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Are E-Bikes The Future Of Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 120

Are E-Bikes The Future Of Mountain Biking? | Dirt Shed Show Ep. 120

– We are in the middle of
a heat wave here in the UK so we’ve got a red-hot
Dirt Shed Show for you. (beep) – And we’ve got a GMBN presenter
competing in Crankworx. (fast beat) – So before we get to
all the regular stuff and news from Crankworx, we’re
gonna talk about e-bikes. Wait a minute, don’t panic. Now, Neil has been testing
the new Scott E-Genius and he’s been telling us in
the office how great it is. Always, mate. – [Doddy] He’s been
waxing lyrical about this. – Oh, making us feel jealous. And we’re thinking, are
e-bikes the future for everyone or is the word, you know,
the ‘e-stuff’ gonna bleed its way into the bikes themselves. So I was wondering, are
we just all gonna be on e-bikes or there some
things we can look forward to? What do you think, Doddy? And we’re gonna have some
amazing e-products on the way. – Oh, all the e-products are coming. – Yeah, what’s your money on? – E-brakes, I reckon. – E-brakes. No cables on your brakes? I would feel rather insecure. – So would I, I think. – What about, what about e-suspension. – Yeah. – E-suspension where
it’s like, I don’t know, somehow understands what you’re doing and changes the tuning on the fly. – You know, the Cannondale did something with that years back. – Oh really? – When I put a charge through the fluid to lock out the force, yeah. It was quite cool but it
wasn’t quite ready at the time. – Cannondale, they’re always way out. I’ve got one for you, e-knees. – E-knees? – E-knees. – I could do with them
with the hills ’round here. – Yes. You know, knees. They’re basically
electronic and they make, you move quicker and help you pedalling and give you extra power. I think there’s a product there. What do you think Alex? – [Alex] Yeah. – There’s a product there, I think we could come up with something. I’d like some e-knees,
although I’d need e-hips and e-spine but they come later. They’re later in the fluids. – They’ll hit you with the fine version. – But they work off the same iOS system. What about VR riding. That’s electronic. – It’s probably gonna come, isn’t it. – That could happen. Basically, you put a
headset on, you go riding, you never left your living room. Or a riderless bike. Then you could VR riding and
send your bike out on a ride. – Never have to leave the house again. Think of that. – Perfect. E-bikes, right. Let’s do a poll on it. Are e-bikes the future is the top option. Yes, e-bikes are the future. Two is e-suspension. That sounds like sensible products. E-brakes, scary. Last option, e-knees. Could they work? I think e-knees could work. It’s up there, above Doddy’s head. Let us know what you think and let us know what you’d like to see e-ified in the comment section down below. – Okay, so last week on the show, we had a poll about gadgets. My favourite gadget was a dropper post so pretty pleased to see that 70% of the people agreed with me. DI2, only 1%. That’s quite surprising. – [Martyn] That is a surprise. – Perhaps it’s something
to do with the cost. – Yeah, it could be. Could be, could be. Yeah, that could be a point. Tubeless, 14%. Yeah, that’s sort of expected but dropper post is killing it. A strava, 3%. – 3%. And then I can’t believe this last one. I can’t believe it. Honestly, you guys are mad. Bar ends, 9%. Nearly 10% of you guys want bar ends! I think you’re just
doing that to wind me up. – Do you think they
actually mean bar end caps. – I think that maybe
the mean bar end caps. That could be right. – Do we know if it’s actually bar ends? – Bar ends, yes. You know, cow horns, cow horns. But some people love them,
some people love them. It’s fair enough. EchoMTB says, “Honestly
my favourite gadget,” which we missed out, actually, 1 by drivetrain, it just
makes riding more simple.” – Yeah, that’s right. – That is a good shout. That is a good shout. – Well into that. David Mithen agrees with me. “Strava does not improve a ride.” It’s great, it’s a great tool but it doesn’t improve your ride. – I don’t agree, strava’s brilliant. – It doesn’t make a ride better. – We’re gonna have to agree to
disagree on this one, Doddy. We’re just gonna have to move on from it. – No problem but you’re wrong. – Bobafett, who’s a regular. Hello Bobafett, thanks
