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AFGHANISTAN motorcycle trip – travel documentary 2018

AFGHANISTAN motorcycle trip – travel documentary 2018

Hello friends, here we are again Claudia and Peter with our Suzuki V-Strom. Today we’re a little bit nervous because there is a special part of our trip. Today we want to take you together with us to Afghanistan. We will write you the piece of paper, address, guesthouse, governor, checkpoint. When you arrive there, you show the paper and go. The important thing in Wahan is till now no changing no more progressive but remained like in the
past – especially the nature Mahon well is the very beautiful really
big and the people is kind was fertility their peers individuals while we talk with one language this is
my first language and war home district this is my homeland I love it the
neutral is good water is do everything is especially security hey guys thank you for watching the
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79 comments on “AFGHANISTAN motorcycle trip – travel documentary 2018

  1. You are very brave to visit one of the most dangerous country in the world. 😮 How did you fixed the wheel? Greetings from Budapest, Hungary! 🙂

  2. As an afghan I want thank you for taking the time to go to Afghanistan. I noticed some people have commented that your are brave for going to Afghanistan. I say all you have to have is a good heart and good attitude like you two have. My dad used to tell me that years ago there were heardly any hotels in Afghanistan. So whenever they are foreigners went there the afghans used to argue over who’s house they will spend their time there. Lolll to the point that they imams (priest in Islam) had to schedule who gets host the tourists and when. Loll I find that very beautiful. Afghans love guests. We say guest are friends of God.
    I wish I was still there to show you my favorite parts of my country.

  3. Beautifully done!
    It is so good to see people in every country are the same, it is governments that create so many problems. I found your video when Itchy Boots posted her video today with you in it. Now I am subscribed to your channel too.

  4. Hi!
    My friends and I are planning to travel to Afghanistan via Pamir in 2019. Where did you get your visas? In Khorog? Hi! You went on a trip on your bike or you provided the company Suzuki?

  5. What an amazing and heartwarming film. It's great to see another aspect of Afghanistan and not just the one we see through the media. I am full of admiration for you guys…and despite the buckled wheel good skills riding the VStrom on those tracks fully loaded!. Cheers, Steve

  6. Nice video. Where did you enter/exit? What was the route? How did you ship the bikes? I plan to go this summer. My observation, those bikes too heavy, too top heavy, and front tire too narrow for soft terrain.

  7. Beautiful Afghanistan May Allah bring peace and prosperity in Afghanistan that all common people live peacefully Ameen

  8. I came here after seeing you guys on Noraly’s Itchy Boots channel. You have an impressive journey and great attitudes. I will be subscribing, keep it up!

  9. I still cant get over how are you able to communicate with people who you dont undestand, im really bad at that. Im also curious how did you fix the wheel?

  10. I will be visiting the incredible Afghanistan soon, you guys earned the respect of Afghan people. An inspiring biking across land locked country….love and peace 🙏❤️

  11. I like your videos. I am sure there are many good people in Afghanistan, however, I would not put my wife's life at risk by taking her there for a vacation. I am glad it worked out this time. One day, maybe, we can all live in peace.

  12. Very enjoyable. Claudia, after watching Peter have some issues with his riding I think that it is time to get your own bike to use.( I saw the 2 of you riding double but not sure about both of you have their own bike) 🙂

  13. Amazing, you must be the first outsiders to actually see the rural heartland of Afghanistan, very brave of you to venture there.I came here after watching you with Noraly on Itchy Boots.

  14. Very nice video of this beautiful country Afghanistan, and I wan to thank u for sharing it with us. Hope u guys really enjoyed your stay. 👍

  15. Saw a mention of you from ItchyBoots so I looked you up…loved the film. What a beautiful country Afghanistan is, lovely. One day… but maybe on a smaller bike, although two-up I guess it fits the bill.

  16. Absolutely fantastic video, Noraly was right, great videos, thanks for sharing your journey with us internet folks😃

  17. Olá! Somos um casal do BRASIL. Viajamos de Motocicleta. O canal de Vcs é muito bom. Parabéns! Somos do Canal Rumo aos Sonhos. Esse vídeo é sobre uma viagem pela Mata Atlântica – São Paulo: Este é sobre o Parque da Cidade de Apiai – São Paulo. e este é um video sobre Manaus – Amazônia – Brasil: Esperamos que goste! Abraço!

