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Alpe d’Huez Dutch Corner – The Biggest Party In Cycling? | Tour de France 2018

Alpe d’Huez Dutch Corner – The Biggest Party In Cycling? | Tour de France 2018

– This iconic climb
has been the birthplace of many legendary battles. The 13.8 kilometer, 21
switchbacks, and the ear-popping atmosphere makes this one of
cycling’s greatest climbs. (soft music) – [Man] It’s already one
of the bigger parties I’ve ever been to. – [Woman] This is crazy,
it’s cycling legend. It’s nuts. – [Man] This is what dreams
are made of, this is awesome. (helicopter whirring) (onlookers cheering) – I think we’re in the right place. Corner number seven, Dutch Corner. It’s all kicking off, get
involved in the action! As we make our way to
the top of Alpe d’Huez, we thought it’d be a really
good idea to get to know some of the fans that had
been staying overnight. There are some who have been staying days, and we can’t really get our head around it because some have been staying weeks to backseat their spot on the mountain. (upbeat music) We’re here on Alpe d’Huez,
and we’re here with Cameron. It’s his first time at the tour. What’s kinda your first experiences. – It’s been cool, the amount
of people coming up the hill. We’ve fixed people’s tires,
we’ve pumped up people’s tires. Somebody’s bike pump even fell
off and we’ve been using that to pump other people’s tires up, so yeah. – [Host] And what time
did you have to arrive? ‘Cause you got an incredible spot here. Like how long you been here? – We’ve been here three nights, so that’ll be five nights in
total we’re here for, yeah. – So some fans have really embraced living halfway up a mountain. All you need is beers and your television. So we’re kinda just below Dutch Corner, and we’ve run into these Belgium guys. And it’s pretty precarious
where they’re sleeping. I mean, rather them than me. I’m here with head chef Kristoph. What are you cooking? Looks like sausages. – [Kristoph] Merguez and sausage. – [Host] Oh nice, and
there’s a lot here now but it’s all gonna be gone
by the end of tonight. – Yes, I think its a big night tonight. So I have a big job. – If you wanna have fun, you
wanna come to Tour de France. And you wanna see where you wanna be, you wanna go to Dutch Corner. – Dutch Corner!
– Dutch Corner! – Dutch Corner! – There’s one corner that
stands above the rest, corner number seven. No other corner causes such electricity. Covered in orange and full
of Dutch cycling fans, Dutch Corner is definitely
the place to be. It’s calm now, but
tomorrow, it’s like this! (upbeat electronic music) We’re here on Corner
number seven, Dutch Corner. Four hours before the riders
turn up, so we gotta take the chance to have a little
chat with some of the fans. So.
– Hi. – What does Dutch Corner mean to you? – It means fun, living it up, I think it’s the most fun time
I’ve had in so long. I’ve never been to the
tour, but here I am. And I don’t know why we
wouldn’t go to Dutch Corner. – Beer. – Barbecue. – Party. – Good atmosphere. – The Dutch are just the best. – Well we just got here a few
seconds ago and its already one of the bigger parties
I’ve ever been to. – [Woman] Yeah this is
crazy, it’s cycling legend. It’s nuts. – [Host] Is it better
than American parties? Dutch parties? – Well we don’t know yet,
we’re gonna go find out. We brought some American offerings. – So far it’s promising. – So guys, what does
Dutch Corner mean to you? – It’s just an exhilarating
area to be in, I suppose. – [Man] Yeah it’s a
spectacle for every year. – It’s amazing. – This is what dreams are
made of, this is awesome. – What we were hearing is that it’s not as good as it was
last year or any other. – Aw, don’t say that, it’s gonna build. We got two hours for it to. – I don’t know, it’s what they say. – It’s better for television. – It is.
– It’s for him. In Dutch Corner. – There we go, first beer on Dutch Corner. – The beer is good. (upbeat electronic music) – So I’m just gonna give
you a behind the scenes access of Dutch corner,
so if you’ll follow me. So this is kinda where everyone’s camping. So some people have been here for five, six, maybe even seven days. So it’s pretty crazy if you just watch how many people are camping here. And then the party’s just cracking off. You’ve got two hours
til the riders get here, so here we go. Steven Kruijswijk is in the
lead, and has built a gap of four minutes, 20 seconds
on the yellow jersey group as he hits Alpe d’Huez. The fans hear the news and go wild. (upbeat triumphant electronic music) We’ve had an unforgettable
day here on Dutch Corner. And if you have enjoyed this
video, give us a thumbs up. And for more Tour de France
content, click down here.