for commenting again. “I think I can get used to Doddy.” That’s good, that’s good. – Cheers, mate. – That’s good news ’cause he’s in now. “And by the way, the best
gadget is Martyn’s bike!” – Well, who put that question in? – Yeah, who put that comment in? (short guitar riff) So Crankworx has just been
happening in Les Gets. It’s the first stop of the
Crankworx international tour this year. It’s an amazing event
and in the slope style, I’m really excited about this. Brett Rheeder nailed it. – [Doddy] Oh, well run. – [Martyn] That guy is such a great rider and Blake was out there and he managed to get a Probike on his bike
as well, which looks sick. But he’s taken the wind and that means that we know he’s on form, that means we can look forward to some battles between him and Gatgin and Semenuk. It’s gonna be an amazing year. It’s all happening in the slope style bit. What about in the old whip-off? – Well, Blake, they’re
pretty good to be fair. But there’s actually a rookie
that actually won that. It was absolutely ridiculous
how sideways he got. – Yeah, some of those whips are so, it’s such a weird competition, that. Because you’re all doing the same trick and it’s all about the style and how you make that trick look and Layton was pretty good. He made it into the
finals, so he qualified but he couldn’t take the win. I thought he was gonna win but, – [Doddy] You know what,
I actually really liked the women’s class in that thing. Casey Brown took the win in that. She’s got so much style. – Yeah, she has got a good whip on her. That is ace. – You know Caroline Buchanan
was in second, though. I kinda, I had high hopes for her. – Yeah, ’cause she’s one
of the, she’s BMX, right? – BMX Olympian, yeah. – So you would expect
a better win from her. – She looked really
cool, don’t get me wrong. But Casey, that’s all style now. – Yeah, no, Casey was really on it. Now, it’s all happening in Crankworx but obviously there’s other stuff going on and Trans-Provence is happening right now. – One of the coolest events, that is. – Some great daily videos so make sure you check out them, follow the racing. We’re gonna be doing a
recap on it next week. Trans-Provence is happening
right this minute. (short guitar riff) – Okay, now it’s time
to look at what you guys have been saying this week. – Max Story, “A cross
bike in the bike vault? “Is nothing sacred? “Have you lads forgotten the M in GMBN?” – Okay, that was my fault. Gotta put my hand up. I shouldn’t have put the
cross bike in the bike vault. It’s the only one I’ve ever received and I just couldn’t resist it. I just thought it was funny. – I did tell him. – I just thought it was funny. But I apologise if it wasn’t for you. – Mosa12345788854578 says,
“Blake versus Fabio Wibmer.” – Oof. – Ooh, challenge video. – That’d be a good one. – That would be a good one. – Fabio’s a loony. – I gotta be honest, I’d
love to see Fabio riding. I don’t know how Blake would
do against Fabio Wibmer. He’s pretty good. He could get smoked. But I’d like to see that too. But I tell you what, Blake
would have a good go. He would have a go. – Lofisz says, “Will Doddy go through “an onion challenge like bing-bong Blake?” – He hasn’t done the onion challenge. – I don’t know what this,
what’s the relevance of this? – You haven’t done the onion challenge. – I haven’t done the onion challenge. – Coming up soon on
future Dirt Shed shows, Doddy does the onion challenge. – Quite like onions. – You’re gonna need to. Viper R. says, “Someone needs to pull “a prank on Martyn and
put bar ends on his bike.” Delete that bit from the show. (beep) Harvey Murphy says,
“Martin pulled his helmet off quickly, his goggles stayed on.” Yes, Alex. (cheering) – One person’s pointed at it. – No one noticed our funny joke. That means it was either
really good or really bad. Have one more look, see if you can notice. Woah, that was a hell of a ride, Doddy. – Nice motivational one
here from Throatsore. “I’m registered blind. “It’s not stopping me. “I’ll never do gnarly stuff like you guys “but I’m getting more
technical all the time. “Get out there, who ever you are!” – Yeah, that is amazing. – That is awesome. – That is unreal. And you find it hard to believe, right. But I’ve got a friend
called Otto in Germany who is a blind trails rider. I’m not kidding. He rides street trails. – How is that possible? Well, when you watch him,
