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Adventure Mountain Biking With Trials Legend Hans Rey | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 104

Adventure Mountain Biking With Trials Legend Hans Rey | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 104

– Oh, man, I’m excited today, Martyn. I’ve been looking
forward to this for ages. We’ve got a trials legend in the shed. – Thanks, Neil, it’s nice to be here. – Yeah, whatever, guys. It’s the Dirt Shed Show. (upbeat rock music) Mountain biking isn’t all
about racing, of course. And what better week to
talk about adventure riding when we’ve got Hans Rey in the shed because you’ve done some
incredible adventures. So what is it that makes an amazing adventure
holiday in mountain biking? I’m putting the question out to you two. Neil? – [Neil] Well, I’ve done
a few races, so to me, the riding is very
important, go somewhere new, really cool, and also the crew. I know, Hans, you do that. You tend to take someone with you when you get on these adventures. That must be quite important. – Yeah, definitely. I mean it’s like you said, there’s a lot of interpretation
for the word adventure. And usually, I like to say that it’s not an adventure until something goes wrong. But one of the perks for being a pro for 30 years is I’ve been
to over 70 countries, and I got to go on some cool trips. And yeah, often we
produce these adventures. We make film and photo,
so we’re not quite alone. But even those cameramen are
super hardcore mountain bikers. It’s the real thing. Just recently, I went with Gerhard Czerne and Danny MacAskill. We went to Africa and
we summited Mount Kenya and Mount Kilimanjaro back to back. And that was quite an achievement. I’m quite proud of it. It was the real deal. – [Martyn] That is serious. – [Neil] That’s an adventure. – For a viewer out there who
wants to go on an adventure, maybe a more achievable level
is maybe like you’ve done, Neil, where we’re talking about an event that you could enter that’s
an adventure in itself. – [Neil] Yeah, absolutely. In those races, you just show up and do it to find where to go. But I guess part of the
fun is trying to plan your adventure, put a dot in the map and say, “Oh, I wanna go there.” – Half the fun of the
adventure is to plan it and then to brag about it afterwards. (Martyn and Hans laugh) (rock music) – Now Hans, at this time of
the week, we usually throw over to our expert on
the news, Neil Donoghue. – Oh, thank you very much. Some cool news this week is Canyon have launched a range of kid’s bikes. Obviously, they’ve been doing the grown-ups’ bikes for quite a while. An awesome range of bikes
from three years and upwards, that long, low slack. And they’ve got some really
cool features like rubber matting on the stems, some
pretty smart-looking kids’ bikes. – Yeah, it’s really nice
to see bikes, actually. I was just showing you them. These are bikes that have
been really tricked out just for kids, not just small bits but really thought out geometry. And that’s actually quite rare, isn’t it? – That’s cool, yeah. That’s cool, about time.