98 comments on “Alpe d’Huez Dutch Corner – The Biggest Party In Cycling? | Tour de France 2018

  1. They need to sort out Crowd control on the tour, it's getting beyond a joke with the flairs and throwing shit …

  2. Sitting there, wearing a cycling cap and with a BMI of 40, behind a table, a pack of cigarettes on it and some trash of empty beer cans at the side of the road. #cyclingfans

  3. GCN: Please don't glorify the use of smoke. It is very dangerous to the riders. It is hard on the lungs and reduces visibility. One reason Nibali crashed out was reduced visibility due to smoke.

  4. The Dutch have always been great cycling fans, but should be ashamed this year after adversely affecting the race outcome due to their rowdy/drunken behavior. I hope next year the fans can still have fun without the need for more barriers.

  5. Not sure that I would enjoy watching cycling from the "sidelines" but this looks super fun. Is there a Brazilian corner?

  6. It's easy to make negative comments about the fans on Alpe d'Huez BUT you really need to have experienced it on race day…..awesome !! Long may it continue !!!

  7. Those freakin idiots that already dangerous sports make more dangerous and those idiotic flares, should be removed.

  8. Wow, that is a tremendous amount of mineral water stored up on that hill! Good to see everyone taking hydration seriously during this heatwave.

  9. Now, that's a party I want to go to!! Great video, thanks for shooting the TDF atmosphere from the sidelines #2019goals

  10. Love the video but its a small pack of idiots (those are not fans of cycling) that bring the shame to REAL fans of this beautiful sport on that famous corner. I'm also against smoke flares but the atmosphere up there is electric and it gives some of the riders that small little push at the end of their ropes to make it to the top.

  11. Love this video! Glad to see GCN taking time out from the serious stuff to party like the pros! Loving the new content and the energy from these new presenters!

  12. Now listen to The Cycling Podcast’s Kilometre Zero episode about Dutch corner which was posted last week and get the history behind why the Dutch started congregating by the church (pun intended).

  13. If you are going to be there for a few days, you better have access to a Portable toilet, or if you are in a camper with a bunch of people, you better make sure your chemical toilet doesn't fill up.

  14. Strange how such a flat country, like Holland, has produced so many great climbers. Lucien van Impe, Steven Rooks and Gert Jan Theunisse ok maybe not the last one

  15. The coloured smoke probably was a major factor in Nibali crashing. They need to sort that out, and get the so called fans who are in the way of the riders behind barriers. Or since you can’t barrier off everywhere, just get them away completely and let respectful fans enjoy it and let the riders race in safety.

  16. GCN don't glorify the use of smoke…dutch corner is simply the hell for cycler. don't follow their bad actions!!!

  17. Yes this is all good you cant stop people from having a good time, but the TdF should really have more security on these climbs. Just look at them all drinking alcohol going absolutely crazy just next to the riders. This is the reason Nibali is now out of the Tour.

  18. Hugely disappointed that the smoke bombs get glorified. And no footage of the fans behaviour as the cyclists go past. Probably because they all acted like dickheads.

  19. Why are there so many negative comments below? It seems to me mostly of people who have been rarely or never at the tour, and without historic awareness. Rember the strap of the bag that made Lance Armstrong fall. Most riders actually really enjoy the atmosphere and the many fans. That said there are a few dumbasses between the otherwise great fans, but there's little you can do about that. Self correcting behaviour among fans might be the best way.