sometimes it is possible and sometimes, I’d have
to say, uh-oh it isn’t. You know what I mean. And he does make some mistakes, obviously, but it’s incredible. His determination is unreal. – I’d love to see some of that. (short guitar riff) – Progression Session. We’re gonna see if we can handle
it while Blake’s not here. Our first one, Doddy,
is from Emmanuel Hinson. It’s his son riding it, actually, but we haven’t got his
son’s name, Emmanuel, but anyway, we’re gonna show you, it’s a great bit of riding. You’re gonna enjoy this. – Let’s have a look. – Blake sent it in. He was Kofi Hinson. – [Doddy] Kofi. – [Martyn] “The Wall Ride.” I’m excited, here he comes. First try. – [Doddy] How small is he? – [Martyn] Oh my god, he’s turning. Oh, he’s high! Oh, he’s down. Oh no, I wasn’t expecting
a crash this early. – [Both] Second try. – [Martyn] It’s okay, he’s still going. – [Doddy] Yeah, dude. – [Martyn] Yeah, a bit more
of a control to the tempt. That’s a wicked little bike. – [Doddy] Perfect. – [Martyn] Third try, high rider. – [Doddy] Oh yeah. – [Martyn] Yeah. Kofi, you have smashed it. That’s progression,
that’s what we’re after. That’s what we after. Now, Doddy, I know what you’re hoping for. You’re hoping for a first
try Friday, aren’t you. – Oh, it’d be good to see. – You’re thinking, you’re thinking. – Have you got one? – What if we haven’t got one? Think how sad you’d be. But don’t worry ’cause we’ve got one. Excited? – Yeah. (laughing) – Right, here we go. Nice intro. – Hello, my name’s Lucas and
this is my first try Friday. First time doing a double. – [Martyn] Here he comes, onto a double. Oh, it looks like a big ol’ jump. That, you wouldn’t’ve made it. – That was too smooth for a first try. – No, it’s not only his first go, that’s his first attempt at a double. – That’s– – Give him a badge, Doddy. – Watoo. So good, dude. (short guitar riff) – Time for Tech of the Week and thank god Doddy’s here to take us through it. – Oh, is he crazy again this week? You know, there’s loads of
electric stuff going on. So Scott have got the new E-Genius. So last week we talked to
you about the new Genius that merely been out testing in Italy and now he’s been
badgering on about the new E-Genius, which he
actually reckons is better. So they’re the same platform
but she’s in the Shimano system on there for the
motor and he’s absolutely blown away by this thing. He says the traction on it,
when you fire this thing downhill was just like
nothing he’s ridden. – [Martyn] He said to me he
thought it was better downhill than many bikes that he’s ridden. So that’s a surprise. Also in tech this week, we’ve
got Peatys Tyre Sealant. Steve Peat has brought out a tyre sealant which is biodegradable, non-toxic, – [Doddy] Friendly. – [Martyn] It’s got
little glitter bits in it that plug all the holes which
looks nice and is a cool idea. – They’re biodegradable which is cool because some of those
little plasticy things don’t and they’re bad for fish
and the environment. So that’s good, that. – Well, that’s cool, nice angle in it. They also do these little trail pouches so you could fill up the tyre trail side which is a really nice idea. So yeah, Peaty’s broadening
his product range. Like the sound of that. – And a little techy
geeky one that I support and I really like. Is Shimano have finally got
a joining chain link out. So for many years, you had
to rejoin a Shimano chain with a pin, a dedicated pin
and you snap half of it off. They’re kinda wasteful but
they do work really well. And at last, just like the Sram Powerlink, Shimano have got one. It’s called the SNCN 900. – Catchy. – Yeah, really catchy. But well worth getting a couple
to chuck in your riding bag ’cause you can fix your chain with them. (short guitar riff) – Competition time. Now, this is your chance
to win a GMBN goody bag. We’ve got two competitions running. Valmor World Cup is
coming up and wanna know the winners in the males and females in cross-country and in downhill. So in two separate competitions. I wanna help you out with a suggestion on cross-country, I think. Jenny Rissveds is gonna
make a welcome return and take a well-deserved
win and I’m just hoping anyone beats Nino Schurter. Sorry, Nino. You’re just too good. It’s boring. – That’s harsh. I’d like to see Tahnee Seagrave continue. – Yes, yes. – Come on, you can do that. – Yeah. – And maybe we could see
