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Are Cycling Sportives A Race? | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

Are Cycling Sportives A Race? | Ask GCN Anything About Cycling

– Coming up on this
week’s Ask GCN Anything. How do professional riders
cope with retirement? What gears will we be
using at the Maratona? And, is a lighter bike
always faster on the climbs? And we’ve got other questions, too, but we’re going to kick off
with one that, for some reason, I managed to miss out on
last week’s Ask GCN Anything. Which came in from Mark Evison. He asks, I’m wondering if
you think there should be a separate Strava for pros? Well, that is a very good question. In my personal opinion though, I would say no because I think it’s
very nice that the pros share their races and
their ride data with us in the general public. It gives you a real appreciation for just what level they are at. I do get the sense of frustration that you might be feeling if a race visits your local road, and you get lots of
pros filling the top ten of the most popular KOM segments. But at the same time,
it’s also nice to be able to compare yourself with
some of the best riders in the world, no matter
what your level is. If you would like to try
and compete with the pros, we did a video recently
which shows you a few tips on how to get a personal best on a climb. You never know. You might manage to beat one of them. Have a look at this. – First up, we need to
work out how long the climb is going to take you. ‘Cause that is going to
have the biggest effect on just how you tackle it. – That’s right. So for longish climbs, I, anything that’s around
about five minutes or more, pacing is going to be vital. Going in to the red at the start, and you’re likely to lose any time gained in the first half over the second half. In this situation, a
steady power throughout is normally ideal. And the next question is about sportive, and it comes in from Peter Dawson. For sportive and charity
rides that state categorically that it’s not a race, what
does that actually mean? What is the etiquette? Am I not allowed to ride fast? Where is the fun in that? Well, first and foremost,
I think it’s probably down to the insurance of these events. But it’s also a suggestion
that you should just ride in a safe manner. There’s certainly no harm in pressing on and trying to get a fast
time if you want to. But you should be obeying
all the general rules of the road. And also, fighting
within a group of riders for position for a climb is
going to look a bit funny. As is attacking up a climb. However, as I said, there’s no harm in trying to get a good time if that’s what you want to achieve. But you should do it in
a manner which is safe for both you and also those around you. For some people, just
getting around the sportive will be the aim of the day. But for others, you’ll
want to set a certain time, just like somebody competing
in a marathon, for example. And if you would like to improve your time over a sportive, you need look no further than the following video. How do you go faster by going slower? Well, by starting slowly
and finishing a lot faster. It is something that we are never going to stop preaching here at GCN. Make sure you pace yourself. It doesn’t matter how
experienced you are as a rider, how much thought you put into your pacing, it’s still incredibly
easy to get carried away at the start and go too fast. Rapid fire round now, and we’ll start that with a question that came in on Twitter from Jude. What gear ratios will you be running for the Maratona dles Dolomites? Well, speaking from a
personal point of view, I’m going to be using a
52 by 36 at the front, an 11 up through 28 at the back. Hopefully, that easiest gear will allow me to get around it steadily
without actually having to walk up any of the climbs. I don’t think I’m actually
going to be using 52 by 11 at any point, ’cause I’m likely to be recovering down descents
rather than pressing on. That’s the answer to that. Next up from Ni Ko. Does a heavier bike equal better training? I always answer this one by saying that “a watt is a watt”. So for example, if you’ve got a coach or you’ve just set yourself some intervals throughout training, say 250 watts for 20 minutes at a time, by going on a heavier bike, you’re not suddenly going to find that you can ride at 270 watts. But you can only push yourself as hard as you can push yourself. However, what a heavier bike will do is make the duration of
your local climbs longer or, if you’re on a group ride, it will make it slightly harder to keep up with the rest of the riders. So from that point of view,
you might get some kind of training benefit. Next up from Scott BikeDawg. I have a question, how does one position their private parts inside the bib shorts? Right. Well, if you look at any
video where Si Richardson is riding a bike and presenting off it, you’ll get the answer to your question from his personal perspective. However, for most people,
I think it’s just a case of trial and error, and finding out what is
most comfortable for you. We would love your suggestions on this. Is there any scientific way of finding out what is the best, leave your comments in the section just down below. Al Francis wrote in, is it okay to sleep immediately
after a hard, long ride? What are your suggestions? Well, I used to take naps quite regularly after training rides when
I was a full-time rider. Unfortunately, I’m so busy now
I don’t get the time anymore. But I always have my recovery drink and possibly some lunch
first, before having a half an hour nap in the afternoon and getting up and having
my dinner later on, etc. And finally, in the rapid fire round, this one in on Twitter
from the French Tickler. He’s quoted a tweet from Believe Perform, which about depression and
retired athletes, and says, this is important. How did you guys cope with retirement? And actually, this is
something we should probably do something on in the
not-so-distant future. For myself, I had a transitional year. So I went from being a World Tour rider, I didn’t get my contract renewed, I then went to a British team
which was still paying me, but I also go the opportunity to do some commentary and some video. So it was like a transitional year, which made things a lot easier in then going from being
