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American Pickers: BSA Motorcycle Gets Frank Revved Up (Season 20) | History

American Pickers: BSA Motorcycle Gets Frank Revved Up (Season 20) | History

40 comments on “American Pickers: BSA Motorcycle Gets Frank Revved Up (Season 20) | History

  1. My neighbor just got a,,uuh I think it's a 73 BSA looks close to the same one here. A man was leaving the country and couldn't take it with him. So this old man bought it and had me push it into his garage and it's "FOR SALE"!!! In Virginia

  2. Iron Man and black widow die and Captain America goes back in time to stay with Peggy and is old at the end of the movie. Thanos also gets snapped away

  3. OMG, ya, I owned a '69 Lightning. Loved it. But nothing can beat a '67 CL77 Honda Scrambler that was sitting there right next to the Lightning. That should have been the show piece.

  4. Fun, fast and loud bikes, when they managed to run despite having Amal carburetors and Lucas electronics.

  5. My autograph? Sure. “To frumpy little balding Frank, try not to be so uncool. Keep away from booze when you’re driving, and good luck with the IBS.”

  6. I am finishing up a 1965 BSA Lightning Rocket project. When I first restored it, I put some updated bitts on it also. That hump back seat is off of a 1966. I'm not sure about the tank… Mine is basically the same but with a Goldstar type round badge instead of this teardrop. Fun reliable bikes that love to ooze oil…

  7. I wouldn't let Frank into my place. Hes a shister n cheapskate…..mike n danielle can come by lol

  8. 3:30 can´t believe you couldn´t resist some good old fashion US pride edits just reminding us American dream is the inspiration to all… so wrong and unecessary. We just dunno Britts would have come out same alone, can´t make such simplifications as if it wasn´t US there would be just folclore, so wrong.

  9. I CLD c Frank listening to that kind of music dancing around n his whitey tideys . I thought Frank u listen to some of the most feminine music. FRANK UR FAR FROM A ROCK N ROLLER.

  10. Yummy Yummy Yummy I’ve got love in my tummy.

    I still hear it as if it was yesterday.
    I wonder if Doug’s Gibson SG is still around somewhere.


  11. The Ohio Express? Tim some huh? I've never heard of him or his band….Franks's actin as if he's standin next to Paul McCartney or somebody like that…

  12. I love how these bsa bikes are so rare. but every other episode they find a bike or part of a bike or the unfindable gas tank lolo. it's so fake but still love it

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