– Yeah, yeah, brilliant. – And some racing news. The Trans Costa Rica took place last week. Shout out to Ludo May for
taking over our GMBN Instagram. He actually took the win in the pro men’s. In the pro women’s, it was Amy Morrison. Martyn, some cool news. GMBN has been invited to a wedding. – (chuckles) What? How can we be invited to a wedding? What, collectively? – Yes, Emma Arnio. She sent us a picture
of herself and her dog in GMBN jerseys a couple of weeks ago. We’ve now been invited to her wedding. – Well, it’s good news. It’s a GMBN wedding. I’m looking forward to that. We’ll be there. Will we? We’re all going, aren’t we? Now it’s time to take
a look at what you guys have been saying on the
channel from the last week. And last week, in the Dirt
Shed Show, we actually asked the question does mountain
biking belong on the streets. Now before I get into
your thoughts on that, Hans, obviously, I’m sure
you’re gonna say it can, surely because you’ve done a lot of
street riding in your time. – No, I agree. I think those downhills are cool. I mean I would probably
personally draw the line at those shopping centre races,
but the downhills are rad. – [Martyn] I like that, that
you took a stance there. And why is that? And why is that? Because they look like they can slide off on every corner to me. – Well, yeah, but also, some of them mix in
some dirt or (mumbles). And you bring the sport to the crowds. And you might have them come out and do a World Cup right in the nature. So it’s entertaining. It’s good for the sponsors. It’s an off season thing for some pros and I think it’s good. – However, we’ve had Victor
Heresmann get in touch. He’s one of the organisers
of that Valparaiso downhill. And he says, “It has a
mountain, it’s got stairs, “walls, streets, dirt,
rocks, and wildlife. “It is downhill.” – Yeah, and he did say, to be fair, Valparaiso is on a mountain. – Yeah. – Wild dogs is not wildlife. (group laughs) – Now this is a really good
moment for me to just get a bit of redemption because
last week on the channel, I showed you these bits
of artwork from (mumbles). He’d made some lovely artwork,
and I said take a look at this model of the Millennium Falcon. – You know what that
looks like, don’t you? – Just be quiet. (Hans laughs) Now our funny editor there,
sat behind the camera, laughing his head off, decided to show you a video of a Vulcan bomber. I know the difference. And he didn’t show the
right correct video. So here for you now is the
clip of that said piece of artwork of the Millennium Falcon. – Looks like this kind of. – Hans, this is the Millennium Falcon. I’m showing it now. See, I know what a
Millennium Falcon looks like. So no more comments about
what a Millennium Falcon looks like or doesn’t look like. Redemption for Martyn. (rock music) Time now for one of my
favourite bits of the week, Progression Session. Now this, Hans, is where
we get sent in some videos from our viewers out there
who are really progressing. They’re pushing the limits. – Yes, let’s see it. – That’s good to know. – I mean it’s exciting, isn’t it? It’s exciting stuff. Now check out this from Shawn
Vano who, if you remember, I put a video out
recently about how to dab. He’s taken it to the next level. It’s progression. So here it is, no-handed wheelie dab. Like that? – [Hans] That’s nice. – I can’t do no-handed wheelies. Hans, you must be able to do these. – Yeah, they’re not easy on the flat. So it’s a little bit easier
if you have a little hill. You can cheat by putting your seat down. I think it helps to pedal,
but at the same time, if things go wrong, you’ll be in trouble. – You guys are talking about everything but what’s going on in his photo. He’s dabbing. This is from Dirfin Thomas who has been trying to get
this double for a while. He’s cased it a few times. Apparently, you can case it. – I recognise this jump. How did he do this out here? – That’s good. – It looks really wet though, doesn’t it? He’s coming in. – [Hans] Woo, yeah, ascending it. – [Martyn] It’s not small, is it? – [Neil] Did he case that? – I think you can case that. – I think you cased it. I read that on Instagram somewhere. – [Martyn] It was big news
on Instagram, wasn’t it? It’s big news. – [Neil] Probably so, yeah. – He is such a trendsetter. (rock music) – So welcome to Tech of the Week. Now this week is all about suspension. I’ve got a fork and a
range of brand new shocks, but let’s talk about that fork first. It’s from Cane Creek. This has taken five years to develop. It’s called the Helm. It’s their fork. You’ve got 100 millimetres of travel all the way to 170 millimetres. It’s adjustable in 10
millimetre increments. And at the moment, it’s only available in 27 and a half inch. It is coming in 29 inch, so if you’ve got a 29-er, don’t worry. There’s three main
adjustments on this however. You’ve got your low and
you’ve got your high speed, which is done on the
right-hand side of the fork. And then you’ve got low speed adjustment. The one real neat thing I