Bruny back, actually. – Yeah, he’d like making a return to the top step, very popular rider. Yeah, that would be great. – That’d be mental. (short guitar riff) – [Both] ♫ Hacks and Bodges ♫ Hacks and Bodges, Hacks and Bodges – You do it. ♫ Hacks Go on, go on. Go on, nice. I liked it. You know what, that song is catching on. – People do like it. – Listen to these comments. Andrés Santander says, “I have two songs “that I can’t stop singing, Despacito” by Justin Bieber and that other guy and the Hacks and Bodges theme tune. And Roger Nilson, “Hacks
and Bodges is running “through my head every time
I’m building something.” We’re gonna get a number one song. – [Alex] Christmas Number One. – Christmas Number One. Right, let’s get in to
actual hacks and bodges. – I love this piece. – The first one here is from S.S. Skinner. And he’s made a really cool bike rack for the back of his van. Bike racks are the big
things in hacks and bodges. – [Doddy] Yeah, that’s tidy. – That’s nice, isn’t it. You just slot the bikes in. That’s a traditional bike holder. He’s put it up on the bulkhead of his van and he’s put it between these two planks so he can just slide it out anytime. Neat, eh? – [Doddy] Yeah, that’s really good. – Good, what’s that Alex, bodge? (heavy thud) Uh, good throw. – I’ve got a wicked one
here from Finn Petin. So, he’s about to go out
on a Thursday night ride and his mate’s rear mech, the back side of the cage had snapped. So with an old disc rotor lying around, cut that up, botched
it on, it’s pretty much a hack, I reckon. – [Martyn] Well, it’s an ugly bodge until you turn it ’round the other way and it’s nearly invisible,
which makes it a hack. – [Doddy] I think it’s a hack. – [Martyn] It’s bloody
clever, that’s what it is. – Bit nice. – That’s a good one. (heavy thud) Doddy, you need to improve your throw. Now, this one I absolutely
love from Jay Foster. Now this is how you use bar ends. – Bike art, well into that. – Bike art. Now I’m fully appreciative
of bar ends in this use. Look at that. Beautiful. Made a few little antler horns. It’s a very clever, I’d like
to see some more bike art. If you’ve got some bike art out there then send it in and we might, I think that’s worth a bit of a goody. I’m gonna send this dude a pot pack. – Nice. – It’s really good, I like it. That’s how you throw. – He only catches your
ones, have you noticed that? – That’s my throw, I
just throw it’s a gentle. It’s all about this. Just do it like that. (crashing) (short guitar riff) ♫ And bodges and bodges I’m obsessed with that. – You still there? – I’m still going. – Okay, so caption contest. These are the great captions
we had for last week’s picture. Rezrov21, “The types of people who wear “hats in the bike vault.” – Oh, that’s a fair comment. That’s a fair comment. – I think that’s pretty good. – I think we’ve spruced
up on that now, though. We haven’t done that for awhile. Dale Thomas has got one. “What do you mean it’s going
to cost me extra to ride.” I don’t get that one. I don’t get that one. – [Alex] Paying for e-bikes. – Oh, right. Paying for e-bikes. It’s the shock on your face. – This one’s great. Sebastian Suppes, “Bing Bong
and Ding Dong go on vacation.” (laughing) – Oh god, that’s frightening. – There’s a theme coming here. I can feel it. – Liron Dayan says, “When Martyn and Blake “have one too many drinks at the pub.” That’s just true. That is just true. – [Doddy] That’s what you do
look like on a daily basis. – [Martyn] That’s what actually happens. So that’s not funny, that’s just true. I think that first one is really good. – [Doddy] I’m good with that, yeah. – [Martyn] Rezrov21, you are our winner. Send us your details. “The types of people who
wear hats in the bike vault.” ♫ This week’s photo No, no. – No? – No. (beep) – Okay, so this week’s photo is– – [Martyn] Oh my goodness, mate. What are you gonna do with that? Right, this week’s photo. Look at it. Give us your comments down below. Your caption could win you a GMBN pot pack not caught by Doddy but it could be yours. (short guitar riff) In Viewer Edits, we have been receiving some really, really cool
films from you guys. We love seeing you riding and this week’s first entrance is no different. Victor Shavariay, look at this. You know, bit of fun. A little bit of swearing in there. – [Doddy] Welcome to Whistler. – [Martyn] Welcome to Whistler. Going on a bit of a tour,
