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Air Filter Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for your Motorcycle

Air Filter Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for your Motorcycle

Hey guys, I’m Alicia with GN Gonzales and
once again I have Gabe Scofield, my service manager here with you and today
we are going to go over air filter cleaning and maintenance, so stay tuned. Nailed It! Beautiful. BAM! Hey Everyone. My name is Gabe Scofield, the
service manager here at GN Gonzales in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Today we are going to talk about proper air
filter cleaning and maintenance. First, you want to make sure you have the
proper cleaning agent and proper oil. Some people do clean their filter with gasoline
or all other different types of products and I do not recommend that for the life of your
filter. Go ahead and remove your filter from your
bike. This one is brand new, but If you have been riding It’s going to look a lot different
than this. You want to go ahead and clean your filter
thoroughly. Wash it off with some warm water afterward
and then hang it up to dry. Hang it outside or whatever. Don’t really hit it with air because you
can tear the fibers in the filter when you hit it with compressed air. After you are done doing that you want to
go ahead and oil your filter with a spray or liquid oiling agent. Either way it is going to work. Either way
is recommended by manufactures, just whatever you want to do, whatever easiest for yourself. After you are done doing that, you really
want to ring your filter so that it’s not saturated and dripping in with oil because
all that is going to do is fill your air box up with filter oil. Once that’s done put your filter in your
bike, bolt down the seat, and you are ready to ride.

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