think about this fork though is the fact that if you
actually want to change that internal air volume,
you can super easily just by changing one dial and sliding it up on the
piston itself, that easy to do. You could almost even do
that in the trail side. It comes in two colours. It’s either black or it’s blue. For me, the black is definitely
the cooler one of the two, and it’s gonna match most
of the bikes out there. And let us know what you
think of this brand new fork in the comment section down below. So we’ve covered that
fork from Cane Creek. Now it is on to the rear
suspension with a shock from RockShox, and it’s a super deluxe. So take a look at that, stealthy black. They’ve been really working
on this for some time now. And what they want to do is give you that coil sensitivity to the trail users. But it’s also for your
downhill World Cup races, they’ve got a very
similar that you can use. And what they’re saying about this is that it’s really easy to set up,
giving you more trail time. You’ve got your little speed
compression adjustment. You’ve got rebound. Your spring adjustment comes
in 50-pound increments. And then you’ve got a remote lock out which actually goes onto your
bar, and that metric system makes it really easy for
all this to fit together. But what I really want to know, are you a coil user or
are you an air user. You can let us know in
the poll right up there. And now, it’s time for
me to get into the shed. (rock music) Whoa, hey, guys! I’ve got some good news
for you because I have got the winners of the Crankbrothers
Highline dropper seat post. – Oh, what? – I’m gonna give it to Hans to announce. – All right, let’s see. – These are the winners. – Oh, you’ve got to be a man of international
affairs to read these names. Okay, Carlos Cortinez, – [Martyn] Winner. Taimo Halme, – [Martyn] Winner. Simen Jorgenson. – Winner. The posts are on their way. No, wait. Wait, no. Moonlight is the winner. – (laughs) Moonlight is the winner. – Oh, you read it wrong. It’s Moonlight. – Oh, no, Rob Warner won three times. (group laughs)
(rock music) – Okay, time to look at some
of your ingenuity out there in the mountain bike world. We’ve come up with amazing ideas to solve very difficult problems
within mountain biking. So Neil, start. – Well, I’ve been calling
this a hack straight away. This is Chris Vandervolt who’s made this homemade GoPro mount
fabricated out of the (mumbles). It’s nice. – [Martyn] It looks like that would be a really good position
for the camera, actually. – And I tell you what,
he’s only 15 years old. Is that right? That is some serious initiative. – Can I order one on Kickstarter? – Yeah, I think that that’s a great idea. Put it on Kickstarter. – Steve Bryce actually, he
did kind of the old school version of that out of a bottle cap. I think you can get
that one on Kickstarter. – [Martyn] And such an
old school camera as well. – Zip ties, a little tripod mount there. – Slap a camera on. – Very impressive. – Pretty funny. – And then I’ve got one from Adam Palma, and this is actually really cool. So you know those (mumbles)
things that you get. You put them inside your
tyre, and they’re meant to protect your rim
just a little bit more. Well, he’s actually made his own one. You know those things that
you get in a swimming pool that you sort of put
between your legs and– – [Martyn] Pool noodles. – Yeah, that’s the one.
– Pool noodles. – Pool noodles? – Yeah, the foam tubes. That’s what that’s made out of? – He’s cut this off, put it in his rims. And he said within one ride, he can feel a massive difference. – Well, that’s amazing. He’s saving his rims. – I have no idea what he did there. – Right, last one is from Ray Palmer. It’s this one at the top. Look at his modification to tow his mountain bike around on his scooter. That is impressive, isn’t it? – [Neil] Blake’s done something like that. – Not literally towing it alongside. It’s using the rear wheel. That’s pretty crazy.
– Is Blake impressed? – What does Blake think of that? – [Blake] His hub’s not gonna last. – He’s known locally as
the scooter guy (mumbles). (rock music) – Okay, so it’s time for
the captioning contest. And it is absolutely
amazing what a little bit of slow motion does for you because, well, you caught me looking really
great, I’ve got to say, guys. – [Martyn] Yeah, it’s not
your greatest shot, no. – No, but what captions have
you got for me this week? – Right, I’ve got a good
one from George Stables who basically says what happens when your dropper post comes up too fast. – It happens. – [Neil] And the next one comes from WGPE. When the pre race nerves hit and there’s a queue for the only portaloo. Been there, been there. – That also happens. – That doesn’t paint a nice image. – I think that we should
let Hans pick the winner. – Yes, yes. What do you think, Hans? They win– – I think the dropper
post comment should win because when that happens,
it’s not funny actually. – No, it’s not, no.