basically, with his mates. – [Doddy] Oh, nice. Oh, so don’t mention. – [Martyn] Rad adventures
through the summer. Look at this. I like this bit, Case City. – [Doddy] Case City, yeah. – [Martyn] Case, ouch,
Case, bent, Case, my rims. Yeah, I like that. Thanks for sending me
and if you’ve got a film you’ve made of your riding then why don’t you send them in. Maybe you’re the cameraman
and you’ve made the film. You know, send us that in. We’d love to see it and maybe
we can get you a few views. Maybe a million but apparently that’s been overstated in the past. – Approximately a million. – Approximately. – How’s that? – We’ve moved it down to
approximately a million. – [Alex] Yeah, we’ll
take whatever you say. – Yeah. (laughing) (short guitar riff) – Got some fails and bails
here to get in the mood. I’m not sure this one gets me in the mood. This is Jamie having a pretty big crash. Listen to his head hit the floor. Cracks his helmet. It looks like he nearly
rolls his ankle as well. – [Martyn] I mean, all
you can take from that, thankfully, Jamie says
the helmet obviously broke but obviously it did it’s job. – Did it’s job, yeah. – Did it’s job so there’s audio
evidence that helmets work. And do their work. – And he’s still alright, which is good. – Yes, it’s a good save but like I said, I don’t know if it’s got me in the mood but it’s too late now. We’ve started Fails and
Bails so there’s only one thing left to do, run VT. (light jazzy music) – [Cameraman] Oh my god. (screaming) (laughing) – [Cameraman] Oh! (short guitar riff) – I am gonna start by
throwing you to Wolfgang whose doing this awesome
suicide no hand move. Great post. And another person I wanna send you to, Ramsay MacFarlane has been
sending some great stuff. He’s gonna appear in Bike
Vault I’ve heard as well but his Instagram’s
definitely worth checking out. – Okay, so shout outs this time. I’m gonna shout out to Geoff Waugh whose an amazing mountain
bike photgrapher. He’s got a series called Dirty Jerseys where he’s taken retro jerseys
of all these old-school XC riders and downhill riders
and telling an amazing story. Check out his Instagram
for details on that and also the Brendan
Fairclough Death Grip film now has an accompanying
book to go with that with all the artwork and
behind-the-scenes stories. Super cool, definitely want
to have a look at that. – You’ve just told them that. – I have. (short guitar riff) – Time for the Bike Vault. It’s our favourite bit of the show and that is official, that is official. Right, let’s get straight in there Doddy. First bike is from Ben Hughes. Look at that. – That’s a Merida. See a lot of those in
Australia these days. – Like it? – Yeah, I do like it. Is it a nice or is it a super nice. – I think it’s a nice. – It’s a nice. It’s a nice start. Next one, Cruz Cervantes Top of Whistler. – What is that? I don’t know what that is. Can’t see it, it’s all
muddled out, all black. – I don’t know what that is either. – That is cool, though. – Let us know in the comment
section down below what it is. Tell us. But it’s nice. It’s nice. It’s a good spot. – Oh, retro Cannondale. – Look at that old Cannondale. That is from Guy Ladbrook. – Nice tri-stand wall there. – Nice tri-stand wall. It’s nice. – That looks like, – You know what, – could be Chadder or something. – It’s actually, as I look at that photo, it’s slightly better than it looks. There’s a bit of flash going on there, just picking the bike out. Let’s see, it’s not
super nice but it’s nice. It’s done well. – It’s just nice. – The Foreign’s ever looked good. It’s just it’s moment. – That’s well-propped up as well. You can’t see the prop. – Jorge Gonzalez in Guadalajara, Mexico. – I’m going straight out
with super nice on this one. – It is, isn’t it. (squeaking) Foreign’s getting it’s
first super nice in history. Looks mean, doesn’t it. – It does. – That’s how to run bar ends, like that. Right, Josh Pentz. – Colorado Springs. – Colorado, nice Ghost. His little white bars. – It looks like a cool place to ride. – Nice. It’s nice. – Red Rocks Canyon. – It’s nice. Only one super nice so far. Coal Prior in North Vancouver. – On the North Shore. Come on, that’s a super nice straight out. – Well, it’s up to you, man. – Thanks. I like Rocky Mountain. – Go for it. – I think that’s a super nice. (squeaking) – It’s a super nice. Next up. – Wow. – Is that a Cube? What’s that big pack at the front there? That’s weird, from Mia Hermanz. – That’s nice. From Parva Valley. That’s nice. It’s nice. Next one. To Fromé. Is that specialised? – Yeah, it’s specialised, yeah. – Nice. It’s in Alaska. A big frozen lake behind. It’s nice. We haven’t had many super nices. Ooh. Nicholas Tressle. It’s Rocky Mountain. What’s it got, Doddy? – That’s gotta be another