  20. For those who haven't had enough after this video, Vive le Velo (the legendary Belgiums) also made a great video:

  21. i hate it how my country men at any sporting event just claim a small part of it and make it there own little bubble

  22. 2:11 legends 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  23. All of the holier than thou cyclists in the comments are the exact reason I don't do local races or group rides anymore. If you don't think "real fans" get drunk, party and act like fools then you're the idiots…that's all.

  24. Disappointed in GCN for glorifying the drunkin behavior that has been a problem to the riders. Shame on you GCN and Play Sports Network!

  25. The rookie presenter has no clue, that’s not beer it’s mineral water. I can see Dan the boss shaking his head from here…

  26. Baby Boris having a whale of a time here. Who'd have thought someone with a hyphenated surname would talk so posh?!

  27. Why not just park in the apex? I have seen too many cars and people in the apex of curves to have any sympathy for these idiots. Get off the road you idiots!!! The race isn't about you and your selfie, sorry your life is so rubbish you have to ruin the race for the rest of us.

  28. This is how I see Dutch Corner. Blues Brothers driving through the mall.

  29. My first GCN video that I didn't like. I don't care if the fans have fun. But, the smoke and crowding into the road is dangerous for the riders. Those morons need to be chased away. To glorify bad behavior just encourages it.

  30. So you celebrate by disrespecting the riders who are trying to breath while racing up that beast by gassing them out? What is wrong with you?

  31. I’ve always wondered two things: why the orange smoke bombs and who cleans up all the garbage afterwards?

  32. About the whole smoke thing:
    GCN is only showing us what Dutch corner is like, and don’t think they are trying to encourage the use of smoke. They’re just taking the opportunity to do some epic cinematography. (Bravo GCN editors)
    Can we have a video introducing the camera and editing crew? I feel like they do so much work and get almost no recognition.

  33. What always amazes me is the length of time some people stay on the mountains. What this video does not fully answer however is how manage to live there. Toilets? Washing? Food? I know nothing of the area so are there any local (ish) shops? Are the people who stay on the mountains for days or weeks on end completely self sufficient? Also, what must the clean up be like? If it's anything like a music festival it can't be too pleasant.

  34. After that I can't claim I wasn't there…… but as for being the best party in cycling, think Si may agree with the CX world champs has the edge

  35. Really think the colored smoke should be banned!!! Poor Nibali! However, at what other world-class sporting event can you just “show up” and watch for free?!!! There’s something beautiful about that

  36. I love it when GCN does cultural content like this. It makes cycling as a whole much more interesting and approachable to non-cyclists.

  37. GCN has changed so much from Dan, Matt and Si just arsing about on bikes but I have to say I am really enjoying the scope of new content.

  38. Is it just me, or the new presenter brought bit of a fresh party vibe to the channel? Music background and editing at top level. Well done. Unfortunately, most of us here are right. Nibali's crash is due to one of those irresponsible cycling fans. Sad and infuriating. Shadow has been cast.

  39. I didn't like this video for some reason.. Its one of only a few from GCN I found disappointing. Everyone has there own opinion though I guess.. I don't see it as passion myself. You want to see passion then come to any day of the tour de Yorkshire. We don't run alongside the riders, we give them space, we are not fuelled by alcohol and yet there is a happy carnival experience.. Even the riders sing its praises.. I guess there will always be different types of fans, like opinions I said at the start.. I agree its maybe only a few fans that spoil things but this rowdy type of behaviour is not for me.. Some at GCN may see it as passion, oh well.. Two cents worth said….

  40. Check out the parking lot at any American college football game and you'll see real parties. It's ridiculous what drunk people will do.

  41. Flares in a bike race THE No.1 item you don't need and they're now famous TOO TAKE wtf's that's about…then you get gcn making a shite video about Dutch corner which Si covered last year better: a pathetic excuse of a video if ever !

  42. glorifying alcoholism isn't great… and many of those idiots running alongside the riders, waving flags in their faces, smoke flares? these guys should be on a market square with a big screen, not on the mountain. poor show

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