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Alpine MTB – Top of the World | Epic Ride down Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

Alpine MTB – Top of the World | Epic Ride down Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

Hey knucks! Yo, Jordan are you filming this? Yeah. Everyone knucks, double-knucks
double-knuck, double knuck Everybody knuck! Everybody knuck at once! Everybody at the same time! SEND IT! Whoo! Some sharp stuff over there. Whoa look at this, getting sharp! You used to be able to go like faster
through some that stuff, like years ago. Do you wanna follow Alex? Sure Just sending it! all right, this parts not so rough,
that’s good all right, mellow out a little bit, oh boy okay it’s a good thing I got my gimbal!
Otherwise this footage would be so bad okay, alright. This part gets a little peddaly I think. Yeah Down a little bit and then up a little bit. Dang Sons! The top part is kind of cool because of like all the rock work they did. yeah, there’s like that one part where it’s all rock Yeah, there’s so many
like sharp rocks sticking out it wasn’t like that when it first opened. I’m scarred to get a flat! I know peddling head up help out that they’ll love that squeak then it still pedaling uphill yeah yeah we’re good Shunta make sure I don’t get a flat avoiding the sharp rocks
Oh Oh Oh oh she’s gonna chill a second here
Oh tiring sweet okay good to go all right OOP ah yeah right on thank you I wonder what
uh never been down there on my bike tryouts go there that’s right yeah yeah
Rhino slides that way yeah this I’ve never been down we’re really high up so
are you guys doing to do right on slide I think so I’m not handy yeah I’d
mention that either I’m gonna stupid or it into the road owners oh man
see what good they’re right on in it oh yeah this is nice doesn’t feel like garbage whoop Oh Oh baby oh yeah oh yeah now that was fun doing some breath Oh oh I got the tiring
who is it nice dude yeah oh yes Oh brick Oh gnarly maneuvering the whole way down find the
best move this line gets tough when you’re doing it for so long getting so
tired try see this is the line doesn’t look like it
Oh barely what I will that last part was good though huh I know are you got to be
so on top of it hole man no you have to be keep on maneuvering
like the entire time all right getting farther to the bottom
now yeah buddy oh dude is left flat up he’ll get me wet well I wouldn’t mind having a drink of
that me it’s clean I don’t fly this right around here here
it is yeah first corner all right Oh Oh hi this is fun oh it’s tiring you guys I can’t keep
going like full speed oh that was a weird jump dump the flat right on fine Oh take turns this portion is read
actually they live best part top of the world
a little flat though but I mean that’s fun alright I never written this part
before before you just look at a road and you bomb down a road which was
freaking fine this is good TV
yeah yeah huh wait what the Hat what did he jump no landing it’s like we’re at the end I think oh he
did oh yeah I know how last part was pretty fun honestly I want to bomb down
this road again so I honestly kinda want to hike up yeah
you kind of you want yeah sweet all right let’s do this
you good to go that fender no pedaling Oh Oh oh I’m scared alright now I have to
break on the rake oh how decent yeah yeah it was scarier
this time than last time yeah

56 comments on “Alpine MTB – Top of the World | Epic Ride down Whistler Bike Park | Jordan Boostmaster

  1. When I booked my lift ticket on the phone I thought it was a black diamond. Then I watched more videos and saw it was a double black and I got really nervous. I'm a descent rider but not great by any means, and I found the trail to be rather easy yet still amazing.

  2. Nice run Boostmaster! I've also had problems with my GP Hero5's GPS speed readings. It showed I was going 97mph down one of Snow Summit Bike Parks's runs LOL! Not sure if this link will work but here goes…

  3. I got to ride it 2 weeks after it opened this season and there was literally no one on it. So much more calm and serene

  4. Hi Guys, Nice video! I also upload MTB content so feel free to check out or sub to my channel!!! Thanks for the Sweet vids.

  5. Agree Jordan: once a year trail. Views and the experience is super cool, but other than the very first section of trail, it’s not really that fun. Once I get past the first fire road, I just pin it to get back to Garbo zone.

  6. Hey dude, Just found your channel recently. Would you have any recommendations on a good trail bike for a beginner as i have seen your videos and want to start up trail riding but don't know what bike to get.

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