stay as still as possible. – Well, I’m sure that commitment will see him reap the benefits from that. Yes, in this specific case we have been using
Sufferfest as an example, but the points that we’ve
discussed here are true, whether you set your own training,
whether you have a coach, or whether you use a
service like the Sufferfest. I think for many of us
it’s really fundamentally important to actually understand why we’re training in a certain way, as well as giving us the confidence that the training that we’re
doing is gonna be of benefit. So the take-home points are you
need to know your strengths, you need to train at
the right intensities, so work as hard as you
need to and touch on all the various different
important points. So there we go. If you would like to see a
little bit more information about what type of rider you are, but not specifically
about your physiology, more about your mentality, we have a video on that very subject. You can get through to it just down there.

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  52. Other training programs, e.g. Training Peaks, FasCat talk about strengths in sprinting, endurance, VO2 Max, etc., but Sufferfest has refined those capacities into its 4DP categories. It then offers training plans tailored to maximize strengths and improve weaknesses and they work! Combined with its plans for Mental Training, Yoga and now Strength Training, The Sufferfest offers the most complete and cost-effective training programs around.

  53. Love this video! I've been watching GCN for years. It is nice to see some videos that really target serious training. Thanks guys. Can you do more like this one? I've been riding the Sufferfest for 3 years(even did a knighthood). It's a great training platform.

  54. Being a Sufferfest newbie but cycling for almost 15 years, i've finally found the complete all-in-one training program (cycling, strength, yoga, mental approach) i've been looking for all these years. After the free 7-day period, another week doing some of their prep workouts and finally doing the blasted 4DP test, I was convinced this was the system for me. I had read the excellent Training and Racing with a Power Meter book where I first saw the complete way to test a rider's power profile but I felt too lazy taking all those individual tests (sprint, anaerobic, V02 max, ftp) separately but Sufferfest put it all together for me without having to do lots of my own calculations and figuring out my own training plan. Once you get your power profile, the app beautifully sets up all training…and will automatically change with each test you take…as a systems engineer, I loved this simplicity through good use of technology making the user experience easier. I was convinced and also the annual subscription price is so cheap IMHO…it's almost like having your own coach. Kudos to the Sufferfest team!

  55. I'm liking the relaxed, less formal couch-setting for this kind of video. Could listen to Si all day. Could have done without the bare, hair-less chests though…

  56. I'm another Sufferfest enthusiast who rates it very highly. In addition to the testing and tailored training the jokes and storylines make me groan out loud they're so bad/good. I do have one teeny little grumble however. They refer fairly frequently to a mythical DS called Grunter von Agony which is a nice joke, but then spoil it by referring to him as GvA. This is an insult as the great Greg van Avermaet is THE GvA so I wish they'd stop it!

  57. The best GCN video I've seen so far (out of dozens and dozens)! Cheers!

    Sufferfest: team up with Zwift somehow! Licence them to use your 4DP with your training plans/algorithms or whatever, cooperate before they get there on their own. Right now Zwift doesn't seem to be focused on improving cycling experience too much but eventually they'll get there. I haven't used Sufferfest but it seems to me that when Zwift adds proper sturctured workouts to the likes of Sufferfest it's gong to be really hard to survive for the competitors that don't have virtual racing and the other stuff that Zwift has. Or even better, add virtual racing and free ride routes to sufferfest :). Although the scope of that task is probably a bit too much to handle…

  58. late comment but at 7:54 Sy makes a biochemical blunder and says mitochondria use oxygen in glycolysis. This is incorrect.

    Glycolysis doesn't require oxygen and occurs in the cytoplasm if the cell (outside mitochondria).

    Oxygen's crucial role in energy metabolism is to act as the final acceptor of electrons from the mitochondria's electron transport chain.

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