– No, no. George Stables, Hans Rey
says you are a winner. – Nice, send us details. – Winner, winner, chicken dinner. – Nice. Okay, on to this week’s photo. We wanna see your best captions for this beautiful shot of Hans Rey. Look at that. – Oh, I’m gonna kill Steve Bear. (group laughs) – Yeah, that is a classic shot
by legendary photographer, Steve Bear of Hans while looking fabulous. You give us short captions
to that shot down below. (rock music) We do have one very serious job
here in the Dirt Shed, Hans, and that is making movie
stars of our viewers. They send us in epic films. We watch ’em, and then we
put it out there for people to go and follow our links to those films and basically get millions
and millions of views online. That’s how it works. It works every single week, doesn’t it? I think. Let’s have a look at some
of this week’s Viewer Edits. – [Neil] So the first
one from Simon Taylor, and he’s riding in Morocco. – [Martyn] Ooh, nice. Have you ever been in Morocco? – [Hans] No, I haven’t. – [Neil] That’s a good adventure. – [Hans] Bucket list. – [Martyn] It looks
nice there, doesn’t it? Doesn’t it look lovely? – [Hans] Atlas Mountains
and all that stuff. – [Martyn] Oh, yeah. – [Neil] Super dry. – [Scott] Yeah, that
looks really good fun, totally different. – [Martyn] I think some of
these guys in this video are amputees, aren’t they? – [Neil] Yeah, Simon has mounted his GoPro to his prosthetic leg. Makes for a good angle. – [Martyn] That’s a good way of doing it. – Next one comes from Daniel Wurzer and he’s part of a crew
called Full Face Riders. This remind me of the Wheelie Boys. – [Scott] Now when you’ve
got a full face on, it means that you’ve got to be
into serious business, right? – [Martyn] Watching this film,
Scott, it sort of seemed like they wear their full
face around town a lot. So great edits, keep them
coming to [email protected] We tell everyone about it,
they all go and watch it, basically millions and millions of pounds worth of advertising on
your YouTube channel. That’s not a guarantee. (rock music)
(man screams) – With some trepidation, I bring us to the point of the week
that is Fails and Bails. I’ve become frightened of this
part of the show, everybody. It gets scarier every week. – I like it. – But I’m gonna start with this video to get us kind of in the mood, a bit of wheel-bending
action from Jason Crevedo. Check this out, Hans. Coming in, it all looks fine. He’s having a lovely day. Whack, look at that front wheel go. – [Neil] That’s serious. – [Hans] That’s what happens when you turn your handlebar sideways. – [Martyn] Yeah, I mean
it’s a classic mistake. I’m not really any more
in the mood than I was, but I don’t know. Is it enough? Are we in the mood? – Yeah, let’s see some more. – Run VT. – [Man] Yeah, oh! – [Man] Are you all right? (rock music) – [Group] Oh! – [Martyn] Look at that. Well, that’s birthday boy beer. Happy birthday, Scott. – [Scott] Cheers, man. – Happy birthday, Scott. – Time for some Instabangerz this week, that moment where we throw
you over to some accounts or some posts on Instagram
that are amazing. And we’re throwing you to them so you follow them, so make
sure you follow the links in the description down below. – I wanna throw to another
trials legend, Italian, Brumotti. – [Martyn] Do you know him? – [Hans] (speaks in foreign language) – [Neil] Check out his Instagram. – [Martyn] Yeah, he’s been riding up some steep, snowy banks. – Yeah, on a road bike. – I’m gonna throw it to Joe Barnes. Now he’s (mumbles) rider,
a bit of an adventurer too. But not only that, I found
this really cool video they just posted of him