a full-time athlete to being full-time non-athlete, in effect. Same really went for Matt. He was a rider/manager
for the Sigma Sport Team, so he was combining a bit of both. And with Si, he stopped his pro career, but he already had the
job lined up here at GCN. And obviously, doing something like GCN, where it’s still your
hobby from your entire life which you made your profession, it does make things a lot easier. But it is a really big subject. Because of course, there are hundreds of professional riders, and there’s not enough jobs
within the cycling world for them all to stay within it. If you’re Pete Sagan or
Mark Cavendish, for example, you’re going to have enough money that you’re not going to
have to work afterwards, and besides, you’ll still be
getting lots of endorsements. For people below that,
it is quite difficult. The thing as an athlete is
that you always have goals in front of you, whether
that’s the following day’s training or week in front
of you or training camp in a couple of months, or maybe a race that’s in a few months time. And what I personally found
is when I stopped that, that was the biggest difficulty. Not having my life planned
out if front of me. Next up, we have a question
in again on Twitter from Edward Earl. How do you eliminate or reduce wind noise in your ears, generated
from speed while riding? Well, that’s a quite difficult thing to do unless you choose to use ear plugs, which I certainly wouldn’t
recommend hours on the open road. The other thing you
could do is to go slower. I’m certainly hearing
a lot less wind noise in my current training
than I was a few years ago. We spoke though to Robbie Ketchell, who is one of the scientists at Team Sky, a couple of years ago over in Mallorca when he was doing some aerodynamic testing for Geraint Thomas. And interestingly, he said
the equipment you can use can vastly change the sounds around you. That the best time trialists in the world will use their hearing to make sure they’re in
the best position possible. Now that will be down to the fact that they’re using aerodynamic helmets. And when you’ve got your ears covered, that is accentuated in terms
of noises that you hear. Apart from that, I’m afraid
I can’t help you too much. But you might be able to get a few tips from this next video. And if you want to skip
straight to that bit with Robbie, it comes
towards the end of the video. – I would say that everybody
thinks that lower’s better, but it not necessarily is. Everybody’s different, so you have to you have to find what works for you. But typically, you can
find those types of things with equipment that fits
on your body better, by listening to the wind around you. You can hear when it’s buffeting or if it’s whistling around
with certain types of equipment. So, trying to make it as quiet as you can. You can listen to that. That’s actually, the best
time trialists in the world, that’s what they do. They can hear when it’s quiet, and they’ve learned to do that over the course of their career. – Before we get on to our
final question this week, a reminder that we’ll be
looking through the questions beneath this video in the comment section before we do next week’s video. Or if you prefer social media, you can use #torqueback, and ask your questions on there. The last question comes
in from Jonathan Lim. Are aero bikes faster on climbs than regular climbing bikes? #torqueback Again, that’s a very good question, and it would depend on a few factors. The severity of the climb start, but necessarily the gradient. It’s about how fast you’re
actually riding up the climb. I seem to remember the
cutoff point or tipping point is around about 16 kilometers per hour, or 10 miles per hour, where
one starts to trump the other. However, it also depends on
how much of a differential there is in the weights
between the two bikes, and also on how aerodynamic you
are on one versus the other. One thing to bear in mind though is that the pros still have to go by the UCI’s minimum weight rule, which is at 6.8 kilograms. So they can’t take full advantage of a super lightweight bike like you or I. Plus there’s the fact
that they’re probably pushing out enormous amount
more power than you or I, so they’re going faster up the climbs. So for them, the majority of the time, aero is always better. This is a subject which we did a video on, as you can probably expect. This is myself and Si comparing a lightweight bike and
an aero bike on a climb. – But the fact is though,
if your average speed, when you get home from a
normal ride on a Sunday, is 26k an hour, actually, you’re not really
going to see any benefits from riding an aero bike except
for one or two exceptions on your ride are you. First of all, there’s comfort as well. ‘Cause aero bikes have
always had a bit of a rep for being slightly harsher
than a lightweight bike. I mean, they’re also, ironically enough, flexy generally, aren’t they? Because they’re now in
their frontal profile, so they don’t get that
kind of torsional rigidity. – But certainly, I had
a misconception really when I first got onto deep section wheels. You know, you look at
these things, and you think they look incredibly stiff. And actually when you get on
them and out of the saddle, the side to side flex of
these deep section wheels is quite significant compared
to a normal box section, even training rim. All right, that is it for this week’s Ask GCN Anything. If you’ve yet to subscribe to
the Global Cycling Network, you will see a globe on
your screen right now. Click on that, and you
will be subscribing. It’s free to do it. If you’d like to support
us by visiting our shop and making a purchase, there’s
a few new products there. Amongst them, this brand
new (clinking) enamel cup. Your support is always
very much appreciated. All right, a couple more videos
for you to watch right now. A recent one, in case you missed it, is just down here. And that is Matt explaining
how to ride up and down hairpin bends. Or if the numbers that I
quoted in terms of gear ratios were completely confusing to you earlier, you might want to see an
explanation of gear ratios, Which you can find by
clicking just up there.

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