super nice, I think. Just on principle. (squeaking) – God, hit it, hit it. – I like that. – That’s one for nil. – And he was off in the back. Run with this one, look at it. Peter Worth’s Fatbike. He said it’s a very affordable Fatbike but it does a great job. – Do you know what, I really like that. I feel it’s good. – It’s nice, it’s nice. We can’t go further than that. – It looks like he needs
a wider rim (mumbles) I’m not sure that’ll do too much on that. – Wow. – Woah. – Hey, I said Ramsay
MacFarlane would show up. – Yeah. – And that’s why, look at that. – That’s a Nicolai, isn’t it? – That is a Nicolai specialty. (whistling) – He’s got a Pinion Gearbox on there with a Gates belt-drive. – Yeah. Look at it. – [Alex] That’s a super nice. – That’s a super nice all the way. – It’s a super nice. (squeaking) So super nice. It’s crazy. Oh, look at that. Old school Marin. – Still going strong. – Yeah. – Hope brakes on there, tidy. – XT pedals. – It’s nice. – Nice? Nice. It’s nice. From Roger Wallaby, that one. Sam Osbourne. Looks cold in New Zealand. (chains moving) Oh, we’re out the Bike Vault. Sam Osbourne, you finished
us off with a nice. Good job. – Definitely a nice. Don’t forget to send your
bikes in for Bike Vault at [email protected] and
you might be featured on next week’s show. (short guitar riff) – Coming up on the channel this week. – On Saturday, it’s Amelia
Hanson with a pro bike check. On Sunday it is what is slope style? – Of course, Monday’s
all about maintenance. On Tuesday, we’ve got top
five tips for scary terrain. – On Wednesday is how to nose bonk. – Oh, and on Thursday,
of course, it’s ask GMBN. – And on Friday it can only be– – We’ll be back here,
it’s the Dirt Shed Show. Oh, it’s another Dirt Shed Show done. We’re out of time but if
you enjoyed watching that then why don’t you try another GMBN video. Start here with Blake’s
Road to the Whip-off that he filmed in Les Gets. Nice little V-log for you. – And check out Neil’s report on the Scott E-Genius right here. – And if you wanna hit the
big globe here to subscribe. (squeaking) you’ll get a brand new
video every day of the week. – Don’t forget to give us a thumbs up if you liked the video.

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  2. I think E-Bikes are a great alternative to cars, when people use them to go to work and don't want to get there all sweaty.
    I also think they're great to improve independant mobility for elderly people.
    I personally don't understand why anyone would use them for mountainbiking, unless maybe you're a mountain bike vet, who just won't give up on mountainbiken, even at the age of 80 years.
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  11. Personally I like the physical aspect of cycling. Yes you can pedal hard on an e-bike aswell but it feels a bit like cheating .On the other hand…cheating is what it felt like the first time I rode a full suspension bike aswell….So, maby in the future we will all be there.
    But until then I will do my cycling without a battery and my rock climbing without an electric pully 🙂

  12. I saw a 72 year old guy who went up a real mountain with a ebike…. I mean that's OK since he went up there with no engine till the age of 69 O.o

  13. One day there will be CUPHOLDERS on Electric bikes in the USA 😀
    (ofc E bikes cause normal bikes are too much physical work)

  14. Still waiting for a E-dropper seat post so can switch between a dropper post & standard seat post (for bike packing) without having to worry about cabling & such

  15. I would like to say YES but being disabled myself I have to say no the price is just out of the ball park for people like myself

  16. Well, I started with an e-bike but switched to a non e-bike because I didn't like it. But I think there will always be a place for both. When I get e-elderI may need and e-bike!

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