actually going up some stairs. What do you guys think of that? – [Martyn] Gosh, look at that. – [Hans] Is he pedalling or hopping? – [Martyn] Yeah, pedalling. – [Scott] Pedalling. – [Hans] Nice. – [Martyn] Sort of, yeah,
a bit of both, isn’t it? – [Group] Oh! – [Scott] He gets up and makes it. – [Martyn] That was a good one. – [Hans] That was good. – [Neil] That was a good post. – I’m gonna throw it to Adolf Silva. He’s a young chap, and
he throws this bike. He rides downhill, dirt jump
BMX, dirt jump mountain bike. He’s nuts. – And lastly, we should probably get an Instabanger from you, Hans. So where would you like us
to go and look on Instagram. – I think I gotta plug my own
charity here, my non-profit, Wheels 4 Life, wheels
and the number 4, life. So we give bikes to people
in third world countries who need transportation. – That’s amazing. This is an amazing answer. I’ve heard this before. How many bikes has Wheels 4
Life given out over the years? – We’ve given, to date, almost 10,000 bikes in over 30 countries. We are a small charity, but the thing is I could probably give you
a list of those names. We’re not just giving them out. We really make sure the
people who need them the most and appreciate them also get them like schoolchildren, healthcare
workers, and farmers. – If you’re gonna follow
anything this week, it’s gotta be that, Wheels 4 Life. Go and check it out.
– That’s all right. (rock music) – Shout Outs! – Okay, so Shout Out this week
for Blake and I collectively is Digging for Galena. It’s Graham Agassiz, and it is so good. It has got an absolutely great storyline where they’re digging for gold. – [Neil] Is it gold, or is it gems? – [Scott] It’s all sorts of
precious metals, isn’t it, precious metals up in the hills. – [Bake] Back in 1899. They fast forward to 2017 where they’re riding the best trails. – Moving on to my Shout
Out, and I want Hans to see this because this
is proper UK ghetto riding from the one and only Sam Pilgrim. I feel like I mention him
every week at the moment. – [Scott] We love Pilgrim. – [Martyn] He takes
this ramp out and Hans, he does some amazing stuff with it. He just puts it in all
sorts of weird places. This is definitely worth a look this week, but some serious skills and some serious stunts
with one wooden ramp. – [Hans] That’s a good concept. – [Neil] It is really good. – Those are our Shout Outs, and we’re shouting out for a reason. So their links are in the
description down below. Go and take a look. They’re great videos. (rock music) – Does anyone know what time it is? – [Martyn] No, what time is it? – No, what? – It’s the Bike Vault time. – Oh.
– Yeah. Hans, are you ready for this. – Prepare yourself, Hans. – I’m so ready. – That is an original Y. That is gorgeous. – This is super nice. – No, no, oh, my god.
(horn honks) – Oh, look at this, hard tail. Good composition.
– That’s nice. – It’s a nice for sure. – It’s nice. – He’s used too much philtre. – And that is a mountain
range in the background. – Next one. – [Group] Oh. – Nice. – I’d have maybe gone more than nice. – I’d have gone close
to super nice, I think. – If I would see the bike more. – It’s nice. Move on now. – Super nice! Dog!
(horn honks) – Super nice. – You always get super nice for a dog. – Super nice. – Yeah, super nice. Oh, now this is not a good photo. – No, the bike is definitely
lost in the picture. – But is that what he was going for because it’s super high up. – The problem is you can’t
even tell what bike it is. – It’s a red one. – So they’ve got a nice, yeah. – Oh, look at that. – [Group] Oh! – Super nice.