  18. Me too I'm from #itchyboots channel😂the down side of getting sponsored is they take away your freedom😥may be that's why they don't upload much😥

  19. I just came over here from Itchy Boots. Subscribed and looking forward to watching your videos. Some fantastic action shots and ouch – poor bike! 😀
    I so love seeing video of ordinary people in their lives, seeing hospitality and friendliness of people who live close to the Earth. These are places I will never be, but through videos like yours, I can have some experience just the same. Thank you!

  20. Waoh, was ein Abenteuer! 🙂 Super Video! Die Offroad-Skills des Fahrers grenzen aber zum Teil schon fast an mutwilliger Zerstörung. Besonders der Schaden an der Felge hätte leicht verhindert werden können, indem man einfach langsamer ins Loch hineinfährt.

  21. Noraly recommended , and you guys are amazing too. good luck and love from a planet earth.

    subscribed too.

  22. I also ended up to your channel from Noraly at Itchy Boots! I'm really liking your guys vids! As an American, I have to admit all I know of Afghanistan is of course sadly the War side of things, it's so nice to see the friendly and humanity side of things for once. I really enjoyed the vid!! Keep making vids of your adventures, I really like them! 👍🏻

  23. Have a nice journey guys … I wish luck and peace to all afghan … prosperity and wonderfull future for all children.

  24. Fantastic! Very few foreigners get to see and experience what you did without a gun, unfortunately.

    I’ve been fortunate to have experienced many similar people in their home countries, and those that haven’t are usually in pity of them, wanting to change their circumstances to be similar to our own. However, the only improvement in circumstances they really need is for us to all leave their countries, leave them, and take capitalism with us in order for the greed it brought to leave also. Just because their houses and strategies are not as evolved does not mean their daily lives are more stressful or complicated then ours. Without us, and what we bring, the opposite is actually true, and isn’t a less stressful, less demanding and easier page with the simple joys in life what we all crave and so much more important that driving a nice car on a 8 lane highway?

    Despite what we may think, we usually don’t know best. Our meddling in other people’s lives are causing immeasurable sorrow and despair. Life is far more complicated that we think because we over think and complicate it so much. Every one, in every country have their own cross to bear, and never try to fix a cross somewhere else before fixing your own first. Besides, we really don’t have a clue what is best for someone else without walking a mile in their shoes first.

    Just a bit of ranting and raving after spending many nights in self inflicted scary places trying to figure out why it really was so scary in paradise. Glad your amazing trip and experience of a life time taught you wisdom, compassion and ignited the fire of adventure in your souls.

  25. Great adventure. You guys both have skills in making people like you. All the best and I hope I'll meet you on the street one day!!

  26. Claudia and Peter,

    I have recently discovered you both and your travels and have enjoyed watching! I am impressed with what you are doing but I would not be honest with you if I didn't say that traveling in Afghanistan was very dangerous and I am sure you both know this. I can only hope for your safe passage through the country. It looks like you have come across many nice Afghans, let alone them being very helpful. It is a shame what the people of Afghanistan are going through but I myself don't think things will ever change in this country either.

    Please be very vigilant and careful as I wish you both safe journeys as I continue to follow you.

  27. I knew you by following the Noraly's adventures. Great video that gives a very positive image of the hospitality and the kindness of Afghans people. Regarding the V-Strom, I have the 650 that I already find very heavy, I do not know how you do to drive the 1000 Wee with Claudia and all the load. Respect lol … What about the wilbers shock ? it's a good improvement ?
    If by chance you come back to Thailand, we would be happy to invite you in our home here in Chiang Mai for a break and may be give you some advise and tips to discover the beautiful mountains of the North.
    Good luck, we look forward to following your future travels.
    Greetings from Thailand. Michel and Sunanta.

  28. Your motorcycle video from Afghanistan is really unique on YouTube. Your ride across rivers and streams is almost insanely adventurous. But I liked it.

  29. Very nice , I LOVE you
    I,m from Afghanistan
    Alle city Afghanistan butifoul but city Norestan and Bamian very butifoul
    مقصد دوستان انگلیسی مه به اندازه یک هلو بای یاد دارم ببخشید دیگه
    یک تشکری خاص از مردم بدخشان والسوالی واخان که انسانیت را نشان دادند

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