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Amazing Banglore to Kanyakumari | 12 hours | 700KM | A well planed bike ride

Hello guys! Finally, Only one day left for our kanyakumari ride! Bangalore to Kanyakumari is 700 Km distance. So, I have 2 friends coming along with me. One friend came all the way from Pune! He is already here. – Wassup! And he is cleaning his helmet. And, we are preparing for the ride. My other friend is in office. He’ll come by after 7 or 8 PM. I was also doing work from home. My work is almost finished now. So, our plan is, We’ll start tomorrow morning at 4 AM. And, around… We’ll reach there by 4 or 5 PM. We’ll rest for the night, and tour kanyakumari in the morning. Then we’ll leave from there at 1 PM. This is our plan right now. I know its little bit fast, But that’s what we’ll do, because, I have to go to office on Monday. And he is also going back to Pune. We are little excited and… little worried, about how will the ride turning out to be… So, Hope for the best! Stay tuned! We’ll meet tomorrow at 4 AM. Good Morning guys! So, its 2:15 AM. And our preparations are done. All bags are packed. Actually we planned to leave at 4 AM. We got excited too much and thought we should leave at 2:30 or 3 AM. Because we plan to reach early. So, we’ll gear-up and leave in 30 minutes. We are ready for Kanyakumari ride! Yes! Our riders are coming out one by one. How are you feeling man? Amazing! One more rider, coming out! So its 3 AM. We planned to leave at 2:30 AM. We are indians, so, half an hour delay… Ganpati Bappa! Morya! Let’s go. So… Finally… Ride is started… Let’s go… It’s too much cold out here. Temperature is around 12°C. I am feeling cold. Now my tank is full. So, we are ready to go now. We’ll meet at next stop. So, we just reached palayam toll plaza. We covered almost 150 KM. It took 2 hours 30 minutes. And now we are like… Men does not feel pain, but they feel cold. Because of cold we are going slow. Journey will be continued by taking small breaks. We’ll take break of 5 to 10 minutes and we’ll continue the journey. We’ll update you soon… So, we just stopped for breakfast. In hotel annapoorna. Now we covered around 206 KM In around 4 hours. Which is much, but… It was really cold, so were riding slow. We still need to go 450 to 500 KM distance . We’ll be taking breaks. So, it will take 8 to 9 hours more. We’ll see what happens next! Up until now, we are enjoying the ride. We saw sunrise. That moment was amazing! We’ll see… Stay tuned! We are resuming, Breakfast is done. Its 8 AM. So, now we’ll try to cover as much distance as possible. We stopped here for filling up the petrol. Also checking the tyre pressure. Now almost we are 150 KM away. We guys actually… It was really cold when we started in the morning. That’s why it took more time. But later, we stretched good. We completed almost 400 KM 4 hours…. In 5 hours. So, it’s not bad… But now we all are hungry… We are searching for a hotel. After that, next update. After stretching for 1 hour 30 minutes, We finally found one hotel. Here we ate too much! So much that, now we are feeling sleepy. I just want to sit here and relax. All our luggage is on the table. Now it’s max 150 or 140 KM left. Which we will… Complete in 2 hours or 2 hours 30 minutes. We found too many petrol pumps. We were unable to find even single hotel. But this hotel we found, it’s amazing! Its around 2:10 PM. We’ll leave around 2:45 PM or 2:30 PM. We’ll reach by 5 to 5:30 PM. So, may be we’ll see sunset. Otherwise we’ll definitively see tomorrow’s sunrise. Our rest is done. Now we… Leaving… Its last stage of the ride! 150 KM. After that… Kanyakumari! We’ll meet in Kanyakumari. After 14 hours of journey, finally we are here. And, It feels really good! I can’t even express it. So, finally our Bangalore to Kanyakumari journey is complete. And, I am very happy. We are here for the sunset. After that, We’ll check-in to our room, and we’ll rest. Plan is to see sunrise, tomorrow morning. After that we… We’ll ride back to Bangalore. For now we are very happy! And we are enjoying this beautiful sunset!

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