(horn honks) – Yeah, pedals weren’t (mumbles) though. – Boom, whoa. Nice. – That’s nice. – I don’t know. It could be a super nice. – No, no. – It’s knocking on the door. – Scott, you’ve gone mad, no. – Nice, nice. – The paint job looks nice. – [Group] Oh. – No, the cranks, the cranks, look, they’re so close to being levelled. – In my gut, it’s a nice. – Yeah, that fender ruined it. – [Group] Oh! – Casually hanging out in the field. – Super nice. – Sexy. – Sacramento, California.
(horn honks) Super nice, super nice, yeah. – Nice, nice. – Perth, Western Australia. – The colour is hard for me. The colour is making me struggle. What do you think, Hans? – Well, I thought it was pretty cool. – That’s a prison, nice. – That’s a prison. – It’s from New Zealand, Wellington. – The prison is very nice. – Unusual. – That’s how he jumped the wall. (group laughs) – Steve McQueen. – Nice. – Nice, that’s nice. – [Group] Oh! – That is super nice.
(horn honks) – That’s from the Isle of Wight. – I know that bike. – Is it super nice? – Super nice, come on. Steve Gill used to ride this bike. – What’s wrong with that saddle? – Blake slam dunked that bike into this– – That was airborne. – I think that’s just a nice. – Super nice. Honk that horn. (horn honks)
– And that’s the last one. – Oh, you know what, the Bike
Vault, it’s just a party. I love the Bike Vault.
– I love it. – Keep your bikes coming
to [email protected] We do love seeing your
bikes and putting them in the bike vault and
just having a good time. – And we get so many of them, so sorry if they haven’t yet featured. (horn honks) – Somebody smash that horn. – Smash that horn, smash it. – We want a new horn though. – Smash it. – Smash it. – Smash it. – Smash it. – Oh! – It still works. (rock music) – It’s time for this week’s quiz. And taking on our GMBN quiz
champion, Blake Samson, we’ve got the one and only
mountain biking legend, Hans Rey. This is gonna be mega tight. Now you guys know the rules. If you get a question wrong,
you eat a marshmallow. If you don’t know the answer,
you get a marshmallow. Do not swallow the marshmallow. That’s the rule. The person at the end
with the least full mouth will probably still be alive. Let’s start with the first question. Are you guys ready? – I’m ready. – Okay, hit that horn
if you know the answer. What was the last year that
Ot Pi, Spanish trials legend, won the Biketrial World Championships? Hans, I thought you might know this one. I wrote this question for you, sir. – All right, I’ll go for it.
(horn honks) (beep) When did he retire? – You do not have time to do calculations. – 2004. – Oh, my god, you are so way off. Here, a marshmallow. Blake, have a go.
(horn honks) – 1992. – That’s wrong, but it was close. – Oh, yeah, I was off by 10 years. – (laughs) Wow. I though you’d get that right then. That was scary. You’re not supposed to
get these questions right. Okay, next.
– What was it? – It was 1993. Okay, which Red Bull athlete
won the World Biketrial Championships in 1994,
defeating said Ot Pi? Come on, the clue’s in the question. Which Red Bull trials athlete? Come on, Hans, I’m disappointed. – [Scott] Danny MacAskill. – It’s not Danny MacAskill. Someone hit that horn. Save me. (horn honks) – I’d say Cesar Canas. – No, no. – Peter Kraus? – Yes! – Oh, god.
(horn honks) – Take a marshmallow. Marshmallow.
– I know the answer. Peter Kraus. – No, you didn’t know, you didn’t know. Right, next question. – Damn, I thought he won it earlier. – (laughs) He’s got it. That’s good, right. – I should have looked at
the Wikipedia trials page. – You brought him up, so
you’re gonna know this one. How many times has trials
legend Cesar Canas from Spain, legendary rider, won the world champion. (beep) (horn honks) – 11. – You’ve looked at the answers. – I have not looked at the answers. – Blake has been cheating. Eat a marshmallow, Hans. – I promise you. Why would I cheat?
