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Benefits of cycling


Did it actually take you 5 minutes to come? Wtf took you so long? Costi is coming too And then we’ll be heading to botany Gaby : What are we doing today? Botany *gaby shouting for costi* Now it seems so small I like that I can hear the belll when I land xD In the end , it”s a downhill bike made to withstand those jumps Wheelie the pooh oh no , a kid grip oh god Not crowded Go left Omg Costi : we already did this It’s so steep Costi : wanna ride?
me: yes It’s so easy xD It’s easy How can I?… noooo I feel kinda bad for the paint The paint… This is now … easy peasy ready? I went like… I went a little over Costi : You didn’t use the brake half of the track That’s what I’m saying I didn’t even use the brake except for here ouch, the root in my mouth Do you remember this trail? We’re not allowed to ride our bikes here oh , a kid The kid : Don’t you dare ride down this ok we’ll ride that way then xD We can’t go that way anymore one more time? Gaby : yess The kid : You could hit me 🙁 never ever , we ride slow with you near us We are carefull , keep calm We ride slow… Sorry but … we are pretty careful Gaby : We understand , no problem easy here people could fight us send it Let’s jump this but be careful on that little tree ok? I don’t feel a thing a little drop does it work? Lady: I don’t think so Lady: They took them They should put them back on , it’s pretty hot outside Lady: They’ll put them back in spring You are right , we can’t wait :)) Lady: It’s hot like spring but it isn’t spring Right! Kid : HEY OLIVER Have a good day Look at that speed That’s why we can’t…. Gaby : He’ll hit somebody.. Then it’ll be our bad , we ride slow and… Police will run for us , not for him seems legit Costi : That’s why we aren’t allowed You can’t even pedal Downhill trail xD Whistler level I can see that people walked on this … I won’t do that *walking on the grass is forbidden* Do you remember? That’s why riding is forbidden here… and in botany… BECAUSE IDIOTS ARE SPEEDING BUT I DO NO HARM oh god Imagine riding in the night here and find a dead body… here in the night…. you won’t ride here GHOSTS right… easy this one in front…WOAH This one not so easy but I’ll still ride it Costi : no brakes? no brakes move Where to brake? xD where??xD wait xD This is so steep omg NO BRAKES This is so cool One more time but I am too lazy to climb What if police kicked in our backs? xD so we … or drink beer …. or drink beer xD yolo look Costi : police police police
Me : where? where? This trail is so cool ride slow yolo These are so easy Girl : HEY YOU AREN’T ALLOWED TO RIDE HERE no shit Did you hear? She wanted to fight xD impossible to climb on this xD Look , I can see Mr. Police He is so far away let him be In the end , it’s his job and I can understand why he got triggered Costi : one more time?
Me : YES YES YES , you in? Robert : “police was here , be careful” Respect for that man Costi : Get the fuck down your bike , you can’t even climb half of this xD There is no police here Costi : look look look oops oh come on .. Patent : GO FASTER HE IS RUNNING hehe It’s ok it’s ok Did you see him running? xD Patent : did you see him?
me : YESS That’s why I didn’t leave I’m sorry that was smooth


  1. Ba deci pun pariu ca ori o sa vina BBT ori Marius de la Fixyourbike sa iti spuna cat sunt de ne multumiti de ce ai facut in clip:))

  2. ai un bike si o calitate de nota 10, ce mi-ar placea sa vad la tine pe canal ar fii si un singletrack prin padure ceva mai downhill nu doar prin parca sa sari si sa dai drop-uri 🙂

  3. Salut, ce îmi recomanzi, un downhill (giant glory 2) sau enduro(încă nu m-am interesat), asta ar fii prima mea bicicleta mai serioasă, as vrea sa învat sa fac wheelie și sa dau dropuri, care crezi ca ar fi mai buna pentru început

  4. Salut Oliver! Voiam sa te rog dacă ai putea sa faci un clip cu un basic tutorial sau un guide pentru începători. De mult îmi doresc sa ma dau ca voi, dar n-am prieteni care sa practice acest sport, de la care sa învăț ceva și nu prea as vrea sa ma arunc pe scări fără sa știu măcar un minim de cunoștințe. :)) îți mulțumesc anticipat, ești cel mai tare 🔝

  5. Frate am o întrebare cât a costat aceast CANYON??
    Si mai am doar de învățat manualul!!:)(Ador ce faci)💪
    Fortza in continuare!!💪💪

  6. ¿podría enviarme la configuración de su gopro hero 8? También lo tengo pero no sé qué configuración debo usar de antemano gracias por la respuesta – Michal

  7. I love your videos so much! Your subtitles are so good even I can understand whats being said even if i dont speake your language!

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