– Really, 11? – He had 11. I can’t believe Blake knew that. Something’s going on here. Right, next question. According to your very own website, “Hans is a former trials
riding world champion, “a showman, a stuntman,” and? (horn honks) – An adventure bike rider. – Oh, my god, you cheat. You cheat! – We’ve been talking over lunch. – Eat a marshmallow, Hans. – If I’m one thing, I’m not an adventurer. – Eat a marshmallow. – I can say what I am and not,
and I’m not an adventurer. – Eat a marshmallow. They’re the rules. I gave you the rules at the start. You may be a legend, but
above the rules, you’re not. – Did you not go up Kilimanjaro? – Yeah. – That’s an adventure. – Who won the 1995
Kamikaze Dual Eliminator? (beep) – Guess ’cause I don’t know. – Dual Eliminator? – Go on. (horn honks) – Steve Gill? – (laughs) Steve Gill? That’s the biggest joke ever. – I don’t know. – I’d say Miles Rockwell. – That’s right. – Eat two ’cause Hans got that right. – [Scott] I think Blake’s
eating his marshmallows. – I’m not. – Don’t eat the marshmallows. Don’t swallow the marshmallows. Look at Hans’ face. It’s so full.
– It was a lucky guess. – In which film did Hans call himself– – Mister chicks. – The bunny rabbit Hansey? (horn honks) Go on, go on, Hans. – Dirty Tricks and Cunning Stunts. – No. – Oh (beep). – Eat your marshmallow. – I know the answer now. (beep) – It’s not Tricks and Stunts, was it? – That’s what he said. – No, I don’t know it. What was the answer? – [Scott] (mumbles) – Right. Last question. And the last, this is not a
question, it’s a challenge. And the person who loses has to put three marshmallows in their mouth. It’s rock, scissors, paper. – Are you ready? – Yeah. – One, two, three. (group laughs) – Welcome to the Dirt Shed Show, Hans. – [Blake] I learned the hard way. – There’s no way you knew that. – I didn’t. I guessed. (rock music) – Coming up on the channel
this week, (mumbles) pro bike. – On Sunday, its downhill
versus cross country, what’s the difference in bikes. – On Monday, you’ve got how to make your breaks more powerful. – And then on Tuesday, it’s five things that every mountain bike said dropping in. – And on Wednesday, how
to ride slippery corners. – Thursday, we’re gonna
have our normal Ask GMBN. And then on Friday, you
know what time it is. – [Group] It’s the Dirt Shed Show! – Well, what an amazing show. It’s been a bit of a milestone for me to have Hans in the shed. Thanks for coming around. It’s been an absolute pleasure to have you today.
– Thank you, guys. – Really good fun, so thanks for that. Yeah, and that’s the end
of the show this week. – But if you wanna see
some more videos from GMBN, click over there for five
essential street skills. And click right here if you want to know how to set up your cross country bike. – And click here to subscribe. – Oh, and don’t give it, don’t forget to give us a thumbs up. – Don’t give it a thumbs up? – Comment and share, and
see you guys next week.

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    Thanks for the assistance!
    Nick from São Paulo, Brazil

  4. Caption of the week- when you are about to go fix up your jump and you see that someone turned it into a twelve foot gap

  5. Have you noticed in fails and bails , if they are American they say "are you ok" almost before they hit the ground, but if they're English they ask if they're ok once the fits of laughter have died down..

  6. Can you do a "how to carry your bike up hills video" I did it wrong the first few times before someone showed me the correct way and made it thousand times easier 🙂

  7. Awesome to see Hans Rey in the shed really cool to hear about that wheels for life I will check it out might be fun to get involved as I hate seeing good bikes get thrown away.

  8. Don't get the DirtShed Show too long. I like it because 15 to 18 minutes is short and to the point.I am seeing the length of each show getting longer and longer.

  9. #AskGMBN going on the reaction of the Whyte in the bike vault, what are the top 10 most controversial/ opinion splitting Mt bikes to have been released? Adam B

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